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Pinterest has exploded in popularity and can lead to great success for your business. Learn how to create your own effective Pinterest Marketing plan here.

What Is Pinterest Marketing?

The Pinterest marketing strategy is a collection of strategies that are incorporated into the company’s overall social media marketing plan in order to reach out to new audiences and increase awareness of the brand and product of the company.

According to Pinterest Business, social media marketers use the site to do the following:

  • Reach out to new people and expand your online presence.
  • Increase the number of customers visiting the company’s website or online store.
  • Conversions, such as subscriptions, purchases, or ticket sales, should be encouraged.

To put it another way, you can increase the exposure and financial success of your brand by using Pinterest for business.

In 2021, Pinterest is projected to be the 14th-largest social network in the world, with 459 million monthly active users.

It also has an impressive reach when it comes to advertising:

80% of weekly Pinterest users have discovered a new company or item through the platform. According to Pinterest statistics, there is an increase in the number of boards created each year, as well as the number of pinners.

If your company caters to the same market segment that enjoys and uses Pinterest, then this platform can be a great help if you are catering to that market segment. There have been a lot of women and individual users who have used the platform in the past for shopping or launching new projects. Among men and members of Generation Z as of 2021, it is becoming increasingly popular among men and members of this generation.

In addition to being popular among those who seek out positive inspiration, Pinterest is also a website that is not related to FOMO or contentious back-and-forths.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest Marketing: A Complete Guide to Success
source: blog.hootsuite

You will learn how to incorporate Pinterest Marketing into your larger marketing initiatives with the help of these tactics. Below is a list of some of the advantages of using Pinterest for marketing purposes.

1. Make your content available.

There is no doubt that more than 85% of Pinners look for and favor visual content when it comes to Pins. Hence, Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms available for disseminating all kinds of content, including written blog posts, as a result. It is possible for users to click through live links, unlike Instagram, which does not allow this.

A Pinterest board is a way for you to share content on Pinterest. In addition to distributing your content to your followers, boards also allow you to save every pin you make. In order to make it easy for your audience to find the information they are looking for, you are allowed to create as many boards as you want, grouping them according to themes, ideas, plans, or other sources of inspiration so that your audience can easily find what they are looking for.

There is also the option of inviting other users to join your boards, turning them into “group boards,” which is a fantastic way to boost interaction and engagement on your profile if you want other contributors to add content that fits your theme of the board.

2. Build a community.

It is important to note that online communities can serve as useful hubs for businesses as well as as gathering places for people who share similar interests.

In order to increase the amount of traffic to your website, it is important that you have a community on Pinterest, so that your followers and fans can interact with your boards, read your content, and visit your website.

There are millions of users who use Pinterest on a monthly basis. If you treat your Pinterest board more like a two-way street, where you are able to engage with and interact with the users rather than as a one-way billboard, you will be able to create a loyal following of users who may turn into customers.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your Pinterest following

Despite the fact that you can make use of their name, Facebook account, and other identifiers to find and add specific friends, doing so takes time and would make it difficult for you to significantly increase the number of people you follow.

In order to expand your fan and follower base on Pinterest, you should take into account the following strategies.

  • Promote your Pinterest page through your other social networks as well.
  • You may want to follow accounts that you think will want to follow you back if you follow them.
  • You should keep an eye on what your rivals are doing in order to broaden their fan base and learn some of their strategies from them as well.
  • It is important that you use keywords in your posts (we will discuss these strategies in more detail later on).
  • You can reach out to influencers and ask them to repost some of your content in order to get the attention of their followers.
  • You will need to purchase a Pinterest ads account in order to run advertisements on the website.

3. Educate customers.

The Pinterest site is chock full of tutorials, infographics, how-tos, and links to other educational content that you may find helpful. Due to its preference for visual content, it is an effective channel for educating and engaging customers at the same time.

When it comes to creating and sharing content for your Pinterest profile and marketing to users, be sure to keep your target audience in mind when you are creating and sharing content.

Whenever you are developing new products, building your brand, or posting to other social networks, you must always make sure you’re posting content that resonates with your target audience, existing customers, and buyer personas on Pinterest, just like you would do when developing new products, building your brand, or posting to other social networks.

There are several methods that can be used to accomplish this:

  • If you want to find out what kind of content would be most beneficial and appealing to your buyer personas, you need to conduct research about them.
  • Ask your current clients and followers what they want from your business on Pinterest by asking them to fill out a survey.
  • Take a look at what your competitors are doing successfully (or unsuccessfully) to see what new ideas you can come up with for how to promote your content and make it stand out from the competition.
  • Take a look at the message boards of your current fans and clients in order to better understand who they are and what interests them.

4. Increase online sales and traffic to websites.

As opposed to Instagram, Pinterest lets you link your visual content to another website, in this case, your own website, which is why it is so popular. By using this feature, you will be able to share both written and visual content with users and link them back to your website.

As it has the potential to increase your online sales as well, it is a great addition to your marketing strategy. Many brands use Pinterest to display images of their products when sharing content on social media.

It is essential that brands get their audiences excited about their brand, about the lifestyle they advocate, and about the idea of buying clothing. For example, the clothing company Madewell created this board that offers travel inspiration and is paired with actual products they offer.

You will be able to quickly provide your leads and customers with access to your content simply by clicking a link on one of your website pages that takes them directly to your Pinterest profile, where they can follow you if they like the content that they see. By integrating Pinterest into your website, you will be able to achieve this goal.

With these Pinterest buttons and widgets, you can give your website visitors the opportunity to interact with your Pinterest page directly from your website, view and follow your profile, and jump directly to a specific Pin or board on your Pinterest page. With the help of the network’s widget builder, you can easily customize, create, and add this feature to your website without any hassle.

5. Follow social media best practices when using social media.

It is crucial that you follow the same social media practices that you would follow on other social networks when you are using Pinterest. For instance, remember to interact and engage with your followers regularly, post regularly to your account (and update it) and avoid blatant self-promotion that feels pushy and forced to your audience, as these are some examples of how you can do this.

Furthermore, you can also focus on the following five best practices to boost engagement on Pinterest by following them closely.

  • Make it a point to get your followers to feature your brand in their content (and perhaps offer to repost or re-pin their content if they do).
  • Make sure you offer your audience an incentive – such as a prize – for choosing to follow and interact with you as well as creating posts that feature your products and branding in order to engage them.
  • You can provide your audience with discount codes, coupons, as well as information about your latest products, and updates to existing products, so they will continue to visit your profile on a regular basis.
  • Ensure your content is useful and helpful for your audience members – all content should have a purpose and/or a meaning as to why it is being shared.

6. Take advantage of other social networks to share your content.

To promote your Pinterest account and content, you should share your Pins, images, and videos in other areas in order to increase the chances of being seen and being followed. By claiming your business’ Pinterest account on Etsy and YouTube, your followers will be able to easily learn about the other platforms you are on and how they can view more of your content on those platforms. It is also important to keep in mind that once you claim your account, you will be able to see the analytics and data on all of these Pins so you can identify the other networks your audience is most active on.

Additionally, you can link your Pinterest profile to your Facebook account and Google account so you can easily add and find friends, share content across platforms, speed up your login across all accounts, and create a backup of your profile in case you lose or forget your password information.

7. You can follow, engage, and interact with other accounts on the site.

If you interact with other Pinterest users and their accounts, then you will be able to initiate and maintain personal relationships between them and your business as a result of following and following them. You can use this type of engagement to make your followers feel a sense of loyalty towards your brand, which will keep them coming back to your profile for inspiration, ideas, and to make purchases from your brand when they need it.

You can build strong and lasting relationships with your target audience through the use of Pinterest marketing tactics in the following four ways:

  • The best way to find new accounts of users who indicate or demonstrate an interest in the work your business does and the content you share is to search for keywords and hashtags or to review the followers of the people who are already following your current audience.
  • Make sure you pin, like, and comment on the content that your followers and fans share on your Pinterest page.
  • Make sure you respond to the messages your followers leave on your content so you can make their experience on your profile more personalized and make them feel heard.
  • Create engaging posts that showcase your expertise in your industry, teach your followers how to do something, or get them involved (for example, by running a giveaway or contest).

8. Your results should be analyzed.

In order to get the most out of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you’re probably going to want to make sure that the work you’re doing improves your business’ conversions and brand awareness while you’re putting all of these efforts into it.

As a result, you need to be able to analyze the results of your Pinterest marketing efforts to be able to keep track of referral traffic, engagements, leads generated, and anything else you are interested in finding out about. By using Pinterest Analytics, you will be able to do this in the easiest way possible.

The Pinterest Analytics tool provides you with four major types of information, including:

  • An overview of the metrics related to your profile as a whole.
  • You will be able to see the number of people who save and re-pin your content as a result of this measurement.
  • Metrics based on the platform to understand how people interact with your content on both desktops and mobile devices.
  • A list of the most popular pins that you have created.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest Marketing: A Complete Guide to Success
source: buffer

1. When creating your Pinterest profile, consistency is key.

It is important to maintain consistency with your digital branding when creating your Pinterest Marketing profile in order to make it as easy as possible for people to find and recognize your company online. In other words, your username should be the same as it is on your other social media accounts, your display name should be the name of your business, and your profile picture should be your logo if you have one.

2. Produce ads for Pins that are conversion-focused

If you want to increase the amount of traffic to your site, you can run Pinterest Ads if you want to use Pinterest for free. Preparing your Pinterest Marketing campaign in advance is the key to success. In the event that your goals aren’t set up correctly or your content isn’t optimized, you are likely to waste money. As a result of Pinterest’s Scheduler, you will be able to upload a large number of Pins at once and plan for them to go live at a time that suits you. It is preferable to post frequently rather than add a lot of content all at once.

3. Take control of your social media and website accounts.

As soon as you claim your website on Pinterest, you will have better access to your business analytics. You will be able to track both the Pins that you create as well as the links that other users use to link to your website in their Pins if you choose to enable them. You can also claim your Instagram account, Etsy store, YouTube channel, and Shopify account if you would like to get a full picture of your brand’s Pinterest presence.

With the help of Wix’s SEO tools, users can verify their domain on Pinterest using their Wix account.

4. Improve your boards and Pins for Pinterest SEO.

Due to the fact that Pinterest is a visual search engine, Pinterest SEO is a very useful tool for ranking your Pins on Pinterest.

It is important to be inventive when it comes to your keyword research since there aren’t as many tools available for Pinterest SEO as there are for Google SEO. Use Pinterest’s autocomplete function to get suggestions for what people are searching for. When you type “outfit” into the search box, for instance, you will see that the autocomplete offers outfit inspiration, outfit ideas, outfits for fall, outfits for school, and outfits with leggings when you type “outfit”. As a result, you will be instructed to include those words in the title or description of your post. In addition, it recommends that you create a Pin for each of those searches that you perform.

5. Promote your Pinterest account on your website.

The best way to give your Pinterest pins more branding is to link them to your website. Wix users can access their Tools and search for the term “Pinterest.” This will lead them to a selection of tools including:

  • It is very important that you place a Pinterest button in the header or footer of your website so that people will be able to follow your Pinterest account.
  • The images on your website can be saved to Pinterest by adding Save to Pinterest buttons.
  • Set up a Pinterest social media feed based on your social media accounts.

6.Create your images with Pinterest in mind.

You will see your featured images as your Pinterest posts, as it is the case with many social media platforms, when someone pins content from your website to their Pinterest boards. Depending on your website, the images that you use might not be effective for Pinterest as they might be for your website. Using Wix, you are able to create stunning social media graphics that complement your brand’s aesthetic and make your page stand out from the crowd on the visual search engine. A variety of template options are available through it for you to choose from, and there are also many attractive customization options for you to choose from.

It is important to keep the following tips in mind when creating Pinterest imagery:

  • It is recommended that your ads and pins have a size of 1000×1500 pixels. There is a possibility that anything with a 2:3 aspect ratio or more will be cropped.
  • Make sure that if you use stock images or vectors, you adjust them in accordance with the aesthetic of your particular brand. In order to accomplish this, it could be necessary to use a consistent font, a particular filter, or even a template for the layout.
  • Each image should be watermarked with a distinctive watermark.

7. Allow for rich pins

In addition, rich pins have the advantage of automatically updating when changes are made to the linked website. As a result, every time you update the information on your website, it will also change if the description of a product-rich Pin includes information about pricing, product specifications, or availability of the product. In a similar manner, whenever those details change within the link, the headline, author byline, and description of an article rich Pin will also change as a result of those changes. You can use this feature to make sure that your customers can rely on your Pinterest board for up-to-date information and to save you the time of having to update each post to reflect the most recent information.

8. Participate in the Pinterest community to gain followers

Creating pins on a regular basis for your page is not the only thing that you should consider when creating pins for your audience. In order to stand out on Pinterest, you need to follow other accounts, leave comments on pins, save Pins to your boards, join group boards, and invite others to join your group boards as a way to stand out.

A group board is a great way to collect user-generated content, because they encourage followers to participate and create a sense of community. As an example, if you have a home brand, for instance, you might ask your customers to take pictures of your products in their homes and post them on social media. As part of your group boards, you might also invite collaborators and influencers to join, so they can share content from their partners with your audience through the group boards.

9. Pay attention to your analytics

Once you have started your Pinterest marketing campaign, you should set some SMART goals and keep track of your progress towards achieving them. Make a list of your Pinterest goals for the next three, six, and twelve months and determine how you will meet them. In order to set attainable goals, taking a look at what your competition is doing can be beneficial. It is a good idea to set a goal that they will achieve those same metrics within a year, for example if they currently have 500 followers and 10,000 monthly views, and so on.

It is a powerful tool to track and analyze trends on Pinterest that will provide you with important information about the effectiveness of your content and give you suggestions on how to improve it in the future. If you are just starting out, you should pay close attention to your statistics so that you can modify your goals and content marketing initiatives as necessary based on your statistics. Audience insights and conversion insights are especially important because they will allow you to learn who your content appeals to and what content motivates your audience to make a purchase based on the content they see.

10. Fill your home feed with some inspiring content

If you wish to fine-tune your home feed, please click once more on your profile widget in the top right corner of your screen. It is possible for you to customize your home feed in this section so that it displays only the subjects that you are most interested in. It is always possible to make changes by selecting Business > Home Feed in the top-left corner of Pinterest’s interface.

Pinterest Marketing for Small Businesses

Pinterest Marketing: A Complete Guide to Success

In the case of a small business, you may be wondering whether or not it is worth putting all of the effort and time into implementing Pinterest marketing strategies to promote your business.

Is there a short answer? That’s right, it is.

There is no doubt that Pinterest is one of the most versatile, affordable, and impactful marketing tools you can use for businesses who are looking to convert more leads, drive traffic to their websites, and increase brand awareness with their customers.

Moreover, Pinterest users are the most likely to make a purchase than any other social media user. Let’s take a look at some more ways that small businesses, like yours, can benefit from having a presence on Pinterest, and how you can use it to your advantage.

1. Conduct a market research study.

When it comes to conducting market research, Pinterest is an excellent resource. Small businesses may benefit from this especially if they do not have a large following yet or do not have the experience to know exactly what their audience members expect and want when it comes to content, as well.

With Pinterest, you can easily see what your competitors – and the companies in your industry that have been in business for a longer period of time than you – are doing in terms of marketing and advertising. By doing this, you will be able to discover which tactics they are using on the platform and you will be able to determine what is working for their audience members. Also, you can have a look at the content that your audience Pins as well as who they follow and whom they interact with on the platform.

2. You should feature your blog posts on your website.

It is a great way to showcase your inbound marketing efforts such as your blog posts or content offers on Pinterest. As an example, you can pin a photo or a video to a board and then include a link to a blog post that discusses the visual content you are pinning. The purpose of doing this is not only to promote your blog posts, but also to drive traffic directly to your website as well.

3. You need to drive traffic to your website in order to succeed.

A great way to drive traffic to your small business’ website is to use Pinterest – this is a great way to generate leads and conversions for your small business. As well as sharing URLs in your profile, you can also share them in your Pins and boards. A good example of this would be to post content with a link to your email sign up page, “About Us” page, or blog post in the content.

4. Create a visual story that tells a story visually.

In order to tell a visual story about your brand, you can use Pinterest. The advantage of using pictures and videos is that you’re able to show – rather than tell – your audience what your company stands for, what you value, what you support, as well as the type of products and services you provide.

You can use Pinterest to introduce your small business to a large number of platform users in a unique and engaging way.

5. Take advantage of the opportunity to display your work and show off your expertise.

Using Pinterest is a great way for your small business to display your work and to demonstrate your expertise in your industry to the world. A few examples of pins that you can use would be images and videos of your work, infographics, data visualizations, and blog posts.

In light of the fact that you might not yet be a recognized brand, it is important to do this as soon as possible. This is because as your business grows and you become more well-known, you will be more likely to be recognized as a business with useful and relevant content for your audience members as a business that is recognized as a leader in the industry.

6. Don’t forget to humanize your brand.

Pinterest is not an exception to the rule that social media of any kind can help you humanize your brand and give it some personality. Through the platform, you are able to directly communicate with your audience members, chat with them one-on-one or as a group, and offer them assistance when they encounter any difficulties or roadblocks while conducting business with you.

Additionally, you can use giveaways, videos of your behind-the-scenes work, the latest company news, product information, promotions, and discount codes as a way to show your audience and followers just how much their support and business means to you.

When you establish and maintain these business-to-customer routines early on in your company, you humanize your brand, set the tone for what your company will be known for, and demonstrate to your customers how your company intends to grow with them in mind.


Starting marketing on Pinterest can be a great way to reach a larger audience and boost sales. However, it’s important to take some time to prepare your listing and promotional strategy before you get started. By using auction sites and social media platforms to drive traffic to your website or blog, you can make money from various sources. Additionally, by making money from social media, you can reach a wider audience with less effort. Overall, starting marketing on Pinterest can be an rewarding experience!

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