Shiny Object Syndrome: What it is and How to Overcome it

Do you Remember the story of Snow white

(I’m sure you do but in case you have not heard the story or if you have forgotten the story, you can get acquainted with it right here)

Now… You will definitely remember how the evil queen disguised herself and gave snow white a poisoned  Apple. After eating it, Snow White fell into a deep sleep.

Shiny Object Syndrome is just like the evil queen. It also disguises itself and will give you a poisoned apple of “ideas” and “strategies” that seem good on the outside, but they are really, really terrible when you buy into it.

In fact, the one thing that guarantees you will stay broke online is SOS! (Shiny Object Syndrome)!

Many Online Marketers today  are Like snow white; they are eating poisoned apples given to them by Shiny Object Syndrome and they end up falling into  long deep sleep of massive distraction, unproductive efforts and worst of all… Zero Profits and Wasted Resources.

Have you ever made a discovery, had a new idea or found something that seems very promising and you wanted to try it at all cost?

But sooner or later you ended up quitting or not finishing it because you discovered that it will be much better to do something else or it was just another waste of time.

Anyway it happens to everyone and it is not a new thing for an Online marketer. In fact at every level, entrepreneurs must deal with SOS!

But Wait a minute…

What exactly is Shiny Object Syndrome?

Shiny Object Syndrome is the distraction and interruptions that prevents you from being fruitful. It is the tendency to get distracted by new thoughts, ideas and strategies that seem really good but at the end you never  get to focus, finish or complete what you started.

The SOS is haunting every entrepreneur and can be found in literally every industry.

Every entrepreneur at one stage or another must face the shiny object syndrome. This is why you see businesses chasing projects after projects and change after change but end up letting it go. You see some TV Shows are gone for good after few episodes or some new idea venture suddenly get closed.

However, For the Online marketer the shiny object comes  in form of new innovations, ideas, marketing trends, software, strategies, new marketing gimmicks and the next big things that everyone is talking about…

The Goal or promise as usual is that you will achieve tremendous results with less effort and time.

Here are some examples: (I have Capitalized the shiny objects)

  • “How I made “$39,820” in 4 DAYS using this “FREE SECRET” traffic source”
  • This Software pulls traffic on AUTOPILOT for FREE
  • I “COPIED” and “PASTE” and I made $235,940 in 4 HOURS
  • The ULTIMATE Guide GUARANTEED to make you money in “24 HOURS”
  • Make $368.89 Daily using only your PHONE for FREE
  • (Add your own)

This is the norm and if you surf the internet frequently or you are active in the Warrior Forum, you will definitely be familiar with this.

Many marketers are buying products upon products, tools upon tools and software upon software, that they will end up not using. In fact the more they buy the more they are likely to fail.

So… Let’s face it..

Are you Being Haunted by the Shiny Object Syndrome?

Well there is only one way to find out…

Answer these questions:

  • Do you always start projects but never finish them? (Always working on something new)
  • Are you currently suffering from Information Overload? (You know everything that you can’t do anything)
  • Do you find yourself busy but have nothing to show for it? (Always busy but never productive)
  • What specifically can you say you have accomplished with your Online marketing?
  • Do you always feel like you are going to fail even without trying?

While the evidence and signs of Shiny Object Syndrome is not hidden, they are not that easy to identify, because most people are either…

  • Caught in the web of believing that they are doing right thing or ….
  • They see their activities as necessary and make excuse of their failing.


Because their self esteem has been damaged. So they try to give themselves hope and recover from it by saying it is not my fault.

But Wait.. What has self esteem got to do with Shiny Object Syndrome?

When you discover a new trick or tool or crazy idea that got you fired up, that you probably…

  • Bragged about it to someone else
  • Borrowed money to work on it
  • Spent all the money you have on it
  • Or left everything just to see the idea happen

But soon you discover that it was not what it seemed to be.. how would you feel?

Your faith in yourself, confident and self esteem will definitely drop at least for a moment or two.

This is why an online marketer must not get carried away with all the “big things” and good ideas, products and tools they come across every day.

Here are the Signs and Symptoms of the Shiny Object Syndrome

  • Good Starter but Poor Finisher

If you always start new projects that never finishes, then you may be highly infected with the shiny Object syndrome. Today you start a blog and tomorrow you’re off to sell tee shirts on teespring, next tomorrow, you are freelancing and the day that follows you are looking to become a video marketer…

It goes on and on and you find yourself, working but not seeing results and when you check your to do list, you see a lot of project marked “pending” this leaves you devastated and tired of the whole thing.

This leads us to the second Symptom:

  • Always Busy But Never Productive

If you are the type that when you check your to do, you can’t help but marvel at what a great list of task that needs your attention, then check yourself, because you are highly infected…

One Question i have learnt to always ask myself every hour is….

What have you achieved so far? 

This question has always helped me to always stay productive and it helps me to make sure that I only focus on what matters and do the most important tasks that helps me to achieve the results I desire.

It is not about being busy… it’s about getting results.

So if you find yourself always busy but never producing results then you are probably under the siege of Shiny Object Syndrome and you must break free.


  • Frustration

Are you frustrated and tired of Online Marketing? Have you tried to figure out Why things are just not working the way you want? What exactly are you doing wrong?

Well, you may not be doing anything wrong, in fact you can be doing it right but you are just not sticking around one thing long enough to get results.

So if you are frustrated and tired of online marketing venture, find out why and you will be shocked to discover that shiny object syndrome may be at the heart or part of the reasons for your frustration.

  • Jack of All, but Master of None

It is one thing to know something or have heard about something, and it is another thing to have done it and effectively applied various principles underlying it.

One big part of shiny object syndrome is that you always want to try everything all at once.

But you are always never equipped to try them. Therefore making you familiar with almost all concepts, theory and tools in the market, but you are never experienced with it or have a very shallow experience with it.

What are you a master at?

  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Traffic Generation, PPC or Video marketing etc.

Stop Banging your head on the latest Search Engine Algorithm unless you want to become a SEO guru.

Forget about the newest Youtube Cheat unless you want become a top video marketer.

Throw away that expensive subscription to a template or swipe file site unless you want to become a master copywriter; forget about fiverr and upwork unless you want to become a freelancer.

It is not about how many you know, rather….

  • It is about how well you know it and
  • What you do with what you know.

The More you know, the more miserable you become unless you achieve more results as well.

To whom much is given… Much More is expected of him…

Let’s move on to the next Sign or symptom

  • Double Mind

So you find yourself always banging your head on the wall when you try to get a simple task like design a logo or ad graphic done and you can’t help but ask yourself,

Which Program should I use?

Photoshop, CorelDraw, PowerPoint, Canva, Pixlr or Paint?

Then you are probably suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

When I was trying to get started with video marketing, I needed to create lot of videos… So, I purchased almost every product you can think of.

I got..

Video Alchemy, Video Vibe Pro, Video maker Fx, Explaindo, Easy VSL, after effects etc. Just Name it… I tried almost every video tools out there.

Even video creation sites like animoto, flixpress, artcle video robot and many others where not left out.

But the Bad news or should I say good news was… I ended up creating videos with PowerPoint.

Like Seriously? I had PowerPoint all these while on my PC but thought I needed some crazy software to do what I needed.

That is what happens when you are infected with the shiny object syndrome, you are overwhelmed and you will be double minded that you can’t even think straight or make decisions quickly.

And my coach used to say…

“The Fastest Shortcut to Success is Decision” – Marcin Marczak

If you always have double mind especially when you want to get simple things done or accomplish your tasks using a simple software, but because the market says this one is the best, you go all out and waste money only to end up using the same software you abandoned in the first place.

  • You Always spend Money on new launches

I think this is the final point I will be making on the signs and symptoms of Shiny Object Syndrome.

By the way I may appear a little controversial here, but take it or leave it… that is the fact.

“It is good to spend money only on tools you currently need not on tools you think you will need or be needing.”

I am always not interested in courses, training and eBooks,

Why? You may ask me…

Nobody will pay me for

  • downloading eBooks,
  • Watching video training and
  • reading eBooks upon eBooks.

As a matter of fact, I have made up my mind to be the Producer not the Consumer.

I would rather write another eBook than Download another one… UNLESS… I really need the content of that eBook.

How do I know that I need the content?

If it is inline with where I am going or with the goal I am trying to achieve and if it suits into my style, else I simply forget about it.

Take for example “traffic generation”! I need more traffic as always, but If you are telling me to start using some hideous SEO methods, Some crazy Free traffic sources etc… I am sorry to Disappoint, but I am not interested.

Why? It is simply not my style.

If you want to get my attention on traffic generation, topics like scaling up my CTR, Conversion and reducing my current Facebook advertising cost… will definitely be a yes.

Now that you have seen some symptoms of Shiny Object Syndrome… Check to see that you are not infected and if you are familiar with any of the following symptoms, find out if Shiny Object Syndrome is behind it.

Now Let’s look at…

How to Effectively Cure Shiny object Syndrome

Getting rid of Shiny Object Syndrome is not hard and it is something you should do right away if you are infected. To begin the process, you must first of all understand and identify the areas where SOS has really affected you the most and the major sources or factors that brings about or causes shiny object syndrome.

5 steps to cure or Get rid of Shiny Object Syndrome

Step No. 1: Be Clear on Your Purpose

  • What outcome are you looking to achieve?
  • why are you looking to achieve that outcome?

Knowing your outcome and defining your purpose, will definitely help you overcome shiny object syndrome and make you super productive.

The reason many are stuck with the shiny object syndrome is because they do not have a clear purpose, no direction and no roadmap on how to get there.

It is important that you have a definite purpose, set your goals, have a plan and strategy on how you can make that goal a reality.

When you are fully focused on achieving your goals, you be able to know the reason for every action you are taking.

Step No. 2: Get Rid of Distractions

It can be hard to close your eyes when everyone is screaming look here….

This is why it is important to close your ears and not listen. So take the step forward and

  • Unsubscribe from those screaming marketers list
  • Get rid of your Facebook news feed.
  • Sell your TV and close every door of distractions especially when you are working.

Distractions will always jump in but it is your duty to close your eyes and say to yourself: “This is a waste of time”

Step No. 3: Create the right Work Environment

Environment can really play a huge factor in determining if you will be successful. There are two kinds of environment:

  • The Environment you create around you
  • The environment you find yourself

While you have full control over the former, you have no control over the latter.

The good news is, the environment you create around you has great influence on the environment you find yourself in. Having a productive environment around yourself will send the distractions packing whenever they come.

So create a positive and productive environment around yourself. Get a home office or a dedicated office where you operate from and place the right stuffs that will get you to work.

Note: The suit and style of offices varies based on individuals in question. What matters is that you create the one that helps you become more productive)

Step No. 4: Get a Coach / Mastermind Group

There is no need emphasizing the importance of a coach to the online marketer.

To succeed online, you need to have the following things in place:

And finding all this things on your own can be time consuming. This is why you need to have a coach that can guide you and answer all the questions you may be having.

He/She can recommend and guide you all the way to the top. They will also show you what works and what doesn’t work.

This is why I recommend Top Tier Income

It is a program designed to show you how you can build and grow a successful affiliate marketing business.

Apart from giving you a proven system, you also get

  • Personal 1-on-1 Coaching
  • completely Done-For-You sales funnels
  • Done-For-You high-ticket sales made FOR YOU
  • A Done-For-You product fulfillment, payment processing and customer support
  • And many more.

Check it our here

A Mastermind group is necessary to help you:

  • Stay connected and updated
  • Learn new strategy and tips
  • Monitor your progress and challenge yourself

Quick tip: If you would like to join my private mastermind, then contact me via the Help Desk

Step No. 5: Always Plan

This is the most vital step. Always plan and stick to the plan. The popular saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is very true.

It is important that you plan every single activity. The reason anything can just creep in and disrupt your day is simply because you didn’t plan the day or the activities you will be doing.

  • Before you attend that meeting plan what and how it is going to look like.
  • Before you power on your computer, map out what you will be doing and how you will be doing it.
  • Figure out how long it will take you to get it done.

When you have a plan in place, it is important that you stick to it.

Planning also helps you to judge your progress and see where you have failed and how you can overcome future failure.

In Conclusion

Your Online marketing business is a long term project. And this is why it is highly important that you maintain optimal focus and concentration. You must stand your ground and not let trends and fads sway you here and there.

Go all out and set both short term and long term goals. Create a clear plan and focus on one funnel, one traffic source and one strategy until you get result.

Being productive is all about seeing task to completion. It means staying on task and seeing your plans through to completion, even when those around you may be trying new strategies and shifting course.

And while a lot has been said about shiny object syndrome, it is important to note you can’t get rid of it all at once.

Even the masters of productivity still struggle now and then with it.

So, don’t try to get it off all at once, instead, start with the strategies shared above and use it to keep making small differences in various areas of your life.

It takes consistent effort, and one small daily ritual to fully bring out a desired change and you should keep making that continuous effort.

When you find yourself distracted, don’t feel bad or discourage, instead re evaluate and get yourself back on the right track.

Now that you have learnt how to avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome, It is also important that you focus on the Money Making Activities that will get the result you need.


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