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Free Social Media Analysis Tools

Discover and analyze the top free social media analysis tools trusted by more than 40,000 businesses worldwide. Browse our full list of free social media analytics tools to find the best tool for your particular requirements, no matter what your industry. Be data-driven by showing how your work has moved the needle for your company or clients.

If you have a business, you need to be measuring your social media ROI and KPIs. Luckily, there are plenty of free or affordable social media analytics tools out there to help!


Do you want to know how your brand stacks up against competitors on social media?

Then quintly might just be right for you. Not only will you get a peek of your brand’s social media marketing performance, but also see how it’s performing against competitors.

quintly - social media analytics

Agencies can use this tool as well; they use it for client management, reporting, centralized analytics, and influencer ranking. Media houses can also use quintly for managing their social media platforms as well as tracking relevant conversations and campaigns.

Pro: The tool is simple to set up and has a minimalist user interface, which makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy users to learn how to use it.

Con: The data insights provided can be a little ambiguous, so you may not be able to link ROI or see attribution from individual posts. 

Price: Starts at €300 per month.

 Rival IQ

Similar to many other social media analytics tools, Rival IQ helps you track your social media performance.

Rival IQ will send you alerts whenever your competitors post high-performing content, such as boosting social media posts. This gives you the chance to quickly respond before you start losing a chunk of your market share.

Rival IQ also lets you see what content your audience prefers to see, and helps you discover fresh and relevant content ideas.

Pro: Easy to conduct competitor analysis because of the alerts and the tracking you can implement with this platform. 

Con: Rival IQ is competitively priced on a tiered structure which can get expensive if you want additional data.

Price: $199 – $499 USD per month.



Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram marketing solution that helps you schedule content, monitor conversations, and analyze performance. For Pinterest, its analytics gives you insights such as the number of pins with your domain, the potential impressions, and the number of followers for your boards. For Instagram, it shows basic metrics such as followers, posts, comments, and likes.

3 cool features:

  • Identify the best hashtags on Instagram with the Hashtag Finder.
  • Use the browser extension to create multiple posts from any site.
  • Upload images in bulk using a drag-and-drop calendar to save time.

Social media channels:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

What analytics you get for free:

  • Basic profile performance
  • Basic metrics for individual posts
  • Board and website insights

Paid options: $9.99, $799.99 per month, and custom pricing


DashThis is an automated reporting tool for marketers, agencies, and social media managers.

With this tool, you can create one dashboard that includes all your social media data and marketing data, automatically updated every single day!

Social Media Analytics Tools: DashThis

Native integrations include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google Analytics, multiple SEO tools, and much more.

Pro: DashThis provides time-saving features to help you set up your dashboards in seconds like preset report templates, preset KPIs, and much more.

Con: Users reported that once your dashboards are set up, you can’t change data sources manually, and require third-party assistance for any changes to your dashboard.

Price: Professional accounts start at $109 per month



Likealyzer is a Facebook Page analyzer tool by media intelligence firm Meltwater. It audits your Facebook Page and returns metrics such as posts per day, engagement per post, timing, and length of posts. Likealyzer also grades the Page’s performance based on more than 70 different data points, and offers recommendations for improvement based on the results.

3 cool features:

  • Benchmark your Facebook Page against a million others to know how you are performing.
  • Get recommendations based on how your content is performing.
  • Export your chosen metrics and insights in the form of easy-to-understand reports.

Social media channel:

  • Facebook

What analytics you get for free:

  • Analysis of your Facebook Page’s front page, about page, activities, response, and engagement

Sprout Social

Brands like Adidas, Nordstrom, and Edelman use Sprout Social for social media reporting and management.

This tool lets you create social media calendars, schedule posts, and listen to relevant social media conversations.

Sprout Social also provides an agency partnership program, where they partner with agencies — providing them with educational materials, reporting templates, social media marketing strategies. But most importantly, it gives agencies exposure to brands who already use Sprout Social.

Pro: Sprout’s publishing workflow supports multiple channels and has an intuitive link preview mode so you know exactly what you’re posting. 

Cons: Sprout has an á la carte pricing that makes it expensive if you want extra data such as more analytics. Also, reviewers experienced hiccups when posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Price: $99 – $249 USD per month; agency plans vary.



Cyfe is a custom dashboard tool that you can fill up with integrated metrics from dozens of marketing tools. Its social media section allows you to sync up all the major networks and pull overview reports for the accounts you manage and those you want to track. It offers 50 widgets for Facebook alone, for tracking reach, impressions, clicks, check-ins, and posts.

3 cool features:

  • A fully customizable dashboard
  • Set up email and SMS alerts to notify you when certain thresholds are crossed.
  • Monitor your brand mentions and competitors’ activity using the Twitter search widget.

Social networks analyzed:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

What analytics you get for free:

  • Five widgets
  • A fixed view of the trailing 30 days of data

Paid options: $29 per month


Socialbakers lets you measure your social media performance, benchmark your results against industry players and report your entire social media activities.

Additionally, you can use this tool to publish, create personas, manage your communities, and generate analytics to help you create and optimize social content.

social bakers

This social media analytics tool uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to find your target audience on social, the content they’re most interested in and the influencers they love. All of these make social media marketing and management easier and more effective for your business.

Pros: Socialbakers makes automating your social media management easy by enabling you to know your popular content, the best times to post, discover new content, and even targeting and recruiting influencers.

Cons: Lower-tier plans offer just a few months of history, which can be limiting if you’re more interested in analytics.

Price: Starts at $200 USD per month.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a social intelligence tool suite that has acquired TweetReach, which provides a free snapshot of your Twitter analytics. Type in any keyword, hashtag, or username, and you get useful charts and graphs for reach, exposure, activity, and contributors. It’s quite valuable for checking in on mentions, tracking branded hashtags, and analyzing industry keywords.

3 cool features:

  • Measure the potential reach for any hashtag on Twitter or Instagram.
  • Look at your competitors’ activity and measure their share of voice.
  • Know what sort of content works in your industry by analyzing conversations in real-time.

Social networks analyzed:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

What analytics you get for free:

  • Twitter assistant
  • Twitter analytics report
  • Instagram account checkup

Paid options: $49, $99, $199 per month


Brand24 collects all the mentions about a keyword, product, or brand name on the web and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of it.

It shows you where your keyword has been mentioned, the ratio of positive to negative sentiments about it, top sources and users of the keyword, and related terms around it.

Pro: Brand24 has an attractive user interface that is very user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge to use it.

Con: The costs tend to add up when data quotas are exceeded.

Price: $49 – $399 USD per month.



One of our favorite Twitter toolsFollowerwonk shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity. Click on the Analytics tab, enter a Twitter username (either yours or someone else’s), and view information on followers and following. See stats like when your followers are online, when you typically post, and how your followers fall into categories like social authority, activity, total tweets, and follower count.

3 cool features:

  • Find targeted users by keywords used in their profiles or bios.
  • Sort users or followers of an account by insightful factors such as influence or activity.
  • Compare your stats to those of competitors or peers with the help of a visual graph.

Social media channel:

  • Twitter

What analytics you get for free:

  • Search up to 50 profiles per day
  • Analyze accounts with up to 25,000 followers
  • 20 comparisons per day

Paid options: $29 and $79 per month


Used by brands like Asos, Microsoft, and Ogilvy, Mention is widely known, and as its name implies, as a tool for tracking the mentions of specific terms online.

This social media analytics tool picks up mentions of the names of your competitors or their products, your brand or product name, relevant hashtags, and many more.

Mention also provides a feature that helps to see the different languages through which consumers talk about you or your competitors, including relevant timeframes and locations.

Plus, you also get to identify top-performing topics in your niche and repurpose it for your business.

Pro: Most platforms only engage with customers, but Mention engages with both customers and employees. This gives you more data to work with.

Con: Mention only shows data collected after setting it up. It doesn’t collect sentiment from past activity, and there is no historical data available.

Price: $29 – $450+ USD per month.


Learn how to determine and analyze a consumer’s insights which includes their needs, attitudes, opinions and feelings towards a subject.

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