Websites, and the internet in general, are a great way to promote your business. Virtually every type of business, including shoe shops and car dealers, has a website these days. If you’re in a very niche market, then it is worth thinking about buying ads on relevant websites. Of course, if you’re just starting out, you may be unsure of whether the cost of this extra promotion will be worth it. Therefore, it’s important to try and work out how much marketing campaigns cost the UK first. This can be done in a number of ways.

When running a marketing campaign, the placement, type and targeting of your ads will have an impact on the price that you pay for advertising. In this guide, we look at the numbers behind UK PPC Marketing Campaigns costs, with helpful tips and advice on how to reduce costs. Is your business operating on a tight budget and wondering where you can find savings? Saving on marketing campaign costs could helps you meet your promotional and advertising needs.


SEO (search engine optimization) is about getting your business’s name noticed by search engines, thereby bringing more traffic from organic sources to your site. It encompasses services like link construction, technical SEO along with On-Page SEO according to the agency’s specific needs.

Our research found that the median cost to use SEO are:

  • PS394.75 per day
  • PS901.50 Monthly retainer
  • PS1556.25 per project

For particular SEO projects local SEO was the most affordable and eCommerce was the most costly.

Are you looking for top-quality SEO agencies? Here are a few of our top choices:

  • Dashword
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • Advanced Website Ranking
  • Mangools
  • Answer The Public
  • SEMRush

Organic social media

Organic social media services include managing the day-today operation on social platforms strategy for social media and the creation of social media campaigns.

The prices that are typical of this product are

  • PS650 per day
  • PS1,120 month-long retainer
  • PS400 per campaign

The majority of agencies base their costs per platform. If you own multiple social channels that you’d like to monitor be prepared for this price to grow.

Paid social media

Social media advertising services that are paid focus on creating creative campaigns and creating paid ads across all social media platforms that include Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

The prices that are typical on this particular service include:

  • PS430 per day
  • PS587.50 Monthly retainer
  • PS266 per campaign

Although these prices might appear less expensive than natural marketing on social networks, it is important to consider the costs of paid ads in addition.

Certain agencies may additionally charge per creative. If you have a library of content to produce, anticipate PS40plus for each creative required.

If you are an agency that operates on an % pricing system Expect to be able to pay 15 percent of your marketing budget for charges.

Marketing of content

In 2021, the importance of content still the king. If you’d like to be able to interact with your customers, improve your brand’s reputation, and increase traffic to your website it is essential to create new, top-quality content.

If you’re planning to outsource your content marketing to an agency This is what you will need to pay.

  • PS725 per day
  • PS817.90 Monthly retainer
  • PS325 per post

Certain companies also charge per 100 words , if that’s all you need. But, you may have better results by working with an freelancer who can provide this kind of service.

Here are our best content marketing agencies to pick from:

  • StoryChief
  • FatJoe


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) companies can assist in the management and creation of paid advertisements across Google, Microsoft and more to help you get the highest ROI or conversion within your budget.

Average prices for PPC services is:

  • PS725 per day
  • PS1040.90 Monthly retainer
  • PS1016.60 per project/campaign

As with paid social media Certain agencies use a % cost model instead. The fees that are typical for PPC services is 10-20 percent of your advertising budget.

Additionally, PPC services have the strictest limitations in place to accept clients. Nearly every agency requires a the minimum amount of advertising they will spend on each client prior to being accepted as a client.

The advertising budget for this minimum can range from PS400 per month up to PS10,000.

Website development

Are you in need of a new website to direct your traffic to and assist in converting your leads?

The cost for the creation of a website for 2021 was PS5452.30.

But, there are numerous aspects that impact the figure. The more complicated your site will be, the greater costly it will cost.

Simple websites with just one page are much less expensive to create, with costs that range from PS350 to PS2,000. However, multi-page eCommerce sites can cost up to PS30,000.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a vague service, but it covers everything from consultation, aiding in the creation of strategies, campaigns and then implementing every element that are involved. It’s often linked to other services like SEO, PPC and more however it is sold as a easy package.

The median prices for the marketing strategies are:

  • PS684.28 per day
  • PS738 Monthly Retainer
  • PS2412.50 per project

Marketing strategies also receive the most number of annual retainers that can range from PS40,000 to PS250,000, based on the the work involved.

Why would you want to work with an agency?

If these prices seem expensive be aware that you don’t have to engage an agency if don’t wish to. You cando all of this on your own and nobody is will stop you from doing this.

However, you should consider the savings in terms of cost, and the effort and time you’ll have to put into it. If you’re not able to do it yourself, abilities, that could require hiring someone else or additional time spent training and getting back to speed. All this adds to.

As the photo below illustrates that the hiring of an SEO agency could help your company save a total of 29 hours every week. It’s less than four days you can utilize to expand another aspect of your company. This is definitely worth the price.

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There are many factors to consider when launching a campaign and even more to do with monitoring and evaluating. The cost of the campaign includes many different areas such as agency costs, design costs, support costs, technology costs etc. It is generally agreed that around 40% of costs are directly related to creative materials and their production. That leaves about 25% for everything else which could represent a much lower percentage if there is a well developed plan in place.

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