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Free Social Media Management Tools Linkedin

The Social Media Management Tools Linkedin is a free referral-only tool that allows you to connect with your network and optimize your company’s internet and social media presence.

Are you looking for social media management tools to grow your business?. Do you want to better manage your team and your clients’ accounts? Here’s a list of the finest social media management tools for Linkedin.


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MeetEdgar is one of the most powerful social media posting tools, allowing you to share content to Facebook (pages, profiles, and groups), Twitter, and LinkedIn (profiles and company pages).

What’s great about MeetEdgar is that it automatically posts content for you from a rotating content library — making it great for sharing evergreen content. Rather than schedule a post for a set time, you assign the category to a time slot, and MeetEdgar posts content you added to that category every week at that time.

You can create hundreds of categories, upload and edit posts in bulk, shorten links, and set deadlines or ‘expiry dates’ for seasonal content.

MeetEdgar is one of Mod Girl’s favorite social media marketing tools — something we make use of on a regular basis!

Though there isn’t a free version, it’s a great option for businesses and social media managers who want to regularly share evergreen content without having to remember to schedule it every single week. It also includes support for up to 25 social media accounts, making it an ideal option for digital agencies managing their clients’ social media.


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Hootsuite is another one of the best social media management tools for business. Though digital marketers often overlook this tool due to the low-quality user interface, it can be a great option for those looking for a free or low-cost social media marketing tool to manage their own social media or social media for just a handful of clients.

At Mod Girl Marketing, we use Hootsuite for more time-sensitive posts, while sharing evergreen posts via MeetEdgar. And we’re in good company; Hootsuite has over 15 million users in 175 countries.

Hootsuite supports social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Google+, and was one of the first social media scheduling tools to support Instagram scheduling. Additional integrations are also available on the Hootsuite app store, for platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, Marketo, and Mailchimp.

One great feature of Hootsuite is their dashboard, which allows you to quickly see all of the activity happening on all of your social media accounts in one place. You can view comments on your Instagram posts, reply to DMs to your Twitter account, and see posts people tagged you in on Facebook.


oktopost linkedin tool

UPDATE – LinkedIn does not allow 3rd party tools to post to groups any more. The following is no longer true and include only for archive purposes.

If you prefer using just one tool for all your Linkedin activities, instead of switching between two, Oktopost is the perfect solution for you. It has a great user interface and you will be able to easily schedule updates with it and interact with updates from others. They also simplify the process of posting to groups.

Oktopost also has some advanced Linkedin management features that other social media management tools don’t.

One of these is group search which lets you search and find relevant groups. You can also post to these groups using multiple profiles (profiles of your employees in the company for example).

They even have a tag feature that lets you tag groups. Therefore when posting an update you just have to mention a tag and your update will be shared in all the groups tagged with that keyword. No need to type in relevant groups each and every time.

Their social inbox makes it easy to respond to comments. Oktopost provides detailed analytics on your updates so that you can determine which updates and groups are bringing you the best results.

Pricing for Oktopost is only available by contacting them. You need to set up a demo and tell them all your requirements. They will then recommend a package for you.

Pricing plans

  • Starting price per user: $200/month when pricing was displayed publicly. Contact them to learn current pricing options.
  • Top plan: Available on contact
  • Free Trial Available: No


quintly linkedin analytics

To create a strong social media strategy for any social network, you need a robust analytics tool. You can use it to audit your Linkedin accounts and the accounts of your competitors. This will form the basis of your strategy.

One tool that can help you conduct a good audit is Quintly. You can use it track follower growth, post engagement and many more things in great detail. You can use it to analyse both your presence and the presence of your competitors.

The data is displayed in the form of graphs. This makes it easy to compare your presence against your competitors. You can also use it to analyse your other social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. Therefore, you can easily compare your presence on all these networks to see which one is getting you the best results.

To access Linkedin analytics, you will need to sign up for their ‘Small’ plan. This costs $129 per month. They have got more packages, their main benefits are that you can add more pages and dashboards.

Pricing plans

  • Starting price per user: $129/month
  • Top plan: Custom plan
  • Free Trial Available: Yes

Simply Measured

Simply Measured Linkedin Analytics

Another Linkedin analytics tool that is similar to Quintly, is Simply Measured. Here too you can track audience growth and post engagement levels. You can see who is engaging with the posts and the demographics of the influencers.

You can also use it to analyse other networks like YouTube, Tumblr and more to see how well Linkedin is faring against these networks. This will help determine if marketing on Linkedin is worth the effort or if you need to do something different.

Simply Measured doesn’t display the price publicly. You will need to attend a demo to learn about what they charge.

Pricing plans

  • Starting price per user: Only shared after attending demo
  • Top plan: Only shared after attending demo
  • Free Trial Available: No



Services: Analytics, Automated Publishing, Contact Management, Customer Targeting, Keyword Filtering, Multi-Account Management, Post Scheduling, Customer Engagement, Multi-User Collaboration, Reporting/Analytics, Hashtag Tracking, Content Planning, Content Storage

Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Medium, Multiple others via Zapier integrations

ContentCal is perfect for planning, creating, collaborating, publishing, and analyzing your content from a central content hub. The platform includes built-in approval flows to streamline your LinkedIn posting process. ContentCal is a visual planning calendar with a central dashboard that has tons of tutorial videos to make getting started a breeze. Within the main calendar, you can use color-coding to track and organize your posts. All ContentCal plans include some analytics, but the Advanced Analytics bolt-on will give you tons of organic LinkedIn data about your followers, paid followers, impressions, posts, follower growth, engagement rate, impressions, likes, comments, and clicks.

💡 ContentCal Features:

Like Loomly, ContentCal has tons of the features you’d expect from a top LinkedIn scheduling tool:

  • Content hub so you can create and store post templates, media, links, and ideas
  • Approval workflows to easily get sign-off and approval from your team
  • Web Clipper browser extension lets you send links, articles, and other inspiration directly to ContentCal
  • Plan and create long-form content like press releases, blogs, and emails with the Articles feature
  • Auto-publish content to a variety of social media platforms
  • A pinboard for draft posts, rogue ideas, and inspiration
  • Snippets to easily save your commonly-used info like hashtags and URLs so you can easily add them to your content
  • Intuitive, visual calendar for content planning
  • Online community management
  • Visual planning for your Instagram grid

✔️ ContentCal Pros and Cons:

  • 😊 Great customer support
  • 😊 Super easy to plan your content
  • 😊 Web clipper tool is incredibly useful
  • 😩 Can’t schedule videos

💰 ContentCal Pricing:

  • Pro: $204/year (no monthly plan)
  • Company: $59/month or $564/year
  • Premium Custom: By quote
  • Enterprise Custom: By quote


dux soup for linkedin tagging and notes

One of the biggest disappointments of Linkedin’s recent changes is that they got rid of the Relationships section. You won’t be able to tag people or take notes anymore with a free account. You will need to subscribe to the ‘Sales’ account to gain access to the ‘Sales Navigator’ that lets you tag users. But it costs £53.99 per month which is around $70.

If you want to continue adding tags and notes for free you need to get Dux-Soup, a Chrome plugin. It has a few more useful features. There are also some extra features when you subscribe to the paid version which costs $15 per month. You can learn how to use it properly by reading this post by Melonie Dodaro.

Pricing plans

  • Starting price per user: $15/month
  • Top plan: Only $15/month plan available
  • Free Trial Available: Yes, free plan available


Linkedin is an online platform that allows you to connect with other people with similar professional interests.

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