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How to Come Up With Content for Youtube

If you want to be successful on the internet, you need to produce quality content. That’s right, your viewers need to be entertained and engaged with your videos. It sounds simple enough, but it can be tough getting started. In this guide, we’re going to give you a step-by-step process for coming up with high-quality content for your YouTube channel. We’ll start by giving you some helpful resources, then show you how to come up with ideas for each type of video. We’ll also give you plenty of tips and tricks on How to Come Up With Content for Youtube, youtube content ideas for beginners, youtube content ideas without face and youtube video ideas to get subscribers.

How to Come Up With Content for Youtube

New YouTube video ideas can originate from anywhere. Look for inspiration in your daily activities, and don’t forget to ask friends, colleagues, coworkers, clients, and customers for ideas. Additionally, you should spend some time browsing YouTube and watching a wide variety of videos created by both individuals and businesses.

Your original video ideas should be unique and exciting to you (as well as your intended audience). In addition to being of immediate interest to your intended audience, they must also be unique, creative, intriguing, thought-provoking, amusing, and/or educational. Finding out what your competitors are already doing and then figuring out how you can do that better or differently in your videos is one method to start your search for ideas.

Finding truly original ideas will be challenging given the abundance of video already available on YouTube. Instead, concentrate on how to make your ideas stand out from what is already available. If you can and are prepared to offer an original, captivating twist, don’t be scared to join the crowd and use currently trending videos as your model. Make sure you don’t infringe on anyone else’s copyrights, intellectual properties, or trademarks when you create your own videos if you decide to utilize other videos as inspiration.

It’s time to generate ideas for individual videos once you have a rough understanding of your YouTube objectives, have identified your target audience, and have developed your main message. To begin, decide what you want to communicate. Then, take into account the best approach to display that content in light of your video production expertise, tools, and capabilities.

Think of a prospective concept and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my concept in line with the goals I have for YouTube?
  • What is the best course of action for implementing my suggestion in the video?
  • Will my concept and strategy be appealing to my target audience?
  • Do I possess the abilities, information, and tools necessary to successfully produce the video I’m picturing?
  • Can the video be made within my budget without sacrificing the level of production?
  • What response do I want the viewers to have to the video? What’s the call to action going to be?
  • How do I believe the viewers will respond to the video?
  • Will watching this video encourage the viewer to visit my other YouTube channels, get in touch with me or my business, or, if appropriate, make a purchase of my product or service?
  • Will someone be inspired to click the “Like” button, give the video a high rating, write and submit a positive remark, and/or share the video (or a link to it) with their online friends (through Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, for example) while they are watching it or right after it ends?
  • Does the video’s message, call to action, and general strategy align with what I already do for my brand or business online, such as on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, for instance?

Ask yourself these questions often to make sure you’re on track during the entire pre-production stage and subsequently when working on post-production.

As you respond to each of these inquiries, you’ll frequently realize that your initial concepts need to be refined or changed in order to make them more effective or in line with your message, call to action, and overall objectives. Consider inventive, unconventional, and unique ways to convey your content in a fun, strange, or memorable way while you’re analyzing your ideas.

Then, as you advance through the pre-production phase, test your ideas on others who are familiar with you, your company, its products/services, your target audience, and your online goals before spending too much time or money on them. You can think about things from many viewpoints that may affect how your films are perceived and/or accepted by your audience by exchanging ideas with other creative people you trust.

Create a list outlining the thoughts for your first 10 or so videos if your objective is to create a YouTube channel and regularly update it with new videos during this initial stage of idea production. Then, make sure to record your ideas when you brainstorm in the future so you can subsequently review them.

Make sure your plans for your YouTube channel are viable and align with your brand, online reputation, and overall business strategy. For instance, you might have some fantastic ideas for your first few videos, but what will you do to grow and sustain your audience in the following months or even years?

Youtube Content Ideas For Students

YouTube tutorials and educational videos

  1. DIY video

Do you have any handyman skills? Enjoy making crafts? Show visitors how to complete your most recent DIY project step by step.

  1. A guide or tutorial

One of the most watched categories of videos on YouTube is how-to ones. Although there are countless topics that might be covered, tech and beauty YouTubers are particularly fond of them. If you can teach it, there’s surely someone out there who wants to learn it—whether it’s how to play your favorite song on the guitar or how to be more self-assured!

  1. Exercise video
    Many individuals turn to YouTube when it’s time to exercise for instructions on how to execute specific exercises and for guided workout programs. Videos on yoga, circuit training, stretching, and form are all hot themes.
  2. A presentation or webinar

Put the recording of any instructional webinars or presentations you’ve given online so that anyone who missed them can watch them later.

  1. Informational video

Infographics are an entertaining and eye-catching approach to present data that may otherwise be dull or challenging to comprehend.

  1. A recipe or cooking tutorial

Show viewers how to make a beloved family dish, demonstrate a culinary or food preparation skill, or provide your best cooking advice.

7. Product tutorial 

A tutorial video is an interesting and practical choice for viewers, whether you’re demonstrating your own product or just want to show others how to utilize a service or application you use and love.

  1. Describe a notion.

Share your knowledge! Describe a challenging math problem, the theory of relativity, a challenging coding issue, or something else associated with your field of work or academic study.

  1. Video whiteboard

Animated videos of someone drawing on a whiteboard often make up whiteboard videos. They appeal to viewers and are a compelling approach to explain difficult concepts.

  1. Q&A

Do people comment on your videos with questions? Perhaps clients frequently have queries for your company. Create a video answering your most recent or frequently requested questions.

  1. Dispel a few myths

Do any widespread misunderstandings enrage you? For viewers to get the facts straight, YouTube is a fantastic resource.

video reviews

  1. Product evaluation

One of the most watched categories of material on YouTube is product reviews. These educational movies are sought after by millions of viewers before they make a purchase. Reviews can be obtained for all kinds of things, but tech gadgets and cosmetics are popular topics.

  1. Film critique

Recently seen a nice (or not so good) movie? Use YouTube to express your viewpoint and engage in debates with complete strangers. No reveals!

review of a book

Talk about the book you just finished.

  1. Game evaluation

On YouTube, gaming-related videos, including reviews, are extremely popular.

  1. Recommendations

Testimonials has to be a component of your video strategy if you own a business. This kind of film offers “social evidence” and aids in establishing your company

Creative YouTube video ideas

  1. Jokes and skits

A humorous video can simply help you become popular online. Because they made viewers laugh, many of the most popular YouTube videos have become so (and share).

  1. Video songs

A music video is an obvious choice if you’re a musician. Keep it simple with an acoustic tune, or go for a theatrical video with high production value. Make sure your song is hot, though!

  1. Jokes in videos

Prank films are very popular, with fans of Candid Camera, Punk’d, and YouTube. Play a harmless joke on someone, and then post the outcome on your channel.

  1. Video challenges

The Ice Bucket Challenge may come to mind. Planking? YouTube users love watching challenge videos. Just be certain that your challenge is secure!

Youtube Content Ideas Without Face

  1. Comments on social media posts

The best posts or comments on Reddit are shared in a YouTube film that covers the subject at hand.

A channel by the name of “EmKay” is among the best illustrations of this.

In essence, they select the most entertaining posts from a subreddit and utilize those as the visuals while reading the messages and adding humorous commentary as the audio.

  1. Real-time event commentary

Live commentary during live events is another sort of YouTube video that seems to be gaining popularity recently (like sports).

For instance, a lot of viewers dislike the sports commentators the TV network chooses to cover particular athletic events.

You can step in at this point and provide the alternative while being compensated for it.

People would just listen to you while watching the Super Bowl, as an example, if you provided commentary via YouTube Live.

Joe Rogan is a well-known YouTuber who carries out this activity. When he’s not on-site at a UFC or other martial arts event, he occasionally hosts a live “Fight Companion” show on YouTube with some of his closest friends.

  1. Writing or illustrating on a whiteboard.

Without being on camera, whiteboard explanations or whiteboard animations are another common YouTube video format.

This is a VERY successful method for making viral videos without having to reveal your face.

  1. Game streaming/recorded gameplay

You may stream or record oneself playing video games without being on camera, which may come as a surprise to you.

Consider TheRadBrad as an example.

As of the time I am writing this, he has over 12 million YouTube subscribers, but you never see his face in his content.

  1. Podcast including a still image

Using a podcast with only a static image as the visual is an intriguing additional approach to create YouTube videos without being seen to the camera.

Because you don’t have to deal with people, animation, or any other form of moving image, this is one of the simplest ways to make YouTube videos.

  1. Visit an office or house

An office or house tour is a fantastic film to do if you don’t want to go on camera.

If you stream, you might even record your gaming setup.

The good thing about this video format is that it can be used for just about any type of channel you have.

You got a cookery channel? Visit the kitchen.

an online gaming channel? Tour the gambling area.

Do you videoblog? Visit a few houses.

And no, you are not required to hire a cameraperson and document your movements. Simply explain while demonstrating the tools and spaces for your illustrations using your phone or camera. You got a cookery channel? Visit the kitchen.

  1. Reviews of screenshare

You may try performing screenshare reviews if your channel leans more toward education.

These can be used for any website, social media account, program, piece of software, etc. that you might evaluate for curious people.

You can actually record your screen using a free program like Screencast-o-Matic or a more expensive program like Camtasia.

  1. Video, culinary, etc. tutorials

Many different tutorials can be completed without revealing your face.

For example, you can perform almost any task on a screen (such as coding courses) or even one that only requires viewers to see your hands (like drawing or cooking tutorials).

  1. Gathering of videos, memes, etc.

More and more often, I see YouTube channels that make videos commenting on memes and other content found on other social media platforms like Reddit.

As an illustration, consider how the YouTube channel “EmKay” will use a well-liked subreddit and its most popular posts as the focus of videos while also including humorous commentary.

  1. A product review or unboxing

Product unboxings or reviews are another form of video you may do without being on camera and that apply to any channel.

have a YouTube channel with makeup guides? Review and unbox makeup goods.

have a channel for inspiration? Examine the best books in the field.

This applies to everything, and some channels were even created using this idea.

Just take a peek at the numerous watched toy unwrapping channels online!

Youtube Content Ideas For Beginners

Ideas for starting “Getting to Know You” YouTube videos

  1. Welcome to the audience

Create a video self-introduction. What do you do and who are you? What can viewers look forward to on your channel? When do you publish videos? Make a welcome video for your channel in which you explain what to expect from viewers. Make an effort to get viewers to subscribe.

  1. Describe your business

Create a video explaining your firm and what you do if you’re distributing videos on behalf of a business or NGO.

3. Meet the squad

Make a video introducing the people that manage your company so that viewers can get to know them. Viewers are more likely to engage with your firm when they can see the people behind the brand.

  1. Launch a vlog

Similar to written blogging, vlogging can be used for personal, instructive, or amusing purposes. Vlog content may be used by both corporations and private users to engage viewers and expand their audiences.

  1. An explanation video

Use an explainer film to briefly present a good, service, business, or app. If your business has one, YouTube is a great place to highlight it for the most exposure.

  1. Travelogue

Utilize this well-liked video format to give audiences a look behind the curtain. You can display your bedroom, house, workplace, neighborhood, or another favorite location.

The seven-day life

Through A Day in the Life videos, YouTubers adore putting themselves in the shoes of others. Take viewers through a typical day in your routine starting when you first wake up on camera.

Eight. Culture videos

Make a video displaying the culture of your company. Is there ping pong at work? after-work happy hour as a team? Videos that showcase a happy and enjoyable workplace environment are a terrific way to introduce your company to potential clients and hires.

  1. The backstage

Display to viewers the inner workings of your company, occasion, blog, or YouTube channel.

  1. Introduce your relatives or friends

Introduce your audience to your friends and family by turning the camera on them (with their consent, of course).

  1. fifty things about me

Tell us 50 arbitrary things about yourself. This is a fun approach to introduce yourself to your audience and demonstrate your own personality.

12. Draw my life

Videos for Draw My Life often feature illustrations in rapid-fire on a whiteboard while the author narrates significant experiences and events.


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