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Today’s businesses require a multitude of marketing tools to help them grow. With the emergence of new technologies, entrepreneurs have been able to take advantage of effective digital marketing techniques that can further increase brand credibility and achieve business objectives. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best digital marketing tools for b2b businesses.

Today, in the b2b sphere, digital marketing has become a must for any company to be taken seriously in their respective niches. In this article, I will talk about some great b2b marketing tools.



BuzzSumo makes it easy to plan your content strategy and is a must-have in your stack of marketing tools. This B2B marketing tool allows you to see the kind of content that’s most popular and currently trending. This can help you create content that’s more likely to engage your audience.

You can also find the most popular channels for a particular type of content and keep track of popular content from influencers.

The best part about this software solution is that it helps you find top influencers in your niche. By partnering with them, you can give your digital marketing a huge boost.


Marketo B2B Marketing Tools

Marketo is one of the top B2B marketing tools among B2B marketers. With it, you can plan, execute, and measure your digital marketing activities effectively. Be it email marketing, lead generation, or mobile marketing, Marketo can help you with everything.

It can even help you with account-based marketing. The best part about this tool is that it’s suitable for organizations of all sizes.

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buffer B2B Marketing Tools

Buffer can help you automate your social media content posting. You can schedule your social media posts using this B2B marketing tool while you focus on other activities that need your attention. It also helps to analyze the performance of your posts so you can tweak your social media strategy accordingly.

Automation of your social media posting schedule can help you post consistently on social media without much effort. The best part about this software solution is that it’s available for free as well. This is a must-have tool in your digital marketing stack.


Salesforce B2B Marketing Tools

Salesforce is a leading B2B marketing tool for enterprises. It is perfect for large organizations that need to store high volumes of customer and lead generation data. It can help you build great relationships with your customers and prospects.

Salesforce brings a host of software solutions for all brands. Whether you want to open an eCommerce store, drive engagement, sales, or even get detailed analytics of your performance, Salesforce can do it all.


Clearbit B2B Marketing Tools

With Clearbit your anonymous web traffic doesn’t need to be anonymous anymore. You can turn them into detailed customer profiles. This B2B marketing tool helps you identify prospects easily and gain useful insights about them, which can generate more conversions.

If data-driven marketing is your goal, Clearbit is one of the top software solutions that you should look at. It identifies your web traffic based on IP addresses so that you can easily customize your content for your target audience.


OptinMonster B2B Marketing Tools

OptinMonster helps you convert your web traffic and capture your leads. With this B2B marketing tool, you can grow your email marketing list, reduce cart abandonment, and increase conversions. This platform allows you to personalize your offers using behavior automation to increase your conversions.

The best part about this software solution is that it offers templates that you can customize with its drag-and-drop builder. It also lets you test your lead generation strategies in real-time so that you can modify and improve upon them to get more conversions.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social B2B Marketing Tools Social is a top social media management platform that helps to manage your social media marketing easily. Apart from scheduling and publishing posts, this B2B marketing tool also allows you to analyze the performance of your content. You can also use it to track your brand mentions and join any conversations about your brand.

It also has social media automation features that can help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts. You can easily create a chatbot using its bot builder or automate social media scheduling using Sprout Queue and ViralPost.


Engagio B2B Marketing Tools

Engagio is a useful B2B marketing tool that helps with account-based marketing. You can get dynamic alerts about your accounts and take automated actions based on user actions. It gets marketers and sales teams on the same page by providing insights to sales teams and also helps with measuring ROI and engagement.



Zoom is a B2B marketing tool that allows you to organize webinars easily and it is an essential tool for any B2B marketer. You can have up to 100 interactive video participants and an unlimited audience for your virtual events.

They offer a custom package for view-only audiences too. Zoom provides dual-screen support that allows viewers to see the panelist and the presentation at the same time.


Intercom B2B Marketing Tools

Intercom is one of the top B2B marketing tools available. It helps you capture leads and convert them. It also allows you to engage your customers through in-app and push messages and provide support using bots and live chat.

It provides an integrated help desk and knowledge base so you can solve customer issues faster. Be it lead generation, customer engagement, or even customer support, this software solution makes it simpler for you to grow your brand.


DiscoverOrg B2B Marketing Tools

DiscoverOrg can help you with lead generation and account-based marketing. This B2B marketing tool also helps you close deals quickly by reaching your target audience at the right time with the right message.



This B2B marketing tool can also be used by B2C businesses and marketing agencies.

This platform helps you capture the various touchpoints that are pivotal in guiding prospects to become customers. For this, it uses Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel™ technology. With LeadsRx, you can grow your sales, reduce the ad spend wasted, and boost Return on Ad Spending (ROAS).

EveryoneSocial (Employee Advocacy, Brand Awareness)


Often overlooked in B2B marketing is the value of employee influencers – the people that work every day at your company. 

The majority of these employees are on social media and already sharing about your company or their work. Plus, employees have untapped networks of people unfamiliar with your brand or products. 

That’s where EveryoneSocial plays an important role. It’s the easiest way to keep employees informed, creating, and sharing – no matter where they are currently working from.

For marketing, it allows you to keep new content in front of employees to engage and share, to encourage employee-generated content, and to help drive engagement on branded social posts. 

The impact can be felt across sales, employer branding, and internal communications as well. But it can boost brand awareness, drive better quality leads and clicks, and further empathize with your company. 

We’ve found the average employee has a minimum of 1,000 social connections. If you get 500 employees advocating and sharing, that’s an additional 500,000 worth of authentic reach on whatever recurring basis people are sharing. Related: Just learning more about employee advocacy? Don’t worry! We got you covered on some simple stats, data, and justifications. Download our business justification guide

HubSpot (Marketing CRM, Marketing Automation)


When it comes to marketing automation, there is certainly no shortage of options. However, what makes HubSpot stand out as a top choice of the B2B marketing tools available is its continued innovation. 

Previously, the company focused heavily on the automation, email, and social media aspects. But they also made it a one-stop-shop by adding a sales CRM component that makes it seamless to keep track of all prospect information, deals, revenue, etc. 

For small businesses, they offer a forever-free plan that is worth taking advantage of in your marketing. But if you are an enterprise business, they also have the essential features to take your B2B marketing to the next level and stay highly organized.

I’ve been using Hubspot for over five years and the product has only gotten stronger.

Drift (Conversational Marketing, Lead Generation)


If you are in B2B marketing, then you’d have to be living on a different planet to be unaware of Drift

The company and product took over the marketing world in the last few years with the idea of conversational marketing, removing forms, and stellar employee advocacy marketing from employees. 

NoteAhem, this is what great work culture, employee enthusiasm for their company, and employees being encouraged to create and share on social media can do. Employees on social media can make a huge marketing impact. 

Drift uses personalized chatbots for your website, where you can set up various conversation starters to get people engaging and getting information faster. 

Of course, there are tons of features like calendars, email, mobile replies, and more elements that make Drift one of the top B2B marketing tools to consider utilizing. But the product has been a game-changer for marketing and sales teams. 

Clearbit (Lead Enrichment, Data)


A challenging part of marketing is finding accurate data and ensuring it’s clean information. There are plenty of tools out there, but oftentimes the data can be outdated or there are not many features. 

And while your CRM may do a decent job with lead information, Clearbit is a solution your marketing and sales teams can utilize. They combine over 250 public and private data sources, which sorts through millions of data points. 

And then Clearbit provides information from sources like social presence, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and more. 

The software uses real-time lookups to be the most accurate source of information about your leads and contacts.

With Clearbit you can enrich current data, reveal anonymous web traffic into companies viewing your site, and they offer tons of integrations. 

Chili Piper (Scheduling, Lead Generation)

Chili Piper

I remember a few years back seeing Chili Piper come into my social feed and thought what an interesting and somewhat odd product name. 

But it got me to click and learn more about their platform. And I quickly saw the value of marketing and how it can be an essential B2B marketing tool. 

So what is Chili Piper and how does it work?  

The concept of this marketing product is simple: once a contact fills out the information on a form, Chili Piper brings up a sweet scheduler to help people immediately start a call or provide a calendar to schedule time. 

For your marketing or sales team, now you can have an automatic calendar to connect with potential buyers quickly, can coordinate and track in-person meetings at conferences or trade shows, and soon you’ll have access to email collaboration software features that look promising.

Moz (SEO, Content Marketing)


One important marketing function is SEO and technical SEO. And if you have been in marketing at any point, you definitely should recognize the name Moz

There are quite a few good names and platforms in the SEO space, but I’ve personally found Moz to be the strongest. Now, it also can be a bit pricey but the value is there. 

But B2B companies must write content and should value SEO, even in the changing landscape of the search engine algorithms.

Moz lets you do quite a bit in this field including highly accurate keyword research, tracking the performance of your keywords, website audits, backlink analysis, link research, competitor tracking, on-page optimization data, custom reporting, and alerts as well. 

This platform is a beast but can be critical to maximizing your content and SEO. 


Are you still processing the number of marketing tools mentioned above? 

It’s a jaw-dropping number that only grows every year. But what’s cool about this growing list is that more people are coming up with amazing products to better your marketing work and goals. 

However, it can make the process of finding the right tools for what you need more of a hassle. Plus, many B2B marketing tools will have some overlap in features or capabilities. 

Instead, I decided to share fifteen software solutions that I use currently, have used, or other marketing friends have highly recommended. 

There is no particular order to these, nor is every solution going to be a perfect match for you and your team. What combination of tools and which platforms you go with will depend on your company needs and of course, budget. 

Tip: Looking to take your marketing to the next level? Here are five B2B marketing strategies you should consider implementing to boost results

You don’t become a leader without having a lot of knowledge and experience tucked up your sleeve. The most successful business leaders are constantly learning new things that will help them grow their businesses.

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