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Social Media Marketing Tools Instagram

When it comes to the best social media marketing tools, there’s no question that Instagram is already one of the hottest platforms in existence. With its unique photo-sharing mechanic and its sleek user interface, it’s no doubt that this will easily help you gain followers as there are millions of users on this platform.

1. LeeTags

Price: Free

Helpful for: Analyzing top & relevant hashtags by generating hundreds of relevant hashtags, that you can simply copy-paste into your Instagram posts.

Use Case: LeeTags is an Instagram hashtag generator that offers relevant, related and popular hashtags for your posts.

You can craft a perfect set of hashtags from various categories such as ‘Most Popular’, ‘Photography/Art’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Fitness’, etc.

These categories of hashtag collections also contain subcategories that can be used for micro-marketing. For instance, within ‘Fashion’ you can access granular hashtags like ‘Outfit of the day’, ‘Girls fashion’, ‘Men’s fashion’, etc.

LeeTag also allows you to save search results, hashtag categories and create a list of favorite hashtags to save your time!

2. Awario

Awario is a social media monitoring tool that finds mentions of your brand (or any other keyword) across the web, news/blogs, and social media platforms, including Instagram. By analyzing mentions of your brand on the platform, it tells you who your brand advocates and who the industry influencers are, what the sentiment behind your brand (positive, negative, or neutral) is, as well as the languages and locations of your audience. It also analyzes the growth and reach of your mentions, and tells you how you compare to your competitors.

Price: Starts at $29/month. Offers a free trial for 14 days.

3. Combin

Combin is a smart tool that can help you grow your Instagram account safely and organically. You can use this Instagram marketing tool to get genuine followers, likes, and comments.


  • Growth and performance statistics
  • Find Instagram influencers
  • Audience quality
  • Figure out who doesn’t follow you back
  • Schedule posts on Instagram


Starter: Free

Personal: $ 15 / month

Business: $ 30 / month

Image via Combin

Pro Tip: You can even schedule Instagram Stories using this tool to engage your followers even further.

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another excellent tool that provides you with in-depth analytics insights into your Instagram performance. While it does come with a publishing feature as well, the monitoring and analytics features are the highlights of this tool. In addition to tracking engagement data, you can even discover important audience insights. 

You’ll be able to find out where your followers are located, how old they are, what language they speak, and more. These insights are crucial to optimise your targeting efforts and create content that appeals to your audience. It also lets you monitor what people are saying about your brand so you can understand how people feel and provide timely responses even when you’re not tagged in the post.

5. Gleam

Price: Starts at $10/month (includes a 14-day free trial)

Helpful for:

Driving engagement and capturing leads by running contests on social media.

Use Case:

Every marketer that looks to expand their brand reach and engage with their target audience on Instagram has thought about running Instagram contests. 

Sure, it sounds like an effective marketing strategy to encourage conversions. However, figuring out how to launch a successful contest is kind of tricky.

Gleam is a growth marketing platform that helps marketers generate leads by running social media contests and competitions. You can seamlessly integrate it with your brand’s Instagram account and launch fun and engaging contests, run free giveaways and host competitions for your followers.

You can also design Reward Programs for your brand to increase customer loyalty. The app integrates with various other services such as MailChimp, SalesForce, Shopify, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

6. Canva

Canva is a design tool that is a great fit for marketers and companies that don’t have an in-house designer. Among other things, Canva helps create perfect Instagram stories. Stylish templates and easy design tools ensure that your Story stands out, which, again, isn’t easy in the world of Instagram.

Price: Free

7. Kicksta

If you want to grow your Instagram account organically, the tool you should leverage is Kicksta. This Instagram marketing tool makes the entire process of building a strong organic following on the platform an easy task.

And it does this all automatically.

But, how does it achieve this growth? Let’s take a look at its features.


  • Engages with posts of your audience automatically
  • Finds followers of accounts you choose


14-day money-back guarantee

Standard: $ 49 / month

Premium: $ 99 / month

8. Repost for Instagram

User-generated content can be a great way to keep engaging your audience with fresh content while boosting brand trust. Simplify the process of sharing UGC with the Repost app that lets you repost someone else’s content with due credit given to the original creator.

This tool is great for curating high-quality content relevant to your brand.

9. Pablo

Price: Free

Helpful For: Creating social media posts without needing any designer bandwidth

Use Case:

Who doesn’t like some inspiration every once in a while? A lot of brands create collaterals like the picture above for their Instagram accounts. These images usually sell like hot pancakes and garner plenty of views, likes, and shares amongst the Instagram community.

Pablo is an easy to use tool that allows you to upload your own images which can be edited using the app. They have a series of beautiful fonts, graphics, and logos to choose from and create a quote image for your brand. 

You can also pick an image from their wide-selection of 50,000+ royalty-free photos to create your own design.

10. Shortstack

Shortstack is a tool to run Instagram contests. Contests are huge on this platform, they cause loads of buzz, increase brand awareness, and attract new followers. They are a practice loved by marketers.

ShortStack gathers all user-generated content, such as images that have been posted on your content hashtag, and displays them. It also keeps track of your campaign’s performance, showing your traffic, engagement, and other valuable data.

Price: Free up to 100 entries. Paid plans start at $29/month.

11. Heepsy

If you want to launch an influencer campaign on Instagram, you need to partner with reliable influencers in your niche. However, without the right tool, this can become a difficult task due to the many fake accounts on the platform.

This is where Heepsy comes to the rescue.


  • Heepsy has a database of over 11 million influencers with over 5K followers on Instagram
  • Influencer search with multiple filters
  • Detailed information about the influencers, such as their engagement rate, audience demographics, and more


Free plan available.

Starter: $ 49 / month

Business: $ 169 / month

Gold: $ 269 + / month

12. VSCO

Instagram is all about visuals, as you already know. This makes it crucial to create high-quality imagery if you want your brand to shine. If you’re not satisfied with Instagram’s default filters, you can use a photo editing tool like VSCO to create beautiful and artistic photos.

It comes with several free filters and a comprehensive set of editing tools. You can also pay for a membership to access over 130 presets and more advanced editing tools.

13. Renderforest

Price: Starts at $9.9/month (includes a free trial)

Helpful for:

Creating eye-catching Instagram stories with ease

Use Case:

Renderforest is an online tool helping to create hundreds of eye-catching videos with the greatest of ease. There is a huge variety of templates that can be customized based on your needs.

Just choose one of stunning styles and designs, change the colors, fonts, add some images, texts or audios and boom, it’s ready. Share your eye-catching videos using this tool. 

Renderforest could be a great tool for promoting any business for any type of social media.

14. Social Rank

Social Rank is a tool that identifies and analyzes your audience. You can identify influencers among your followers, see who engages with your brand and with what frequency. You can sort your followers in lists that are easy to work with (for example: most valuable, most engaged, and others).

You can also filter your audience by bio keyword, word/hashtag, and geographic location.

Price: Available on request.


So, as you can see, there are many social media marketing tools that you can choose from, and they all have something special to offer. The one that is the best choice for you will depend in large part on your personal preferences. And since our picks don’t necessarily have the same strengths, it might be a good idea to try them out yourself so you can make an informed decision. We do hope that this article has provided you with some valuable information and helped make your decision easier.

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