Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketing

Social media help you connect with everyone in your network, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out where to start. This program gives you easy to use tools that put the most effective social media marketing techniques into your hands. The combination of Twitter and Facebook marketing and productivity tools is so powerful and will generate more qualified leads, opportunities and sales than you ever could by yourself.

Learn how to improve your productivity by using the latest tools and technology to increase your social media marketing efforts. This guide will walk you through the basics and offer quick ways to save time and streamline tasks.


flipoard social media productivity tool

I might not visit my Facebook page on my PC anymore, but sometime I end up visiting it on my mobile device. I counter this habit by using the Flipboard app. I can connect my Facebook page to Flipboard and view my feed there and it only shows me content posted by pages instead of stuff posted by friends.

As you can save articles you like with it, it’s a great way to find useful content to post on your social media channels. You can also use Flipboard on your computer by visiting the website.

Using Flipboard you can access content on your other social media channels and by topics you like.

Using these 2 productivity tools will make you more productive on Facebook.

Timers and blockers

Sometimes the above productivity tools won’t do the job of helping you focus on your social media marketing. Hence you will need some more powerful tools like timers and blockers. Here are a few of them…

Tomato Timer:

tomato timer productivity tool

The Tomato Timer is a free productivity tool that helps you execute the Pomodoro Technique. Using this timer you can set 25 minute intervals and then and begin working on your project. After the 25 minutes is up you can stop your work (the timer will ring an alarm bell) and use the timer to set a quick break of 5 minutes or a long break of 10 minutes. After your break you begin working for another 25 minutes and continue the cycle.

You can also set desktop notifications on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.


eggtimer social media productivity tool

The Tomato Timer isn’t for everyone as it only lets you set 25 minute intervals. For those who prefer custom intervals, that are longer or shorter than 25 minutes, E.ggtimer will be perfect. You can even follow the Pomodoro Technique with the E.ggtimer. They have it preset.


stayfocused social media marketing productivity tool

StayFocused is a browser extension that blocks time wasting websites. There are various options that cut out access to sites that are affecting your productivity. One of the best features is that you can use it to restrict the amount of time you are allowed on a website. Once the time is up you won’t be allowed on the site.


rescuetime social media marketing productivity tool

RescueTime is a wonderful productivity tool that can be added to both your desktop and your mobile devices. There’s even a browser extension. It has several useful features. One of the most powerful one is that it tracks your daily activity to tell you how much time you have spent on different websites, apps and other software. You can even block sites with it.


Planoly is specifically designed to help you manage your Instagram presence. You can arrange how your feed will look with the exclusive ‘drag & drop’ feature, schedule content and captions days/weeks/months in advance (you’ll get reminders when it’s time to post) and it even provides you with analytics that’ll show who has interacted with your posts.

The built-in scheduler enables you to schedule not just photos but videos and GIFs too, while you can use the hashtag manager tool to create different groups of hashtags for each post. It also makes it that much easier for you to search for UGC (user-generated content) which use your custom tags.

The free version gives you the option of uploading and scheduling 30 photos/month, with a month’s worth of analytics stored, but if you move to the duo option for $15/month, you’ll be able to manage two accounts, with unlimited photo, video and GIF uploads, and analytics history saved for up to a year. You also have the option of utilizing the ‘Shoppable’ package, which embeds a gallery onto your website, tags products on every post and tracks performance based on how many people purchase each item.


In a nutshell, Echofon is the easiest way to manage your Twitter timeline.

The tool keeps unread tweets in synch between apps on different devices, helps eliminate duplicate notifications and enables you to stop notifications within a sleep period. No matter whether you choose the iPhone, Android, iPad or Mac version, you’ll be able to view timeline photos and videos in full screen, and see all the tweet details by tapping the tweet and opening links without the app.

Site streams deliver tweets in real time, with LiveLinks on your timeline, and you’ll be able to tweet over 140 characters as well. The Android version also has dashboard widgets which enable you to access the most used Twitter features without leaving the home screen.


The free version of SocialOomph gives you a ton of flexibility, beyond simply scheduling tweets. You can set up alerts to track keywords in your public stream, so you can follow what everyone is talking about, while you can also shorten links, purge tweets and your inbox to start over. You can also link up to five Twitter accounts at once.

The professional version ups the ante by letting you vet new followers, apply spam protection, and filter spammy profiles (and sort them into Twitter lists if you need). You can also use the tool with unlimited Facebook profiles, schedule Facebook status updates, upload photos for Pinterest and schedule posts for LinkedIn.

You can even use it to publish and schedule blog posts.


This Social Media Marketing Toolkit has all the resources you need to do your own social media marketing without paying expensive monthly fees to a company that will do it for you.

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