Making Money Online or Staying Broke Online is a Choice

You May not believe what I am about to say but it is true….

“Any online marketer who is not making money online today, choose not to.”

Believe it or not…. But it is true.

There is a massive opportunity out there and if you are not leveraging on this opportunities, then I wonder what you are doing online.

As a seasoned online marketer, I discovered that many online marketers are stuck not because of factors they can’t control, but because of the very bad and wrong choices they make about their online marketing business.

Life generally is all about choices, The quality of your life is determined by the choice you make. If you choose to do the right thing, You will definitely get the right results.

But When you chose the wrong things, don’t blame anyone for wrong/poor results.

“So How is Making Money or Staying Broke Online a Choice?”

The answer is simple…

Since choice is making a decision between two or more options and picking one option over another, The reason you are still struggling to make money with your online business is because you have made the wrong choices.

You are consistently choosing to do the wrong things that are not making you any money.

What kind of choices are you making as regards your online marketing business? 

Answer this:

  • What goals do you have for your business?
  • What kind on online Business model are you using?
  • What is your online business plan?
  • What Activities are you focusing on?
  • Do you Have a Routine?
  • What ways/methods are you constantly using to scale up?

This and many other question will really determine the kind of choices you are making.

Take for example, If you want to pass an exam, all you need to do is study and prepare for the exam. If you choose not to prepare you will surely fail.

In the same manner, if you want to make money online you must do the right things.

In short…. What are your MMAs? (By MMA I mean Money Making Activities)

What activities are you going to do today to generate the results you need?

Successful Online marketers are focusing on High Value Money Making activities like:

  • Sending out Email Campaigns
  • Running Webinars
  • PPC Advertising
  • Product launch

However, unsuccessful marketers choose to do the wrong things.

They focus more on consuming instead of producing..

They consume free eBooks, Attend webinars, read sales pitches,  and keep looking for something that will “catch their attention“. Well everything will definitely catch their attention. At the end they are busy all day but never productive.

Am I saying that it is wrong to get information?


In fact the day you stop learning is the day you start dying. But a friend of mine used to say “knowledge is useful not in it acquisition but in its application

The reason unsuccessful marketers are having problem is that they NEVER leave the information stage.

After gaining information, you must move from the information stage to the integration stage and from the integration stage, you move over to the implementation stage. This is why every information you are acquiring must be in line with your goal.

You see…

Choice is a two-edge sword. To have a choice and not use it is the same as not having a choice at all. If you can read and choose not to read what is the difference between you and the person who can’t read?

The average marketer would prefer to watch T.V., Stream Movies and spend considerable amount of time on a huge number of unproductive activities, thereby they end up not making money.


You can tell which one you are more serious about, your goals or your fears; based on which one you take more action towards.” – Jack Canfield

What direction is your actions going to take you to?

Towards being broke online or towards making money online?

I would love to continue but let me drop my pen here and end with this…

To be successful with your online business is a choice you must make. Make the choice to be successful today and stand up to the task.  Choose to become successful by doing what successful marketers are doing.

You might be thinking what if I am already doing what the successful marketers are doing but I’m not seeing results?

Well if you don’t get the results you desire immediately, you must choose not to give up, but keep tweaking, testing  and believing until it works.

Step up, set your goals and model a successful and proven business model. Do what works and model success. Pick the right league of people and associate with people who are already getting results.

And in no time you too will become successful. You’ve got what it takes and if there is one person who will and can make it work, you are the one.

Whatever happens, remember the choice is yours and if your only option is to succeed, then do whatever it takes and you will get there.

See you at the top.


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