Marketing has many tools at its disposal, and email is one of the most powerful ones. There are many emails you can send in order to improve your business, create new connections, and sell more products. I’ve created a list of marketing email campaigns for different goals. Check them out! Email marketing campaigns have been around for a while, and they still work. While there are online marketing strategies that are gaining traction, email marketing is still one of the best methods to promote your business online.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

A marketing email campaign can be only as effective as the ultimate objective. Here are a few examples of various goals that your email marketing campaign can be aiming to achieve:

1. Traffic Generation Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is getting click-throughs on your site. Not only does this increase the amount of traffic you refer to others and drives people who have already expressed an interest in your company, which increases the chances to get them to act when they arrive at your website.

Overall, email can be an effective channel to promote your high-quality content that you publish on your site. It is a great way to bring qualified visitors to your blog, product pages, posts, and website pages, thereby increasing conversions.

2. Awareness Email Marketing Campaigns

Not every person who joins your email list is able to purchase. Email marketing can be used to remain in the forefront of their minds and provide the information that is relevant to the audience.

In fact, brand awareness emails can help you find solutions issues for your subscribers and make you a leader in your field. If your subscribers get more information from you than from your competition and are more likely to depend on you whenever they require more information about the subject or require a specific product.

3. Lead Nurturing Email Marketing Campaigns

If you keep your top of the mind, you might think about ways to find the prospects with the highest purchasing intention and offer conversion-focused content that can “nurtures” these leads towards making a purchase (or at the very least, towards getting sales-ready).

When you send these messages, it’s possible to be more upfront about wanting buyers to purchase. Include calls-to action that focus on shopping like “Shop now,”” “Buy now” as well as “Add to Cart.” But it is essential for the recipient to have demonstrated a clear purchasing intent. adding items to their list or having history of purchases are solid indicators.

(Tip Tip: You can track your customer’s behavior and purchase information through your eCommerce software, CRM and the CMS.)

If you send the emails at casual visitors or new subscribers it is possible that you are rushing them and possibly preventing customers from purchasing from you.

4. Revenue Generation Email Marketing Campaigns

You can design emails for marketing to your clients who are already customers, to encourage cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Additionally, you can develop campaigns to track an increase in sales from leads that are near to making a purchase decision.

A good example is to create “abandon cart” campaigns to recover lost sales conversions or, in the above example by promoting the sale in a flash to convince customers to upgrade. These kinds of campaigns should be reserved for customers in the lowest point of the funnel for conversion. Also they have proven their purchasing intent through either the checkout page or making an appointment to your sales staff.

Successful email campaigns for marketing must be well designed to draw attention to packed inboxes, however there are endless options to choose from. Take a look at these tips for marketing emails in just 60 seconds:

If you’re aware of the most efficient campaigns you can design, take some ideas from the most effective email marketing campaigns that are below.

Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples

If you’re here, you likely already have an email account (or twoor three). …). In reality, you’ve received and sent emails for a long time and have certainly received some suspicious emails within your mailbox.

If they came across as unexpected or uninformative, or even contained a subject line had a fOrmAtTeD tone You’re sure you wouldn’t think twice about directing them to the trash, would you?

Although email has been able to survive the years however, many marketers have failed to change their strategies since the beginning. To ensure that you’re sending emails that are modern and will garner some of your readers the time and attention they deserve We’ve put together the most effective examples of email to help you design your next marketing campaign.

1. ModCloth

Marketing Campaign: Email Preferences

The best companies are constantly evolving and customers also expect to be able to witness the effects of change. What they do not anticipate (because there are many companies that aren’t living up to this standard) is to hear about these changes.

This email from ModCloth is refreshing break from the norm. If you’re planning to alter your way of communicating with a customer or lead provide them with a clear and honest warnings, so that in the event that they’re not on board you are able to make the necessary changes to ensure their inbox is clean.

Why It Works

It defines expectations for communication going forward, to ensure that the person who is buying can determine what’s most suitable for them.

2. Tory Burch

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Did you see it? Did you notice it moving? That’s cool, right? This tiny animation is able to distinguish the email sent by Tory Burch from all of the other sluggish emails that fill the inboxes of their recipients. They also make use of exclusivity by presenting the sale as an “private” sales. In most cases, this kind of a description makes the buyer feel as if they’re chosen and motivates them to seize the unique opportunity they’re presented with.

Why It Works

Emails can be dull, static and uninspiring. The email below subverts these expectations without going too far.

3. RunKeeper

Marketing Campaign: Re-Engagement Campaign

RunKeeper attempts to reconnect lost users through this helpful, informative email. Through highlighting their application’s most recent updates and advantages The copy is designed to convince users to give their app another chance. The copy also highlights benefits the user may not have heard about prior to when they last tried the app.

Why It Works

A few small details like small details like the “Hi friend” greeting or”You Rock” as the “You Rock” closing make the message feel more welcoming and less threatening.

4. Litmus

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Here’s a excellent example of animation utilized to create an appealing email marketing design. In contrast to static text the swipe animation that is used to give recipients the ability to look “under the inside” in their mailer program is attractive and entices users to dive into the remainder of the information. The header is a great way of clearly stating the purpose of the message is all about.

Why It Works

The animation is minimal and done in a manner that helps to improve the body text of the email. It also works perfectly with the style that the message is sending, creating a similar but distinct focal point prior to the reader is able to dive into the the text below.

5. Loft

Marketing Campaign: Email Preferences

The email sent by Loft is designed to show that they understand your mixed-value, mixed-value email. To send you emails you want to read, Loft asks that their users modify their preferences to assist to provide a more personal experience. This kind of email that is geared towards the customer is extremely efficient in making the recipient feel that their preferences opinions, dislikes, and preferences really matter.

Why It Works

It focuses on the needs of the recipient using the tagline “Happy Inbox, Happy Life.” In conjunction with a low-friction CTA The copy is easy and effective.

6. UncommonGoods

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

You’ve heard it many times (and some of those come from us) The idea is to make a feeling of urgency through your calls-to-action. This is what motivates a lead to make a decision isn’t it? The email sent by UncommonGoods creates an urgency feeling by insisting on the importance of taking action now.

Why It Works

Instead of telling you, “Order your Mother’s Day present now in time before Preferred Shipping ends! ” The email asks “Don’t you think that Mom would have preferred a faster delivery?” Yes she would. Thanks for reminding me prior to it’s too late. I don’t want trapped in the dog’s kennel because my gift was delivered after Mother’s Day.

7. JetBlue

Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

Confession We have a serious fan of marketing via email for JetBlue. They keep delivering their delightful marketing through this fun email campaign which is designed to entice customers with humor. Everything starting with the header, through the three humorous points to the clear, compelling CTA are all part of a delightful campaigns that are engaging without being aggressive.

Why It Works

The copy is full of humorous humor and jokes about flying. The message is relatable and appears as if it came from a friend. This can help to get the attention of your recipient.

8. Harpoon Brewery

Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

My colleagues at Harpoon are so considerate isn’t it? The simple, timely message really feels as if it’s sent from someone you know and that’s why it’s so successful. In the age of automation in email it’s common to make email campaigns feel like they’re a bit robotic. While I’m sure that the email was in reality not automated but it is very human.

If you’re trying to build your relationship with your current customers take the time to send an email that is quick and simple for them to know that you’re considering them.

Why It Works

Individualization: from the date of sending the message (birthday) through to the personal salutation the email was delivered to the correct person at the right moment.

9. Rip Curl

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

It’s quite impressive isn’t it? Rip Curl, an Australian surfwear brand, blends the need for urgency and our desire for belonging to something to produce the perfect headline for emails that leaps from the pages. The idea behind this headline is to convince people that there’s an “revolution” happening and that they are the first to join in the action.

Why It Works

In the end, everyone wants to feel part of something larger than them, and this email is designed to encourage individuals to take action by buying this stylish watch.

10. J.Crew Factory

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

For most of us who are gift wrapping, the struggle is very real. J.Crew Factory recognized this problem and created this email as an option for those who aren’t capable of creating a Pinterest-like wrapping job with gift cards. The email gives two options to purchase the gift card — either online or in stores to make sure that no one is left out.

They’ve also provided an image of the closest store at the bottom of the email to ease the purchase barrier further.

Why It Works

It blends humor and a low-stress and low-friction.

11. Charity: Water

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

When discussing marketing via email, a lot of them do not refer to transactionsal emails. These are the emails you receive in your email following a specific action on a site. It could range from filling out a questionnaire or buying a product or updating you about the status of your order. The majority of the time, these are just plain texts that marketers create to forget.

The charity water chose to take a different route. If someone decides to donate to an organization that is a charity, such as a water-related cause, the money travels a long distance. The majority of charities don’t inform you about this journey — the charity: water utilizes automated emails to inform donors how their donation is creating a positive difference over the course of time. With the project’s timeline as well as the its accompanying tables, you won’t have to go through the maileryou’ll know right away where you are during the process and can get on with other tasks within your email inbox.

Why It Works

The audience is kept engaged and displays the impact their actions have had for the company by keeping the organization in the forefront of their minds and increasing participation.

12. Brooks Sports

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

When Desiree Linden took home at the 2017 Boston Marathon, she became the first American woman to win the race for over 30 years. For her footwear and apparel sponsors, Brooks Sports, it was a chance to celebrate their long-standing partnership. The subsequent email campaign centers heavily upon the Olympic marathoner’s remarkable accomplishment.

Campaigns such as this can help companies demonstrate their loyalty and provide value to products that their most valued customers have opted for. What is not visible is the blue CTA button on the bottom of the email which states, “See Desiree’s go-to gear.” What better items to draw focus on than the gear that is worn by America’s newest star?

Why It Works

Following the victory of Desiree she was a household name. Brooks Sports struck while the iron was hot, sending an eloquent email that was likely to be read and passed on.

13. Uber

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

The appeal of Uber’s email messages is in their simple nature. Subscribers to emails are informed of special offers and deals via emails such as the one you’ll are seeing below. We like how short the first description is and paired with a precise CTA which is perfect for those who are scrolling through the email.

If you’re looking to know more they can follow these steps with more in-depth (but nevertheless pleasantly simple) detailed step-by-step description of the process.

We also appreciate the way that the style of Uber’s emails aligns with its brand. Much like its website, app and social media images along with other aspects of its visual branding The emails are characterized with bright colours and geometric patterns.

Why It Works

Each of its marketing and communications tools are a part of the brand’s storyand consistency in branding is one of the strategies Uber has mastered to earn brand loyalties.

14. TheSkimm

Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

We love TheSkimm’s weekly newsletter, particularly its sleek design and brief, concise paragraphs. However, newsletters aren’t the only asset in the realm of email. Take a look at its subscribers’ engagement message below. It rewards one of their users by allowing them to subscribe for two years.

Events that trigger emails such as birthdays and anniversaries can be fun to receive because who doesn’t want to mark a special occasion? The great thing about anniversary emails particularly are that they do not need users to enter any additional details, and can be utilized by a variety sending companies. Furthermore, the duration of the email is able to be adjusted depending on your business’s model.

Why It Works

The people at TheSkimm went one step further, asking Mineo whether she’d like to be awarded the title of brand ambassador, as a subscriber who is loyal — which requires her to send the link to 10 friends, naturally.

15. Mom and Dad Money

Marketing Campaign: Questionnaire

You think you have a good idea of those who read your emails to market? What percentage of your “know” regarding them could be an assumption? The best buyer personas are built on the insights you get from your readers, through interviews, surveys, and more as well as the research on market.

This is precisely what Matt Becker of Mom and Dad Money does – And he’s doing it excellently.

Below is an instance of an email that I have received from this brand. It’s not a standout design however that’s not the main point. It’s just one would receive an email from colleague or friend soliciting a request.

Why It Works

This initial email excellent however, his reply to my questions was more impressive: Within a couple of days of answering the questionnaire I received a lengthy and thorough personal email by Matt thanks for completing the questionnaire. He also provided an number of helpful tips and hyperlinks to websites specifically tailored to my responses. I was awestruck by his professionalism and communication abilities, as well as an apparent commitment towards his customers.

16. Birchbox

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

The subject message of this email from the beauty subscription service Birchbox brought one of my colleagues Pam Vaughan clicking. The subject line was a snarky message that read: “We Forgot Something in Your February Box!” Of of course, if you look at the text that follows, Birchbox didn’t actually forget to include the discount coupon in her box, but it certainly was an innovative way to grab her attention.

It turned out that the coupon code actually was an additional promotion that was a promotion for Rent the Runway, a dress rental business that is in line with the needs of the majority Birchbox customers. It definitely didn’t fail to please. This is a fantastic co-marketing relationship in itself.

Why It Works

It caught her attention and gave her unexpected pleasure.

17. Postmates

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

I’m going to admit that I’m a huge fan of GIFs. They’re quick to digest, they grab your attention, and they are emotionally powerful like the humorous GIF that appears in one Postmates emails. It’s not just a delight watching, it induces you to crave a delicious Chipotle.

You can also make use of animated GIFs in your marketing campaigns to display a fun header, make people look at specific parts of your email, or show your services and products in the action.

18. Dropbox

Marketing Campaign: Re-Engagement

It’s difficult to appreciate emails from a business whose product you’ve not been using. However, Dropbox discovered an approach to make its “come back!” email fun and humorous by using two cartoons that are whimsical along with an emoticon.

Additionally, the email was kept brief and simple, in order to highlight the message Dropox does not intend to interfere and just wanted to remind the user that it exists and how it can be beneficial. If you are sending this type of emails, you could provide a motivation for users to return to your services, such as an offer that is limited time only.

19. InVision App

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Each week the team from InVision provide a weekly roundup of their most popular blog posts and their top designs from the week, as well as the chance to win a free T-shirt. (Seriously. They offer a weekly new design.) They sometimes also offer fun surveys where they solicit feedback from their readers for their blog. For instance, this week’s survey the survey asked readers to tell them what they’d do if the internet wasn’t around.

Why It Works

The newsletter from InVision is not just is a fantastic mix of information however, I also appreciate the perfect balance between text and images, which makes it a breeze to read and mobile-friendlythis is crucial since the newsletters are long (below is a sample). We love the clever text on the call-to-action (CTA) buttonstoo.

20. Cook Smarts

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

I’ve been a massive admirer of Cook Smarts’ “Weekly Eats” newsletter for a long time. Cook Smarts sends tasty recipes that are part of meals plans to my inbox each week. However, I didn’t include it due to its tasty recipes. I’m impressed by its emails.

I particularly love the design I particularly love the layout Cook Smarts’ emails: Each email has three distinct sections which include one for menus and kitchen tips and the last one is for advice. So, you don’t have to search for the most fascinating content on its blog You know precisely where to find one or two emails.

I also like Cook Smarts’ “Forward to a Friend” CTA in the upper right-hand corner on the message.

Why It Works

Emails can be shared easily over you know it email, which is why you must also consider asking those who subscribe to your emails to their friends or family members, as well as coworkers.

21. HireVue

Marketing Campaign: Email Preferences

“Saying goodbye isn’t simple to do… Therefore we thought we’d give you the chance to think about things.” This is the message of this automatic unsubscribe email from HireVue. We love the easy and guilt-free message from the fun header images to the awesome CTA text for the button.

The design and copy top-of-the-line We also congratulate the team of HireVue for sending out automated emails to unsubscribe to begin with. It’s a good idea to clean your list of subscribers who don’t open your email lists because low open rates could seriously impact the quality of email delivered.

Why It Works

This button is actually a pattern interruption that prompts the user to take a moment to consider whether they are ready to perform the action.

22. Paperless Post

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

If you are thinking of “holiday marketing emails,” your mind might immediately think of Christmas however, there are many other holidays that are sprinkled throughout the the year to make campaigns around. (Download this email marketing plan templates to help you stay well-organized all through the year.)

Check out the below email taken from Paperless Post, for example. I like the headline of this email It includes a simple CTA with an urgency. The subheader then asks a question that causes readers to ask themselves, “Wait, when is Mother’s Day again? Did I buy Mom a card?”

Below the copy is a grid-like design that is easy to read and very appealing visually. Each image on the card is an CTA by itself. Click on any of them and you’ll be directed to a page for purchase.

Why It Works

It creates a positive feeling by enticing the recipient to take action that they might not have thought of (send an email). This is a way to help and will relieve the recipient of guilt over being guilty of not remembering Mother’s Day.

23. Stitcher

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

I am a huge fan of on-demand radio and podcast application The Stitcher’s “Recommended To You” messages. I typically listen to episodes of the same show instead of exploring new ones. However, Stitcher would like me to explore (and join) each and every other incredible content it offers and I wouldn’t have it without this push.

I believe this email makes a fantastic use for responsive design. The colors are vivid and it’s not difficult to scroll or click — and notice that the CTAs are big enough to allow me to press using my fingers. Additionally, the mobile-friendly email is actually packed with features that are appropriate for users who are on their mobile devices. Take a look at your CTA at the end of the email, for example “Open Stitchcher Radio” button allows the app to launch for you on the phone.

Why It Works

Humans are prone to seek out experiences that are unique. Therefore, when you receive emails that appear as if they were designed specifically for you, you feel a sense of exclusivity because you’re not receiving the same thing everyone is receiving. It could be that you feel the person who sent you the message knows about you somehow and is concerned about your preferences and wants to make you feel happy.

24. RCN

Marketing Campaign: Update

Internet providers and weather conditions are natural adversaries. It’s not surprising that telecommunications providers don’t be interested in bringing attention to power failures caused by storms — which is the only thing that causes the customers’ frustration. Then, there’s RCN.

RCN is the wireless internet and cable service, has turned this marketing email into a forecast of weather specifically for customers. The “storm update” helped the company stay ahead of an event that could threaten its service while allowing its customers to receive forecasts for weather right from the provider they trust for Wi-Fi.

As as you can see below the email also offers advice on the safety of your personal information as a nice token of care that goes along with the promise of a responsive service. The bottom of the message, RCN also took the opportunity to showcase their social media platforms that the company makes use of to inform users of the network’s downtime.

Why It Works

It’s just an update. No promoting, no selling. The best interests of the recipient are considered They’re setting expectations for something could be something they’ll soon care about.

25. Trulia

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

I’m a huge proponent of the power of thought. According to me, the top companies earn loyal customers by becoming the most trusted source of information in a specific area. Trulia is an online property-search engine that caters to buyers renters, sellers, and buyers is the expert in the field of real estate. What can I do to know? Read their emails, similar to the one below.

“Why why aren’t more millennials moving?” The headline of this email campaign begins by citing fascinating research on the trends of relocation across the U.S. Trulia isn’t able to gain from those who decide not to move, however the business can benefit from keeping its finger at the forefront of market and demonstrating that it is aware of which direction the real estate market is moving.

Why It Works

It triggers loops by asking an issue that the user has to act on in order to find the answer.

26. RedBubble

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

This marketing email campaign is a slam dunk. it, and this is due to many reasons.

The design below eye-catching without appearing cluttered — the art is created by the user. RedBubble sells products that features designs by artists from across the globe. This gives RedBubble the chance to highlight popular submissions within RedBubble. RedBubble community.

The illustration below highlights artwork taken from “Letter Shoppe” and when the artist is able to see RedBubble with her work it is more likely that she will forward it to family and colleagues.

Alongside a link to the designs of Letter Shoppe (available on items that are ultimately sold through RedBubble) The email contains a sweet quote from the artist featured in the campaign: “Never compromise on your beliefs, and only complete the work you’d like to do more out of. ” Customers of RedBubble will likely agree with this and will open the additional emails in the campaign to read more inspirational quotes.

Why It Works

The message lets the objects be the focus, showcasing the items as artwork rather than items.

These are only a few of our top emails. Be sure to follow the latest the best practices in regards to marketing emails. Every email sent out via your email address at work is also able to be designed to convert more effectively by a bit of planning.

Do you need a quick refresher on what you can do to be successful with marketing emails? Watch this video:

After we’ve looked at some great examples, let’s look at how you can design an efficient email marketing campaign that you can create your own.

How to Execute an Email Marketing Campaign

  1. Make use of an email template.
  2. Define your objective to achieve your campaign.
  3. Know who you’re emailing.
  4. Imagine yourself as the persona of the buyer.
  5. Make a list that is targeted and establish the criteria for enrollment.
  6. Decide on the date you’d like for the campaign to begin.
  7. Make sure you plan your follow-up emails and email addresses.
  8. Create subject lines that will be clicked.
  9. Write copy that’s appropriate to them.
  10. Develop your brand’s brand assets.
  11. Combine all this by using a complete email builder.
  12. Include clearly defined calls to take action.
  13. Include personalization elements.
  14. Always make it easy to let them opt out.
  15. Check your email and ensure they are working on all devices.
  16. Keep track of your data.


These are just a few of examples of different emails you could use as part of an email marketing campaign. The best way to choose which ones to use is to analyze your audience and determine what tone and content appeals the most to them.

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