As you know, most blogs don’t attract readers without content. If you buy social media content creators it’s easy to create great content. I feel like a liar because I am promoting my nice product. . It can be hard to make a choice, but I’ve got your back.

There are plenty of social media content creation tools that allow you to plan, create, and publish awesome posts. But which one do you choose? There are tools out there that cost a dollar and tools that cost thousands. So which does content creators need? Let’s find out.

What Do You Need for Content Creation?

  1. Research image sizes
  2. Create your images
  3. Follow your branding guidelines
  4. Use content creation tools
  5. Post your content with a social media management tool

There are a few aspects to consider when starting the content creation process. First, you need to research the required image sizes for social media posts. The next step is to create your image, and here you need to consider aspects such as colors, themes, illustrations, or text you might want to add.

Then, you need to figure out details such as the number of hashtags you can add to your post, the character count of your copy, or any branding guidelines you might want to preserve.

The good news is that there are content creation tools that can help you with any of the mentioned aspects. These content creation tools are video and image editors, which will give your social media marketing plan a boost and save you a lot of time as well.

Your social media content is looking on point, but now comes the question: how am I going to post my content on multiple platforms? Not to worry, a social media management tool such as SocialBee can help you out with this. A social media management tool can help you save time, and also create, edit and post content to all your favorite social media apps from one place.

1. Canva

This is a simple graphic design platform that offers image creation for websites, social media, business cards, logos, presentations, and many more. With this platform, you can use existing designs or create your own. Canva recently launched Canva for Work which allows you to better organize and manage your client’s branding. With this platform, you do not necessarily need graphic design skills to create a good design. Another great element about Canva is that it offers custom dimensions for what you need to design for, whether it is for an Instagram post, Pinterest Pin, or Facebook banner.

Canva Landing page Mockup.png
Canva Landing page Mockup.png

2. Adobe Photoshop

This software is popular for image creation and can be used for photo editing, graphic design, video game design, and a lot more. For someone new to Photoshop it can be a bit overwhelming with all the tools to learn, luckily there are tons of Youtube videos to help you design what you want and make use of all the available design tools. There are quite a few versions of Photoshop but the most recent one is Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC). Adobe offers monthly payment plans, and you can also pay to include access to other Creative Cloud programs when you purchase a Photoshop plan. When opening up a new file, you need to type in the exact dimensions you need for what you are creating. The current dimensions for posts on each social media platform are:

Facebook: 1200 x 628 Twitter: 1,024 x 512 Pinterest: 735 x 1,102 Instagram: 1,080 x 1,080

3. Adobe Illustrator

This platform allows you to create web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards. Not only is Illustrator flexible over desktop but you can also use this platform over iPad. Illustrator is vector-based so the artwork will stay crisp even when scaling up the size. With this platform, you can turn shapes and colors into logos and icons, create unique typography, draw freehand and recolor your graphics.

4. Premiere Rush

It is designed as a cross-platform, multiple device video editing software that aims at social media content creators looking to process video clips quickly and upload them to their favorite social network. The standard formats include widescreen, vertical, and square. The app is currently available on iOS, Windows, and macOS. The software is straightforward as you add clips and position a clip by using a drag-and-drop process. Creators can re-position clips, images, and motion graphics to work for them. Adjusting color and exposure of clips is similar to the Lightroom CC experience. You can add color-grading filters or use sliders to adjust exposure and color options.

There are so many more – but these are super helpful when it comes to creating content. Canva has officially saved Digital Marketers and designers tons of time, energy, and resources and is an absolute win for content creation.

5. PromoRepublic — Pick or Create Visuals and Share Them on Social

PromoRepublic is the only all-in-one social media tool that has a readymade content library, graphic design functionality, smart posting features, and analytics. Our team of designers and copywriters creates different types of original graphics for various industries to save time marketers and small businesses spend on content creation. You can choose the post you like the most and schedule it for automatic distribution across various social channels. Sounds perfect, right? After the free trial, the price starts at $9/month.

6. Crello — Create Designs for Social Media Posts and Print Materials

Crello is a visual editor similar to Stencil and Canva, but with a greater choice of in-house images, numbering 60 million photos to choose from. It’s a good fit for marketers and small businesses that are short of funds to hire designers or simply for individuals doubting their design skills and questioning what is trendy. Easy and intuitive to use, you don’t have to figure out how visual editors work — Crello does the job for you.

visual content creation tools

7. Pablo — Transform a Message into an Image

Pablo, an extension for Buffer, helps users revamp their messages, quotations, or snippets of content into beautiful visuals. Installing the Pablo app in your browser gives you the possibility to highlight a phrase you like and transform it into an image with the right click of your mouse. After the phrase is sent to Pablo, it can be overlaid with an appropriate image. It is the fastest way to create content out of nowhere for your social media channels.

content creation tools

8. Quozio — Create Quotes with Graphics in Seconds

Quozio is another tool that can help you with content creation for social media. It is the simplest and fastest way to create quote graphics. How does it work? You can just enter your text in a box, mention who said it, and choose backgrounds and fonts that match your style from Quozio’s large collection. Sharing buttons are located just below the textbox, which keeps the sharing process simple.

9. Meme Generator — Design Catchy Memes

Even though not the best way to increase engagement consistently, memes turn up to be positively perceived and awaited, when, for example, new GoT episodes come out or other events take place. To utilize these on social, you need tools like Meme Generator, the classics, that allow you to increase brand awareness with funny images and texts. Meme Generator offers you a set of the most popular memes, such as Forever Alone, Foul Bachelor Frog, Insanity Wolf, Success Kid, Bad Luck Brian, Philosoraptor, Socially Awkward Penguin, and others.

10. BEE

BEE is your solution for creating beautiful, engaging emails. You can design a gorgeous, compelling email swiftly, thanks to the free email builder with drag-and-drop features. All you need is a message and a little creativity. The BEE plugin works seamlessly with your company’s mobile app.

  • Cost: In addition to offering free plans, BEE also offers pro plans for freelancers and small agencies at different price points. The BEE Pro plan for freelancers is $15/month and the BEE Pro plan for agencies is $25/month; BEE Pro (Agency) is $45/month. BEE also offers free trials for every plan.
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Time/Effort Needed: Less than an hour to design and compose an email
  • Best For: Freelancers and small- to medium-sized businesses

11. GetResponse

GetResponse gives you the tools you need to build powerful emails that look fantastic on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers. You can design landing pages to go with your email marketing campaigns, drawing potential clients closer and increasing conversion rates. Create automated features that coincide with your customers’ behavior, and craft webinars that offer value to your clients.

  • Cost: The Basic plan starts at $15/month; The PLUS plan starts at $49/month; and the Professional plan starts at $99/month
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Time/Effort Needed: Less than an hour to design and compose an email
  • Best For: Small- to medium-sized businesses

12. ZenPen

ZenPen is a simple, streamlined text editor, dubbed a “minimalist writing zone” by its makers. Its purpose is to give you an easy way to create your written email content that can then easily be ported over to an HTML-friendly format. Once you have the copy just right, you can quickly and easily copy the email-ready HTML content and paste it right into your email sending platform of choice.

  • Cost: Free
  • Skill Level: Anyone
  • Time/Effort Needed: 5 to 10 minutes to learn the HTML export function
  • Best For: Small business owners and other users

13. Sender

Sender is one of the few free email marketing tools available today. (And, yes, we do mean free.) Sender is designed with all the tools you need to create and build email newsletters. It is easy to add copies, images, and videos. You can build emails from a template or scratch. The sender also has several features that help track and improve email deliverability.

  • Cost: FREE (There are also paid plans available, which start at approximately $10/month)
  • Skill Level: Beginners to experienced content creators
  • Time/Effort Needed: Less than an hour to set up an email template
  • Best For: Freelancers and small agencies


Depending on your business needs, you can choose from visual content creation apps, mobile apps, content creation for video clips, and even pick the ones that offer free downloads.

However, it’s not just about creating the content. Once you’ve put together that beautiful video, it’s only fair to share it with the rest of the world with the help of a social media management tool.

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