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Social Media Content Scheduling Tools

New to managing social media accounts? Still trying to keep up with your social schedule and monitoring comments and follower feedback? Social Media Content Scheduling Tools help you build a more dynamic and interactive social media community. Our tools allow planning, scheduling, workflow management, collaboration, content-monitoring and analytics on one easy-to-use platform.

Social Media tools that automate the process of posting to social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest and more. Social Media Content scheduling tools help you to implement an effective social media strategy to allow you time to manage your other projects.


ContentCal is the ultimate content calendar and social media scheduling platform that helps thousands of individuals, businesses, and agencies with their content planning and social media. The platform also defines user permissions and streamline the approval process, manage multiple accounts in one centralized location, and communicate and collaborate with your team on upcoming content. With ContentCal Analytics and Respond you can also keep tabs on content performance and learn how to improve for the future.

Features of ContentCal include social media post scheduling, keyword filtering, collaboration, feedback analysis, reporting, project management, and more. Content creators can use the application to design visual content by modifying the layout and adding a header color and personalized logo. Additionally, employees can create and store posts as drafts, receive feedback from collaborators, and preview posts before publishing.

You’re able to save time, collaborate with team members or clients, and create even better social media content. This platform is perfect for agencies, distributed organizations, or anyone who needs to manage and participate in multiple social media accounts. It could not be any easier, which is perfect for teams with varying degrees of ability. And, the ability to create custom workflows and approvals that reflect your unique governance plan is unmatched. Not only is ContentCal well priced but it is also one of the leading social media schedulers in the market today. 


Falcon focuses on giving social media professionals access to a structured set of features that help listen, engage, measure, schedule and publish content that makes a difference. Falcon offers two plans. The Essential plan targets single users and small teams and focuses on a content calendar & campaign planner with advanced analytics and community management. The Full Suite is more designed for larger companies with multiple teams and markets. It takes everything from the Essentials Plan (although it permits unlimited channels, reporting, and teams) and adds in social media advertising, competitor benchmarking, and collaboration & approval flows.

Falcon considers your content calendar to be one of the most important tools you’ll work with. It provides a view of all your scheduled content across multiple social networks. You can plan, schedule, edit, and post directly from your content calendar. With Campaign Planner, you can map, create a brief, roll-out, and collaborate on campaigns for all social platforms.  

Falcon supports images, video, Instagram Stories, and Facebook carousels. You can store all your content in Falcon’s version of a shared media library called the “Content Pool.” If you have a team, Falcon provides roles, approval processes, and an audit trail to boost quality. You can also activate email notifications and share notes. Falcon provides access to agencies to smooth your collaborative processes. You can control all access and set permissions.

Falcon lets users design their own inbox. You can include multiple feeds, labels and use filters. You can also create custom response templates for quicker replies and bulk actions

If you have the Full Suite, you can promote posts through Facebook and Instagram ads within Publish, which manages all ads in one place. The tool allows cross-channel advertising, automation, saved target audiences, running ads with customer durations, automated ROI tracking, and real-time insights. The Full Suite also includes social listening. With this, you can track trends, monitor your brand, create custom queries, track sentiment, monitor multiple languages, filter extensively, and track campaigns.


SocialBee is a powerful social media scheduling platform that goes beyond scheduling and includes features like competitor research.

Since they’re an early-stage startup, they have quite an extensive product roadmap, which means their focus is on rolling out new features. While the more established tools tend to slow down on adding new features.

But for now, their main scheduling feature revolves around category-based evergreen posting. When you schedule posts in different categories, it creates a balanced mix of various types of content. For example, you could have categories for curated content, industry news, and self-promotional topics.

Taking this one stage further, you can recycle your top-performing evergreen content to save time scheduling the same posts again and again. Select which categories you want to be evergreen and SocialBee handles the rest.

Staying with the evergreen functionality, SocialBee also lets you set posts to expire on a specific date – e.g. end Christmas posts on 25 December – or set posts to expire after a specific number of times – e.g. stop posting after three times.

SocialBee’s standout scheduling features:

  • Create a balanced mix of content with category-based scheduling.
  • Save time with evergreen posting.
  • See all scheduled posts in the visual calendar.
  • Preview each scheduled post before publishing.
  • Book concierge services to help with social media management tasks.

SocialBee pricing

SocialBee has a choice of three subscription plans based on the number of social profiles and content categories you require.

  • Prices start from $19/month and include all the scheduling features.


Agorapulse is another all-in-one social media management tool that includes excellent scheduling functionality.

Agorapulse’s flexible publishing options allow you to schedule your content in advance at a preselected date and time. Then you can choose whether to publish once, schedule again, or program your posts to republish regularly.

You can publish your best-performing evergreen content again and again with the queue function, so you maintain a steady stream of content.

The ‘Queue Categories’ let you organize and categorize your queued content by time slot and topic so that your team always knows what content is going out when.

If you don’t want to schedule post-by-post, you can plan and schedule a campaign offline – e.g. image posts, text/link posts, or posts from your favorite RSS feeds – and then bulk upload in one CSV file to the platform.

Agorapulse’s standout scheduling features:

  • Share your evergreen content again and again with the queue function.
  • Organize and categorize your queued content by time slot and topic.
  • Bulk upload content in one CSV file.
  • View everything on the unified color-coded, content calendar.
  • Create, assign, and approve content with team workflow.
  • Schedule and queue content on your Android or iOS device.

Agorapulse pricing

AgoraPulse has a range of subscription plans for small teams through to large enterprises. Each plan can be customized by adding additional users or profiles, rather than paying for features you don’t need.

  • Free plan offers 3 social profiles and 1 user.
  • Paid plans start from €99/month or €79/month when paid annually, and include all the scheduling features.

Sprout Social

Hey, don’t take our word for it.

Sprout customers – from small businesses to enterprise companies to agencies – rave about the ability to effortlessly plan, organize and deliver content and campaigns across social networks. Sprout is an excellent tool that helps us better plan and organize all our social content. With the help of the calendar and scheduler tools, we’re able to save time by scheduling and publishing the same post across multiple profiles in just one simple step. Ana Laura Montaño González
Community Manager

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For starters, jumping back and forth between networks is a huge time-sink. Consider how the bulk of brands out there are publishing content to multiple social platforms. With Sprout, you can publish your latest Facebook post, Instagram photo or Pinterest Pin simultaneously.

In addition to its industry-leading scheduling tools, interactive calendar and asset management library, Sprout also simplifies collaboration. User-level permissions provide specific access to marketing managers, writers and everyone in between to contribute to your publishing strategy.

And once your content is scheduled and published, Sprout makes it easy to measure success and refine your game plan going forward.

You can easily apply custom tags to messages to better organize and report, then use Sprout’s easy-to-use social media analytics to evaluate impressions, engagement, follower growth and much more.

From analyzing hashtags to identifying top-performing content, Sprout represents the ultimate optimization tool for brands looking to fine-tune their social presence in addition to scheduling content. You can even count on Sprout for social ad reporting to boost ROI from the paid content you’re scheduling. I like to go into each platform and look at what posts performed really well and which ones didn’t. Directly from here, I’ll schedule out new posts with similar content or test different times—another great way to beef up our editorial calendar! Erin Supinka
Assistant Director of Digital Engagement in the Office of Communications

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While Sprout gives you ultimate control to plan your publishing strategy as you see fit, it also makes it easy to automate the process to maximize results.

Sprout’s patented ViralPost® technology helps you hone in on the optimal posting times for your audience, replacing guesswork with guaranteed engagement.


Don’t be left in the dark—keep your social media accounts active without ever missing a beat. Social media content scheduling tools make this easy, helping you to publish updates at the best times to help you reach the most people. Learn more about how you can make social media work for you today.

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