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Social Media Management Course

The Social Media Management Course includes the complete course archive, including videos teaching tactics and strategies, weekly live office hours where students meet to discuss their goals and results and get help from our expert social media coaches, as well as lifetime access to the private Facebook group for ongoing advice and resources.

Social Media Management is not rocket science; you don’t need a special degree or magic skills to be good at it. Anyone who can learn this vital skill set is welcome to enroll in our award winning course (we’ve won Best New Course from Udemy)! Once you start, you will never want to stop!

 Pay Per Click (PPC) University

WordStream PPC University, Social Media Marketing Class

Offered by: WordStream

Created by: WordStream

  • All about PPC (What it is, basic terminology, structuring)
  • Keyword research
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B testing
  • PPC for lead generation and B2B

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

PPC University is a fully free online learning resource created by WordStream, to help build your PPC and digital marketing skills. The format is presented in three streams of learning plans which offer lessons for beginning to advanced users, with additional modules for social advertising.

You can also access a number of webinars and white papers to enhance your digital marketing expertise, and best of all, everything’s mobile-friendly so you can learn on the go, whenever you have time!

 Diploma in E-Business

Diploma in Ebusiness

Offered by: Alison

Created by: Google

  • Introduction to Google Webmaster
  • Using Google AdWords
  • Understanding and using Google Analytics Data
  • Conversion Reports and collecting actionable insights

Skill level: Intermediate

About this course:

This “Diploma in E-Business” course is a comprehensive resource for marketers, business owners, and advertisers who would like to get the most out of their digital marketing efforts. You’ll learn things like the fundamentals of promoting your business online, using various Google-powered tools, and how to track and make sense of the vast amounts of data available to you.

Whether you have a deep knowledge of how to market your business online or are just getting started, this marketing course is an awesome way to strengthen your digital marketing skills.

 HubSpot Academy — Developing an End-to-End Instagram Marketing Strategy For Your Business

HubSpot designed this course to help you learn how to build and implement a successful organic Instagram marketing strategy. It’s a relatively short and “to the point” course that is broken down into three main sections — The Elements of a Successful Instagram Marketing Strategy, Creating Remarkable Instagram Content, and How to Get More Instagram Followers. It’s a great place to start when trying to understand and implement your initial Instagram strategy.

 Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients (Udemy)


Are you already familiar with social media marketing and advertising works but want a bit of a challenge? This Udemy course is just for you! In less than 48 hours, you’ll learn:  

  • The most common social media marketing myths and mistakes that are taught as “best practice”
  • How to use private Facebook groups to “present” your service offering without being pushy or annoying
  • The AMOC authority framework—A 4 step system that allows you to demonstrate expertise and invite pursuit from your clients
  • How to position yourself as the “problem solver” so you never have to handle sales objections again
  • How cheap “marketing-tricks-n-tips” is making you appear like a spammer and what you can do about it
  • Why your competitors will never implement the strategies from this course and how you can benefit as the result

What makes this course a reliable investment in your developing social media marketing success? Not only is it affordable (it’s free, after all), it’s designed specifically for freelancers, coaches, consultants, startups looking to grow, and more. 

 Social Media Marketing (Oxford Home Study Centre) 


This free online social media marketing course from Oxford Home Study Centre provides newbies and other inexperienced users with a basic introduction to everything social media and marketing on different platforms. Not only is this course completely free to take, but it also rewards you with a certification of completion to add to your resume. The course will teach you what successful social media marketing looks like, why it’s so powerful, and what goes into every social media marketing strategy plan.

You will also learn: 

  • What the Five P’s of social media are and how to implement them 
  • How to expand your digital presence to attract new followers and keep them 
  • Everything that goes into developing a comprehensive social media plan 

What makes this free social media marketing course a great option for growth and education is how it’s self-paced. There’s no rush to finish the test and get your certification. This helps avoid stress and burnout. It’s also really easy to sign up for the course and get complete tutor support from start to finish. Someone will always be holding your hand! 

 Social Media Marketing Specialization

Offered by Northwestern University through Coursera

This thorough social media marketing specialization course is offered by one of the top universities in the country through Coursera. By engaging in the training for four hours a week, the course can be completed in about five months. The syllabus is comprehensive. Students who are looking for the most inclusive free curriculum on social media marketing will find this to be one of the top choices.

Certificates for the specialization can be obtained at the paid level of Coursera. The paid course has graded assignments, a capstone project, and allows students the ability to share certifications on their websites, Linked in profiles, or cover letters. However, each module of the course can be audited for free. Auditing the course allows you to read and view all of the content, but you won’t be graded or receive any certifications. Students who would like the certification but cannot afford the fee have the option to apply for financial aid.

The all-inclusive program is designed to teach users social media analytics, influencing, marketing strategy, and metrics. All-in-all, students should walk away from this course with a complete understanding of how social media marketing works and the ability to begin creating their own strategies.

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes, with fee

Time to Complete: Five months

Curriculum: Intermediate

User Experience: Excellent

Quality of Instruction: Excellent


•Comprehensive course syllabus

•Excellent user interface

•Financial aid available


•You will need to pay to obtain a shareable certificate, get graded coursework, or participate in the capstone project.

 Google Digital Marketing Course

Google Online Marketing Challenge, Google Digital Marketing Course

Offered by: WordStream

Created by: WordStream

  • All about PPC (What it is, basic terminology, structuring)
  • Keyword research
  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B testing
  • PPC for lead generation and B2B

Skill level: Beginner – Advanced

About this course:

Learning the ins-and-outs of all of the marketing tools that Google offers is quite the task. But marketers and business owners have seen the direct benefits of mastering the various Google advertising platforms in terms of business ROI. This marketing course offers a direct line to always-updated resources for everything Google.

This course is also a part of a Online Marketing Challenge from Google. Students that plan to take the Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course first. Marketers looking to learn everything there is to know about Google (and advertising), this is a great place to start!

 LinkedIn — Making LinkedIn Work For You

By LinkedIn itself, this course covers how to maximize exposure and reach, as well as spark new sales conversations. Topics include Building a solid profile, Creating a company page, Optimizing for search, Standing out as a solo business owner, Creating a content strategy, Writing posts that perform, and Posting videos on your LinkedIn profile.

So those are the top ten places to start building your foundation of knowledge for social media marketing. If interested we’ll be setting up our own guides and tutorials, complete with templates and actionable steps to take to grow your following, so make sure to sign up here.

 Quicksprout Social Media Courses (Quicksprout) 


Quicksprout offers a content-rich section devoted to everything involved with social media. There are dozens and dozens of informative social media marketing guides that will teach you everything you want to know from generating leads to creating content calendars. 

Several different guides you can look more into include: 

Quicksprout University doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t look anything like a traditional online course you’d normally see on a platform like Teachable. But the big difference people always pay attention to boils down to cost. For most online courses, you have to pay a pretty penny for them. For Quicksprout, you can bookmark these guides and revisit them over and over, again and again, anytime you want without having to empty your bank account.

Buffer’s Week of Webinars on Digital Marketing

Buffer Week of Webinars, Buffer Social Media Class

Offered by: Buffer

Created by: Buffer

Topics include:

  • Content curation and sharing on social media
  • Getting your content seen on Facebook
  • Instagram Marketing to boost your business
  • Branding and PR outreach
  • Getting started with social media data

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

About this course:

While not a social media “class” in a traditional sense, Buffer’s Week-of-Webinars covers everything from content curation to social media analytics to getting your content seen in the Facebook News Feed.


Master social marketing and gain confidence in your skills to successfully promote products, services, and ideas using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

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