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Social Media Monitoring Tools for Companies

If you’re reading this, then you probably know the importance of social media as a marketing tool. However, most companies have limited resources to dedicate to monitoring social media for business growth and other marketing tasks. That’s why there is a need for social media monitoring tools that help companies monitor social media accounts, influencers, conversations, and all other data. This post provides information on these tools from different perspectives by exploring the best social media monitoring tools for the job, the best small business social media monitoring tools, and the top Social media monitoring tools.

1. HootSuite

Arguably the easiest social monitoring tool to use on this list, Hootsuite’s customizable search streams will monitor any social platform you like so that you can see what’s going on at a glance. Zero in on essential topics, trends, and social profiles based on keywords, hashtags, locations, and specific users.

2. Sprout Social

Intelligent, real-time social media monitoring with Sprout

Description: Similar to Hootsuite, Sprout Social’s monitoring and engagement tools are part of its social media management software. Sprout Social has two separate features for social monitoring and engagement.

In the Smart Inbox, you’ll get all your social media mentions and messages. With the discovery feature, you can search for particular keywords on Twitter or Instagram (for example when someone mentions your brand without tagging your social media profile).

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+

Prices (per user): $99 per month, $149 per month, and $249 per month

3. Keyhole

Keyhole helps you monitor your Twitter and Instagram accounts – you can look at keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames. You can both see data in real-time and historical information, while you can also view heat maps that show you activity levels in certain parts of the world.

4. BrandWatch

BrandWatch is a social listening & analytics tool that helps you dig out relevant data from blogs, forums, as well as social media and news or review sites. This tool tells you what/how your customers talk about your brand online.

You can use BrandWatch to get an overview of your brand mentions’ volume and compare it with competitors. Also, you can monitor brand sentiment in real-time, and find out who your audience (demographic) is and what topics they are interested in.

It also provides a data visualization tool that lets you bring your data to life. That is, your data can be represented in the form of graphs that make hard stats and numbers easy to understand.

Pros: A flexible, highly customizable social listening tool. The data visualization feature makes data easy to understand and share.

Cons: There is a steep learning curve in getting the software running properly. Also, the loading time is reportedly slow.

Price: Varies based on mentions per month and historical data access.

5. TalkWalker

Talkwalker offers more than 50 filters to monitor conversations across 150 million data sources, including blogs, forums, videos, news sites, review sites, and social networks.

You can easily analyze engagement, reach, comments, and brand sentiment.

6. Brand24

Smart social media monitoring for businesses of all sizes

Description: Brand24 is a powerful yet affordable tool for those who want to dive deep into social media monitoring. Besides the major social media platforms, Brand24 also monitors blogs, forums, and other sites for mentions of your brand.

Apart from collecting your mentions and allowing you to reply, Brand24 analyzes your social media reach, interactions, sentiment, and more.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more

Prices: $49 per month, $99 per month, and $399 per month

7. Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter is a tool used to track your Twitter stats. You can track millions of Twitter users and stats, and some buttons and widgets can be added to websites, blogs, and social media profiles to show the number of followers and the most recent Twitter visitors. You can also see retweets, mentions, and historical data, you can add multiple accounts so you can keep track of them all in one place and you can create custom reports and graphs, and download .pdf reports.

8. is a market intelligence and social media monitoring tool that gets audience data from social media sites, online news, blogs, message boards, forums, and photo/video sharing sites.

Similar to Keyhole and BrandWatch, this tool also lets you see your share of voice on social. That is the percentage of your brand’s mentions against that of your competitor’s.

Here’s what gets even more interesting: alerts you when your brand gets mentioned on a fake news site.

They monitor new posts on 2,000 fake news sites and alert you as soon as your brand gets mentioned; this helps you handle bad press before things get out of hand.

Pros: Integrated access to social media insights. Customizable alerting system.

Cons: Fairly expensive, so may not be accessible for everyone. 

Price: Varies based on the number of services you need and keywords you want to track. The price for one service starts at $299 per month.

9. Nexalogy

Nexalogy’s top-tier data visualizations set it apart: interactive timelines, geolocation-based heat maps, lexical cluster maps that show common patterns of the topic. Plus the “basic” stuff that would take a human being weeks to figure out, like popular keywords and most active accounts.

10. Mention

Media monitoring made simple

Description: Mention is more than just a monitoring tool for social media; it also monitors mentions of your brand across the web such as on Yelp,, Tripadvisor, and Amazon. On its custom company plan, you can get in-depth insights and reports of your brand mentions.

If you connect your social media profiles to Mention, you can reply to mentions directly within Mention. (You can even add a Buffer account and schedule your social media posts.)

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and more

Prices: $29 per month, $99 per month, and enterprise pricing

11. Digimind

Digimind measures sentiment, enabling you to see if the perception of a keyword is negative, neutral, or positive. You can also see how the public perceives your brand versus the competition.

12. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is super useful for you if you’re looking for a basic monitoring solution.

It scans through the web and tells you when your brand or product gets mentioned. 

You can choose which sources you want to be receiving alerts for — whether blogs, news sites, or forums —and the languages you want to get alerts for.

Pros: An easy and free-to-use mention tracking solution. 

Cons: Only contains basic functionalities so it’s not the most well-rounded tool.

Price: Free.

13. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a professional-grade social media monitoring app that tracks mentions, keywords, and sentiment across multiple languages.

14. Trackur

Simple, fast, and affordable social media monitoring

Description: Like Keyhole, Trackur is a monitoring and analytics tool. It can help you find mentions of your brand (or your keywords) on social media, blogs, forums, and more and then analyze the trends, sentiment, and influence level.

Platforms supported: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs, forums, and more

Prices: $97 per month, $197 per month, and $447 per month

15. Klout

Klout is slightly controversial – some people don’t like it and others swear by it. Klout’s influence scoring system has a reputation for being inaccurate, but it can be used to fine-tune posts to achieve optimum engagement. Overall, Klout is a worthy Twitter tool for measuring influence through engagement. It gives you information on how people feel about your brand and what influences them.

16. is an all-in-one social management tool that helps you plan your content calendar and manage your inbox across different platforms. Also, you can create and schedule ads, and monitor your brand’s impact on society.

The platform was built to assist social media marketers with social listening, customer engagement, content marketing,, and audience management.

Its social listening feature allows you to keep tuned into online conversations and trends, track your campaigns and discover top influencers that are engaging with your brand. supports all the major social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,, and Twitter, and makes their sentiment analysis available in multiple languages

Pros: Intuitive user experience. Great social listening functionality.

Cons: It comes at a hefty price, so it is not available to smaller businesses.

Price: Essentials available at $129 per month. Contact to inquire about their custom packages/pricing for larger organizations.

17. Buzzlogix

Social media monitoring and engagement made simple

Description: Buzzlogix helps you with both social monitoring and social engagement. For social monitoring, you can track content with your preferred keywords and get the statistics in easy-to-understand graphs. For social engagement, you can monitor multiple social media profiles and respond to social mentions and messages.

Platforms supported: Google+, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, forums, and news sites

Prices: $19.95 per month, $49.95 per month, $99.95 per month, and $399.95 per month

18. Simply Measured

Simply Measured keeps track of several metrics. You can gather data on and analyze earned, owned, and paid activity. This is a paid platform, but you can use the free version to create free reports for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. You can receive insights on competitor fan pages, your Facebook content, Instagram engagement, customer service metrics, and trends.

19. Reputology

For customer-facing businesses, a bad review can be a real blow if it isn’t dealt with correctly and quickly. Reputology lets you monitor major review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews from one dashboard.

You can track activity across multiple storefronts and locations, and respond using quick links.


The media monitoring tools we have shared above are more than capable of handling your social media monitoring needs. Each tool is unique in its way, but they all have the same goal in mind: to provide you with the opportunity to monitor your brand on social media. By using these tools to their full extent, you can ensure that you are always aware of how people are talking about your company. In short, these tools will help you monitor your brand identity and ultimately streamline your business goals for the future.

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