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Free Social Media Management Tools for Nonprofits

When your nonprofit organization is looking for a social media management tool with scheduling, analytics, and other must-haves, it can be hard to find a free product that meets your needs. We put together a list of just those kinds of tools. These are our recommendations for the best free social media management tools for nonprofits.

Free Social Media Management Tools for Nonprofits Free is often a very big word. While it has a positive connotation in most situations, it can also be an indicator of low quality, lack of features, and minimal support. However, there are some providers that fit into the “free yet reliable” category. Below is a list of some of our favorite tools that have a free plan to help your team manage social media marketing efforts more efficiently.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular and widely-used social media management tools, due to its ease of use, accessible pricing, and variety of features. 

Hootsuite Nonprofit Social Media Tools

Key Features: Hootsuite allows you to manage your presence from all major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube from one dashboard. They also offer integrations with several other platforms. Hootsuite allows you to schedule up to 350 social media posts at once. You can also schedule Instagram posts, including regrams

My favorite feature is the ability to add the Hootsuite button into your browser, so you can schedule a tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn post with one click. 

Pricing: Free for one individual user and 3 social profiles. Other paid plans available if you need to add more team members or profiles. Hootsuite offers 50% off on all of their plans for nonprofits.    


Buffer is my favorite social media scheduling tool, mostly because I love their fun and friendly brand voice, and their blog is the best in the business. 

Buffer Nonprofit Social Media Tools

Key Features: Similar to Hootsuite, you can schedule posts on all the major social media networks, access analytics and reports, and use the browser extension to quickly and easily add content to your posting queue. 

My favorite feature is the ability to schedule retweets that look great and pull in the original photo. If you are like me, you go on Twitter during certain parts of the day, and you don’t want to flood the feed with tons of retweets. Buffer integrates with Twitter when you want to retweet someone, so you can schedule it to be spread throughout the day or week. 

Pricing: Free for one individual user per network on the Individual plan. Note that Pinterest is not included in the free plan. Like Hootsuite, paid plans are available if you need to add more team members or profiles. Buffer offers 50% off on all of their plans for nonprofits.   

 Sprout Social

If you want to explore your social media analytics, schedule posts across platforms, and monitor engagement, Sprout Social is a great all-in-one social media management tool. The platform allows you to analyze your social media data beyond the built-in analytics offered by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also track engagement on keywords and hashtags, identify influencers, build custom dashboards, and more. Sprout integrates with all major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+), as well as other systems including Bitly and Google Analytics.

Pricing: Sprout Social starts at $99 per month, but they do offer a 30-day free trial period so you can give the platform a test run.


If you’re looking to streamline post scheduling, content curation, and social listening, Hootsuite is a neat hat-trick for all three. The social media service is capable of multi-platform post scheduling, content cloud storage, tracking the digital impact of your social media campaigns, and monitoring social conversations by keyword, hashtag, and location — and in multiple languages. It’s compatible with all major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+) and WordPress, along with a slew of other systems such as Salesforce and MailChimp.

Pricing:  Hootsuite subscriptions start at $19 per month, and they offer a 30-day free trial plus discounts for nonprofits.


Since Buffer and Hootsuite let you schedule lots of content at once, you should consider using another tool in tandem that will let you plan your content and collaborate with others to create posts: Airtable.

It’s like a magic, interactive spreadsheet that can act as a hub for all your social media needs. Before you schedule your posts, you can use their Social Media Planning and Design template to organize your content. You can even have collaborators upload their images so one person can do the scheduling for your nonprofit:

Airtable base that lets you plan your social media content before scheduling.

Once you’ve created your content in Airtable, you’re able to download as a .csv and upload your posts to your preferred scheduling platform.

Create better Social Media Captions faster.

how social media caption generator works

If you want to succeed on Social Media, you’ll need more and better content at scale. is a free tool that helps you generate highly relevant Social Media Captions. Simply describe what you would like to post about and’s tool will do the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Captions in no time.

It’s like having an AI buddy that you can spar with and shoot ideas with a click of a button.’s Social Media Caption generators come with a free trial. No credit card is needed.

Give the Social Media Caption Generator a try for free.


If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use scheduling tool, AgoraPulse may be for you. AgoraPulse is a social media management tool geared towards creating, editing, and scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and tracking the success of your posts. It supports many of the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube).

Pricing: Monthly and annual pricing starts at $39, but AgoraPulse offers a free trial and discounts for nonprofits.


If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use scheduling tool, AgoraPulse may be for you. AgoraPulse is a social media management tool geared towards creating, editing, and scheduling posts, monitoring engagement, and tracking the success of your posts. It supports many of the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube).

Pricing: Monthly and annual pricing starts at $39, but AgoraPulse offers a free trial and discounts for nonprofits.


ViralTag advertises itself as “the #1 social media marketing tool for sharing visuals.” if your nonprofit has active accounts on Instagram and Pinterest, and you are looking to create and share more visuals, you should check out ViralTag. 

ViralTag Nonprofit Social Media Tools

Key Features: Like many social media scheduling tools, you can manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, recycle evergreen content, collaborate with a team, and analyze performance. What’s special about ViralTag is their “visual marketing calendar”, where you can create and schedule multiple Pinterest pins and Instagram posts.  

Pricing: 14 day free trial. Individual accounts start at $24/month. I could not find specific information about nonprofit discounts on their website, but since their competitors all offer this perk, I suggest contacting them directly to see if you can get a discount. 


SocialOomph was originally brought to my attention by social media marketing expert John Haydon, based on it’s affordability and ease of use for the non-techie, a huge plus for many nonprofit social media managers. 

SocialOomph Nonprofit Social Media Tools

Key Features: If you primarily use Twitter for your nonprofit, SocialOomph has many features that can maximise your productivity and engagement, including: Ability to schedule unlimited tweets, track keywords, save and reuse drafts of posts, and check DMs on multiple accounts. 

Pricing: All Twitter features can be used on their free plan. To sync more social media accounts, you need to sign up for their Professional plan, which is $17.97 every two weeks. Like ViralTag, I could not find specific information about nonprofit discounts on their website. However, since the majority of their competitors offer special nonprofit pricing, I recommend contacting them directly to see if you can get a discount.

The Evergreen Content Poster

Evergreen Content Poster

If you’re anything like most non-profits, you probably jumped on the content marketing bandwagon some time ago to help drive traffic to your organization online.

But what happens after you push that publish button? Do you share it on social media channels? Probably once and then move on to the next piece of content, right?

Scheduling social media posts and remembering to share your blog posts are very time-consuming.

Plus, you have to remember when you last sent a particular piece of content. It’s tiring just thinking about it.

Evergreen Content Poster will eliminate the need to schedule your posts continually and manage your content. It’s all right at your fingertips straight from your WordPress backend.

Once you add content to your library, it posts for you.

Some of its features:

  • Share content directly on publication or add it to your library to keep on sharing.
  • Create unlimited social media posts for each of your different social media channels. The Evergreen Content Poster just keeps on sharing them, and when it is at the end of your library, it will start again at the top, so you never run out of content.
  • Create categories with individual schedules so you can surprise your audience with a healthy mix of promotional, fun, engaging or educational content

In short, the Evergreen Content Poster lets you easily double your traffic from social media by keeping your content alive and in front of the audiences that matter.


No more wasted time.

Don’t we want that all?


Social Media Tool Liinks

Liinks lets creators design and build pages in minutes, with more ways to customize than other link-in-bio tools.

No two pages are alike – great for creatives, personalities and brands wanting full control over their page’s look and feel. Create beautiful micro landing pages with ease. Drop in your links, style your page and add it to your bio.

It’s free to get started with Liinks, but upgrading to Liinks Premium (only $3.99/month!) unlocks robust features giving full advantage of all the awesome customization options.

Every Liinks user gets:

– Unlimited basic links

– Profile picture and bio at the top of your page

– Social icons for quick reference

Premium Liinks users can:

– Add images to your links and choose between 6 awesome different layouts, including Grids and Carousels

– Customize the colors, fonts, background, and more to match your brand.

– Add Media embeds (Youtube, Spotify, etc…)

– Connect to Instagram to automatically update your Liinks page with links from your post captions

– Collect emails in Mailchimp with a Mailing List block

– Animate your Liinks to draw attention or schedule them to show and hide at a specific time

With an expanding feature set and low price point – Liinks is a great option for those looking to stand out with a beautiful and unique bio link page. Explore some of our favorite pages here!

Social Champ 

Social media tool Social Champ

Social Champ is an all-in-one social media management tool to break every social media marketer’s daily struggles. Its versatile features make the platform stand out from the crowd that including the bulk upload, monitoring analytics, free social media scheduler, team collaboration, Auto RSS, and much more. You can easily schedule and publish your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Business Profile. 

The best part is, you can also avail yourself of its exclusive, feature-packed Free Plan with unlimited scheduling options, analytics, social inbox, and all social media networks.


Have a look at its amazing features that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

  • Get UNLIMITED scheduling options, you can either schedule content right within the dashboard or choose your preferred timeslots to schedule your content using QUEUE categories. 
  • Manage your client organization, easily separate your client’s accounts in the workspace to make your workflow easier. 
  • Schedule your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn First comment within the content dashboard. 
  • Create a tempting post, add links, emojis and sprinkle it with trending hashtags to boost your posts. Also, you can customize your posts for each social media network. 
  • Analyze how your posts sound to your audience with four different reactions using Sentiment Analysis
  • Get a grid view of all your past, present, and future posts with the Social Media Calendar
  • Get a big bundle of GIFs, free stock images, and videos within the dashboard. 
  • Make your social media profiles lively with Social Champ as it allows you to edit and share your post right away with Canva, VistaCreate, and Wave.Video
  • Bring all your Social Inboxes under one roof, quickly reply to comments and messages without switching your tab, and much more. 

Social Champ’s free plan has an ocean of features that will make your social media management much easier. Other than the free plan, Social Champ offers your three plans starting from $26. 


If youre in the nonprofit world, you know how important social media is when it comes to building connections and encouraging donations. Using these tools will not only help you get more strategic with your social media content, but theyll also save you tons of time. Any of these free and low-cost resources are great for your budgetand most importantly, for your community.

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