Market Research Report Template

Market research report templates are useful for collecting information about all aspects of a particular niche. These research reports are documents with the aim of using the core data collected to help future entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations or even individuals make better decisions. Hence, these reports are developed by experts with years of detailed knowledge about their respective niches.

Research report templates are all-inclusive reports which help make your research work easier. These templates are helpful in providing the necessary information about a niche that can be used to develop or enhance something.


What is market research?

Market research is an important component of a business strategy that involves gathering of information about customers’ needs or references when it comes to the products and services that they want and need to use. Market research can be done in a number of ways that are applicable to the product or the service being dealt with. The right approach ensures accurate and useful results. The entire market research process, including the results or outcome of the research, are recorded and presented through a market research report. Here are sample reports that will help and guide you on how you can create your own market research report.

The purpose of market research

Market research typically functions as a basis for your business strategy and plan. Why is it so important? Let’s say you are planning a road trip or a trek in the mountains. Would you venture out before you know anything about the terrain, the weather conditions, the distances, the facilities, the locals? Probably not. You would gather and evaluate this information to determine your best route, the supplies you need, and the clothing you’ll wear.

So when you are ready to take your business idea on a journey, you need to do the same. You can’t succeed if you don’t know the market conditions, the obstacles you may face, the budget you’ll need, and how to market your products effectively.

Typical use cases for market research

  • Assess your brand’s strength and influential power. Evaluate your market share, measure which percentage of the market you reach and sell to.
  • Launch a new product or enter a new market. Get to know the territory and the key players to avoid unnecessary risks and recognize new opportunities.
  • Identify and keep tabs on your top competitors. Be aware of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can align your strategic planning.
  • Innovate your business model. Before you apply changes to products or business strategies, understand shifts in user demand and need.
  • Drive more sales. Optimize product placement by identifying your product’s uniqueness and the specific value to boost your marketing campaigns.
  • Fine-tune your digital advertising and analytics. Find and optimize the marketing channels and keywords with the highest potential and lowest competition.
  • Gauge and follow emerging trends. Detect changes in the market development early and use them to your advantage.

As you can see, the goals can be very diverse. To better understand market research and what it includes, we can break it down into different methodologies. 

Basic market research types: Qualitative vs. quantitative 

What is qualitative market research?

Qualitative research aims to evaluate quality rather than quantity. The collected data is therefore unstructured or semi-structured. Its purpose often is to answer why something is the way it is. 

What is quantitative market research?

Quantitative research is based on statistical data that lets you measure, compare and evaluate information. 

Quantitative Research Definition

Market Research Report template

Industry Market Research Report Sample

Conducting a market research on a specific industry? Then you will need all the help that you can get to make the task easy for you to do. Here is an industry market research report sample that you can use to guide you with writing your report. This sample provides notes and instructions on how you can go about putting the contents of your report. It is also pleasant to the eyes with its light color scheme and includes illustrations that represent data.

 Standard Market Research Report Template

standard market reserach report template

In every report, a set of standards is often followed. These standards then become the basis of a report document that is used as a model that guides the making of all other types of report. One such document is this standard market research report template. With the use of this template, you will be able to produce a thoroughly written market research report that is based on the certain standards. Use it like you would other reports, like company monthly management report, which also follows a certain set of standards.

Simple Market Research Report Template

simple market research report template

Reports can either be simple or complicated. You will always have a choice on the type of report that you want to make regardless if they are financial reportsbusiness reports, or daily reports. In market research, you can make it a complicated report or a simple one just like the sample shown above. Check out the sample and get ideas on how you can make our report simpler but better. Bright ideas always come to those who explore new things.

 USAID Summary Market Research Report Sample

usaid summary market research report sample 01

Use this sample marketing research report as your guide or reference if you need to write a report about nutritious food. This sample is taken from the United States Agency for International Development and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. This ensures that you get a reliable source of information that you can use on your own report. This detailed and comprehensive report consist of 44 pages in total, and the different sections are written in bold.

 Fillable Market Research Report Template

fillable market research report template

Fillable market research report templates are very easy to use. They work like online forms where you fill out the details that make up your report and save the changes that you have made once you are done or modify it whenever you need to. Enough spaces are provided for you to write the details on. The template is also well-organized allowing you to easily find the different parts of the report on the different pages. It is also print-ready so you can print a copy of it anytime you want and need.

 Sample Environmental Market Research Report

sample environmental market
 research rreport

This market research report sample focuses on the environment, specifically on the monitoring and software use by palm oil growers. This is a detailed and comprehensive market research report that consist of 24 pages in total and includes details like an executive summary, introduction, situational analysis, methodology, results, etc. The sample is also packed with bar graphs and charts to present data in an easier and more understandable manner.

 Market Research Report Template

sample market research report template

A report template will make your task easier and more convenient to do because it already lays out or provides an outline of what must be included in your report. What is left for you to do is supplying the required information and detailing the methods used in the report as well as the results of the report. If you ever need one, you can always download this sample and breeze through your report. Just make sure that you have it proofread before you actually have it presented.

Sample Social Media Market Research Report

sample market research proposal for lychee 13

This sample is a group market research on social media, specifically on the effects or attractiveness of Facebook as a medium used in advertising and how it can increase sales and profit. The sample makes a good reference for conducting a market research on other social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etsy, etc. It’s a lengthy report, but every page is worth it. If you need to make something similar, then we recommend that you use this sample as reference.

 Illegal Filesharing Market Research Report Sample

fillable market research report template 1

This market research report sample is presentable and includes a title page, background, objectives, summary of recommendations, detailed assessment of pilot study, specific results and analyses, etc. If you need a report sample that you can use as a reference or study material, then this sample should be one of the many samples you must check. You will surely be able to create a presentable and well-written market research report.

Marketing and Advertising Research Report Sample

marketing and advertising research report sample

Want a professional-looking and well-written report sample? Then why not check out this sample above. This sample does not only looks professional but it also looks very neat and reliable. A summary of the responses of the participants of the research is also provided. This will give you an idea on how you should present the data gathered aside from using bar graphs or charts.


Many people believe they can create market research report templates without having extensive knowledge of the niche, but this is always wrong. A good market research report template is the combination of data with an effective description/analysis regarding it. If you don’t know anything about the industry, you will only make simple mistakes.

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