Your research and development team has been putting significant effort into the design and production of a new product for months. The market and the issue they hope to solve have both been thoroughly investigated.

They carefully crafted the best product they could after carefully planning and brainstorming about it. They then tested its functionality to ensure that it performed as intended.

You firmly believe that this is the greatest invention since chocolate.

You only have one thought left in your head after developing an amazing product that is ready for the market. How will you market your goods and get them in front of potential buyers, or those who are most likely to buy them?

You have a product marketing manager ready to move your new creation to the next stage for this stage of the process (and ideally from the very beginning of research and development). No matter how fantastic your product is, without marketing it will never reach the customers whose problems it would otherwise solve. This might result in sluggish sales, financial failure, and potential clients who are still experiencing their initial issue.

You can see how important skilled product marketing managers are from that vantage point. Let’s find out more about this important position.

This guide includes:

  1. What Is A Product Marketing Manager?
  2. What Does A Product Marketing Manager Do?
  3. Product Marketing Manager Skills And Qualifications
  4. Product Marketing Manager Education And Training Requirements
  5. Product Marketing Manager Salary
  6. How Does A Product Marketing Manager Differ From A Product Manager?

What Is A Product Marketing Manager?

You might be wondering what a product marketing manager (PMM) is and how crucial they are to the launch of your product. A person who is responsible for a product’s positioning, messaging, and branding is known as a product marketing manager.

Let’s look at this sample product marketing job description to get an even better understanding of this position.

Job Description for a Product Manager

For major products, a product marketing manager will be in charge of supervising the development and distribution of promotional campaigns. This person will be well-versed in the features of the product that are pertinent to the target market as well as its target market.

What Does A Product Marketing Manager Do?

How Does a Product Marketing Manager Work? Salary and Job Description

Product marketing managers work as members of a company’s marketing team to choose the best aspects of their offerings and market them to both existing and potential customers. To effectively market them and explain their value and advantages to customers, they must be experts on the company’s products and features. Product marketing managers will thoroughly investigate rival companies and conduct market research to learn what features consumers want in their ideal products.

They’ll create interesting and instructive product marketing campaigns that appeal to a wide target audience using this research and their product knowledge. Product marketing managers can work with sales teams to inform them of the features of the products and keep track of the sales and revenue these products generate.

Product Marketing Manager Skills And Qualifications

  • basic knowledge of marketing and campaign management
  • abilities in project management
  • powerful planning and communication abilities
  • the capacity to evaluate pertinent data and make wise decisions
  • the capacity to order projects’ tasks and responsibilities

Employers prefer candidates with at least a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, or a closely related field of study for this position. Some employers might be looking for applicants with advanced degrees and more background in marketing, sales, or advertising.

Although not necessary, there are certifications available that can help Product Marketing Managers be better prepared for the responsibilities they are about to take on (such as the Certified Product Marketing Manager distinction).

The base salary for Product Marketing Managers in the United States is $92,628 per year, according to PayScale, though this can change depending on the organization and level of experience.

Product Marketing Manager Education And Training Requirements

How Does a Product Marketing Manager Work? Salary and Job Description

Product marketing managers are typically required to hold a bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration or marketing. Some employers might favor applicants with a master’s degree and experience in marketing or a related industry, such as sales or advertising. While not necessary, many Product Marketing Managers choose to get their professional certifications in order to better prepare for their duties. The Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) designation from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management is one potential certification (AIPMM).

Product Marketing Manager experience requirements 

Before marketing a particular brand or product, most employers favor Product Marketing Manager candidates with substantial proven experience in marketing or a related field. Many Product Marketing Managers start out as Marketing Assistants, where they can gain the necessary experience to move up to more senior positions.

Product Marketing Manager Salary

Product marketing directors typically earn $122,165 annually. The candidate’s education, level of experience, and geographic location may all affect their salary.

How Does A Product Marketing Manager Differ From A Product Manager?

How Does a Product Marketing Manager Work? Salary and Job Description

It can occasionally be challenging to distinguish between the various roles that are available within a company because of similar titles. Although there are some similarities between the two positions, product marketing managers and product managers have very different responsibilities.

A product manager and a product marketing manager both speak on behalf of the product. The target audience, though, makes a difference. A product manager speaks up while a product is being produced. They communicate with engineers and developers about the features and functionality of a product on behalf of the product internally. A product manager’s main concern is determining whether the product actually solves the issue that it was designed to.

On the other hand, a product marketing manager is in charge of public relations. How will people know that this product solves their problem is what they are concentrating on. To ensure a successful product launch and to spread the word about this new or enhanced product, they will develop a launch plan and collaborate with the social media team, the PR team, the marketing team, and the sales team.

Although they will play very different roles, these people will occasionally collaborate. In order to help each other, the product manager and the product marketing manager must each have a thorough understanding of the buyer persona.

A product marketing manager can be mistaken for someone in the marketing manager position. While there are once more overlaps and similarities, a marketing manager frequently works on general marketing initiatives to increase awareness among a company’s customer base. Usually, they won’t spend as much time creating buyer personas and conducting research.

A product’s creation is only half the battle. You need someone in charge of marketing if you want your product launch to be a success, for it to be wildly profitable, and for it to reach the people you intended to help. The proper product marketing manager will guide the appropriate customers to your product.


A Marketing Manager is responsible for a wide range of marketing maneuvers, some of which include direct marketing, indirect marketing, value Added marketing, and pyramid marketing. A goal should be to achieve specific goals such as increasing sales, productivity, customer loyalty, and retention in order to improve business performance.

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