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Free Instagram Apps

Instagram is a popular social media platform that’s growing by the day. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer or just looking to add some extra flair to your feed, there’s a free Instagram app for you. We’ve compiled a list of Free Instagram Apps, best instagram apps, best apps for instagram posts and instagram apps for photos, so start using them today and see just how good they can be!

Free Instagram Apps

  1. SnapSeed is a popular Instagram editing app.

Developed by Google, SnapSeed is a top-notch, expert photo editor. With an incredible selection of image style options, this software offers more than 29 tools and filters.

There are several similar photo editing programs, however SnapSeed has the advantage due to its user-friendly UI.

  1. Giphy Cam, an Instagram app for drawing attention

Giphy Cam is unquestionably the most popular app on our list, while SnapSeed was the safest.

Numerous bizarre-looking photo and video editing options available in this software will make your pictures stand out in the Instagram Newsfeed.

Giphy Cam lets you make GIFs from images or videos, as the name implies, and can liven up even the most uninteresting picture (glad I went with that cow, then!).

  1. Instagram Brand Template App: Over

One of the most comprehensive tools for marketers on Instagram is called Over.

Although it has picture editing capabilities, SnapSeed still dominates that market, thus that is not why it made this list.

One of the largest collections of post templates is available on Over. Because it’s a FREE software, expect to have have a limited selection of templates at your disposal.

Even so, there are plenty of possibilities, particularly if you’re just getting started with it.

  1. Unfold, an Instagram app for stylish story planning and editing

Unfold may be the software to use if you want to set your Instagram stories apart from the competition.

This application creates Instagram stories using a variety of editable templates. Creating and editing your tale before publishing it to your profile is now possible.

You can format them on Unfold and then optimize your tale for engagement if you want to spread your message across numerous story posts to your followers.

  1. Selfie and touch-up app on Instagram: Facetune 2

Facetune 2 can be the right app for you if you want to become an Instagram influencer or if you like to add a lot of personalization to your posts.

Facetune 2 is a FREEMIUM product, like a few others on our list, but it comes with more than enough free tools.

Install the app, take a picture, then experiment with the facial altering features if you want to fully grasp the software’s potential.

Even the worst selfie can be made attractive using Facetune 2.

The options for altering selfies include teeth whitening, smoothness adjustment (which eliminates imperfections), sliding scales to change the size of your nose, mouth, and eyes.

Instagram Apps For Photos

  1. VSCO (iOS and Android)

One of the first and most well-known photo editing and filter apps is VSCO. In fact, it’s so well-liked that the #VSCO hashtag appears in more than 205 million Instagram posts.

There are 10 free preset filters that can be applied to your phone images to make them look like they were taken with a camera. Additionally, VSCO provides a variety of photo-editing tools like contrast, saturation, grain, crop, and skew tools to assist improve the quality of your photos.

Upgrading from the free version of this Instagram app and joining VSCO will get you access to more than 200 preset filters and sophisticated photo-editing capabilities.

  1. Avatan Photo Editor (iOS and Android)

Avatan Shot Editor makes it simple to edit images, add your own custom effects, and apply effects and filters to your original photo. Although this photo-editing app’s basic edition is free, users can pay in-app purchases for advanced tools or more features.

  1. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

This Instagram app for picture editing allows you to deal with both JPG and RAW files, making it a potent tool for professionals.

Snapseed allows you to do more than just apply preset filters to your images; it also allows you to do significant photo edits. You can edit images by eliminating objects (or even persons) from them using one of 29 tools and features. Additionally, you can modify the form of buildings and use curves to precisely regulate the brightness of your image.

  1. Lightroom Photo Editor from Adobe (iOS and Android)

The Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor app is no different from other Adobe programs in having strong photo editing features. With the use of the app’s editing capabilities, you can take and edit raw photos, giving them a professional look by modifying things like hue, saturation, exposure, shadows, and more.

Try using the preset filters and use the Discover section to obtain ideas from the adjustments that other Lightroom users have made. Utilize the interactive tutorials as well to sharpen your photo-editing abilities.

  1. A Color Story (iOS and Android)

Making your photographs’ colors pop is the main focus of this photo-editing tool. There are 20 free editing tools available, along with filters, effects, and presets created by influencers and seasoned photographers.

Additionally, there are some sophisticated editing tools, and its Instagram grid planning preview tool enables you to make sure that the Instagram grid for your business is consistent and harmonious.

Best Apps For Instagram Posts

  1. VSCO

Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android

VSCO offers free filters that frequently outperform Instagram’s built-in alternatives in terms of professionalism and quality. To thoroughly edit your photo before exporting to Instagram, VSCO also provides a ton of editing features (such as customized sharpen, brightness/contrast, and skintone correction). Additionally, just like Instagram, VSCO provides its own social features, including the ability to follow individuals directly on the app as well as upload and share photographs.

(2) Prime

Price: $2.99
accessible on iOS

More than 100 filters developed in association with top photographers are available from Priime. You can also get suggestions from Priime’s Smart Suggestions if you’re unsure of which filter will look the best.

  1. Snapseed

Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android

Sometimes your photo contains areas of changing brightness and darkness, and you don’t want to automatically enhance everything in it. For circumstances where you’d prefer to carefully edit, Snapseed’s brush tool allows you to selectively modify for exposure, saturation, and color temperature. Additionally, Snapseed gives you a great deal of control and fine-tuning. It even has tools for removing minor flaws or undesired items.

  1. Pixlr

Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android

You may create your own filters using effects, overlays, and textures using Pixlr. You can save and reuse a filter that you’ve built once you’re satisfied with it. This can be especially helpful if you’re attempting to develop a distinctive brand identity. Additionally, Pixlr allows you to selectively modify your sharpness and brightness. A variety of photo-editing tools are included, as well as a red-eye fixer.

  1. Litely

Cost: Free Platform: iOS

Litely is the tool for you if you’re annoyed by photographs that appear to have been unduly manipulated and filtered. Litely provides exceptionally delicate filters with the goal of enhancing a photograph’s inherent beauty. To make alterations, you can drag your finger anywhere on the image. You can also press the image to switch between the “before” and “after” versions. To make sure the filter blends in with your shot, you can also select other variations of the same filter (such as “argyle,” “argyle bright,” or “argyle faded”).

Best Instagram Apps

  1. Social Rocket

Available for free on: iOS

Every time you “like” someone else’s post on Social Rocket, you earn points that may be redeemed for followers or likes on your own posts. This can be useful in the beginning when you’re attempting to establish an initial following and want your material to spread, even if it’s definitely an ineffective long-term solution.

  1. Followers for Instagram

Cost: Free
Available for iOS and Android

Accounts that have unfollowed you, accounts that haven’t followed you back, and accounts you need to follow based on similar accounts you already follow are all displayed by Followers for Instagram. You may utilize this information to improve strained bonds, make your followers happy, and learn why an account could stop following you. You might discover that accounts are unfollowing you for obvious problems you can solve, including your infrequent posting. Long-term relationship improvement with your Instagram audience should result from resolving these problems.

  1. Crowdfire

Cost: Free Platform: iOS

Your inactive followers are identified by Crowdfire. You can remove inactive followers from your follower pool and adjust your ratio to improve metrics if you are aware of them. Additionally, Crowdfire offers automated DM messaging, detects unfollowers, and aids in gaining new followers.

  1. Tracker for Instagram

Cost: Free Platform: iOS

There are no effective methods on Instagram for mass following or unfollowing of profiles. You can do this right from the app with Instagram Tracker. As a result, you can identify your most active users. It also displays your total post performance and analyzes how followers interact with your account.

  1. Followers & Likes on Instagram

Cost: Free Platform: iOS

In order to assist you better understand your target market, Followers & Likes on Instagram generates lists of your most and least active followers. Additionally, it reveals to you which of your best followers enjoy and comment on your posts the most. Your future content strategy can be evaluated and modified with the help of your most popular posts.

How to Use Free Instagram Applications.

To find free Instagram applications, you first need to search for them on the internet. Many websites offer a search bar that allows you to type in specific keywords and receive results that include apps from that category.

Once you’ve found an app that interests you, simply download it and start using it! Many of these applications are available for free, so no matter what your budget or lifestyle restrictions may be.

Use Free Instagram Applications to Improve Your Life

One of the most valuable things you can do with free Instagram apps is to improve your life. By using them to connect with friends and family, you’ll be able to stay connected even when away from home. Additionally, by using these apps to capture pictures and videos of your everyday life, you can show off your adventures and make yourself more presentable online.

Use Free Instagram Applications to Connect with Friends and Family

Another great use for free Instagram apps is to connect with friends and family offline. By storing pictures and videos of those special moments offline, you can share them with others without involving technology or expensive storage solutions. This way, everyone will have a copy of the memories!

How to Get the Most out of Free Instagram Applications.

The first thing you should do when considering using a free Instagram application is to determine what its main purpose is. If the app was designed for just photography, then it’s probably a great option. However, if the app was designed for everything from blogging to following your favorite celebrities, it might be a better investment.

In addition to using the app for its primary purpose, make sure that any features of the application are useful to you. For example, some free Instagram applications allow you to share photos and videos with friends and family easily, while others may have more advanced features such as social media management or photo sharing that require more effort.

Use Free Instagram Applications to Connect with Friends and Family

Another great way to use free Instagram applications is by connecting with friends and family who live near you. By sharing photos and videos of your loved ones, you can build strong relationships which could lead to future collaborations or business opportunities. Additionally, by linking up with other users who also use free Instagram applications, you can form a community of users who are interested in similar topics and activities.

Improve Your Life by using Free Instagram Applications

If you want to improve your life in other areas as well, using free Instagram apps is an excellent way to start off! By using these apps to connect with loved ones and fellow users alike, you can develop valuable relationships that could lead to future opportunities or goals. Additionally, being part of a community of people who use free Instagram applications can help improve overall mental health by providing support and laughter during tough times.

How to Get the most out of Free Instagram Applications.

Free Instagram applications can be used to improve your life in many ways. By using them to connect with friends and family, you can build stronger relationships and make more meaningful connections. Additionally, free Instagram applications can be used for personal growth and development. By learning about new cultures and trends, you can find new opportunities for self-expression and content creation.

Use Free Instagram Applications to Connect with Friends and Family

One of the most popular benefits of using free Instagram applications is the ability to connect with friends and family EASILY. By using these applications as platforms to share photos, stories, insights, or just plain old fun, you’ll be able to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime.


Free Instagram applications can be great ways to improve your life. They can also be used to connect with friends and family, get the most out of their lives, and improve your overall productivity. By using these apps, you can boost your productivity in ways never before possible.

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