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Good Youtube Content Ideas

Now you may be asking, “How do I come up with good content ideas for Youtube?”. Well, there are quite a few ways, and often times they seem like random pieces of information all thrown together. However, if you know the right steps and have a decent amount of time, then anyone can create good content ideas for Youtube!

The content ideas listed above are the best picks on Youtube. These are extremely popular and therefore you can rake a lot of views. Although there are many other ideas but the most valuable have been mentioned in here. So choose the ones that you like and try to produce it as soon as possible.

1. Introduce Yourself

This is an essential and easy first post for anyone wondering what your first YouTube video should be. Make a video introducing yourself—what you do, what kind of content viewers can expect from your channel, how you can help, and how often you post.

The idea is to create a warm welcome video for your audience to give them a reason for subscribing to your channel. Here’s a great example of a chirpy “Introduce Yourself” video.

2. Host a Q&A on Instagram and answer the best (or top 3) questions in a YouTube video 

Not sure what sort of things to talk about on YouTube but happen to also run an Instagram page? Post a question sticker on your Instagram Story around your niche or a specific topic. Pick the top 3 questions and answer them in a YouTube video with examples and scenarios to make it interactive. This is how Grace did it, and also got 161K views on the video.

3. Introduce Your Team

Do fun and engaging video with an interesting Q/A or a behind-the-scenes action introduction of the team members. This will help your viewers relate to the more human side of your channel and business, allowing them to connect with you better.

4. Home tour

Give your audience a sneak peek into your personal life with a home tour. You can shoot this video with a voiceover while showing each part of your house, or you can tell someone else to make the video, and you can properly take your audience through a virtual house tour.

5. Tour of your city

Film yourself touring across the city, and cover your favorite tourist places, lesser-known spots, cute cafes, and beautiful streets. Give your audience a chance to take a virtual tour of what it’s like to step into your shoes and see a city they’ve never visited before. Here’s a stunning Paris night city tour for you.

6. Start Vlogging

Like writing an educational or experience-backed blog post, you can also make a vlog. It can be a product review, a day in your life, or business experience and educate or motivate the audience. 

7. Explainer Videos

If you have a product or know how to explain complicated technical topics more simply, go for explainer videos. They simplify things and tell users how to use a product or understand a concept better through presentations, whiteboards, and graphs. Look at how Zendesk did this.

8. Channel trailer

Create a channel trailer that shows your audience what kind of content they can expect from you. It gives a preview of the content users will find on your channel to tease them to subscribe or watch more videos by you. Take your inspiration from Will Smith’s Channel Trailer here:

9. YouTube Shorts 

Make 30-second videos of snackable content in an easy-to-digest manner and post them on YouTube’s latest feature, Shorts. It works similar to TikTok and Instagram Reels and is a great way to get your feet wet with long-form videos by first making short-form content:

10. Behind the Scenes

People love to see processes, so show your viewers what goes behind the making of your videos, the inner workings of your business, or your daily life as a creator, parent, entrepreneur, or artist. See this working professional’s morning routine video which gives a glimpse beyond her 9-5 job.

11. What’s on your phone?

If you’re a phone wizard, have loads of lesser-known apps downloaded on your phone that your viewers can benefit from or know settings that help you be more efficient—do a “what’s on your phone” video and tell people how they can manage their work, time and play better as Rowena Tsai did here.

12. Icebreaker Questions and Answers

Give your audience an insight into your views and opinions by answering some icebreaker questions in a video—you can make a “50 Icebreaker Questions to know me better” video. These can include questions about what you do in your free time, a fact very few people know about you, the best piece of advice you’ve ever received, etc.

13. Short Tutorial Content 

One of the most common reasons people go on YouTube is that they want to learn how to do something by following along with a video. This can be as simple as “how to insert a table in Google docs” to an elaborate one like “how to assemble an IKEA bed.”

The idea is to dip your toes in the water by creating shorter videos of 2-3 minutes to get good at storytelling before you start making longer videos.

14. Challenge Videos 

Every other day there’s a challenge that goes viral on social media—think mannequin challenge, vogue challenge, or a regular dance challenge. Participate in these challenges by creating videos with a unique twist to cash in on these trends.

  1. A personal greeting video – Congratulate your audience or say thanks to your fans.
  2. Singing lessons – If you think that you are talented enough, then you can record singing lessons for future stars.
  3. Music recommendation and album reviews – Album reviews just like any other product review video, are widely loved and searched on YouTube. Review new albums and recommend the best music from new releases.
  4. Music quizzes – Music quizzes are a great way to check your memory and knowledge of the music at different times. Your followers and viewers will surely appreciate the time and effort spent on creating the quiz.
  5. Top music charts/greatest hits – A playlist with the greatest hits or the top music tracks is a treasure. Create the list and let the music lovers enjoy it.
  6. Mashup videos – Mashup is an amazing way to combine different songs by using your creativity. You can experiment with different genres and get a really original mashup from them. The example below is very impressive. The way the author combined the compositions is incredible.
  1. Popular music video remake on budget/parody video – What if you could recreate the popular music videos? Again, you need to be very creative and do it with the right proportion of humor to retain interest.
  2. Soundtracks from favorite TV shows and movies – Once we hear a song on a TV show or a movie we try to find it. Get the viewers’ attention by creating such playlists or a video.
  3. A playlist of your favorite songs/best songs of specific genres – Create a list of the best of jazz, rock, pop, and other music genres.
  4. The history of different music genres – Tell about the origins and the development of different music genres in your YouTube mini-series.
  5. Bands and their stories/top albums – You can make videos about different music bands or musicians. How was the band formed? Who are the key performers? Which is their best album? What are some of the most interesting facts about them? These kinds of YouTube videos are both informative and fun.  
  6. Playing a musical instrument – Show off your skills of playing different musical instruments by recording and uploading the video to your YouTube channel. There are many options from piano and guitar to trumpet and bongo drums.
  7. Musical instrument tutorial videos – You can also use your skills to create tutorials for those who want to learn to play musical instruments.
  8. Teach your pet to play a musical instrument – This may be among the weirdest YouTube video ideas. But, why not? Our pets can be very talented, like the ones in the video below:
  1. Instrument tuning and repair – If you’re truly familiar with the musical instrument you can show how to tune or repair it. Record it and show your audience how to do it.
  2. Music equipment review videos – As a musician, you use various equipment while recording and editing your music. Some of them are good, the others are not. Review your equipment and tell your audience which will be the best for them.
  3. Online music/musical instrument shops reviews – In this digital age, there are many online shops where you can buy many things, including music albums, sound effects, musical instruments, and equipment. Check which shops have the best offers and which ones are more trustworthy.
  4. Music app reviews – So, you’ve found a new music app? Try it out and share your opinion.
  5. Interviews with musicians/stars – Having guest stars as interviewees can be a great boost for your channel. Don’t miss the opportunities to connect with local stars/musicians, or even famous ones. You can record the interviews and edit them with various tools. Let’s check out an interview with Bob Marley!
  1. Stories from the famous musician’s lives – If you can’t arrange an interview, you can at least make a video with the stories of the famous musician’s lives or some interesting facts about them.
  2. Dance battle – Invite your talented friends and organize a dance battle. Who’s the winner?
  3. Dancing tutorial videos – If you are really good at dancing, you can create dancing tutorials. Teach some interesting moves or a whole dance.
  4. A dance concept video – Tell your story through dancing. 
  5. National dances of different countries – If you are passionate about national dances, you can create a video series about them. Tell about the origins and the evolution of certain moves.
  6. Dancing children compilation – Who doesn’t love cute dancing children? 
  7. A video compilation of viral videos – You can never guess which videos will go viral. But, you can create a compilation of videos that were viral. 
  8. A tutorial on how to make a video compilation – If you don’t know how to create a video compilation, you can find a tutorial. Or, if you’re an experienced compilation maker, you can create one for those who need it.
  9. Reaction video – This idea is quite popular among other YouTube video ideas. And it’s quite easy to create too. All you need to do is record yourself and your reaction while watching music videos, or challenges.
  10. AMVs (anime music videos) – This type of video is most popular with anime lovers. Pick some popular tracks and add different scenes from your favorite animes. 


 When you’re creating the YouTube channel if your only purpose is to entertain, your content will likely be limited, and subscribers will eventually lose interest in both you and your content. To ensure the longevity of your YouTube channel, you must also work on building a relationship with your audience and continuing to bring valuable content to them. And as for the actual creation of that content, remember two basic guidelines: content that entertains will help keep people coming back for more; and content that educates will help increase conversions from subscribers to customers.

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