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I’m excited to tell you about a free social media analytics tool that we’ve been working on for awhile. It helps us analyze how our content performs on social, and allows us to compare articles, podcasts and videos against each other. Many of you have heard me mention in previous videos that I love the feedback and know that it’s essential when writing a book. This tool is all about providing feedback to writers so they can grow and improve their work. 

What is the most popular social media network for your business? Check out this free social media analytics tool to find out.


SEMrush is a well-known SEO and social media toolkit that has some really useful social media analytics features. Aside from SEMrush’s wide range of SEO and marketing tools, it also has social media management tools that can help you to stay on track with your social media campaigns alongside your SEO and other marketing efforts.

SEMrush Homepage

The SEO tools include the Social Media Posters, which users can use to schedule and manage posts, as well as a feature that allows users to manage social media ad campaigns.

SEMrush is also complete with a powerful brand monitoring tool that can help businesses get to grips with what their followers really think using insights from social media. This tool can be used to track mentions and analyze the effectiveness of your PR and marketing efforts on social media and beyond.

Although SEMrush is best known for its SEO and content features, it’s also a very functional social media tool, and perfect for anyone who is looking to use the same tool for everything.


Pricing plans start at $199/month for the pro plan.


There’s hardly any social media marketer who doesn’t know Hootsuite.

Use Hootsuite to publish and schedule your social media posts. You can also generate powerful social media analytics so you can see which content performs best or worst and make smarter decisions.

The tool integrates with all social media platforms so your social media analytics and management are done from one platform.

Pro: Compared to other similar tools, Hootsuite’s primary advantage is that it connects to more social networks. 

Con: On the downside, having so many social networks and profiles on one dashboard can get confusing and feel cluttered. Also, some integrations are less functional than others.

Price: $29 – $599 USD per month + custom pricing.

 NetBase Quid

Want to know how people feel about your brand? Try NetBase Quid.

NetBase provides social analytics for brands.

Global brands like Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, and Yum! use this tool to track conversations around their brands on social and make important marketing decisions.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools - Netbase Quid

The tool analyzes consumer sentiment around your brand from social platforms, websites, forums, comment data, blogs, news, and review sites.

It also allows you to conduct social listening to understand your competitor’s audience. Also, you can monitor your brand to know when certain key actions occur. It also provides you with customer experience analytics. 

Pro: With these three functionalities, you can know exactly where your brand is getting love from, why customers are dissatisfied, and how you can intervene to get more people to love and trust your brand.

Con: Netbase Quid takes some time to grow on you as the various dashboard templates available are not as intuitive. Also, there is some limitation to the sentiment analysis tool.

Price: Contact NetBase for a demo.



Sendible is a social media management tool with considerable monitoring, listening, and reporting features. It gives you ready-to-use insights into post content and engagement, mentions, and audience profiles across digital channels. Sendible also lets you track what’s being said about your brand on various web and social platforms, and identifies mentions that might need your attention or response.

3 cool features:

  • Create presentation-quality reports with a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Measure response times and track team performance in responsiveness.
  • Get notified of reactions and engage with multiple social profiles across networks from a single dashboard.

Social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for 30 days
    • Report builder
    • Reports for each social media channel

Paid options: $29, $99, $199, and $299 per month



Keyhole offers various trackers that help you monitor your events, campaigns, influencer activity, brand mentions, and industry-specific social conversations. It lets you track hashtags, keywords, and accounts, for which it provides a wealth of information such as reach, top posts, share of voice, and more for your brand or competitors’.

3 cool features:

  • Predict your campaign’s performance with machine learning and make changes accordingly.
  • Analyze people’s sentiments when they engage with your posts.
  • Manage influencers’ accounts and permissions, and track their performance from one place.

Social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for seven days
    • Audience insights
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Compare brands
    • Trends identification

Paid options$49, $99, $199 per month, and custom pricing

 Rival IQ


Rival IQ lets you track a number of different companies and compare their performance across not only social media platforms but also SEO. It also analyzes Facebook and Instagram ads, and features historical data up to 24 months. This way, you can pinpoint the overall digital strategies that are working for your competitors and learn from their tactics.

3 cool features:

  • Compare your profiles to others in your industry in terms of social metrics, hashtags, and content quality.
  • Integrate Google Analytics to get a complete understanding of your customers’ journey.
  • Improve your Facebook and Instagram ad performance with automated insights.

Social networks analyzed:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

What analytics you get for free:

  • All features for 14 days
    • Facebook ads reports and alerting
    • Facebook and Instagram insights reporting
    • Facebook boosted post analytics
    • LinkedIn and Google analytics

Paid options$199, $349, and $499 per month


Typically, running a social media contest requires a surprising amount of legwork.

From the process of picking a winner to analyzing engagement from a giveaway campaign, ShortStack can pick up the slack.

For brands running frequent contests or giveaways, a dedicated contest analytics tool ensures that you aren’t just giving away freebies for no reason. ShortStack looks at everything from entry data to long-term campaign performance to do just that.

Shortstack makes it easy to assess the performance and reach of social media contests

By analyzing your contest’s performance with a social analytics tool like ShortStack, you’ll be able to see engagement metrics and identify which types of contests work best with your audience.


As the source of 80% of B2B social leads, B2B brands are paying more and more attention to LinkedIn. Meanwhile, the increasing need for employee advocacy means that brands should be tracking the LinkedIn presence of individual salespeople in addition to their company page.

Up-and-coming social media analytics tools like SHIELD are helping bridge that gap. For example, SHIELD examines the performance of individual employee profiles and their posts. Content analytics including average likes, comments and hashtags can help employees optimize their posts prior to sharing to maximize their reach.

Shield allows you to assess the performance of individual posts on LinkedIn

Additionally, SHIELD’s team report allows businesses to showcase side-by-side the engagement and growth of individual employee profiles over time.

Shield's team reporting clues you in on the LinkedIn growth of each of your individual team members

 Panoramiq Insights

Key benefit: tracks Instagram analytics, including Instagram Story analytics

Free or paid: Paid (or free for Hootsuite Enterprise users)

Skill level: All skill levels

Best for: Instagram marketers

Alert all the Instagram marketers. Panoramiq Insights is perfect for Hootsuite free users or pro users who want to get deeper insights on their Stories in particular. (Just download the app from our App Library).

Instagram Analytics in Panoramiq Insights

Among other things, Panoramiq Insights lets you:

  • Analyze follower demographics, including age, gender, country, city and language
  • Monitor Instagram account activity (for up to two accounts), including views and new followers
  • Find your best posts with view and engagement analytics
  • Measure Story views and interactions


Brand24 is a social media analytics tool that focuses on social media monitoring. It can be used to gain insight relating to what people are saying about your brand, and what the overall sentiment is across social media platforms.

Brand24 Homepage

Social media monitoring is a key to maintaining a good social following and healthy business reputation, and Brand24 makes it easy for businesses to stay on top of this. The tool lets you learn about what people are saying and the overall tone of online discussions relating to your brand. You can also set up alerts so that you get a notification when discussions relating to your brand change.

You can also use Brand24 to create custom analytics reports and competitor analysis reports. What’s great about Brand24 is that it also supports Slack, which makes it much easier for large businesses to integrate brand monitoring tasks such as responding to reviews into their workflow.


Pricing plans start at $49/month for the plus plan

There is also a 14-day free trial available. No credit card required.


SocialBee is a social media scheduling tool that comes complete with some solid analytics features. The analytics features of Social Bee allow you to create professional and in-depth analytics and performance reports which include KPIs like audience status, activity status, and top-performing posts.

SocialBee Homepage Image

However, the stand-out feature of Social Bee is its scheduling capabilities. Social Bee utilizes category-based scheduling to make staying organized with social media posts a lot easier. You can use the tool to monitor and schedule a range of social media platforms including Pinterest and Google My Business. The scheduler allows you to manage everything from post-editing and uploading to hashtags, emojis, and more.

Whether you’re a social media manager, or a fledgling influencer, a good social media scheduling tool is essential. What’s great about Social Bee is that it’s a powerful scheduler, with some pretty awesome analytics features thrown in – and it’s one of the cheapest tools on the list.


Pricing plans start at $19/month for the Bootstrap plan.

There is a 14-day free trial available.


Our Social Media Analytics tool not only allows you to see your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social media statistics – but also let’s you see your page or post insights.

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