How to make your Email stand out and Increase Open Rates

Marketers are constantly diversifying and are leveraging on different channels to reach out to target audience.

Email marketing still has one of the highest engagement rates (Average of 20% according to this MailChimp report) and one of the highest ROI in the online marketing sphere. Email marketing returns over $40 for every $1 spent.

From this you can see that email is a very lucrative but it is quite noisy and your email will definitely be among the emails marked and sent to trash if you fail to stand out.

Everybody is busy and nobody wants to spend the whole day reading email, this is why making your email stand out is important. This way you will become successful and generate more profits on the back end.

In this post, we will share with 3 steps to Making your email stand out and increasing your email Open rates.

How to make your Email Stand Out and Get Opened

1. Build A relationship

It all starts with relationship… How does your subscribers see you? Who are you to them? If you were your own subscriber will you buy or listen to yourself?

There are two most important factor that determines if an email get opened… they are:

  • The sender name and
  • The Subject line

So if you really want to make your email stand out always get opened, focus on building a strong bond and relationship with your audience. Increasing your open rates is highly possible if you become dear to your subscribers and you are known for value.

Strive to build a relationship with your subscribers and then connect effectively to your audience using killer subject lines that they can’t help but click. Also try not to use a company name, use your personal name, this way the people factor will still be there.

Finally, Avoid spammy and ridiculous subject lines that may piss your subscribers off.

2. What is in it For me

It is one thing to build a relationship and it is another thing to keep the relationship. The one question in the mind of your subscribers is…. “What is in it for me”

Every subscriber has an expectation when signing up to your mailing list. It is important that you help them meet and exceed that expectation, that is the only reason why they will love

In your next email, try to find a problem your subscribers are having and solve that problem or recommend a solution.

And don’t forget to be personal in your emails. Don’t generalize your email instead, use name tags to add their names and sound like you are sitting right there with them. Also always use your voice and add a touch of you to your emails. This way your email will not look like the rest.

3. Do your homework well

Let me share a small little secret with you here….

Your list is never dormant. It is either improving or decreasing. If I have a list of 100,000 subscribers but never email them until after 3 months and then suddenly out of the blue, I shoot them an email. Well, I did be pretty sure that by now the list is pretty dead.

So bear in mind that your email list is either appreciating or depreciating.

Do your homework well by sending out the right emails at the right time. In email marketing, timing is everything and always use time sensitive emails and offers. It is also a good idea, to send emails based on subscribers time zones.

Finally review your list regular and segment your list. Group them into buyers, active, and inactive leads. Know the leads that are worth spending time with, know those loyal to you and keep asking for feedback, replies and surveys.


There are a whole number of things you can do, to increase email open rates, you can be rest assured that the strategies shared above is a good starting point. implement them and over time, you will discover new strategies, insights and techniques you can increase email open rates and

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