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Most Advanced Social Media Analytics Dashboard

Social media analytics tools help you track, measure and analyze your social media efforts. By using these tools, you’ll be able to discover the best times to post on social media, how your target audience feels about your brand and what content they engage with the most. Do you want to find out how your social media results are doing? Would you like some valuable insights into what is working and what is not? Social media analytics dashboard can really help with this, but there are a lot of options available. There are dozens of tools that allow you to monitor impressions, interactions, and many other social media metrics. All these have different plans which fit into different budgets. But most advanced social staff analytics dashboard gives you more in-depth analysis at an affordable price. So if you don’t want to waste any time on research or testing new tools, give it a try!

Social media analytics tools are used to monitor, collect and interpret relevant analytics data from social media marketing channels. Social media allows your business to connect with customers online in many new ways. Without social media analytics tools you may have an accounts, but not have much information to work with. Many of the free social media analytics tools allow you to track keywords and hashtags that are relevant to your business. Have you ever searched for “social media analytics tool” online and checked free social media analytics tools’ providers? In case, the answer is yes then you know how hard it is to choose the best social media analytics tool online. That’s why we have done a thorough research of more than 100 high-quality social media analytics tools’ providers across the globe and shared with you a list of top 30 Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools. Before we start this topic, I’m aware that everyone will claim to have the best social media analytics dashboard. They’ll post several tweets or status updates shouting the same thing. I’m going to avoid all that by literally showing you the most advanced social media analytics dashboard ever created. Social media analytics can provide insights that help you improve and expand your social strategies. No matter what platforms or channels you use for business, here are some of the top free social media analytics tools:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that you can use to track your social media efforts. It provides detailed information on how many people are visiting your website, what they’re doing on it, which page they’re looking at and how long they’re staying there. If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, you can use it to track the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns.

2. Cyfe

If you are looking to run a successful social media campaign and want to know how your content is performing, then Cyfe is the best free Social Analytics Tool. It offers real-time analytics for your social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. You can easily track all mentions of the brand name along with other keywords across different networks so that you can publish relevant content on time. The dashboard also has a customizable widget where users can get insights about their followers’ activity and what they like to see on their timeline/feed.

Cyfe offers multiple reports which include:

  • Daily Summary Report
  • Campaign Report
  • Top Posts Report

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management platform that helps businesses manage multiple social media accounts from one place. For example, if you have multiple Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can use Sprout Social to monitor all of them in one place. The free version offers up to three social profiles while the paid version offers more features like analytics reports and social listening tools.

4. Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is the most powerful tool for analyzing your Facebook page. It provides a wealth of valuable information about the performance of your page and how it’s being interacted with by users.

To access Facebook Insights, sign into your Facebook account and select “Insights” from the left-hand navigation menu (it should be right below “Pages”). On this screen, you’ll see several data points that are relevant to you—we’ll go over them in more detail in a bit.

The first thing to notice here is the graph showing how many minutes per day on average users spend on your page. This metric is important because it tells you how much attention people are giving to content posted by you or another user within each post’s comment threads. If this number is low, then either there aren’t enough comments being made or they’re not being viewed as often as other posts’ comments are viewed (and thus don’t stay at top long enough). If this number isn’t high enough for whatever reason (such as if there aren’t many posts), then consider making more frequent updates so that people have something new to talk about every day or so often! The higher this number goes up over time means better engagement rates among those interacting with each update: The more someone interacts with one post before moving onto another one later down line means they either liked what was said/shown/etcetera better than others did not; alternatively maybe some didn’t even finish reading all possible text written out there before moving onto something else entirely different altogether–this could mean not only poor quality content but also lack thereof due simply lack interest due no matter how interesting any given piece may be.”

5. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a free social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts from one place. It gives you key insights into your brand’s engagement on various platforms, including demographics, geographic location, and more. There’s also the ability to identify influencers in the network as well as monitor competitors. Zoho Social offers plenty of features for SMBs but may lack some of the robust reporting and team collaboration tools found in some of its competitors’ paid plans.

6. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is an analytics dashboard for Twitter. It helps you track the performance of your tweets and followers, as well as that of competitors and influencers. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to improve their social media strategy.

7. Sociabble

Sociabble is another of the most advanced social media analytics dashboards available today. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities for free, with some additional features available to premium users.

The free version of Sociabble offers both an easy to use interface and an extensive set of analytics that can help you make better-informed decisions about how you use your social media accounts.

8. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring tool that offers a free version, which tracks up to 500 keywords and 25 users. The premium version can be used by businesses with up to 1,000 users. It provides more analytics reports and advanced features like sentiment analysis and influencer discovery.

The enterprise version allows for unlimited users and campaigns as well as advanced reporting with drill-downs on demographics data, industry trends, and geographic information. The team version is designed for small teams (three to 10 people) who need access to each other’s work while the business edition provides all of the features listed above in addition to easy collaboration tools such as an internal messaging system so you can communicate quickly among your team members without ever having been out of contact with them before!

No matter what social media platforms you’re using, this list of free social media analytics tools will help you successfully track and analyze your efforts with ease.

A social media analytics tool can provide you with a wealth of information about your brand and its performance on the various platforms. You can use this information to help grow your business, improve your marketing strategy, improve customer service and more.

The list below provides details about some of the most advanced free social media analytics tools in 2019:

  • Hootsuite – With over 30 million users worldwide, Hootsuite is one of the leading brands when it comes to managing multiple accounts across different social networks. The dashboard shows all kinds of data points such as engagement rate, reach and much more. They also offer basic reports that can analyze individual posts or campaigns over time so that you can see which ones worked better than others (or if they didn’t at all). This can help shape future posts based on what did well before!


The best thing about these free social media analytics tools is that each one offers different metrics and reports, so there’s no reason why you can’t use more than one at once. So if you’re looking for a new social media analytics tool, then look no further than this list of the top 10 best free tools. These apps will give you all the information that you need in order to make informed decisions about your social media marketing strategy

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