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Social Media Analytics Tools for Law Enforcement

Social Media Analytics Tools for Law Enforcement & Observations is a tool that helps the public and law enforcement better understand the U.S. gun violence problem through online learning platforms. It is vitally important that we train the public and law enforcement to recognize the signs of mass shooters, to be able to anticipate their next move, and to stop them before they can do harm.

In this workshop, you will explore the tools and methods for using social media for law enforcement. Social Media Analytics Tool for Law Enforcement is a tool that helps police agencies to monitor and analyze social media data to inform criminal investigations.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

It is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of tools.

  • One type of tool is a search engine that users can use to search the full text from the posts on numerous platforms and/or blogs. It ensures users query information in real time or conduct searches over time periods.
  • Another type of tracking tools gives users an opportunity to monitor and be notified when specific keywords or phrases, or certain words are used in the social media. As it’s usually done, updates are sent to the user’s email account when there is an activity related to a particular keyword. This kind of tool can also be bundled with other tracking tools.
  • The third type of the tool does not search for keywords or phrases but rather monitors whether a given person is writing posts related to certain words during a time period or about a particular topic in general.

Those from police who have limited resources or budget constraints consider such tools for basic monitoring. For those who have more resources and time restraints, search engine and keyword-based tracking may be most cost effective tools for investigating cases.

In addition to searching for keywords, these tools allow law enforcement government agencies to receive alerts when there are bursts in network activity. This can be particularly helpful for finding leads in child exploitation cases, monitoring a person’s movements during an investigation, or tracking the popularity of certain topics.

Sophisticated tools that track people’s movements and publicize certain posts require additional investigation resources.

 Google Analytics Screenshot from Google Analytics, one of the best social media analytics tools

One, seemingly unrelated social media analytics tool is Google Analytics.

Even though Google Analytics has been mainly designed to analyze the web performance of your website, it also offers plenty of insights about social media channels, for example:

  • Sources of social media traffic to your website: Discover what social media platforms bring the traffic
  • Goals completions for your social media posts: Assign goals and analyze their completion
  • Conversions from social media posts: Assign revenue to conversions in social media
  • Assisted social media conversions: See if any of your social media platform contributed to a conversion


  • Google Analytics is free.
  • Good chances are your site already has it implemented.
  • Provides valuable insights about your audience.
  • One of the most popular analytics platform – lot’s of tutorials available online.


  • Takes time and skills to properly set it up to track your social media strategy.
  • It’s not designed for managing social media, requires some advanced knowledge about the tool.


Screenshot from Buzzsumo, one of the best social media analytics tools

Another, this time paid, social media analytics tool I personally really, really, really like is BuzzSumo.

What is BuzzSummo? It’s a content analytics tool – among many features such as brand monitoring, social listening or competitor research, it also provides social media analytics:

  • Content discovery: Find most shared content in social media networks. It’s a powerful feature for content writers!
  • Content analysis: Find social media data about particular topic of interest: content type, top shared domains, top social media platforms, etc.
  • Influencer marketing: Find top influencers in a niche or industry based on social media reach or engagement.


  • Offers free trial
  • Presents up-to-date popular content. Allows to find trending topics to share on social media.
  • Easy to use.


  • Bit pricey if you want the full version.
  • Not a social media management tool. You will need additional tools if you need that feature.


NapoleonCat is a social media management tool with built-in social media analytics and reporting features. It allows you to track the performance of your social media campaigns across channels for multiple profiles and pages. Interestingly, you can also track your competitors’ social media activity. 

Equipped with data from NapoleonCat, you’ll easily spot tendencies and craft social media content that resonates with your company’s target audience and brings the best results. Here’s what NapoleonCat can help you with:

  • Viewing what content types work best and when and how often you should post to achieve the highest engagement
  • Monitoring your team’s activity to keep your social customer service major-league
  • Comparing audience insights and post engagement of multiple social media profiles, including your competitors
  • Scheduling weekly, monthly, or quarterly social media analytics reports that will be automatically sent out to your boss, your client, or whoever else needs them


  • Allows you to benchmark your results against your competition
  • Automatically generates customizable social media analytics reports
  • Tracks social media key metrics in real-time


Screenshot from Cyfe, one of the best social media analytics tools

One of the best social media analytics tools is Cyfe – a business dashboard tool.

It syncs up data from many, many, many marketing tools in one place.

The number of available integrations and dashboards is astonishing and makes Cyfe a powerful tool – it covers not only social media analytics tools but also advertising, email, monitoring, sales, SEO and web analytics tools!!!!

However, let’s focus on the social media part.

In Cyfe, you can build your social media dashboard including following apps and data:

  • AddThis
  • Bitly
  • Facebook Ads: Cost, impressions, clicks, actions
  • Facebook Pages: Likes, clicks, active users, page views
  • Flickr: Top photos, slideshows
  • Google+: Plus ones, circled by
  • Google+ Search: Posts
  • Instagram: Photos, followers, following
  • LinkedIn Ads: Cost, impressions, clicks, conversions
  • LinkedIn Company: Followers, impressions, engagement
  • Pinterest: Boards, pins, likes, followers, following
  • Publisher: Schedule social media posts
  • Reviews: Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, YP
  • SlideShare: Views, favorites, comments, downloads
  • Twitter: Tweets, followers, listed, mentions, influencers
  • Twitter Ads: Cost, impression, engagement, follows
  • Twitter Search: Tweets, mentions, hashtags
  • Vimeo: My feed, top videos
  • YouTube

You can try it out for free.


  • Create reports with in-depth social analytics.
  • Easy set up.
  • Pre-built widgets for services like Google or Saleforce.


  • UI can be unintuitive.
  • No custom reports with social data.


Social Media Analytics Software helps police and law enforcement agencies detect crime, investigate faster, and stay safe. The webinar will explain how law enforcement uses social media to detect threats in real time with software to track social media chatter, identify sources and collaborators, and detect locations using geo-location data.

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