How Your View About Online Marketing is Costing you Money

A certain Young man once met me and told me that he wants to make money online.

I asked him how he intends to go about it or what does he know about making money online, he told me that he don’t really know but he thinks that if he can open a Website and put stuffs there that people like, the “internet” will pay him whenever people visits the sites and download the stuffs.

I can’t help but stare at him with my mouth wide opened.

I asked him a question “Who will pay you?” and His answer was “Google”

I had to sit him down for 30 minutes and clear his head on how the Making money online and Online business thing really works.


You see, If such a person had ventured out online, He would definitely fail because he had two problems, Inadequate knowledge and A very wrong view about it.

This is one of the major reasons many people fail online.

If you have the wrong view about Internet Marketing, you will simply do the wrong things and end up frustrated and miserable.

I have also discovered that one Major misconceptions people have about Internet marketing is that they think money comes from thin air, Bots or clicks.

And this is why they waste a considerable amount of time focusing on the latest search engine algorithm, Ranking strategies, FFAs, link farms, cheap clicks etc.

But in truth, money doesn’t come from traffic or from bot clicks, or search engine crawling your sites…

The reality is that only people can give you money.

Until you understand this and change your perception about how you view your internet marketing business, traffic, and advertorials that is when your approach will change and you will start recording real results.

When you see clicks, you should bear in mind that all the clicks are from real people.

Now… Let me make this clearer.

Just imagine that you were standing on a road(internet) and holding your product(landing page), anyone who clicks is like someone standing or waiting or listening to you and to whatever you are saying.

Now if this is the case, what would you do?

Would you bore them with hypes or would you be direct in what you are saying? How will you present it to them?

When you see traffic from this perspective, you will definitely switch your focus from getting cheap clicks and “free” traffic to creating a better relationship with your prospects.

When you know that the internet is simply a tool of trade not the trade itself that is when you will utilize it to its fullest potential.

The Internet simply helps to bring your product before your audience in their respective locations… Some in their homes with kids running around, others in offices, playground, gym etc.

The question is, How do i connect with these people and make them listen to me and do whatever i want them to do or simply pull their cards and give me their money?

To answer this question correctly… there are some things you must do…

1. Know your buyers

Who are your target audience? Who will most likely buy your product?

These two questions are very different. You may have heard it before but you may not have put it into consideration. Let’s take an example here…

If you were selling a work from home program that sells within the range of $197 – $1000 then you will agree with me that anyone looking to work from home, or make more money in their spare time is your target audience. But… Will all of them buy?

Of course not.

You must know those who will likely buy. People who are within age 35 – 50 who have a job and are interested in working from home will definitely be your potential customers. If you target anyone, teens, students and young people who have no jobs or who have low paying part time jobs you will not make money.

They may definitely want to buy, but don’t have enough money.

The earlier you understand that not everyone is going to be your customers and not everyone will buy your product; that is when you will stop looking to please everyone and start making your message relevant only to those who are more likely to buy your product.

That is also when you stop looking for cheap clicks and free traffic and focus on traffic sources where your buyers will be.

2. What is you USP?

“Without a solid USP, your business isn’t going to get any traction.” – (Can’t remember who said it)

Your Unique Selling point is what makes you stand out from the rest. Without a unique selling point, your marketing is dead.

What will make that Stay at home mom click your ad? Remember she is busy and she is trying to take care of the kids but takes a minute to stare at her phone only to see your ad; what message will make her pause what she is doing to listen to you by clicking your ad?

That is what your unique selling point will do for you. Your unique selling point will communicate with your potential customers and help you connect to them.

So ask Yourself?

What benefits will the customer get? What new thing will happen to him or her because of your product? How fast or how soon will they see this results?

These questions will help get started with defining your unique selling point.

3. Finally Your Approach…

“Attitude is everything” – Keith Harell

Your attitude will determine your approach. Your Approach will define your message and your message is what will attract customers get the money you seek.

For your traffic to convert more, assume that you are before your audience. And think like them.

Now if you were before them…

What will you say in few words to get their attention? How will you approach them a whole lot of them?

Let’s assume you were standing before them and telling them your marketing message, What will you say to that Office Man or lady who is quite busy but suddenly stares up from his/her desk and sees you? What will you say to make him invite you to sit down with him/her over a cup of coffee and then listen to you.

What will you say to that Stay at Home Mom who is trying to get the kids under control and took a moment to glance at her phone and suddenly sees you standing there….?

What will you say to that tired husband who is about to go to bed but decide to spend five minutes online and suddenly sees you standing in his bedroom?

When you start seeing traffic and your marketing in general from this perspective, that is when you will begin to create and communicate the right message and start getting the result you deserve.

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