Give your growing business the edge with powerful market research software like Google Analytics. At less than $150 per month you can keep tabs on everything from product performance to keyword trends, package dimensions, country-specific differences, and more

Make sure your business stays on the cutting edge with powerful market research tools. It’s easy to set up so you can monitor anything from product performance to keyword trends.


Attest helps marketers access brand and market insights at lightning speed. That’s why we truly believe we’re the best market research tool in the biz. 

Attest’s platform lets you do all kinds of market research – from hefty pieces of work – like market and competitor analysis – to in-the-moment gut checks, like testing different creatives for ads. Build surveys, connect to our audience of over 100M consumers worldwide, and start getting the answers you need in real-time. 

Using the built-in audience makes it quick & easy to find the information you need from your target market. What they think, which brands they know & trust, and their buying habits.

We’re loved by the likes of Gymshark, Santander, and Transferwise as an unbeatable market research tool. Fancy giving it a try? Sign up for free and start drafting surveys in minutes. No credit card required.

In the same realm as Answer the Public is Google Trends, which surfaces trends data from all over the internet. You can refine by the location you’re most interested in, or go worldwide. 

When you enter a term into Google Trends, it shows you how that term has been trending over time, and assigns it a score out of 100. You can also compare different terms to see how they hold up against each other.

As an example, let’s say we enter ‘Christmas’ as the search term. We’re presented with a graph that clearly shows that it hits peak trendiness in December, for obvious reasons, and then trends very low for the rest of the year. And now, as I write this in October 2020, it’s beginning the upward trend again – a sign that perhaps people are willing Christmas to come early.

 Heartbeat Ai

The world of market research is constantly evolving, and thanks to digital innovation, market research tools are advancing all the time. Heartbeat Ai is no exception to this – its a ‘Human Experience’ software that uses machine learning to suss out the emotions underpinning written content. 

Heartbeat Ai believe that human emotion is a key facet of market research that often gets left out. As it says on their website: “At Heartbeat Ai, we’ve seen the power of unveiling the rich emotional world that word choice analysis conveys. We’re not talking binary indicators of approval. Instead, we generate far more nuanced, concrete insights about how people are triggered by what they experience.”

Market Research Software For Small Business

Survey Monkey

What is it? Survey Monkey is a comprehensive survey platform with numerous solutions to meet a variety of business demands. You can choose from several plans that let you access survey-creation tools so you can gather feedback via mobile connections, social media, email and other channels. Survey Monkey includes automated analytical tools and reporting options that let you turn the raw data into insights that fuel your business decisions.

How much does it cost? This market research tool lets you choose from several plans with costs ranging from around $32 to $75 per month per user. The lowest-cost individual plan lets you create unlimited surveys, track responses and analyze your results.

Who might use it? Survey Monkey has potential for implementation in almost any business, from single retail outlets to small restaurant chains. You can use it to find out what products your consumers want or determine if your latest menu change is settling well with diners. The limitations on this market research tool are defined by your own creative thinking.


What is it? Ahrefs helps businesses understand why competitors are continuously taking top spots in search engine results pages. If you know what others are doing to get to the top, then you can figure out ways to do it better and take the top spots on Google’s page one. Its tools include keyword trackers, side audits, and reports and notifications to help you understand where backlinks are coming from, how to get more backlinks and what keywords people are searching for that you aren’t targeting.

How much does it cost? Ahrefs offers several plans with pricing ranging from $99 per month to $999 per month. Paying annually for the entire subscription gets you two free months, and the plan you need depends on how many users you have and how many projects you’ll run. Companies that aren’t sure if this is the right marketing research tool for them can pay $7 for a full-month trial of the Lite or Standard plans.

Who might use it? Ahrefs may be a good tool if you rely heavily on online traffic to generate leads or revenue, especially if you know you’re not capturing a healthy piece of the pie but can’t figure out why.


What is it? Sisense is a self-serve data analytics platform that makes it possible for businesses of all sizes and types to collect information in a single location for parsing and reporting. The tools included in this product allow developers to create embedded analytics and dashboards for real-time insights right in your own software or workflows. The powerful reporting and analysis options let you get answers about your target audience, existing customers and procedures in one place, so you can more easily make connections between all these processes.

How much does it cost? Sisense customizes pricing depending on a business’s needs and what tools and products it will use. Quotes are provided after a consultation and are based on an annual license model.

Who might use it? Sisense’s analytical tools may be helpful to small or mid-size businesses that need to consider a lot of data points for daily decision-making, including those in niches such as finance.


What is it? Locowise is a social media market research tool that lets you audit the performance of various social profiles, hashtags and campaigns. You can also use the tool to compare performance against that of competitors to find untapped marketing opportunities or areas where your company can engage better with consumers.

How much does it cost? Locowise currently offers two plans: Report Builder and Report Master. Prices range from $495 to $695 a month with a 20% discount for paying annually. You can also start using Locowise via a free trial.

Who might use it? Locowise is meant to be used by agencies or those who manage multiple social accounts. Companies that have more than one brand or line of service — with social profiles for each — may also benefit from this tool. Small businesses that provide publicist or marketing assistance to others, such as small presses might provide authors, might also benefit from Locowise.


What is it? GutCheck is a market research company that helps businesses target their products during the research and development stages. It can run surveys and studies on various geographic levels, including globally, and has an agile framework that lets you get rapid data and feedback about product iterations as you prepare to enter the market. The company also offers a Constellation service that lets you get all-in-one market and consumer feedback and research to inform a variety of customer service, development and marketing solutions.

How much does it cost? GutCheck works as a business partner and doesn’t offer a SaaS product. It doesn’t publish pricing and instead invites interested businesses to reach out for a consultation.

Who might use it? Larger small businesses, development start-ups or mid-size and larger companies might benefit from GutCheck if they want rapid feedback regarding marketing efforts or product development. GutCheck offers services for a wide range of business sizes and has even been used by brands such as PepsiCo and Chipotle.

 Think With Google – Marketer’s Almanac

It would be impossible in this day and age to list five or more cutting edge market research tools without Google getting into the mix somehow. Think With Google – Marketer’s Almanac is another one of the Internet giant’s services that can help businesses with their bottom line. This tool uses Google’s powerful analytics to track emerging and enduring consumer trends. Businesses can use it to determine what customers, and potential customers, are interested in, and then plan accordingly.

Facebook Audience Insights

Much like Google, it would be nearly impossible to discuss 21st Century market research without mentioning Facebook and its billion usersFacebook Audience Insights allows subscribers to track key consumer trends. It leverages Facebook’s users and geo-location to deliver real-time information to small businesses. For example, what consumers near a company’s store are interested in, and what they are purchasing. The anonymous, aggregate information is constantly updated, and provides incredible details on consumer attitudes and activities.  Companies can then use this information to tailor products and services for people within their respective markets.


As a small business owner, you have many tasks to complete each day. Not only do you have to manage all of the numbers, but you also need to keep your customers satisfied and your business growing. All of these tasks can quickly become overwhelming, which is why it is important to find software that will make your job easier.

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