Since entering the workplace, a digital marketing career has turned out to be one of the most talked-about topics. Many are discussing the fact that this career is becoming more popular. Other people are also stating that there is a huge demand for this career since it deals with the latest technology and the internet, as well as various social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The job can be easier than you expect if you have the right training and knowledge on how to use it. You should start looking at ways in which you can succeed in this career.

Wondering if digital marketing is the right career for you? If you want an exciting job in a high-growth area, then you must consider digital marketing! Find out what a career in digital marketing is like, what skills you need, and how to get a great job.

Is Digital Marketing Good Career
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Exactly what is digital marketing and how does it work?

The term ‘digital marketing’ refers to the process of producing and disseminating all public-facing digital content for a company, brand, or individual. In order to build trust, authority, and increase brand awareness with audiences, the digital marketing team publishes promotional materials alongside high-quality and highly relevant content in a bid to build trust and authority with audiences, and to increase brand awareness overall. The team members of the digital marketing department have the goal of attracting and converting new customers, as well as retaining the custom and loyalty of existing customers. 

There are a lot of platforms and methods that a digital marketing team can use to reach their target audience: 

  • Using social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, we are able to grow our followings and communities, interact with our customers and users, share content, and promote our products and services 
  • The use of blogging platforms such as Medium, Tumblr, and WordPress for articles that are keyword-optimized for SEO, and provide value to the reader, are important
  • The use of email and newsletters can be used to communicate more directly with users to promote products, features, and special offers as well as to provide assistance at different points in the customer journey. 
  • Among these are the payment-per-click (PPC), search engine marketing (SEM), and web-based advertising

What Are the Future Job Roles in Digital Marketing?

There is no doubt that traditional marketing still has a place in the world, but thanks to the affordability and the ability to analyze data, digital marketing is quickly taking over.

Marketers now have access to information about where people are coming from, what they are doing on the website, and which marketing tactics are producing the highest ROI for their business. Using this data-driven approach, professionals are able to prove their worth, and leaders are able to see which strategies are most effective for achieving their goals. This allows successful campaigns to be replicated over and over again, eliminating the guesswork associated with future campaigns.

Why Is There a Demand for Digital Marketers?

There are currently 860,000 job openings for the position of “Digital Marketing Specialist”, according to LinkedIn, which places it among the top ten most in-demand positions. Social media, content strategy, SEO, analytics, and other digital marketing skills are the most requested experiences in the field.

The number of jobs associated with digital marketing strategies is quite high due to the fact that there are so many facets to it. As a matter of fact, the industry is experiencing a crisis due to a lack of digital skills. According to the LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of about 230,000 digital marketing professionals in major metro areas in the U.S.

Since there are so many jobs out there, and not enough professionals to fill them, now is an excellent time to start a career in digital marketing.

Getting Started With a Digital Marketing Role: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is crucial that you understand the key specialties within the digital marketing industry as you get started in this field. Each digital marketing job role has its own set of skills that will need to be mastered, and this makes it a very complex field to work in.

What are the advantages of choosing a career in digital marketing in 2023?

Is Digital Marketing Good Career
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Choosing a career path can be a daunting task. In order to find something that you love, you have to think about things such as long-term stability and supporting the overall lifestyle you want at the same time.

There is no doubt that a career in digital marketing isn’t necessarily what most people aspire to when they are still in school. In fact, if you take a closer look at the opportunities available in this dynamic field, you will find that the outlook for a career in digital marketing is nothing but positive, and it will remain so well into 2023 as well.

The Digital Marketing Job Role Is Constantly Evolving

One of the reasons why a career in digital marketing can be so exciting is that it is constantly evolving as new platforms are introduced and that is one of the reasons why the field is so exciting. In a digital marketing manager’s role, you are always keeping an eye out for trends and how they affect your brand’s discoverability.

Digital marketing is a field of expertise that encompasses just about every aspect of a brand’s online presence in its entirety. Digital marketing managers need to determine how new updates from search engines will affect website rankings as soon as they are rolled out by search engines. As a result, the entire marketing team will work together to create a strategy based on the results.

Why Digital Marketing Job Roles Are the Future?

Due to the affordability and measurement capabilities of digital marketing, traditional marketing is rapidly losing its place in the world in favor of digital marketing.

With the help of tracking software, marketing managers are now able to see exactly where people are coming from, what they’re doing on the website, and which tactics are producing the highest return on investment. As a result of this data-driven approach, professionals are able to show their worth to employers, and leaders are able to see which strategies are most effective to use. The success of a campaign can be replicated over and over again, so there is no need to guess what the next campaign will bring.

What Is the Demand for Digital Marketers?

The “Digital Marketing Specialist” role has been ranked among the top 10 most in-demand jobs on LinkedIn, with 860,000 job openings available for the position. Among the most sought-after skills in the field of digital marketing include social media, content strategy, search engine optimization, analytics, and more.

The number of jobs associated with digital marketing strategies is quite high due to the fact that there are so many facets to it. As a matter of fact, the industry is experiencing a crisis due to a lack of digital skills. According to the LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of about 230,000 digital marketing professionals in major metro areas in the U.S.

Since there are so many jobs out there, and not enough professionals to fill them, now is an excellent time to start a career in digital marketing.

How to Get Started With a Digital Marketing Role

As you get started in digital marketing, it’s important to understand the different specialties within the industry in order to be successful. In digital marketing, there are a variety of job roles to consider, each requiring different skills.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is pretty self-explanatory – you send emails to targeted lists. It’s the targeting that requires specialized knowledge.

A marketing email is sent to a list of customers or prospects in order to drum up business and make them aware of a product or service. Additionally, they’re frequently sent to engage audiences, even when there’s no hard sale involved. An email marketer’s job is to test different subject lines, texts, and formats to find out which ones get the most attention.

Email Marketing Manager salaries: $65,834 on average

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

No matter what your experience is, Search Engine Optimization will likely play a significant role in digital marketing. The goal of all content is to be discoverable, so it is the backbone of every piece of content.

SEO specialists have a bright career outlook in digital marketing. The demand for professionals with knowledge of social media, content quality scoring, competitive analysis, mobile search, and website analytics is high. For online traffic to be maximized, all of these bases must be covered.

SEO Manager salary average: $62,621


The more you learn about digital marketing, the more you’ll realize how much writing there is involved. There are many types of content that copywriters produce, including taglines, product descriptions, emails, advertisements, and more. The company produces even non-digital content, such as scripts for video and direct mail.

It goes without saying that copywriters must have a strong writing background, but they also need to be creative and curious. It is their job to get people to pay attention in a world full of distractions.

The average salary for a Copywriter is $58,465

Content Writing

You may think that content writing and copywriting are the same jobs, but once you start working in digital marketing, you’ll discover that they are very different.

Content writers create long-form content that draws readers to the site and nurtures them throughout the sales process. They write whitepapers, case studies, blog posts, and eBooks that educate readers and keep them coming back for more.

The average salary for a Content Manager is $56,779

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a huge part of digital marketing. Managers of social media promote brands on networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Social media managers create campaign strategies, videos, and graphics; and research audience trends to reach the right audience. A writer’s job bridges writing, design, and project management, and often requires working off-hours to respond to incoming messages. It is essential that you have experience with digital marketing and building communities.

Social Media Marketer salaries average $50,473

Are you interested in mastering the essential disciplines of digital marketing? Now is the time to check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course!


With digital advertising taking a dominant role in digital marketing, the field of advertising has undergone significant changes over the past few decades.

Advertisers are responsible for matching products with appropriate audiences. In order to determine what content is suitable for each outlet, they establish relationships with media brands and negotiate rates and terms that are beneficial to both parties. For competitive creatives seeking a fast-paced, people-oriented environment, digital advertising has a great digital marketing career outlook.

The average salary for a Digital Advertising Specialist is $51,272

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In contrast to SEO, Search Engine Marketing includes paid tactics, which is one of the main differences between the two. To determine the appropriate amount to bid for such terms, SEM managers research keyword trends to determine what people are searching for online. SEO and advertising are combined to drive traffic to a website.

Many tools and platforms are available for researching search terms, managing bidding, and performing A/B tests. To succeed, SEM managers must be highly analytical and data-driven.

SEM Manager salary average: $74,399

Learn about the different types of careers you can pursue in Digital Marketing in the video below.

Start Training to Land a Digital Marketing Job Role

Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Digital Marketing Program, in partnership with Purdue University, prepares you for a successful career in digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, and this course can help you gain a competitive advantage in the job market.

Our program will make you industry-ready on day one whether you are looking to start a career in digital marketing or just add digital to your existing skill set. Hands-on practice on a wide range of projects will enable you to develop the skills you need to create and execute your own digital marketing campaigns.

Would I be a good fit for a career in digital marketing?

If you haven’t tried a specific career or role, how can you know if it’s right for you? While it can certainly be challenging to determine your compatibility with an industry before you take your first job in it, there are a number of steps you can take to find out if it’s a good fit for you. 

  • Find out what the role entails and the industry (the CareerFoundry blog is a good place to start!)
  • Ask a digital marketer about their work, daily routine, and experiences 
  • Get in touch with those who work in digital marketing
  • Try shadowing a digital marketer or a digital marketing team for a day or a week
  • Do your passion, personality, preferences (for work pace, type, work environment, etc.) and principles match what you know about digital marketing careers?
  • Interested in a digital marketing internship or volunteer position that is unpaid 
  • You should think carefully about what you enjoy and what your strengths are. Digital marketing should combine both 
  • Check your skills against the skills a digital marketer needs to succeed. 

What is the salary of a digital marketer?

Is Digital Marketing Good Career
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The salaries you earn in digital marketing vary widely based on your company, seniority, company size, location, and cost of living. 

According to CourseReport, an entry-level digital marketing role typically pays between $35,000 and $75,000. A mid-level digital marketer can expect to earn between $65,000 and $150K. Furthermore, a senior-level digital marketer can expect to earn more than $100,000 a year. 

The following are the average salaries for digital marketing specialists around the world: 

  • $72,831 (67,660 CHF) in Switzerland
  • $63,027 in the United States
  • The Australian dollar is worth $58,554 (80,714 Australian dollars).
  • The amount in Germany is $56,318 (48,071 euros).
  • The amount in Japan is $52,624 (5,764,080JPY)
  • $50,287 (184,704 AED) United Arab Emirates
  • Approximately $49,126 (£35,971) in the United Kingdom
  • The price in China is $25,899 (167,440 CNY).
  • $8,568 (6,31,085INR) in India

A digital marketing manager will earn the following: 

  • $80,000 in the United States
  • €45,198 for France
  • A$82,258 in Australia
  • £46,459 in the United Kingdom
  • The number for China is ¥430000
  • R$156.736 in Brazil 

Check out our salary guide for a detailed look at digital marketing salaries.

Why Learn Digital Marketing? Here are some reasons: 

1. Digital Marketing Is A Lucrative Career

As you enter the digital marketing industry, you can garner a starting salary between 25-35k per month. This is on par with starting salaries in any other industry. 

The best part? You can demand this salary based on your experience and talent, rather than the number of degrees you have under your belt.

This is because you are only as good as the last campaign you executed. With things changing so rapidly in the digital marketing industry, you have to constantly be on your toes and do great work. And if you can, rest assured you will command the salary that matches that ability!

Of course, this is just your starting salary. As you progress in your digital marketing career and move through appraisal seasons, this salary will only increase. 

2. Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay

Back in the 90s, ‘the Internet’ may have seemed to some like a fad. We know now that this isn’t true at all!

Digital marketing is growing at a rate of 25-30% yearly and shows no signs of slowing. Huge multinational companies like Unilever and P&G now spend a significant proportion of their marketing budgets on digital marketing, and unicorns like Amazon and Zomato spend an even higher proportion. 

So for those who think that digital marketing is ‘here today, gone tomorrow, we’re here to say that it is here to stay!

Even senior marketers who have spent their careers immersed in print, TV, and radio are now embracing digital as a medium. So why shouldn’t you, as a fresher?

3. Digital Marketing Offers Accelerated Career Growth

For all those who feel that digital marketing is a field with little upward mobility, we beg to differ. Since it is a relatively new field, there are fewer rules and structures.  

Think about it – some digital marketing jobs are yet to be discovered! So the possibilities for growth are limitless.  

Moreover, in this industry, it is your work that truly matters. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, work those long hours, involve yourself in pitches for great brands and campaigns for more great brands then you will be rewarded. 

You can also grow laterally at a digital marketing agency. For example, if you are a copywriter who also has a flair for design, you could try your hand at actual design. With lower barriers to moving horizontally than in other fields, your job roles can be as versatile as your skill-set.

4. There’s No ‘One Preferred Role’ In a Digital Marketing Career

Gone are the days when working in an agency was equivalent to being ‘backend support’. Digital marketing agencies are now as mainstream as ever and work with some of the best brands in the country.  

Also, the possibilities for what role you can assume within a digital marketing agency are endless. And no one role is better than the other. Catch some insights on digital marketing jobs for freshers if you want to understand the opportunities. 

Are you a people person? Then you could be the one communicating with the client at all times. More comfortable immersed in a design software? You can be a designer responsible for all the wonderful campaigns your agency does.  

So when it comes to choosing what kind of digital marketing job you want to apply for, why not try your hand at everything that interests you? You never know what can translate into a life-long career.  

Now let’s see what kind of people are suitable for a career in digital marketing. 

What Kind of Person is a Perfect Fit For A Digital Marketing Career?

If you’re considering a career in digital marketing, you may be wondering, “Am I fit for this?” Although digital marketing is suitable for almost all people, there are some specific personality requirements that a person must possess to succeed in this field. Some of them are as follows – 

  • Passionate – The person must have a natural curiosity for new things and a strong desire to create something new. 
  • Creative – As Digital Marketing is a creative field, the person should be very creative in his/her job. 
  • Innovative – The person should have the ability to think outside the box in order to come up with fresh and exciting ways to reach out to new customers.
  • Patient – When it comes to digital marketing, it’s important to remember that it’s sometimes a trial-and-error process. They must have the ability to be patient with themselves and with the process.
  • Goal-oriented – In order to succeed in digital marketing, it’s critical to create short- and long-term objectives and work diligently toward achieving them.

In addition to this, Digital marketing is the best career option for someone who – 

  • Loves Writing
  • Is analytical
  • Likes solving problems
  • Enjoys assisting others in finding practical solutions.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment
  • Enjoys challenges
  • Is an objective thinker
  • Enjoys conducting digital research
  • Love to spend time on social media
  • Is very creative
  • Is interested in learning new skills

What digital skills are in demand?

The digital economy is embedded in every corner of our lives, and it’s not going anywhere. There’s a solid budget going into digital marketing now as opposed to traditional marketing.

93% of online activity starts with a search engine and ensures the continued effectiveness of SEO as a superior marketing strategy while about 80% of Americans make an online purchase at least once a month. Anyone thinking about starting or leading a business needs to have a basic understanding of digital marketing to convert customers.

There is plenty of room for people looking to enter the world of digital marketing and related careers. In 2019, some of the most in-demand skills are content creation and curation, social media strategy, martech, and analytics, which is great news for those who veer towards the creative, social, and business end of the spectrum.

For those who are more technically minded, there’s still plenty of demand and quite a high earning potential for those who specialize in technologies like SEO and SEM since this is what can be at the base of what drives profits in any business.

Content marketing relies on traffic and anyone with the technical expertise to analyze these patterns is going to be a valuable asset, especially as these types of jobs become more complex with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

So, now you know what digital marketing is and what the demand is, what are the benefits?

Become an In-Demand Professional

You’ve heard of the digital skills gap, right? By 2020, 2 million new digital jobs are expected in the U.K. alone, and not enough digital professionals to fill them.

This provides those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage – you’re gearing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply. always a good move.

During the global recession, recent graduates were plunged into a world of uncertainty, job scarcity, and all-around terribleness. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain a fresh set of skills that could future-proof your career, increase your job security and even enhance career progression?

The most important thing for you is that you need to take back control of your career and reestablish the confidence you lost during the recession. Remember this: companies still want valuable skills – you might just need to turn them digital.

According to Marketing Hiring Trends demand for digital marketing professionals outstrips supply with 44% of companies wanting to hire more marketers. It’s time you took advantage.

Benefit from More Career Choice

As digitization continues across industries, companies across the world from start-ups to established corporates are seeking digital professionals with relevant experience.

Digital titans such as Google and Airbnb are always on the lookout for new talent particularly in the area of emerging technologies as artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream and offers scalability. In terms of customer value using AI can help drive personalization and response times to queries using technology such as chatbots.

With such a wide array of new opportunities available, digital marketers can afford to be picky about the type of company they’d like to work for. We’d encourage you to take advantage of this choice and think of what kind of business best suits your career needs.

Top Tip – Research potential sectors: According to the 2018 Marketing Week Career and Salary Survey, the top five areas to work in as a marketer are automotive, travel, education and gaming, and gambling.

Get Paid More Than Your Peers

We’ve already talked about how demand for digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply. In traditional economics we all know what happens next – the value of the product increases along with the price. When you’re working in a fruitful industry with a large skills shortage you can think of yourself as a commodity – and negotiate your salary accordingly.

A recent survey by The Creative Group projects a substantial increase for marketing professionals. For example, the median salary for a CMO in a corporate setting in the U.S. is expected to be $164,000.

What’s interesting and beneficial about the job market for digital professionals is that there is huge competition for skilled talent regardless of industry.

This means that individuals with the right skills can negotiate for great salaries but also land great benefits and perhaps even bonuses depending on their role.

Your digital skills are in demand further afield too. This inspiring video highlights the key skills American businesses are seeking and the salaries you can expect to earn.

Top tip: Guarantee pay increases every year by u[skilling continuously on the skills that matter to your sector or business.

Kickstart Your Career Easily

In more traditional careers like advertising, you’d have to wait for a coveted internship or graduate placement to open up so you can gain experience and create your portfolio. The digital marketing world, however, provides a host of opportunities for you to kickstart your career before you even set foot in a workplace.

Want to stand out to potential employers? Invest in building a powerful social media presence, gain your own Twitter followers, start your blog and contribute to relevant online conversations. There are a whole host of online exams you can take to boost your CV and showcase your digital marketing knowledge.

There have been plenty of examples of people who have been hired after showcasing their talent and abilities through social media. For example, Dublin-based fashion illustrator, Holly Shortall got noticed when she tweeted her illustrations to celebrities online. Several glossy magazines and top fashion brands then approached her and commissioned her work.


Ultimately, there are huge opportunities for digital professionals across roles and industries.

As digitization continues at a rapid pace, employers on a global scale are seeking out skilled employees that can fill the skills gaps in their organizations and drive business objectives such as leads, revenue, and brand awareness.

Future-proof your career with a knowledge of digital marketing to enjoy a fast-paced and enjoyable career and competitive salary.

Digital marketing is consistently one of the most popular career options for college students. It’s also one of the most unfulfilled jobs. Many digital marketing grads are stuck working low-level entry-level jobs that offer little pay and not much opportunity for advancement.

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