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Instagram Analytics Free

Instagram Analytics Free is a free app for Instagram users. It allows you to monitor analytics for your account, such as activity and engagement.With this tool you can also see insights on your Instagram followers, captions, comments and media. This will help you enhance your social media presence!$

Instagram Analytics Free is a free and lightweight tool for use with Instagram accounts. This free service allows you to track followers, unfollowers, likes, comments and description changes. You can review your history and compare metrics for specific periods of time.



Klear is an influencer marketing platform concentrating on influencer discovery and third party analytics. Its pricing is unclear, although it does offer a discounter startup plan for companies with fewer than 20 employees that aren’t agencies. If you’re looking for a free Instagram analytics tool, you will have to look at one of the ones further down this list (or your Instagram Insights, of course).

Using sophisticated algorithms and AI, Klear divides its extensive database of influencers into over 60,000 topic categories and offers deep analytics about their audiences’ demo- and psychographics. It has recently added analysis of Instagram Stories to its capabilities.

Klear includes a hybrid social listening/analytics tool. You can use it to research your competitors. Add their social accounts to unlock quite a bit of useful information like mentions, engagement, and follower growth. You can set monitors that teach algorithms behind the scenes what kind of accounts and content are relevant to your brand. 

The platform’s bread and butter is its analytics, with an incredible number of influencer profiles indexed, with billions of data points associated with all them. It presents you with an overview of influencers’ standard social metrics that go deeper than the norm in places. One useful metric is the “True Reach”—a number the algorithm determines to be realistic based on years of historical data.



Falcon provides services covering social media listening, publishing, advertising, measurement, and customer data management. It covers all major social platforms, including Instagram. It isn’t free, but you can get a 14-day free trial on its $129/mo Essentials plan. 

Falcon includes in-depth analytics features. These include over 100 post metrics for Facebook and Instagram and 600+ additional metrics that you can download via CSV and via API. Amongst these metrics are organic, paid, and viral impressions, reach, post level and page level reactions, demographic metrics about your followers, and video views on page and post level.

You can create a custom dashboard using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to track the metrics that matter most to you. Falcon’s reports are unlimited. They can be exported as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG, or PNG.

Of course, Falcon is far more than just an analytics tool. You can use it for your complete social media management. It includes a unified content calendar showing all your scheduled content, scheduled by date, identifiable by social platforms. It supports a wide range of content types, including image, video, Instagram Stories, and Facebook carousels. Content is centrally stored in a shared media library that Falcon calls a “Content Pool.”

Falcon lets users design their own unified inbox with multiple feeds, labels, and filters. You can access content from all the social networks Falcon supports.

If you subscribe to the Full Suite, Falcon provides their social media advertising tool they call Publish. Publish manages all your social ads in one place. It offers cross-channel advertising, automation, the ability to use saved audiences, and more. Profile cards for existing contacts appear beside their messages. You can use labels to segment conversations and profiles, identifying people by title, campaign, and more.



Brand24 makes social media monitoring reachable and valuable for everyone. As part of this, you can use it to expand on Instagram’s native insights.

Brand24 collects insights on what Instagram users say about your brand. For example, it can analyze the tone of conversations, monitor multiple hashtags, and provide a list of trending hashtags to help you increase your Instagram reach. Most importantly, it offers qualitative data to go with Instagram Insights’ quantitative data.

You begin by setting up a project for each branded hashtag you want to monitor. You can then use Brand24 to provide information on how your followers feel about your product or service. Its sentiment analysis for Instagram includes reputation management, customer feedback, and crisis prevention. You can use sentiment analysis to discover how your content resonates with your audience and adjust it if necessary if they indicate that your content is not exactly what they’ve been looking for.

Brand24 generates a list of 100 trending hashtags based on your predefined keywords. You can use the hashtags to boost your brand awareness and increase reach. You can also measure your hashtag efficiency to determine whether your campaign was successful and how the hashtag spread across social media. 

You can also use Brand24’s hashtag analytics to compare your performance across different social media channels and choose the most suitable for your brand. As well as Instagram, you can use Brand24 to analyze hashtag performance on Twitter, Twitch, and TikTok.

While Brand24 is not a free Instagram analytics tool, you can carry out a 14-day free trial before having to decide on a paid plan. Paid plans start at $49/month.


squarelovin instagram analytics

Squarelovin is one of the few tools that offer Instagram analytics free of charge. You can use it to get a monthly analysis of your recent posts and growth, or a history of your content broken down by hour, day, month, or year. Additionally, the app offers insights on your audience’s preferences and interests, and which times are the best or worst for posting

You can even figure out the best hashtags and filters to use, depending on which posts are best received by your followers.

Price: Free to use.


pixlee analytics app for Instagram

This is another free Instagram analytics tool to help monitor your top-performing posts and generate ideas for new content. Pixlee also has an intuitive reporting feature that delivers performance reports on a weekly basis. Plus, you can use its data to find social media influencers, as well as connect with advocates posting about your business.

It also offers hashtag tracking and stats, an option to identify your most engaging content, and a way to track growth in Instagram followers.

Price: Free to use. 



trendHERO is a service entirely dedicated to Instagram analytics. It shows that Instagram metrics are more than just a few numbers. Thanks to trendHERO, you can analyze your profile statistics in so much detail no important changes can go under your radar.

trendHERO is a paid service but you can use it for free during a 14-day trial. Besides, you can analyze an Instagram profile with up to 10k followers free of charge. This lets you get a pretty good idea of what the service is about and make an informed decision when your free trial ends.

Available analytics

A complete free Instagram profile analysis includes such information as:

  1. Account quality score.
  2. Engagement rate.
  3. Audience analytics:
    • reachability, authenticity, average likes;
    • location (country/city);
    • gender;
    • type;
    • interests.
  4. Follower growth.
  5. Post frequency and distribution of likes.
  6. Comments analytics.
  7. Top mentions.

 Instagram Insights


This is Instagram’s own analytics tool that allows you to track your metrics without leaving the platform or resorting to manual calculations. The feature is available free of charge for those who switched to a Professional account.

Available analytics

Instagram tracks the following metrics:

  1. General profile statistics:
    • impressions;
    • reach;
    • views;
    • clicks on the link in bio.
  2. Content you shared:
    • impressions;
    • reach;
    • engagement;
    • likes;
    • comments;
    • saves.
  3. Audience statistics:
    • gender;
    • age;
    • engagement.

The information offered by Instagram Insights is pretty basic. More often than not it’s insufficient for in-depth reporting. For example, it doesn’t let you see your profile growth dynamics. That’s why it often makes sense to use a third-party analytics tool.



Iconosquare is an extremely useful tool that offers management and scheduling features. It works for both small and large businesses, as well as agencies. And of course, it also offers a powerful Instagram analytics tool.

Available analytics

  1. Instagram profile analysis:
    • follower growth;
    • engagement rate per post;
    • reach;
    • impressions;
    • regular vs promotions comparison;
    • content categorization.
  2. Stories analytics:
    • reach;
    • impressions;
    • completion rate;
    • Best times to post.
  3. Engagement insights.

Iconosquare offers a two-week free trial so you can try all the features and decide if it works for you. Apart from that, there is a number of free features to use, such as Instagram Audit.


crowdfire Instagram analytics dashboard

Crowdfire’s Instagram stats offer a detailed view of how your Instagram business account has performed until a specific date. You can choose a range: yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, ir 90 days. The alternative option is to pick a custom date range for a maximum of 90 days. In addition to this, the platform allows you to choose any Instagram metrics you’d want to compare, including the posts, likes, reach, followers, comments, profile views, bio email link clicks, and text message clicks. 

You can even compare your performance in the existing period with that of the previous one, just by toggling the tiny switch on the top of your Crowdfire dashboard to “ON”. 

Price: Free for viewing data for the past day.



Analisa is an influencer marketing platform that focuses on Instagram analytics. Not only does Analisa provide you with all the data related to your Instagram activity, but it analyses it to help you better understand what the numbers mean.

Analisa does offer a free service, that provides you with much of the raw data. However, you need to buy their Premium Plan if you want in-depth analysis. 

You can run two kinds of reports with Analisa. An @Account Report can give you in-depth analysis on an influencer’s profile and activity, while #Hashtag reports can be used to monitor campaigns.

An @Account Report includes a wide range of stats, including:

  • Engagement Rate, Like Rate, Comment Rate
  • Average Engagement Rate
  • Total Posts (which actually doesn’t do what it says, instead it shows average posts per day, per week, and per month, with an interactive graph to drill down to specific dates.
  • Tags and Mentions
  • Posting Map
  • Posting Activity and Audience Engagement
  • Average Likes and Comments Per Post and Average Engagement Rates
  • Total Posts (Weekday Breakdown)
  • Caption Words and Hashtags Most Used

#Hashtag Reports for your campaigns include:

  • Audience and Engagement
  • Total Posts
  • Total Follower Reach
  • Total Engagement
  • Geolocation
  • Average Engagement Per Day
  • Total Engagement Per Day and Total Follower Reach per day
  • Posting Activity and Audience Engagement
  • Caption Words and Hashtags Most Used
  • Participation

#Hashtag reports also go into depth about your influencers’ performance, so you can see which influencers did the best, and which ones you’ll probably want to pass on next time around.


Instagram Analytics Free is the easiest way to track your Instagram account performance data and see a complete list of followers, likes, and comments.

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