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Social Media Analytics Free Online Course

This is an introductory course about social media analysis. With the increasing amount of social media data, understanding and extracting insights from this huge data becomes essential for businesses to gain competitive advantages in the modern world. The text will introduce the students to the basic concepts of network analysis and visualization, and how they can be applied on Facebook data.

Social media is one of the most important sources of big data in a digital business today. Analytics can be used to derive insights that help you better engage with customers and generate leads. In this course, you will learn how to apply analytics to understand how customers interact with brands on social media. You’ll also gain an understanding of how organizations analyze social media and develop product ideas through social listening.

 Marketing in a Digital World

Marketing in a Digital World

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: University of Illinois

  • How tools such as smartphones and 3D devices are changing the marketing sphere
  • How power is shifting from companies and brands to consumers
  • Offering product ideas that stick in a digital world

Skill level: Beginner

About this course:

“Marketing in a Digital World” is one of the most popular free marketing courses on Coursera – with more then 100,000 students enrolled to this date. Taught by a professor at the University of Illinois, this class focuses on the transformation of marketing strategies an tactics into a digital-first world. Specifically, how technology is putting the power of marketing into the hands of the consumer.

This marketing course is perfect for marketers looking to understand where the marketing field is today and how you can leverage new-age strategies to attract customers. And for those who are keen to continue their learning, this course is part of a larger Digital Marketing Specialization for the University of Illinois.

QuickSprout University

QuickSprout University

Offered by: QuickSprout

Created by: Neil Patel

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising
  • And more!

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

This awesome (or should we say huge?) set of classes from the one and only Neil Patel is a great place for marketers looking to learn about a huge variety of online and digital marketing tactics. Class topics range from beginner SEO and content creation strategies to advanced social media, email marketing and paid advertising.

What makes this course is that Neil Patel presents the information in very easy-to-learn and snackable ways. The lessons are presented in video format and range anywhere from 3:00 – 12:00 minutes. Each video also comes with a full transcript allowing more visual learners to follow along.

 LinkedIn — Social Media News And Trends

This is a biweekly series, led by marketing and social media expert Martin Waxman, that explores the newest tools and techniques that marketers are using to reach their customers. Every two weeks he explores a new topic, including mobile, voice search, video, live streaming, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the evolution of social media, and regulations like GDPR. It’s an effective way to understand what’s current in the world of marketing and how you can leverage these trends to grow your following.

 Introduction to Social Media Strategy (Skillshare)


This is a beginner-level course offered by Buffer and the instructor is their digital marketing strategist, Brian Peters. It is designed to help you learn how to form an effective social media strategy.

Here are some of the aspects that it will cover:

  • Finding a unique voice
  • Selecting the right platforms
  • Creating and curating engaging content
  • Using the right tools
  • A 5-step Facebook advertising strategy

It is a short video tutorial that can be completed in just 43 minutes. However, we suggest that you do your own research and study after each lesson.

Social Media 101 (Constant Contact)

This is a detailed social media course for beginners, offered by Social Media Quickstarter. It trains you on step-by-step processes to build your social media presence on different platforms. It includes a different course module for each platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Within each module, you will get detailed information about all aspects of building a profile and engaging your audience on that channel. It also includes dos and don’ts for each platform and suggests strategies to do well on each platform.

Social Media Monitoring (Udemy)

This is another free Udemy course created by Eric Schwartzman. It will guide you through various aspects of social media monitoring

Here are some topics that it will cover:

  • Techniques for keyword phrase filtering
  • Finding the right keywords to monitor
  • Finding influencers and building influencer lists
  • Curating content
  • The drawback of rich text analysis
  • Social media monitoring strategies for different platforms

The course uses a mix of video and textual reading materials. The course duration is 7 hours and 26 minutes. You can get the video content for free but for the certificate and additional resources, you need to pay.

 Social Media Marketing Course

Offered by eMarketing Institute

Founded in Copenhagen in 2014, eMarketing Institute is on a mission to allow anyone to get their beginner’s certifications in the field of digital marketing, regardless of income level. Their courses are 100 percent free, and unlike many others on the list, they do not require you to pay to get your official certification. You will, however, need to pass the exam.

With this free online social media marketing course, you get over 165 pages of in-depth material that is easy to follow at your own pace. There are 25 chapters covering social media topics like:

•Marketing for mobile


•Target Audiences

•Content sharing

•Creating a strategy


•Return on investment



That is just a shortlist of the types of content covered in the program. Upon completion, you will be allowed to take the final exam. There are 50 multiple choice questions, and you need to get at least half of them right to pass. Once you pass, you can download your completion certificate to include in your LinkedIn Profile, CV, and anywhere else you want to share it.

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes

Time to Complete: Varies

Curriculum: Beginner

User Experience: Good

Quality of Instruction: Good


•One of the few free online social media marketing courses with a certificate

•Go at your own pace

•Ebook format


•The website can be slow to load at times

•Read-only course

 Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Academy

Offered by: HubSpot

Created by: HubSpot

  • Inbound marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound sales techniques
  • Content marketing
  • Growth-driven design

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Certification is full of super actionable, hands-on learning material that allows marketers to take their general inbound marketing know-how to the next level. The certification consists of 12 different classes and more than 4.5 hours of learning material in both video and text format.

You’ll learn all about SEO, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern-day inbound marketing strategy. This free online marketing course is presented in different modules, where after successful completion of all the lessons and tests, you’ll be HubSpot certified!

 Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content

Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content

Offered by: Coursera

Created by: University of Pennsylvania

  • What makes ideas sticky
  • How social influence shapes behavior
  • The power of word of mouth

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

About this course:

Taught by University of Pennsylvania Professor and best-selling author, Jonah Berger, this free online marketing course helps to answer the mystery of why some ideas and products become popular and why others do not. It’s perfect for social media managers and marketers looking to put a “science” behind their content marketing method.

You’ll start with an understanding of why things catch on in the first place and how you can use those lessons to create viral content online. Then, you’ll move on to spreading your new and creative ideas through social media and other digital marketing channels.

 Facebook — Facebook Blueprint

Facebook offers a ton of free resources broken into easy to digest five-minute lessons. Some of their latest courses include the Essential Guide to Facebook Ads, How to Create a Facebook Page to Grow Your Business, How to Select the Right Ad Objective for Your Business, and The Essential Guide to Finding Visuals for Your Ads. Considering it’s done by Facebook and offered in an intuitive format, it’s probably the best place to start when learning the ropes of Facebook marketing.

Introduction to Social Media Advertising (SkillShare)


Social media advertising sounds like a task you would want to outsource. If you’re interested in creating and running your own campaigns, this Skillshare course is just what you need. This introductory social media advertising class is ideal for marketers, brands, small businesses, freelancers, and everyone looking to harness the potential of paid social advertising. Hosted by Brian Peters from Buffer, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Learning key terms and vocabulary
  • Setting and evaluating campaign goals
  • Targeting audience segments 
  • Developing attention-grabbing graphics and copy 

This course covers the basics so well that it gives a clear direction of what you should explore next to advance your skills. This is a core foundation of Social Media Advertising and helps to understand what matters in your advertising efforts and how to start and measure success. 

 Pay Per Click (PPC) University

WordStream PPC University, Social Media Marketing Class

Offered by: WordStream

Created by: WordStream

  • All about PPC (What it is, basic terminology, structuring)
  • Keyword research
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B testing
  • PPC for lead generation and B2B

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

PPC University is a fully free online learning resource created by WordStream, to help build your PPC and digital marketing skills. The format is presented in three streams of learning plans which offer lessons for beginning to advanced users, with additional modules for social advertising.

You can also access a number of webinars and white papers to enhance your digital marketing expertise, and best of all, everything’s mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go, whenever you have time!


Social media analytics is a powerful tool for businesses interested in finding out how consumers are interacting with their brand and how this communication can be used to increase brand awareness and sales.

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