Do you know the best eBay keyword tool? This post will answer that question and give you step-by-step instructions on how to use it. Because I get so many questions about this topic, I wanted to provide an in-depth guide.

This is the One Page Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research for Amazon & eBay. You will discover my recommended keyword research tool, how it works and why I use it. I’ve included Amazon and eBay with this because Amazon often becomes the platform of choice after analyzing Amazon data – it offers more sellers, more products, and therefore better competition.

What is an eBay SEO tool

An eBay SEO tool takes the hard graft out of finding the right keywords for your eBay listing. It does this by analyzing the relevance and competitiveness of keywords, helping you to identify the top search term spots to compete for. 

Why is eBay SEO important

Once upon a time, eBay’s search results were in order of the auctions ending soonest. Since then, a lot has changed, and eBay now automatically returns search results according to “best match”. 

This makes eBay SEO crucial because:

It helps eBay understand what you sell, to return you in relevant results;

Being returned in relevant results increases the chances of a customer clicking your listings; and

A customer clicking your listing improves your ability to convert. 

Why is an eBay SEO tool important

But, identifying the right keywords for your eBay listing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Take our above search, for example. The search term “wellies” returned 57,477 results – that’s a lot of listings to compete against for the top spot. 

“Pink glitter wellies”, on the other hand, returns only 276 results – a much easier search term to compete for

But “pink glitter wellies” might never be searched for on eBay – making claiming the top spot a little redundant.

eBay SEO tools help you to navigate all of these complexities and identify the perfect keywords for your listings. But which tools are the best?

Tips for search engine optimization

Optimize your listings for the top Internet search engines.

Use keywords: Ask yourself what words people are likely to use in a search engine when looking for what you’re selling. Once you have three to five of these keywords, use them naturally in your listing title and item description.

Include unique identifiers: One of the most important things you can do to make sure your listings are found by search engines to include unique identifiers like Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EANs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), and Manufacturer’s Part Number in your listings.

Unique identifiers because that information is used by eBay and search engines to connect buyers to the products they’re looking for and to give them the information they need to make their purchase.

Take care with titles: Your listing title is a key factor in a natural search. Include the most important keywords or keyword phrases in your listing title. Use all of your available characters wisely. Keep in mind that users don’t search for words such as “wow” or “look.”

Write impactful content: In about 200 words, describe your item the best you can, in as much detail as possible. Your most important keywords should make up 5% to 7% of the description. For example, in a 200-word description, you’ll want to use those keywords 10 to 14 times. Search engines only read a certain amount of text per page, so including more and irrelevant description isn’t worth your time.

Avoid keyword spamming: Use keywords as naturally as possible; don’t overdo it! Note that keyword spamming is both irritating to shoppers and a violation of eBay policy.

Don’t use hidden text: Don’t add invisible copy; search engines will not read it.

Include links: Add links in your description to other products, your eBay Store, and product videos. The link words should be relevant to their destination. For example, link phrases like “Visit my Store” and “See other items” are more effective than “Click here.”

Use image alt tags: If you write your HTML for listings, be sure to include alt tags, which are keywords that accompany and describe images online. This is another opportunity to optimize keywords or keyword phrases when they’re relevant to the image.

The best eBay SEO tools

eBay Special Page

The first tool to find eBay keywords for title optimization is eBay itself, but not everyone knows this secret method that we are sharing. 

This method depends on eBay search suggestions, which represent what people are searching for on eBay. However, these suggestions don’t appear when typing in the search bar on the home page.

For example, let’s try typing “cell phone holder” in the home page’s search bar.

trick to finding ebay keywords for product titles

As you can see, there are no suggestions related to the keywords we typed in. 

The secret to making eBay suggest some keywords is by going to the eBay security center page.

using ebay security center to get keyword suggestions

You can access the page by going to the bottom of the eBay home page; under tools and apps, you will find the security center, as shown in the screenshot. 

Only on this page, search suggestions start appearing when typing something. Let’s use the same keywords we typed in the home page’s search bar and see the difference.

get keyword suggestions from ebay on their security center

You can see eBay is suggesting keywords on this page. These keywords are what people search for, specifically on eBay.

From these suggestions, you can know the most searched keywords. You can also get ideas about niches or particular types of products you intend to find eBay keywords for their title optimization.

SeoStack Keyword Tool

The second secret tool is an extension on google chrome that provides you with multiple keyword searching options.

The extension is called SEOstack Keyword Tool. To install it, enter the name in a google search then click the link that you can see in the screenshot below.

second tool for finding ebay keywords for title optimization

Then click add to chrome

install the SEOstack tool

This is the tool interface:

using seostack tool to find ebay keywords for title optimization

To begin searching for eBay keywords for titles Optimization, we need to set up some search preferences in the tool settings.

adding general keywords to the sestack to get more specific keywords

Start by entering your base keywords that will allow the tool to find more long-tail ones.

Then select the keywords extraction source. Although the tool allows the combination of multiple sources like Google, Amazon, Bing, etc., in our case, we want to get only the keywords that people are searching for on eBay. 

After that, select which country you want to target. Since we are selling on eBay US, we will choose the United States and choose English. 

By the way, it’s a good idea to combine multiple search sources like Google, Amazon, and eBay, for example. Because in many cases, the first trend signs appear on Google because people start by searching there first and later on eBay. That makes Google able to identify demand before eBay does.

Now that we chose our settings and entered our seed keyword, “Cell Phone Holder.” Let us click start and see the results.

After we chose our settings and entered our seed keyword, “Cell Phone Holder” Let us click start and see the results.

keywords generated by the second tool

You can see that the tool has generated a lot of related keywords. From here, you can start getting ideas about the best eBay keywords for your title optimization.

The Title Builder Tool

Title Builder is more known than the other two secret tools.

third keyword finding tool

You can have a significant advantage by combining the previous tools with the title builder. 

Keyword Tool

SEO Tools for eBay


Keyword Tool is an easy-to-use eBay SEO tool, giving you all of the insights you need. Pop in a search term and Keyword Tool will return a list of relevant, unique keywords along with information on the search volume and 12-month trends. You can also see the CPC and competition on Google Adwords. 

Price: From $69 per month. 

Free trial: 30-day money-back guarantee

Click here for more information. 


SEO Tools for eBay

(Source: TeraPeak)

We’ve already featured TeraPeak in our guide to the top eBay product research tools, but guess what? They offer keyword insights too. TeraPeak’s extensive sales data helps you to identify the keywords that will influence your position in eBay’s search results. Specifically, you can:

? Look through search data to compare your keywords with your competitor’s.

? Use the Title Builder to create titles based on other active listings.

? Compare the sales performance of different keywords. 

Price: From $12 p/month (free to US Basic, Premium, Anchor, or Enterprise eBay Store holders.)

Click here for more information. 

SEO Review Tools

SEO Tools for eBay

(Source: SEO Review Tools)

SEO Review Tools is a basic eBay SEO tool – simply enter a seed keyword, and SEO Review Tools will generate a list of suggested eBay keywords. The best part is that this tool is free to use, giving you initial ideas and insights. 

Price: Free.

Click here for more information. 

Google Keyword Planner

SEO Tools for eBay

(Source: Google)

While not specific to eBay, Google’s keyword planner is a powerful tool for keyword research. Use your AdWords account to discover related keywords and see Google search volumes and trends.

Price: Free.


Nowadays eBay has become one of the substantial business markets on the planet. It is promoted by c-discounts which always strive to help in taking a shrewd decision in making the things done very correctly and properly. For a long time with the help of keyword research, online marketers have been working hard to produce their profit perfectly by employing several terms in their strategy.

Enter your eBay listing Keywords and Traffic Estimator Tool will show you: free and low competition keywords, SEO analysis of your eBay Title, results from top search engines, total monthly searches for the entire eBay keyword catalog, related keywords, and terms to add to your description.

Finding eBay keywords for title optimization is vital for your eBay listing’s overall SEO, which will determine the ranking of your listings in search results. 

As you know, eBay allows 80 characters in the product title. We recommend that you make use of all those characters. Use all the relevant keywords possible to make your title reach 80 characters. 

This way, your product will have more chances to be found through a search using one or more of the title’s keywords. But remember not to use irrelevant keywords because that will negatively impact the rank of your listing. 

We hope that these tools will help you find the best titles for your listings. Share it with anyone who struggles to find keywords for eBay product titles.

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