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Social Media Analytics Dashboard Excel

Social media analytics dashboard excel template is the most efficient and informative report. KPI Excel Dashboard can be a valuable tool for your business specially for social media marketing. Social media platform updates, and advertising too. With the help of this powerful reporting tool you can get access to complete social metrics. The Social Media Analytics Dashboards are very much useful for business owners as well as digital marketing professionals . Social media dashboard excel template is a powerful tool for managing different social media accounts. Here you can see the statistics of all popular social media networks such as facebook, twitter and others.Social media analytics dashboard excel is useful for not only marketing managers but also SEO specialists and sales persons. Excel is the go to software used by millions of people and businesses in their day to day functions. The beginning of any highly specific excel sheet starts with the basis of a kpi dashboard. Kpi dashboards are known to be capable of putting in perspective the rate and strength of performance growth of your team in terms of work efficiency and overall business performance.Social media dashboard excel can be a handy tool for your business. It helps you to keep an eye on all the important information related to your company’s social media accounts. If you are not using social media dashboard excel, you should start today! The world is going social: 93 percent of marketers are currently active on social media (source: ). Facebook alone has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users spread across the world. And if we take a look at the social analytics dashboard , the top five most engaged brands across Facebook and Twitter (excluding celebrities) have an impressive 671 million followers.

Now you can have all your social media analytics organized in one place. This template is great for anyone tracking social media KPIs including social media specialists, content marketers, PR pros, and more. It’s a free Excel spreadsheet that uses conditional formatting to turn data into an interactive dashboard. Download it for yourself. With the need for accurate and actionable analytics, the use of excel is on the rise. Excel can be used in creating analysis dashboards, monitoring performance reports and analyzing data among many other functions. If you are searching for ways to track your social media performance through excel, then this article has what you need. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr & Co. offer a lot of data which can be retrieved through the APIs of these social media platforms. While this information is mostly available, it’s often scattered in different spreadsheets so that you cannot take full advantage of the data. In order to solve this issue and make sure you fully leverage on the offered data, we’ve created a high-level dashboard that allows you to quickly get an understanding on how your social media accounts are performing. Keep up with the pace of your social media marketing. Using Jitbit Excel Social Media Analytics Dashboard, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube activity in one place. This is unlike any other social media dashboard that we’ve seen before.

How to build a social media dashboard in excel

A social media management dashboard is a tool that allows you to monitor, analyze and report your company’s social media performance. Here’s how it works:

  • You can use pre-built templates or build one from scratch. We’ll show you the steps for building one from scratch.
  • Create your own template by importing data into Excel or Google Sheets (or both), then use conditional formatting to display it in different ways based on criteria like date range or status type (e.g., tweet/post). Once you have all this set up, save the results as a template so that next time you want to create a new report just hit “new” and select “template”! This is called dynamic filtering because the filters are changing automatically based on what type of information they are showing at any given point in time without having us having to manually go back over each individual box again every single time we want more details about some specific aspect such as number of posts per day instead of just seeing overall averages across all days combined together under one heading only which would make sense if there was no way around having multiple sets

Social media kpi excel template

Social media kpi dashboard excel template is a KPI report that provides you with the data you need to analyze your progress on social media. The goal of this template is to help you understand what your audiences are looking for and how content can be used to generate more clicks. It also shows you how many times a post was shared, what type of content was most popular and which posts got the most shares in order to better understand what resonated with audiences (and therefore should be replicated).

Using our kpi tool, you can track performance metrics such as number of likes and shares across various channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. You can even track engagement rates such as comments per post or number of clicks on individual links shared through each platform’s native share tools like retweets or likes on Twitter or “+1s” on Google+. This allows marketers to make informed decisions about where they spend their time when creating new content—or maybe just improve existing ones!

Social media dashboard excel free download

Download Free Social Media Dashboard Excel Template. The template can help you to track your social media performance and analyze your strategy by using the standard benchmark metrics.

It allows data for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (including YouTube) to be tracked in one place with one report.

Social media dashboard excel template free download

The best way to manage social media is by using an excel dashboard. A social media dashboard template is a tool that allows you to track and monitor your social networks, as well as provide valuable insights into what’s working and what isn’t. It can also help you understand your audience better, so that you can improve the content on your blog or website.

An excel dashboard for social media will help you:

  • Know how often each post is shared
  • See the number of followers in real-time
  • See where most of your traffic comes from

Social media dashboard report template

Social media dashboard report template is a free template for social media analytics. You can use it to track the performance of your social media marketing campaigns, and measure their effectiveness in terms of engagement and reach.

In this post, we are providing you with an extensive list of the best free social media dashboard templates which will help you in tracking your social media performance.


Through the innovative use of data, social media analytics dashboard excel will help your business project growth and expansion. By tracking key performance indicators across multiple platforms, you can expand into new demographics by utilizing the trends available in your data. Take your marketing to new heights with this easy-to-use and customizable social media dashboard that is unique to your brand. Take advantage of advanced reporting features for a deep look into your brand’s most valuable asset: its customers. Finding the time to keep up with social media is hard enough. Making sense of the data often feels impossible. That’s where a social media analytics dashboard Excel template comes in. The template we’ve put together for you below will help you track and measure your various marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and other networks, giving you vital insights into each campaign’s performance so that you can enhance it and improve on future results. An example of dashboard reporting: Once the decision has been taken to make a call centre more efficient, managers will first set their targets then gather information. To begin with, they will assess what their present performance is like. They can then look at using a few charts and diagrams to identify where previous efforts have fallen short. They can then prioritize which of these problems to tackle first. The well-being of call centre workers depends heavily on performance metrics.

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