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Instagram Reels Editing App

The growth of video content on Instagram has gone upwards and no 1 can stop that! People love watching videos, on the go and it is easier to watch video on mobile devices than it is to read anything, right? So what all this means is that the demand for video editing apps for Instagram reels has increased manifolds in the past few years. No matter what your requirements are, you will find a plethora of free video editing apps for Instagram reels available on the Google Play Store. In this article, we will focus on providing you an insight into various free video editing apps for Instagram reels and tell you about their key features

1. VN Video Editor: Best Reels Video Editor App

VN Video Editor is hands-down one of the best Instagram Reels video editors on Android and iOS. It is much more advanced than InShot and offers all its features for free. Yes, you guessed it right. This Reels video editor app does not put a watermark as well. What’s more, there are no video or banner ads while editing or exporting the video. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake and some more by the sides.{}

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Other than that, VN Video Editor offers Reels-specific tools such as portrait video editing, multiple aspect ratios to select from, background selection, multi-frame video making, and much more. What I like is that it has advanced editing tools like multi-track editing, curve shifting, FX for video effects, BG for background enhancement, freeze, filters, etc.

Not to mention, you have all the standard video editing tools such as trim, split, speed, etc. Those who want a music library of various sound effects would love VN Video Editor because it features a large collection of sounds. Simply put, VN Video Editor is a perfect video editor for Instagram Reels without a watermark, and you must give it a shot.

2. Clips

Clips allow you to add fun, eye-catching built-in captions to your Reels effortlessly. If you want to create 15-second Reels where your captions appear as you speak (just like subtitles), you’re going to want to use this tool. Clips do a really good job at accurately transcribing what you are saying.

The captions are customizable and you can choose the color, font, size of your text. Clips are also great if you want to make a Reel with an intro message or outro message that shows up at the beginning or end of a video clip. 

It’s super easy to use and helps viewers to understand your content is all about even when they mute the sound. Not to mention that this tool also allows you to add emojis, animated characters, fun stickers, and more.

3. Splice

best editing apps for Instagram reels

Let’s start this list with an app that’s basic yet essential. Splice was around even before Reels came into the picture, but being a great editing app gives it its versatility. The app is great for cutting/clipping footage along with CC. Layer samples and piecing them all together is a smooth process, too. Even though it doesn’t have the best filters, its transition effects and visual effects are stunning. This, however, is available with the app’s pro subscription, but it’s worth it.

3. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another popular video editing app. People trust Filmora as they have video editing tools for PCs too. The FilmoraGo has 50 Million+ downloads on Google Play Store and it is simple and easy to use. FilmoraGo is a Wondershare product and it is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Picture-in-picture effect
  • Royalty-free music album
  • Animated text and stickers
  • Text overlays and effects

4. InShot app (FREE)

Inshot is a highly professional and handy Instagram reels video editor. It has all the basic editing features like color correction and trimming, as well as high-end tools like layered video making. You can add stunning visual effects and sound effects along with unique animated texts that instantly draw attention. This powerful video editor comes with professional features to help you edit beautiful Instagram reels videos. You can add music, transition effects, animated text, emojis, filters, and backgrounds to your videos – all for FREE.

The best part? You can remove the trademark on videos.

InShot App features:

  • Trim, cut, delete, merge and adjust video speed
  • Add music, effects and voice-overs
  • Lots of fun sound effects
  • FREE music library
  • Add text, emojis and stickers to video
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Change size of video (TikTok, Instagram Story, YouTube sizes available)
  • High video quality: Export in 4k
  • Share to social apps like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Available on IOS and Android

5. Videoshop

If you are looking for video editing apps that are powerful yet easy to use, Videoshop is your best bet. It has a ton of cool features like exciting animated titles and stickers to make highly engaging videos. Moreover, you can edit Instagram reels by adding visual illusions to give your videos a professional touch. Videoshop allows you to add music or sound effects along with customizable titles.

videoshop app


  • Android
  • iOS


  • Free

Key Features:

  • Add custom sound effects like laughter, audience noise, etc.
  • Animated titles
  • Stop motion and ken burns effect
  • Rotate, tilt-shift, or resize videos
  • Multiple layered videos
  • Lip sync
  • Add video effects

6. Funimate

Funimate is essentially made for creating videos for Instagram Reels, Shorts, and other short video apps like Tiktok. It has a vast collection of effects and filters that you won’t find on Instagram Reels. You can crop your videos to remove unwanted parts, add still images, audio tracks, apply cool transitions and do much more.

Instagram Reels Video Editor for Android and iPhone (Free and Paid)

Keep in mind, besides the video-editing tools, Funimate also runs a social media platform where you can share your Funimate videos and join a million-plus community. Nevertheless, if you love creating short and fun videos with custom animations and text effects, Funimate could be the perfect pick for you.

7. Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush is a well-known social video editor. This tool has almost every basic feature you need for creating simple social videos, including Reels. It has built-in templates for Instagram Reels that you can choose from. 

Its easy-to-use interface allows users to export videos in HD quality with just one click, so this app works well if you want the convenience of publishing your content on Instagram Reels right away without any hassle.

8. RetroCam

best editing apps for Instagram reels

We know Reels is a video format, but now and then, we see trends that focus more on still images instead of video. This one is for that. RetroCam, as the name suggests is a lens from the 90s that lets you see the world in its own time. It uses visual effects and filters, all presets, to bring out various moods. Sure, this one can only edit images but it’s a great editing tool to have ready in your arsenal.

9. KineMaster

Next, on the list, we have the KineMaster video editor app. KineMaster is a highly acclaimed video editing app and using this app, you can create awesome reels. Kinemaster is available for Android as well as iOS and it has over 100 Million downloads on Google’s Play Store.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Chroma key effect
  • Multitrack editing
  • Eye-catching filters
  • Audio ducking and voiceover

10. TikTok Editor (FREE)

TikTok is the sensation that started Instagram Reels in the first place.

So, it’s a good tool to use for editing videos and sharing them on Reels.

The app comes with a wide range of filters, AR effects, and a curated music library with millions of popular songs and most viral original sounds. You can record and edit your videos with the in-built tools without leaving the app.

I think this app is also good to find trending content and inspiration for your Reels.

Tiktok editor features:

  • Record short videos (15 sec -60 sec)
  • Edit videos (trim, cut, merge duplicate clips)
  • Add free music and sound effects
  • Discover popular and trending content
  • Add filters, stickers, effects, AR objects to videos
  • Download videos
  • Share videos on Instagram, Facebook, chat

11. WeVideo

WeVideo is another video editing tool that enables you to create professional-looking video reels. It has the most intuitive interface out of all these tools, with a full-screen preview and timeline for editing your footage.

It supports 4K resolution and provides you with a green screen effect to help you make such videos more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it has a library of royalty-free music, sound effects, and stock video clips to help you pump up the visual for your Reels.

WeVideo allows users with all different levels of expertise to create professional Reels videos for personal use or online sharing. The best part about WeVideo is its cloud service which makes it so you can access your work from anywhere and on any device.


Now that Instagram users are spending more and more time scrolling through Reels to see quick videos, leveraging the feature for marketing campaigns has never been more important. 

However, editing straightly in Reels is not always such a smooth process as the native Reels editor itself is still lacking and fairly limited. So, it falls on you as the marketer to create a video that will stand out from other clips. 

You need to go beyond the app to craft eye-pleasing and stand-out clips to catch more eyeballs. With these Instagram Reels tools mentioned above, you now have some choices not to improve your Reels visuals but also higher your chances to level up your editing skills.

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