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Social Media Analytics Tools That Can Be Deployed to Understand Consumer Behavior and Trends

Social Media Analytics Tools that can be deployed to understand consumer behavior, marketing opportunities to reach your target audience, and brand positioning.

This course will help you understand consumer behavior and trends through social media analytics. It also explains the tools that can be deployed to see the bigger picture of consumer insights with relevant examples to aid your understanding.


Awario is a social listening tool that analyzes publicly available online data based on the keywords you choose to put in. This makes the tool extremely versatile: it provides you with valuable insights on your brand, your audience, your competitors, influencers in your industry, ect.

Awario gathers social data from all the major social media platforms as well as the web.  The statistics you’re able to get from the tool include:

  • The number of mentions: How many times your keyword(s) was/were mentioned on social media and the web.
  • The reach of your keyword: How many people saw your keyword(s).
  • The number of mentions by platform: Which part of the Internet generates the most mentions containing your keyword(s).
  • The number of mentions by location and language: Where people are discussing your keyword(s) the most.
  • The sentiment behind social mentions: How people feel when they talk about your keyword(s).
  • The key themes around your keyword(s): Which phrases are used the most with your keywords.

It’s also able to analyze the authors who mention your keywords and evaluate their influence and activity.

You dig social media data by creating an alert to monitor your keyword or keyword combinations. You can compare up to three alerts in the Alert Comparison tab, which, in addition to all the analytics mentioned above, will tell you the share of voice between the alerts. So, for example, if you have an alert monitoring your brand name and another alert for your competitor’s brand name, it will tell which one has the bigger share of voice, i.e., which one is more discussed on social media.

All this data can be exported in CSV files, or in PDF whitelabel reports.


Sotrender Interactivity Index

Sotrender is the tool that helps you get the most out of your own social media statistics. It combines metrics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube insights on one dashboard allowing for easy access and analysis. It shows you where your followers are most active, what content performs best, and how your fans are engaging with it. Based on these numbers, Sotrender will recommend some actions that you could take to improve your social media performance.

What’s great about this tool is that you’re able to track the performance of your competitors as well. You can analyze the content they post, their audience, growth rates, and so on, to see how you stack up against them.

The other important part of social media analytics is reporting. Reports help you keep your team and management up to date and can persuade your clients to invest in certain strategies. Sotrender provides users with scheduled automated reports but you can also customize reports for specific occasions.

If you need a platform to collect all your analytics in one place and present them in nice-looking reports, Sotrender is a great choice.


Buzzsumo Content Analyzer

Buzzsumo is another social listening tool, however, it analyzes social listening data for different purposes. First and foremost, it leverages social media analytics to inform your content strategy (both web content and social media content).

The tool analyzes content shares to identify the hottest topics, emerging trends, thought leaders, and the most popular content types. It finds the hottest content by topic, author, or domain within a matter of seconds. Buzzsumo also shows the share activity across all the major social networks including, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

You can also search the posts by type, for example, only look for infographics or interviews. You can set Buzzsumo to alert you any time someone publishes an article with your keyword, your competitor has a breakout post, or when a specific author posts an article.

Buzzsumo also offers powerful influencer analytics features. It identifies influencers in your topic area and shows what content they prefer, the topics they talk about and the domains they mention most often.

You can also see who shares the content from your competitors’ domains and compare your content performance on social media with your competitors’ performance.

Buzzsumo is the best match for the brands that put a heavy weight on their content marketing strategy.

 Sprout Social

The need for cross-channel social media analytics makes Sprout Social an easy choice for No. 1 on our list.

Whether you want to dive deep into your performance on a single network, or quickly compare results across multiple networks at once, Sprout has you covered.

Track Facebook Page impressions, tally up Twitter link clicks, measure Instagram follower growth, evaluate LinkedIn engagement, asses content performance on Pinterest and much more, all from the same location.

Then quickly organize and share your data with easy-to-understand, presentation-ready reports. Or take it a step further with Premium Analytics and create your own custom report, tailored to your organization’s KPIs.

Sprout comes complete with both templated and customizable reporting options, meaning you have multiple ways to not only gather essential social metrics, but truly understand what they mean and present them to others including only the metrics you care about most and reducing the noise.

Sprout instagram hashtag report

From tags to trends and everything in between, Sprout puts powerful analytics at your fingertips. You can even access data related to internal team performance and competitor activity to help you improve customer care or benchmark your brand against others in your industry.


The boom of influencer marketing has created a need for social media tools specifically tailored for influencer campaigns.

Enter TapInfluence, an analytics platform which removes many of the “what-ifs” related to influencer marketing. This includes metrics such as reach, engagement rate and the potential price tag behind any given influencer.

In short, TapInfluence highlights relevant influencer metrics in black and white so brands can better understand whether or not a potential relationship makes sense prior to outreach.

TapInfluence provides eye-opening insights regarding an influencer's reach and engagement rate

Influencer campaigns shouldn’t be a black hole of ROI. In addition to individual influencer metrics, the platform also measures the performance of overall campaigns against industry benchmarks.

TapInfluence's reporting compares your brand's influencer campaigns to industry benchmarks


Crowdbabble dashboard

Crowdbabble is a platform that gives you access to detailed analytics of your social media accounts across a variety of platforms. It gets data from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

It collects all the necessary metrics in one place so you can check out your Facebook performance and your Snapchat performance without having to open separate apps. You can also download any chart generated by Crowdbabble with one click. You’ll definitely want to download it too as the tool visualizes your social media data to make it easy to understand and create a cohesive narrative. It offers over 100 different reports.

Besides your social media profiles, Crowdbabble can analyze your branded hashtag and tell you how many people mention it in a minute, how many users are engaging with it and the top posts that mention the hashtag.


mailchimp reports and analytics software


Mailchimp is a full-service marketing platform that offers analytics for social media ads. It’s easy to use for small marketing teams and requires little time to pour over the accompanying analytics.

With Mailchimp, you’ll have an audience dashboard, which is a page dedicated to understanding audience behavior. Additionally, the software offers tools to look into smart targeting and mobile integrations. These tools can diversify a social strategy and deliver higher engagement numbers by helping you create content that specific audiences will respond to.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ dashboard

Rival IQ is another social media platform that pulls data from your social media accounts and collects social listening data. As you can guess from the name, the tool puts emphasis on competitor analysis, but there are many more use cases for it.

Rival IQ shows you the native statistics from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and analyzes social listening data from Twitter and Instagram. What makes it stand out is the fact that it doesn’t just pull data from your profile, it also analyses your Facebook and Instagram ads data to make sure you’re spending the advertising budget efficiently.

As for competitor analysis, you have a wide variety of tools to choose from here. You can see how your performance compares to your competitors’ by benchmarking your social media accounts against theirs. Rival IQ will show you which Facebook posts your competitor boosted so you will be able to see what updates they give special priority to. Moreover, you will get alerted every time their post performs unusually well either by email or in the app.

The tool allows integration with Google Analytics, so you get even more insights to inform your marketing decisions.

It will be the best fit for brands that want to engage in a comprehensive competitor analysis strategy.


databox social media analytics tool


Databox is an expansive analytics platform that lets you set and track social media campaign goals. It’s a good choice for businesses that have many contacts, social accounts, campaign goals, and target audiences.

Customize metrics that matter most to your campaign or social channels for your reports. Any integration you have, such as HubSpot, will be visible from your dashboard as well.


If you want to understand consumer behavior and trends, the Social Media Analytics report can help you. Customize it with your settings and preferences to get the best information most relevant to your business needs.

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