Marketing Automation Tools for Small Business

Do you want to discover the best content marketing automation tools for your small business? I’m here to help.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re staying on course with your content marketing strategy is to automate your efforts. But what tools are the best for small businesses? What platforms are the most effective? To help you answer these questions, we’ve put together a list of four automation software platforms that will streamline your content marketing activities.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a way to automate your digital marketing tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture. Best marketing automation software lets you connect with your users in a more personalized way, so it still looks completely individual and natural. You can send emails, messages, and run smooth online marketing campaigns automatically.

Using the right tools and software that has the right automation features can help you with automating your marketing strategy. You can save countless hours by automating your repetitive tasks. Since all your marketing tasks are well-managed with tools, there’s less chance of human error and you can work on other priority tasks.

Automation can help in generating new leads, building trust with your customers, and taking your business to the next level. It also helps with creating reports so you can identify patterns over time and streamline your marketing processes even more. It’s necessary to train your marketing teams and sales team to use marketing automation software so that they can save time.

How Do I Choose a Marketing Automation Software?

Ready to start automating your online marketing but not sure which solution is best for your small business? These 8 tips can help you narrow down your choices:

  1. Create a Plan. Set goals and map out your marketing funnel. The more clear your strategy is, the simpler it will be to find a software with features that support it.
  2. Ask Around. Ask people you know with similar websites what they use and recommend. If they’ve got a successful business online, chances are they’re already using a fantastic marketing software for small business.
  3. Consider Cost. A marketing automation platform provides a ton of value, so it’s not free. Make sure you check the pricing page for any setup or extra fees so there are no surprises.
  4. Look at Feedback. Make sure to see what customer reviews say about their experience using the software and the support.
  5. Check Availability. Down-time for tech companies happen, so find out if the platform you want has a backup in place. Read the Service Level Agreements and look for a commitment to availability.
  6. Build a Short List. Get your list down to just a few choices so you can take a deeper look into your favorites.
  7. Test Drive Demos. Sign up for trial demos and get a feel for the software by actually using it. You may instantly find the one you want once you’re inside the software.
  8. Be Thorough. The more research you put into picking your software, the better off you’ll be later on. You don’t want to pick a platform that can’t continue to meet your needs as your website grows.

Now that we’re clear on all that, let’s take a look at the best marketing automation tools to grow your business.

Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Even if you have an email newsletter, you may not be taking advantage of all the automation tools available.

These tools let you set up autoresponders to market consistently to every new prospect who joins your list.

Constant Contact

The Constant Contact website

Constant Contact is the best email marketing service for small businesses. You can use it to set up a sequence of emails that will go out automatically to new subscribers. You can even send messages based on what actions your subscribers take, or don’t take.

It’s easy to create emails using Constant Contact’s simple drag and drop interface. There’s a 60 day free trial of Constant Contact available, letting you try out this tool before committing to a payment plan.

The Constant Contact support team is available through live chat, phone, and email.


Constant Contact’s ‘Email’ plan costs from $20/month. This only has basic automation features. For the advanced automation features, get the ‘Email Plus’ plan, which starts at $45/month.


The Sendinblue website

Sendinblue is one of the best WordPress email newsletter plugins. It’s also a great tool for SMS marketing. There’s a range of templates to create your emails.

Sendinblue lets you build custom automation workflows that send out emails automatically. You can even use your contact’s behavior on your website to trigger emails. For instance, you could send an automated email if a customer adds an item to their basket but fails to check out.


Sendinblue offers a completely free account for up to 300 emails per day. You get unlimited contacts. If you want to send more emails than that, paid plans start at $25/month.


The Drip website

Drip is a powerful email marketing platform, with great WooCommerce integration. It’s an especially good option if you run an eCommerce website. It has intelligent marketing automation tools and smart email segmenting.

Drip also provides plenty of support through live chat as well as with webinars, detailed online courses, and excellent documentation. It isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s well worth the money if you want to maximize your marketing efforts.


Drip offers a 14-day free trial. After that, their plans start from $19/month, but that only gives you 500 subscribers. For $39/month, you can have up to 2,500 subscribers.


The Convertkit website

ConvertKit is an easy-to-use and robust email marketing platform. It has some great features for creators and bloggers, but it’s also a popular option for small businesses.

ConvertKit makes it easy to segment your contacts in leads and existing customers, you can then send different emails to each. It has a simple email builder to create emails that will look great on all devices. You can even create clickable CTA buttons and track conversions when users click on them.


ConvertKit costs from $25/month (paid annually) for up to 1,000 subscribers. This includes all their features, such as automated funnels and email sequences. There’s a 14-day free trial, which doesn’t need a credit card.


The OptinMonster website

OptinMonster is the best conversion optimization software on the market. It allows you to easily convert website visitors into subscribers and customers.

It comes with easy-to-integrate lightbox popups, slide-ins forms, welcome mats, coupon wheels, and more.

OptinMonster works with all popular email marketing services and helps you quickly get more subscribers to your email list.

It is packed with many features that help you automatically target users and show them personalized campaigns. For instance, you can show targeted messages for different pages on your site. You can also show campaigns based on user activity and geographic location.


OptinMonster costs from $9/month (billed annually). However, you will get 10% off if you use our OptinMonster coupon.

Onsite Marketing Automation (WordPress)

Onsite marketing automation tools are ones that you use directly on your website. They let you market to your website visitors automatically and effectively.

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is the best automation plugin for WordPress. You can set up onsite automation and connect different WordPress plugins without editing code.

The plugin helps to create powerful workflows and saves time. Plus, it reduces errors and ensures your automation works smoothly since there is no code involved.

Uncanny Automator integrates with some of the most popular WordPress plugins, such as WPForms, Slack, WooCommerce, Google Sheets, WordPress, and many more.

For example, you can connect Slack with your WordPress site, integrate Zoom meetings and webinars with WPForms, connect any WordPress form with Google Sheets, or send SMS notifications from a WooCommerce store.


Uncanny Automator prices start from $149 per year, and you get 30 days money-back guarantee. There is also a free version available.


The ChatBot website

A chatBot is a smart automated bot that can engage with users in a similar way to a live chat agent. It’s like having a virtual assistant for your website who’s available 24/7 and can answer instantly.

You can use ChatBot to take bookings, schedule calls, or even sell products directly from the chat window. It integrates seamlessly with LiveChat. This means a live agent can jump into the conversation if the user needs a little extra help.


ChatBot costs from $50/month, which gives you up to 1000 chats. There’s also a 14-day free trial.


The Intercom website

Intercom is often seen as a live chat tool, but it does much more than that. It lets you use chatbots and integrate your chats with other elements of your marketing workflow too.

The marketing solution lets you send automated in-app messages that go far beyond just text. You can use images, videos, emojis, and even apps to help with your marketing.

It’s easy to choose from lots of different massage styles without needing to get a developer involved.

Intercom also has several optional add-ons available. These include product tours, advanced lead generation, and advanced customer engagement.


Intercom costs start from $39/month. The optional add-ons are priced separately. The cost will grow as you get more subscribers, and it can easily go into thousands per month.

Smash Balloon

The Smash Balloon website

Smash Balloon offers 4 different WordPress plugins that let you add social feeds to your website. These cover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. They are a great way to make the most of the time you spend on social media. You can automatically include posts from your account – or even posts with a specific hashtag, where applicable.

You can customize your social feeds in multiple ways. For instance, you could create a shoppable Instagram feed so clickable Instagram photos of your products are automatically added to your site.


Smash Balloon’s plugins are available both separately and as a bundle. The best value option is the ‘All Access Bundle’ at $299/year. This gives you all 4 plugins plus priority support.

If you just want one plugin, they’re each priced from $49/year.


The RafflePress website

RafflePress is the best WordPress contest and giveaway plugin which allows you to incentivize user interactions on your site.

These might include visiting a page on your site, taking part in a poll or survey, watching a video, and more. You can even create your actions, such as prompting readers to leave a comment.

By creating competition for your readers, you can dramatically increase how engaged they are with your content. You are also able to set actions that prompt readers to share your content on social media.


RafflePress costs from $49/year.


Marketing automation tools are the building blocks for any overall marketing strategy planning. Without effective marketing automation tools, any business can suffer from lackluster results. Here are some marketing automation tools provided by the experts to enhance your overall marketing campaign.

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