Importance of a Web Marketing Strategy

We are at the age that everyone is vying for your attention. And thanks to the internet and boom in the web, there are more ways to draw a customer’s attention than ever before. In today’s noisy scene of advertising, it’s hard to create a lasting impression of your products or services. The one way you can go around this is by working on your web marketing strategy.

A website without a Web Marketing Strategy is like a ship without direction. Your website is your vessel to help you get to your destination, which is getting more targeted traffic, more customers, and more sales.

What is web marketing?

Web marketing is about leveraging the Internet to do what we call digital marketing. It’s about creating content that you share on places such as social media, your website, search engines, and so on. When we talk about content, we mean articles, videos, images, and even podcasts!

Promoting your brand online takes time and effort. It can also feel daunting to look at all the options to reach your goals. Compared to traditional advertising such as radio ads, infomercials, or billboards, web marketing is done entirely online.

The power of web marketing is being able to reach more people at a cheaper price than traditional advertising. With billions of people online, you can create content that will be consumed by your target market in no time. It’s a huge opportunity for brands to gain visibility and generate results quickly.

Here are a few examples of web marketing services from our agency stack:

  • Search Engine Optimization Agency
  • Social Media Management Agency
  • Email Marketing Agency
  • Google ads Agency

The benefits of web marketing?

Web marketing has many benefits. It’s no wonder why so many brands deploy enormous budgets to web marketing. The rewards can be amazing and we’re here to show you a few of those benefits in this article!

#1 – Web marketing is budget friendly

Most traditional forms of marketing such as billboards can be extremely costly upfront and be far out of reach for small companies. With web marketing, you can choose the budget you want to spend and see instant results. Reaching your target market with web marketing is much more budget-friendly than other marketing avenues.

For instance, with Instagram promotions, we can target your exact target market and create content tailored for them to reach your desired results. We can also choose the budgets to be as low as $10 to get started.

#2 – Web marketing is goal oriented

When it comes to creating a web marketing strategy at K6, we always work with your end goal in mind. If you want to generate more sales, leads, increase your brand loyalty or even gain more popularity, we adapt our web marketing game plan. We can share your message to the exact audience you want to target depending on age, education, and even geographical location.

If you want to see the capacities of Facebook ads location targeting, I highly recommend our article “Facebook Advanced Location Targeting”.

#3 – Web marketing builds relationships

When it comes to advertising, your brand can build connections with its target market or push them away by being too aggressive. Web marketing allows brands to do what we call content marketing to create content that will build deep relationships with their audience. The goal is to help their audience make better decisions or resolve issues that they face. By doing that, you are drastically improving your brand loyalty!

If you need help with content marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to our content marketing agency. We’d love to see how we could help your business reach new levels!

#4 – Web marketing is adaptable

When it comes to web marketing, you can build a strategy for pretty much any marketing goal you can imagine. Based on your goal, industry, budget, and other criteria, you can create the most optimized strategy by selecting the best channels to use and the best places to put your efforts in.

Also, since web marketing is evolving so fast, it’s important to be able to adapt quickly to change. Within a few minutes, you can create social media campaigns or email campaigns that deliver strong results over and over again. You can also launch a last-minute promotion on Instagram within a few minutes. Web marketing is truly your ally!

#5 – Web marketing brings tangible results

If you want to know what is the return on investment you have for one campaign, then it’s easy to know. You can track how much you spent and how much you made to calculate if you’ve been able to profit from your ads. Being able to measure your results is one of the best things about web marketing because it gives you control to optimize.

You can then spend your money only on campaigns that either generate a positive return on investment or the cheapest yet highest quality leads. You can even see what the conversion rate of your website or landing page is to make tests and improve it. If you want to learn more about conversion rate, I recommend our article “What is a Conversion Rate? How to Measure & Improve Your Conversion Rate”.

In most cases, business owners understand the importance of web marketing as they see more and more companies leveraging it to grow exponentially. As they understand its importance, they might want to jump in but they don’t have the time & patience to figure out everything to generate the results they want.

If that’s you, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help you with your web marketing. Our team of experts can guide you in the right direction and help you generate strong results from the beginning. The sea of web marketing is very vast but we’ve sailed it a few times already to know how to catch the wind.

Why should you use web marketing for your business?

The first step for your business to truly leverage web marketing is to believe that it can bring you the results you are hoping for. Getting to understand web marketing will allow you to see how powerful it can be for businesses. Even more, it can show you how essential it is for most businesses nowadays no matter the industry.

Here are three reasons why you should care about web marketing for your business:

#1 – Strong relationship builder

Web marketing is an amazing tool when it comes to building new relationships and maintaining old ones. You can create posts on social media for example that all your fans and new people can see. You can communicate with your customers and prospects all in the same place.

By being present on the web, you are allowing many touchpoints for people to reach out to your company. This in turn can drastically improve your sales and customer loyalty to create a way stronger business than you had before.

#2 – Visibility is at its peak

When it comes to web marketing, you can reach a huge amount of people for a very affordable price. Sometimes, it’s even free if you know how to do it right. Furthermore, most traditional marketing tactics allow your brand to be seen only in certain places such as billboards or radio ads. With web marketing, you can reach people everywhere in the world without any problem.

With so many people online at all times, it’s fair to say that your customers are waiting for you to show them your brand so that they can consume your content. It’s why web marketing is so inexpensive because there are so many people waiting to learn about your brand.

#3 – Web marketing is not part of a binary choice

When people hear about web marketing, they often feel pressured to go all out and dedicate their business entirely to web marketing. While it’s not a bad strategy for most brands, if you have a business that is still generating some nice returns with other marketing strategies, you can keep doing it.

The goal here is to add web marketing to your marketing strategy to slowly build a strong presence and not miss out on the opportunity of gaining a lot of new customers. By leveraging web marketing, you could enhance the results of your already performing other marketing strategies. The goal here is to focus on what works!

What is a web marketing strategy?

A web marketing strategy is a game plan to achieve your marketing goal through web marketing means such as social media marketing, conversion rate optimization & email marketing.

While it might seem complicated to elaborate plans, you often just have to educate yourself about the different web marketing options or talk to a consultant to guide you in the right direction. The best way to create a strong web marketing strategy is to understand your options and choose the best ones based on your goals, industry, offer, and budget.

8 web marketing examples

At K6, we consider the most common form of web marketing is inside these three categories:

  • PPC advertising: pay-per-click advertising is what we call paid advertising. It can be on Google but also on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.
  • CRO advertising: conversion rate optimization is about creating web design & branding that allow your brand to generate results (conversions).
  • Inbound marketing: the goal here is to create content that showcases your expertise, brings relevant traffic to your website and helps you grow your company by helping your prospects & customers.

I decided to add a few examples here to help business owners start to think about which web marketing strategy they want to tackle in their strategy. Again, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or directly at our K6 Consulting service.

PPC – Facebook & Instagram ads

Facebook ads are the ads you see in your Facebook feed, on the right-hand side and even on some other websites they call “audience network“. With Facebook ads, you can choose your budget, your audience and create a video or image post to promote!

The great thing is that you can track the revenue you make for every campaign and eventually optimize to grow your business. With more and more brands advertising on Facebook, it’s becoming really important to create extremely relevant Facebook ads. It’s why having a Facebook ads agency at your side can help your brand to generate results fast.

Dropbox Facebook Ad Example
Facebook ad example

Instagram ads are essentially just placement on Facebook ads. You can select the Instagram feed, Instagram stories, and much more. Just like Facebook ads, you can choose your budget, audience, and content. If you need a strong Instagram agency by your side, don’t forget to think about K6.

PPC – Linkedin ads

Linkedin ads are great for brands that sell to other B2B brands. If you have a brand that sells a product or service to other companies, it’s essential to advertise on Linkedin or at least set up retargeting. You can choose your budget, creative and audience pretty easily.

The only big difference between Facebook and Instagram is that you might need a bigger budget to generate results. Linkedin clicks are more expensive but often of better quality.

PPC – Google ads

Google ads are the ads that appear at the top of search results on Google. They are very efficient if you sell a product that people already search on Google. You can choose to appear for certain “queries” meaning words that people type on Google.

Google ad example
Google ad search results

The ad creative on Google is a bit different because it’s only text. It’s why choosing relevant words that compel your prospects to click is essential to a high-performing Google ad. Here’s what it looks like:

PPC – Youtube ads

Youtube ads are in the format of videos. They can appear in many places such as before or during Youtube videos and even at the top of the Youtube search results. Here’s an example of what a Youtube search ad looks like:

Youtube Search Result
Youtube search results

If you can create great videos for your brand that are helpful yet sell what your brand has to offer, then you should try Youtube ads. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want us to deliver results for your Youtube ads.

CRO – Web design

Every high converting website was made with web design. I’m focusing on high converting because some websites are horrible. Web design is about creating websites that are easy to navigate, that use congruent colors & fonts, truly represent the brand, and much more.

Remember, that you send all your traffic to a website and if that website doesn’t convert then all the people that visited your website will never become your customers. It’s why having great web design might seem like a big expense, but over time you are bound to see a great return on investment from the conversions you generate.

CRO – Landing page design

A landing page is a great tool to improve the results of your paid advertising campaign. Why have a landing page when you have a website? In reality, every page of your website can be a landing page but we use the term landing page for a page where you send a lot of traffic.

For instance, in eCommerce, the landing page is often the product page. Working on your landing page design can allow you to create a page that brings a lot of conversions in the form of new leads, more sales, or a larger amount of calls.

CRO – Conversion rate optimization

Ever wondered if once you have made your web design or landing page design, you could improve your conversion rates? Well, yes you can. Conversion rate optimization is the art of modifying websites and landing pages based on a well-researched hypothesis to improve conversion rates.

The hard part in conversion rate optimization is not making the modification or tracking if the changes have brought positive results (although having a strong process is essential), it’s mostly knowing what to change. Certain tests can reduce the results but a strong conversion rate agency knows which tests they need to make to improve the results.

6-steps plan to start web marketing

Even if you have already started your web marketing journey, it’s always important to look back at your web marketing strategy to improve it based on the new trends and things you’ve learned. Adapting your strategy is key in succeeding with web marketing, it’s why I wrote a small 6-steps plan to get you started.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach us as we’d love to give you a web marketing plan. Once you have that plan, you can either do it yourself or hire us to do it for you. You can even ask us to do certain things which we believe we’d be a better fit to do!

#1 – Goal setting

When it comes to digital marketing, there isn’t just one goal. Most companies are striving to increase their revenue, but some are trying to gain in popularity because they know it will bring revenue in the long term. You should sit down and look at what your goals are and what matters most to your company at this stage.

After you’ve found what mattered most to your brand, it’s time to put some metrics in the soup. Generally, we set goals after 2-3 months of starting your web marketing to make sure the goals are realistic. It’s better to progress than to try to go too fast to reach unrealistic goals and make some unrepairable mistakes along the way.

#2 – Deep-dive into your buyer

Knowing your prospects and customers is very important when it comes to web marketing because it allows us to create content precisely for them. You might think a certain customer segment loves your product but it’s another one that buys the most.

For instance, you might be selling t-shirts for men but it’s women who buy more as gifts for their husbands. It’s also important to point out that with web marketing, you can target who you want. By knowing who you want to target, we’ll be able to spend your marketing budget in the most efficient places.

The best way to know who your customers are is to look at data but if you don’t have data, we can start broad. By targeting a broad amount of people, we’ll cast a wide net and we’ll see what we catch afterward. From data, we’ll then be able to see exactly who you should target.

#3 – Find the tools you need

There are hundreds of thousands of tools for web marketing, it’s why it’s often hard to choose. Tools can be the Facebook advertising platform or an SEO tool such as AHREF. Depending on your budget, goals, and situation, there is a tool that is perfect for you.

You can search around, compare tools or simply send us a message and we’ll tell you what we prefer and what we think will help you based on your situation. There are social media tools, email marketing tools, Facebook ads tools, SEO tools, and the list goes on.

#4 – Find your message

Having a clear message is very important when it comes to web marketing because you’ll need to talk to people with just a few words. Being able to express your brand’s message conveys brand recognition and loyalty. The more consistent you are with your brand’s message, the bigger the impact you’ll have because your prospects and customers will be able to remember your brand more easily.

We recommend keeping your message across all your content: website, articles, social media posts & ads, and so on. It will ensure people know why they should become your customers by stating what you believe in.

#5 – Set up your game plan

After finding your goal, your customer, your message, and the tools you need, it’s time to create a game plan for your web marketing that will consider everything. You first need to decide who will take care of your web marketing efforts. Is it an agency like K6 (?)? Will it be you? Is it someone internally? That’s up to you.

Next thing is to create somewhat of a timeline of the order of your web marketing efforts. We usually recommend a calendar of social media & SEO activity and a timeline for web or landing page design, but every business has its systems.

The most important part is to choose the right to perform to stay focused on your goals and in charge of your web marketing. Choosing a bad person that builds a bad plan will most likely fail automatically. It’s why it’s a pretty crucial step.

#6 – Track & optimize

What we love with web marketing is our ability to track every move we make and its impact on your business in terms of visibility, leads, sales, or even calls. It enables us to know what works and thus spend more money on what works and get a better return for our money.

If things go sour, you can know where it’s coming from and if things go well, you can find out why they go so well. Having all that information can allow your brand to learn and grow from its marketing efforts.


Your web marketing strategy is critical to the success of your business. Without the strategy in place, as well as clear-cut objectives, you will have a much more difficult time staying on your path and realizing tremendous success at the end of that journey. Your strategy doesn’t necessarily need to be complex. Simpler will work better in a lot of cases. Always remember that relationships are at the center of your success and the more you interact, the stronger your relationships will become.

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