Social Media Marketing Tools for Real Estate

If you are looking for the best real estate social media marketing tools, numerous ones kick ass! But I don’t want to mess around and waste your time. I’ll provide you with the 10 most awesome real estate marketing tools that can be used to promote your business on social media. Whether you’re looking for content creation tools, analysis tools, or what-have-you — you’re in the right place.

1. Loomly

Cost: $34 to $332 per month
Most useful for Social media scheduling, inspiration, and tracking
Social media sites supported: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Google My Business

Loomly is the top social media management tool for content inspiration, planning, scheduling, and tracking content across multiple platforms. Loomly supports more social media platforms than any other tool or social media scheduler on the market, all for an extremely affordable price, making it one of the best social media tools to generate organic real estate leads without stress or extra hours of work.

On top of automatic scheduling, Loomly gives you ideas for posts based on trending topics, RSS feeds, dates, and social media best practices, which will maximize your reach and your engagement. Plus, you can avoid mistakes by previewing each post before publishing. And with advanced analytics, you’ll gain more clarity on what your audience responds to and be able to grow your following and lead generation with ease. Start your free 15-day trial today.

Loomly Features at Glance

Juicer Social Wall

Person Holding Midnight Black Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn on Near Macbook Pro

With so many social media platforms for your viewers to keep track of, it’s in your best interest to use a social wall. A social wall with Juicer allows you to display all of your social media posts on one well-organized feed. Your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts are aggregated on your social wall so visitors can see posts with certain hashtags or accounts. 

As agents, you can showcase listings in certain locations or highlight unique services you offer. This is one of the best ways to keep your social media organized, accessible, and relevant. 

2. Trello

For real estate teams, there are many moving parts and as a team leader, it’s your job to keep everyone in sync. Trello helps you manage tasks efficiently using a system much similar to a Kanban board. Kanban essentially is a simple, visual way to track work in progress and identify bottlenecks in a system.


Using a board structure, you can see the structure of projects at a glance, what the stages are for each part of the project and what path a task must go through. This break-up of tasks into stages is especially essential for productivity.


Trello’s standard pricing is $10 per month charged annually. There is a free forever package which would be great for finding your way around the app.


A principle of the Kanban method is “more work in progress slows down the entire system”. Whether in a team or individual setting, try to limit the number of projects you’re working on at a time.


Cost: Free-forever plan or $3.99 for Pro plan
Most useful for Integrating apps and tools to work together
Social media sites supported: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more with custom rules

IFTTT (If This, Then That) is one of the most unique and powerful tools for organizing not only your social media marketing but your whole life. IFTTT integrates hundreds of apps to create simple conditional statements, called Applets, that trigger an event when a website, app, or device changes. For example, you can use IFTTT to open the garage when your car enters your driveway or start brewing your coffee when your Fitbit senses you’re awake (yes, really).

As a social media management tool, you can create rules in IFTTT that help you get more done in less time. You can schedule posts on multiple social media platforms without formatting issues since IFTTT is built on native integrations. You can use this tool to create more regular and automated routines, like posting an Instagram story every time you schedule a showing. Since real estate professionals don’t typically have a regular schedule, you can use this tool to get more results from social media and your day-to-day habits.

IFTTT Applets

4. PosterMyWall

Assorted Sticker Lot

You can create professional jaw-dropping graphics and videos with PosterMyWall. This design tool gives you the ability to make infographics, videos, and templates for creative social media marketing. There are over 145,000 templates to use. And editing tools make it easy for novices to take their social media profiles up a notch.

5. Zoom

Zoom - tool for real estate agents.

Zoom is many things to many businesses – a collaboration tool, a teleconferencing tool, a meeting tool, a quick chat tool, or just a tool for conducting training sessions. It’s very versatile, which is probably the reason why the company saw a lot of growth in 2020. For real estate, you can conduct showings with Zoom, client or team meetings, or just leverage Zoom chat for assigning tasks. 

Zoom Chat is an IM client that allows you to instantly jump into a meeting and see or post company-wide announcements. You want to limit the ability to make postings to executive leadership or your PR team. To reference a conversation in another chat, you can create a direct link to that chat group by typing #[channel name].


Zoom Basic is free, Zoom Pro costs $14.99 per host per month, Zoom business costs $19.99 per host per month.


Use Zoom’s settings to make your appearance better – the “touch up my appearance” option in Zoom settings would come in handy. You could also get a ring light which costs less than $40 since lighting is very important for making good videos.

6. Reddit

Why are we posting an online forum on a list of social media management tools? Since Reddit receives an astonishing 1.7 billion page views per month, it’s the perfect place to find trending stories, recipes, and ideas for engaging, sharable social media posts that your audience of buyers, sellers, or investors will love.

For your real estate social media content, find the latest mortgage news, infographics, real estate market news, or fun articles or memes to generate engagement. Plus, you can customize your feed by following specific subreddits, which represent a vast constellation of interests and ideas.

7. Clearview Social

Your company’s employees and agents care the most about your brand succeeding. This is why 30% of a business’ engagement on LinkedIn comes from employees. Almost 700 million people are on LinkedIn and the majority of users are between the ages of 25 – 34 years old — which also happens to be the age range of the largest group of home buyers. Clearview Social can help you reach valuable LinkedIn users through content shares from your employees. 

Clearview Social makes it easy for real estate agencies to have their brokers share relevant articles on their own LinkedIn profiles with the peak time feature. This allows LinkedIn content to be shared at strategic times during the day to reach the largest audience. You can also access analytics to check the impact of posts. And it’s simple to share listings and information about your real estate business with one-click sharing.

8. Box brownie

Screenshot of BoxBrownie's website.

360-degree photos in real estate have become the norm. You can get a high-resolution 360-degree camera for less than $300. And they work because people love immersive content. BoxBrownie has a slew of photography experts who help fine-tune your 360-degree real estate photos. 

For real estate agents, they offer CGI renders and photo enhancements including virtual staging, removing unwanted clutter, turning property photos from day to dusk. BoxBrownie is on this list because of its virtual staging services, allowing you to use top-notch home staging with your 360° photos to create the right impression.


Pricing is per project. Regular image enhancements cost $1.6, day to dusk enhancement costs $4. You can do virtual staging at $32 per project and full virtual renovation at $24 to $172, depending on complexity.


When taking a 360° photo, you want to show off an area or room with many interesting features, considering that the viewer will want to explore the full image.

9. GetResponse

Lead Generation Software GetResponse.

Apart from its recognition as an email marketing leader and being an all-in-one online marketing software, GetResponse serves you as the ultimate lead generation software.

GetResponse features many lead-generating tools, including a wide array of landing page templates, live chats, marketing automation, conversion funnels, and webinars. You can also run Facebook and Google Ads directly from GetResponse and even build a website for your real estate business. This makes it much easier to build a strong online presence and target custom audiences.


There’s a forever free plan that comes with a free website builder, landing pages, and essential email marketing features. Its paid plans start from $15/month for the basic plan that packs even more features that’ll help you automate your communication through autoresponders, integrations, or paid ads.


One of the best ways to ensure your organization is effectively communicating with its audience via social media is to make sure you have the right tools for the job. These social media management tools for nonprofits will help you automate, schedule, and analyze social posts, as well as provide insights into your specific audience’s engagement, demographic information, websites, and much more.

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