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Free Social Media Analytics App

The world’s first free, complete, and easy-to-use Social Media Analytics App is now available for you to download! Whether you’re just starting out with social media or a seasoned professional, Social Mention is the best place to discover, track, engage with and monitor all the Social Media activity around you.

MySocialApp is the only social media analytics application on the market that is 100% free. Whether you’re a business looking to grow or an individual who wants to see how many people are checking them out online, we have an analytics application that fits your needs. We provide detailed data about your account based on your own domain name which is much different than most social analytics applications out there. Instead of having to input each and every one of your social media profiles into the app individually, we allow you to put in your domain name and let our application do the rest!


Data is huge these days and BrandWatch is all about it. They set you up with the right industry data to make smart marketing decisions.

Monitoring your brand online has never been easier. BrandWatch provides you with in-depth insights into your target customers’ thinking per time, which makes it super easy to sell to them.

Pro: You can search the Internet for specific conversations about your brand, segment those conversations into categories, and analyze them to spot out critical information. Additionally, they have an image analysis tool that can uncover logos.

Con: Brandwatch can be quite technical for someone new to brand monitoring tools and the query structure can be tedious. However, for someone with medium to expert experience, this is one of the best tools to monitor online brand mentions.

Pricing begins at $1,000 according to PC Mag


BrandMentions is another powerful tool for measuring your social media marketing impact.

From brand monitoring, reputation management, business intelligence to competitor spying, the tool provides you with the relevant information about the success of your brand awareness campaigns.

brand mentions

BrandMentions also provides real-time notifications; you get notified once your site gets a new backlink or is mentioned in places that matter across the web.

Pro: BrandMentions is a great option even for small businesses and is easy to use even for a novice. 

Con: Be sure to include/exclude mentions based on keywords otherwise you’ll get results that include spamming sites or results that are too generic.

Price: $99 – $499 USD per month.


Meltwater is the go-to social media tool if you want to focus on brand engagement, while also monitoring what is being said about you and your industry online.

This social media analytics tool can also help you connect with influencers and quantify your PR impact. 

One of the best ways to drive engagement is by using influencers. Meltwater makes it easy to connect with and vet influencers for your brand. You can also use the tool to manage influencer relationships and measure their ROI.

Meltwater - social media analysis tools

And like most other social media analytics tools, Meltwater provides email alerts that matter and reporting capabilities.

Pro: The site has over 1 million influencer accounts that you can easily filter and sort. This makes prospecting new high-profile accounts that are relevant to your brand easy. 

Con: Meltwater offers a limited number of users and you have to pay more for more users. Additionally, the price can increase easily for basic functions such as reporting.

Price: Contact Meltwater for pricing.

Social Status


Social media analytics tool - Social Status

Social Status is a dedicated social media analytics tool perfect for agencies and digital marketers who need multi-channel reporting and the ability to white label and customize their reports to suit different clients. The dashboard contains all the metrics you need in real-time.

Reports can be exported to CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

Social Status also tracks Facebook Ad Accounts for reporting on paid campaigns. You can also benchmark performance against influencers and measure your influencer marketing campaigns too.


  1. There is a free plan.
  2. You get in-depth stats and metrics for all the main social media channels.
  3. It is simple to use and has an intuitive design.

Genesis B

I like that I have all of the tools I need to build a report in one place. It reduces the amount of time for me to build a report. It also highlights the most important facts about my report.


  1. It only focuses on analytics and reporting, with no publishing or management features.
  2. Higher plans can be expensive.

Google Analytics


Social media analytics tool - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track social media campaigns and even helps you measure social ROI. Google Analytics is one of the most valuable social media reporting tools for analyzing the trend of social media traffic.

You can also find out the most effective network that’s yielding you the best results for your campaigns. There are also several custom filter options for diversified reporting.


  1. It’s completely free.
  2. It’s compatible with multiple digital environments like websites, mobile applications, etc., including Google Ads accounts.
  3. It collects data from multiple sources, creates goals, and tracks them thoroughly.
  4. It gives you customized reports for better decision-making capabilities.

Esra K.

Google Analytics provides us meaningful insights about our website to improve it accordingly, attract new visitors and increase our potential customers.


  1. There’s a lot of learning involved to understand the tool.
  2. It has multiple dashboards, which can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you are doing.
  3. If you want to upgrade your free plan, it will cost you a whopping $150K a year.


A single customer can make a review on your product that impacts several other customers. Reputology helps you monitor and analyze your reviews online so you get to monitor, catch and handle bad customer reviews before it spreads like wildfire.

reputology - social media analysis tools

This social media analytics tool is particularly great for companies that have multiple reviews across multiple platforms because it lets you view all your reviews in one dashboard. 

Pro: You can respond to the reviews straight from your dashboard without having to visit every review source; which saves you a whole lot of time, and ensures you respond to all reviews – or complaints – in a timely fashion. 

Con: At the moment you can’t reply to Yelp reviews within the software, which is unfortunate because Yelp is one of the most popular review sites.

Price: $180 – $2500 per month.



SocialBook provides AI-powered data analytics for any Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch influencer. It provides you with detailed data analytics for any influencer. Although you will need a membership for serious analysis,  you can view some data for a limited range of influencers on the free Startup Plan. You do need a paid plan to do an advanced search, however.

You will find a wide variety of stats for your influencers. Obviously, the data for Instagrammers varies from what SocialBook provides for influencers on Youtube or Twitch. 

Each Instagram influencer profile begins with basic stats, like total followers, likes, and posts. This is followed by a cost in “BoostCoins” to see more details about the influencer, and the channel’s primary language. BoostCoins are a virtual currency on SocialBook. Importantly, SocialBook also givers each influencer a Boost Score, a score from 0 to 100 based on how powerful they believe an influencer to be.

They follow this with the Top Ten Tags the influencer uses in his or her posts. The next section includes a range of recent posts made by the influencer, showing the number of likes and comments for each post.

SocialBook then provides an estimated price range based on an influencer’s historical performance and subscriber behavior, as well as an estimated Cost per 1000 Likes. 

The rest of each influencer’s page includes much more detailed analytics. These include multiple impression and engagement stats, split up in almost every way imaginable. It also analyzes audience demographics and interests. 


Pixlee offers a free tool where you can create shareable weekly reports with analysis and metrics that help you drive more engagement and attract new followers.

You can use Pixlee’s data to identify social media influencers, find brand advocates posting about your brand, and connect with social influencers and brand advocates. You can also monitor conversations and identify top-performing content

It includes hashtag statistics and tracking, growth in Instagram followers, and the data needed to identify your most engaging posts.



Keyhole is a comprehensive solution for businesses that want to get ahead in terms of social media and influencer marketing. The service offers in-depth analytics tools for influencer, competitor, and hashtag analysis. The service offers a 7-day free trial.

Available analytics:

  1. Influencer analytics:
    • influencer discovery;
    • profile vetting and comparison;
    • ROI tracking;
    • profile insights.
  2. Profile and competitor analysis:
    • account metric measurement;
    • optimization recommendations;
    • comparative analysis;
    • audience demographics.
  3. Hashtag analytics:
    • hashtag reports;
    • tracking.



HypeAuditor is a powerful influencer marketing platform that offers about every solution you might need as a brand. There’s a vast database of a few million Instagram profiles, marketing campaign management tools, and of course detailed analytics. There’s no free trial but the service actually offers a free plan with no time limit (although the number of available features is limited).

Available analytics

  1. Audience analytics:
    • audience quality;
    • type;
    • demographics;
    • fraud detection;
    • engagement analysis.


Available on Android and iOS, the free Social Media Analytics app is a simple way to measure your social media ROI. Get insights into your brand’s impact across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels.

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