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Small businesses use our free marketing tools to maximize profitability and keep costs down: free automatic website search and content creation tools, access to a professional and cost-effective Website Audit, and our site suggestions and keyword research for even more ROI.


Now, let’s say you’re interested in capitalizing on keyword opportunities and optimizing your existing content. That’s where Clearscope comes in.

Particularly useful for content writing, the platform provides a detailed editor to recommend keywords, headers and readability to help you write (or rewrite) high-ranking, well-balanced blog posts.

Whether you’re creating a content strategy from scratch or refreshing your existing blogs, Clearscope covers every nook and cranny of search optimization.

clearscope SEO tool


Another staple SEO tool, SEMrush allows you to track the position of your priority keywords and likewise explore new terms to rank for.

The tool’s breakdown of keyword ideas, difficulty and variations are great for brainstorming content ideas and identifying search intent, too.

semrush seo tool dashboard results


Digital marketers use Slack every single day. With Slack, you can discuss client work, new articles, new projects, new support tickets, share useful content, and send messages. 

If you have a distinct team of digital marketers, you will need a powerful medium to make effective communication with them. This is where Slack comes into the play.

Free Marketing Tools For Small Business

Source: Slack

The features of Slack: 

  • Makes it easier to communicate with team members over the web in real-time. 
  • Let you follow everything related to the projects, teams and channels.
  • Let you do message and video conferencing too.
  • Assist the teams in collaborating from anywhere

While it seems like a messaging app, it does a lot more than that. Slack can potentially tighten up your organizational efficiency. It is not a collaboration or a project management tool. It serves as a messaging platform with a rich collection of options and settings. It lets you have group conversations that are searchable and public, including private conversations. You can change the color scheme of the interface and create different groups. 

Yoast SEO

You probably have heard of Yoast SEO. It is one of the most talked-about and used WordPress plugins that help digital marketers to optimize their websites to perform better in search results. 

Yoast SEO helps with the details where WordPress cannot do much: for submitting sitemaps, managing keywords, creating content, and using webmaster tools, among other aspects. 

Free Marketing Tools For Small Business

Source: Yoast SEO

The features of Yoast SEO:

The tool comes with a plethora of features that helps in optimizing your website. 

  • Incorporates built-in content analysis, description management, meta keywords, rich snippets, social features, XML sitemaps, as well as features to manage duplicate content. 
  • Allows you to write better content for your digital marketing campaigns. The plugin provides you access to the Yoast SEO meta box to add meta description and meta title for your content. Moreover, you don’t have to install a third-party plugin for XML sitemaps. 
  • It automatically produces XML sitemaps for websites and submits them to search engines.   

The best part, you can protect your RSS feed from plagiarism and content scrapers. This protects you from other websites copying your content and publishing it as theirs. 


Unbounce is an amazing tool for quickly building, tweaking and publishing new landing pages to test. Built-in A/B testing and variant analytics can answer directly which creatives, calls-to-action and additional page elements are working (and which aren’t).

Even if you’re not much of a designer, you can use Unbounce’s proven landing page templates as a jumping-off point and then modify them to fit your style. The platform’s analytics spell out clearly which landing page variants are your top performers.

unbounce A/B test example

Survey Anyplace

SurveyAnyplace is the best tool for marketing professionals to create fun and interactive quizzes, assessments, and surveys for their targeted customer base. It is a great digital marketing tool that will enable you to engage with your target audience and help build brand identity and personality. 

If you are bored of traditional surveys to know the current demand for a product or business, you can use this tool to implement some quality surveys for your digital marketing campaigns that will help you in the long run. 

Free Marketing Tools For Small Business

Source: SurveyAnyplace

The features of SurveyAnyplace:

  • Allows you to create questionnaires which return valuable insights
  • Provides personalized advice in return to the respondents
  • Helps in understanding the market demands, what customers want, what features are they looking for, and more. 

With SurveyAnyplace, you can reflect your branding on questionnaires and surveys and build your own brand. In simple terms, based on the user experience, you can create your own brand that stands up to your customers’ expectations. The best part is that the platform allows you to formulate your own questions, and you can include images as well in your surveys.  

The surveys you provide are well-designed, simple, and compatible with mobile devices. 


Emphasizing landing page experiments, Optimizely combines tools for visual creation and audience targeting to quickly run tests on different segments of your audience.

A no-code platform that allows you to test both major and minor edits to your pages, fine-tuning your site for performance doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking.

optimizely experiment example


Hotjar’s platform provides a real-time visual record of your visitors’ actions and behaviors on-site.

Through heatmaps that clue you in on where people are (or aren’t) clicking. Synced to actual video recordings of your visitor’s journey, you can quite literally see what needs to be tweaked at a glance.

Hotjar heatmap shows where most users click on their website


Using 100+ sources, including Salesforce and additional marketing platform data, Clearbit creates an up-to-date profile of your leads to make your outreach efforts go more smoothly. The details gathered include company, role and company size, just to name a few.

Rather than dig for details or rely on outdated information, the platform regularly updates itself every 30 days to ensure that your data stays fresh. This allows you to prospect with confidence and save serious time in the process.

clearbit screenshot showing warm lead information and industry


If you’re a small business owner, we have a number of free marketing tools for you. Take advantage of the tips here and the services we offer. We’ll help you generate leads, build a loyal base of customers and keep your sales growing for years to come.

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