Even though there are lots of people who say that content is king – that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for other things. Some projects will demand great visuals and some will require animations, or graphs. That’s where the free social media content creator comes in.

Social media content creator free-Social media marketing has revealed itself to be an effective and affordable online marketing technique, especially for startups and small businesses. Social media is something that can be a great help to you or your business when it comes to reaching out to offline clients or customers.

What is a social media content creator?

The social media creator is the person responsible for providing information on social networks. 

The creator of posts on social networks manages general content, writes posts according to a brand’s voice and social strategy, and responds to users and followers. 

Content creators on social networks are familiar with the most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There are many other platforms, but these are some of the most commonly used. Lately, a very popular platform is TikTok. 

Do you want to be a social media content creator?

Social media presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses of any size. No matter what industry or niche you or your business is a part of, there’s bound to be an ideal platform to help you target the right audience. Instagram or Pinterest, for example, are the best social platforms for brands that rely heavily on imagery.

Social Media Content Creator

Or, TikTok, which is the best platform to use if you’re targeting a younger audience. People are no longer just using the king of social media: Facebook. In fact, according to the Huffington Post, today’s younger demographic are less likely to be on Facebook and are significantly more likely to be found using platforms like Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram.

What exactly is a social media content creator?

A social media content creator is a position title for the person who is responsible for managing a brand’s social presence, on any number of social media networks including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

A social media content creator may be the one to actually create original content and posts, or they may outsource the actual content but maintain the responsibility to manage the process from start to finish.

The goal of a social media content creator is to generate social media engagement while also keeping the brand voice and strategy on both a macro and micro level.

Habits of incredibly successful social media content creators

To be a successful social media content creator often takes time. Everyone starts with zero followers or subscribers, working their way up. Are there any habits that can make you a good content creator? Absolutely!

Let’s take a look at some habits you can develop to become an excellent social content creator:

Be consistent in your writing

Many social media content creators have their own blogs where they consistently write about their favorite topics. Owning a personal blog can also help you to gain more paid sponsorships from brands, in addition to creating your own products that you can eventually sell to your audience.

Understand your audience

Successful social content creators know exactly who they’re creating content for. Knowing who your audience is can help you to correctly monetize your content. What is their age? Where do they live? What gender are they? What is their occupation?

Get your own voice

You might not be the only social media content creator in your niche, but you do have a unique personality so don’t be afraid to showcase your own voice – it’ll help you stand out in the crowd.

Personal branding

As a social content creator, developing your own personal branding can create cohesion across multiple platforms. Additionally, it helps to position you on your personal values, helping you to stand out from other creators.

Share content from other creators that inspire you

Curate content to share with your audience when it makes sense to. Throwing out other people’s content isn’t effective if you don’t position yourself as an expert beforehand. Use other creators’ content to reaffirm your thoughts or knowledge on a specific topic.

Understand your KPI’s

Don’t worry! This isn’t as technical as it sounds. KPI’s stands for key performance indicators – in other words, your social media metrics. This can include your engagement rate, number of viewers, conversion rates etc. Understanding your metrics helps you to determine how well your content is received, and if you can improve it.

Start networking

Network with thought leaders in your niche to help establish your position as an expert within your industry. Even striking up a small conversation on social media can provide a great networking opportunity.

Deliver value to your audience

Your content should deliver one thing – value! Providing value to your audience keeps them coming back to your content. Whether you’re providing a solution to a problem or giving them more confidence, valuable content creates a loyal, and engaged, following.

Habits of incredibly successful social media content creators

The very best tools for any social content creator

As a content creator for social media, utilizing the very best tools helps to make your job that little bit easier. Here are some tools to consider:

Tools for Inspiration

  • Pinterest – this search engine is packed with tutorials, DIY inspiration, beautiful images, recipes, and much more.
  • Instagram – whether you’re interested in fashion, beauty, art, food, or something else, you’ll discover the hottest influencers on the planet to take inspiration from.
  • TikTok – possibly the most talked about social platform of the year has video clips from all kinds of people sharing a wide range of content to inspire you.
  • Spotify – sometimes music can be the perfect inspiration to get your content ideas flowing. Discover the newest artists and amazing playlists in all genres of music.

Design tools

  • Canva – if you’re looking for a free design tool, opt for Canva. While it does have paid features, you can easily create images for social media with a wide variety of templates.
  • Adobe Spark – with this tool, you can easily make graphics and videos for your social platforms.
  • Placeit’s – Make Mockups, Logos, Videos and Designs in Seconds
  • Illustrator – if you want to make illustrations or graphics, and you have some design knowledge, Adobe illustrator is a great tool.
  • Figma – this cloud based design tool helps you to create design elements which can be used on social media.

Instagram Stories with animation

  • Mojo – easily create animated stories with this app. You can choose from templates, add text, customize it, and share to your account.
  • Storyluxe – there’s over 650 photo and video templates to try, filters, backdrops, and frames, to take your content to the next level.
  • Story Art – this app has over 3000 templates and filters for your Instagram story content.
  • Unfold – edit your stories by selecting from over 300 templates. Create collages, and much more.

What is the social media content creator job description?

Content creators promote companies’ products and services by producing and developing marketing copy for websites, blogs, ads, social media, marketing materials, and other platforms. They help reach the target audience by delivering valuable and appealing online information about the company and its products or services.

Creating content for social media is a very dynamic and creative job. To do this job, a person needs to show interest in social networks, be creative and analytical.

Although it seems simple, this job is quite demanding.

Running a brand social media account requires a lot of worktime, and dedication. The person doing this business should know the brand, present it in the best light on the market and, ultimately, bring results in the form of new customers. 

The impact and dominance of social media in 2021 are enormous.

Statistics show that approximately 3.81bn people in the world use at least one social network every day.

Social networks offer companies numerous marketing opportunities and are an ideal platform for finding a target audience.

If you are still considering whether to hire a social media content creator, read more about the role and the importance it can bring to your brand in this blog post.

Why is the role of social media content creator so important? 

Are you struggling with creating your content? Do you know the importance of social media, but have trouble writing posts and aren’t sure how to reach your target audience? Here are five reasons you need a social media content creator

Knowing your audience 

One of the most essential tasks that content creators have is to know the audience for which they create posts.

First, the content creator has to gather information about users or followers: their age group, gender, location, and interests. It is an essential part to create posts that will interest the audience and encourage them to engage more: to like, share and comment on your posts. 

Once the desired audience is reached, the most important thing is to try to keep them.

Responding quickly and accurately to comments and inquiries should be imperative. If your followers don’t get the proper answer in time, potential customers will likely give up a product or service. 

Keeping up with industry trends

By creating content for social networks, the content creator becomes the voice of the brand on social networking websites. Content creators should also demonstrate a high level of knowledge of trends in a specific niche.

Social media content creators explore the web daily, following the latest developments in the world of social media, new technologies, and tools that help them do the job well. All of this helps them quickly identify and apply the best options for your positioning in a competitive internet world. 

To be successful in its business, learning and following industry news should become a habit, a commitment, and a priority of every content creator.

Creating attention-grabbing content

The best social media creator is the one who evokes emotions in the audience.

Content on social media exists in different forms: texts, photos, videos, applications, documents, infographics, etc. When creating a post, it is essential to pay attention to the content: each post must contain short and clear text, relevant photography or illustration, and a call to action

The content you post represents your company and your service or product.

It is essential to define and create smart and thoughtful content, to stand out from others in the market. Irrelevant and useless content will alienate your target audience. The social media content creator’s job is to prevent such situations and create adequate content for a targeted audience.

Content creators use social media to achieve business goals and connect with an audience that will eventually become loyal customers.

Strategy and analytics

Designing an effective strategy that helps achieve the client’s business goals is the key. This includes social media platform selection, advertising period, and the budget.

An experienced social content creator will first define the main goals of the presence on social networks and a tactical plan that contains all the steps of the strategy. 

It is not enough to find a photo, write and publish content.

To be sure that social media strategy is useful, the content creator will have to track statistics, results and collect data on the users’ reach and engagement.

The voice and ambassador of your brand 

Every brand on the market has its characteristics, starting from the overall visual identity to the voice that represents it. It is essential to set the tone of the voice that clients will identify with and define the direction of future announcements and communication with the audience. 

To stand out from the crowd and push through the competition, it is essential to find the “Voice”.

Brand voice is the personality and emotion infused into a company’s communications. The way you talk to your customers defines your brand’s style of communication, attracts and keeps the audience, and helps your brand to be recognized. 

Social media content creators create content according to your wishes and goals. They represent the brand in a positive light and help in better market visibility

“Social media is a term to describe the current state of the Internet and the place where the consumers’ attention is.” – Gary Vaynerchuk 

social media content creator

What is the most effective social media platform?

Each social media platform has certain advantages and disadvantages. While they can serve as handy marketing tools, they will not all be a good base for your brand.

The question ishow to choose the right social media platform for your business? 

There are a few goals you can reach through social media: increase brand awareness and online influence, increase website traffic, or directly increase sales.

When choosing a social network, two elements are crucial: the goal that the brand wants to achieve and content suitable for the selected social network.

Meeting these two elements is a crucial step in a successful strategy. When choosing a platform, one should select a social network and a well-thought-out strategy that will attract more followers.

First, focus on your brand’s marketing priorities and find out which social media platform best suits your needs. 

The way you can do this is by testing.

How to create content for social media?

For our in-house product Mybeeline, one of the top beekeeping blogs globally, we did it like this: first, we tested it on several social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Focus on non-paid growth and brand awareness resulted in over 10k fans with high engagement rates and strong organic reach.

Posts on Pinterest have achieved high engagement and impressions (in the last 30 days 250k impressions, 15k engagement, etc). More about it read in the paragraph How we got 1M impressions on Pinterest in a year.

For example, YouTube is ideal if you’re creating video content and Facebook is an excellent choice if you’re targeting a broader age group. Twitter can be beneficial for a small business’ marketing strategy and an excellent tool for providing support to your customers.

For brands and content creators, highly visual networks, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are a convincing way to reach a broad audience. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for delivering professional content. It is key to doing business and achieving marketing goals.

Social Reach vs engagement

Reach is an indicator of the number of social media users who have access to your content. In other words, it shows how many users have seen published content. 

Engagement is the behavior of users towards content. The best indicators of engagement are shares, likes, retweets, clicks, comments. The engagement rate determines the ability of a brand to interact with its content and the ability to evoke emotions in public. 

Engagement is the most important metric because engaging content encourages clicks, comments, and further sharing of your content.

Every post should have a goal in the background and answer the question, “What is the purpose of the specific post?” For example, when creating video content, the goal is to get as many video views as possible in addition to likes and shares. 


The Social Media Content Creator lets you create social media content like images, articles, polls and other content from your computer. You do not have to sign up for any accounts with any third party providers. All of your social media content can be private or public and moderated by you as you see fit.

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