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Social Media Analytics Report Template

“Social Media Analytics – The Process of gathering data from social media websites and analyzing the data using social media analytics tools to make business decisions.” You can easily download the Social Media Report Template free for 2020 for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Social media analytics report template excel is a valuable tool for social media analytics report pdf. Having the right set of templates to work with is important if you want to make data-driven decisions. This social media analytics report template free will provide you with an intensive understanding on how to get started easily as well as where you can find valuable resources and examples of how other brands have prospered with the help of this sample that’s continuously growing by the hour. Your monthly social media analytics reports are important. And they should be sent to the right people in your company. That’s why you need a template like this one. You can generate it in seconds with our free tool. Just enter your data, and we’ll get started!   Social Media Analytics Report Template is a downloadable document in MS Word format that is pre-filled with your activity across various social media platforms for a predetermined time period of your choice. Pretty cool, right?

The Social Media report helps you track your performance across various platforms. It is also a great way to showcase your achievements by presenting it in front of your clients and colleagues. We will discuss how to do this in detail in the next section but first let us take a look at what exactly we mean by “Social Analytics”. In simple terms, this means that you are looking for specific things like engagement rate (number of times a user has interacted with your content), follower growth rate (if a person follows more than one account on social media), audience engagement per post (the number of people who saw your post and responded) etc… In addition to these metrics there are some other important ones as well such as: audience demographic information (gender/age/location), mentions (mentions by others or even yourself). Are you looking for a social media analytics report template? Then you have come to the right place. Here is a professionally designed social media analytics report template that is both downloadable and printable. Print this social media report and use it with your business partners, clients, affiliates or just for your personal records. It’s time to upgrade your reporting skills and look like the pro you are!

Social media analytics report

Social media analytics reports are an essential part of the social media management process. While they are often written and distributed internally, they can serve as an excellent resource for conducting market research or other marketing initiatives.

To ensure your report is effective, remember that you’re not just creating a piece of text; you’re creating something your audience will read and use to make decisions about their business (or personal) lives. Your goal should always be to write a concise document that is easy for readers to understand and interpret—and one that also provides them with actionable next steps based on the information they learn from reading it!

Social media report template

Social media analytics report template

The social media report template is a great tool for keeping track of your business’s progress and success on social media platforms. It can also help you plan out upcoming campaigns and measure the effectiveness of updates. Using this handy guide will ensure that every employee in your company is well informed about what they are posting, when they should be posting it and how many people will see it based on their audience size.

This report includes information like:

  • A summary of all the posts made by each user within the given time period (such as the last month). This includes which posts were successful or not so successful with engagement levels per post type such as images versus text-based content etc…

Social Media automation

Social media automation is the process of automating social media marketing. It is a way of helping you manage your social media marketing with less time, effort and cost. It is a great time-saving tool for busy marketers.

Instagram analytics report template free

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. If you’re not already active on Instagram, it’s time to get started!

Instagram is a great way to connect with your customers, build your brand and drive sales. Here’s how:

Download Instagram Analytics Report Template Excel

Download the Instagram Analytics Report Template Excel here.

Open the template, and fill in your data. Then click on “Generate Report” to generate a report based on your data.

Periodic Reports Summary

The summary should include the highlights of the report. It’s important to provide a brief overview of what you’ve discovered, but don’t go into too much detail. Your audience will likely skim this section, so it needs to be concise and easy to understand.

The summary should include key takeaways from your analysis and research. These are the most important findings that can be applied immediately by your readers, such as [insert key recommendation].

The summary should also include any key recommendations for moving forward with social media marketing strategy based on this analysis and research, including some next steps for you in light of these insights (for example: “We need to increase our budget for video content production over the next three months because there has been an increase in engagement with videos”).

Download free social media analytics template PDF

Social media analytics is the process of gaining insights into your social media performance. This template can be used to analyze your company’s data in terms of likes, comments and shares, as well as mentions. It can also help you compare your company’s metrics with competitors or industry benchmarks.

To use this template:

  • Download it here
  • Fill out each row with the appropriate information for your business (you may want to do this in Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Download an automated reporting tool such as SumAll or Klout to create custom reports based on these metrics

How does the Social Media Analytics Report Template help?

The template is designed to help with the analysis of social media data and the presentation of the analysis. It’s also meant to help you understand what you’re looking at, make decisions based on the data, communicate those decisions to others, and be able to reference back to past reports.

A social media report must be accompanied by the analysis.

In a social media report, it’s crucial that the analysis is included. If you’re not sure what kind of analysis you’re looking for, there are plenty of examples online that can illustrate the different types of data available and how they could be used in your reports. A good place to start is by reading some of these helpful blog posts:

  • What Social Media Analytics Can Teach You About Your Customers
  • How to Use Social Media Analytics In Your Marketing Strategy


You can’t make any changes to your social media strategy if you don’t know if it is the right one for your brand or not. You need to think about what you want to achieve in terms of growth and engagement, then look at the data to see if that has happened over time.

A social media analytics report template can help you gain valuable insights into what’s working well and where there may be room for improvement by giving you an overview of how each channel is performing compared with other channels.

Use this free download as a starting point for creating custom reports on your own data:

Instagram Analytics Report Template Excel Example – An Excel file that shows how an Instagram report might look when filled out with information from a company’s Instagram profile.

Twitter Marketing Dashboard Template – A PDF designed specifically for use with Twitter analysis tools (e.g., Twitonomy) and available as part of our Social Media Analytics Toolkit which includes many different types of templates across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc…

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