December is the month of growth and change, and that includes social media! Whether you’re looking to take your brand up a notch or just want to stay ahead of the curve, here are five posts to get you started.

Social Media Post Ideas for December

You’ve come to the right place if you want to add some holiday cheer to your social media posts without launching a full Christmas campaign. Here are 20 suggestions for seasonal social media posts to add to your regular social media output.

  1. Make the most of important December dates

Opportunities for holiday-themed content abound in December, including Ugly Christmas Sweater Day and Christmas Card Day. Use our key dates Calendar to see what important events are coming up in December 2021. Prepare to comment on hot topics by planning your content in advance. (Spoiler alert: if you’re also considering content for January, February, and the following 12 months, our 2022 key dates Calendar is also available.)

  1. Provide some gift ideas

Who doesn’t require some ideas for Christmas presents? Share with your audience your favorite Christmas gift picks, and of course, if you have a product, mention it. B2B companies can target their audience more precisely by providing gifts for people who work in their particular industry. Additional advice: this one is effective as a Twitter thread!

  1. Display your holiday team.

Everyone enjoys getting a glimpse of the people behind a brand. Show your team’s activities during this holiday season on social media, such as decorating the office, donning Christmas sweaters, or debating whether it’s too early to play Christmas music. Never too soon, right?

  1. Add a caption!

Add a seasonal twist to your usual social media post concepts! Post a festive-looking photo to Instagram and ask your followers to come up with a clever caption. You can either do this for fun or turn it into a contest.

Social Media Post Ideas for December
  1. Cheerful seasonal pets

People enjoy seeing easy-to-participate in activities and cute animals on social media. Ask your audience to submit seasonal-themed photos of their pets to combine the two. In light of the fact that who wouldn’t want to see a golden retriever with antlers? (I know I do).

  1. Launch a holiday discussion

Looking to start a conversation or a contentious argument? Why not conduct a social media poll to find out what people think about gift card re-gifting, whether they make good presents, and whether secret santa is more about duty than fun.

  1. The Christmas-gone-by specters

Sometimes we have to look to the past to make a statement about the present. Has anything noteworthy occurred on this date in the past? A December #ThrowbackThursday would be appropriate right now, as would a nod to more significant historical occurrences like the time Rosa Parks was detained (December 1st, 1955).

  1. Cocktails with holiday themes

It’s a good idea to encourage people to be more creative with their drinks at this time of year, especially with all of the upcoming holiday parties. Why not ask your audience for suggestions while also sharing your team’s favorite holiday beverages?

  1. DIY cards

Everyone enjoys receiving handmade, personalized gifts and cards, so providing ideas and advice for making cards at home can be a big help to those who want to show their loved ones how much they care.

  1. Online holiday test

Quizzes are popular and simple to complete online, which is why they were everywhere during the pandemic. Set up a live stream and pose a series of festive questions to your customers to gauge their level of holiday knowledge. You could even conduct additional quizzes at other times of the year if it turns out to be a good idea.

  1. The top holiday activities

Offer your audience ideas for Christmas activities or even Christmas dates so they can spend time doing something festive away from their computers. You can be as specific or general as you’d like (for example, smaller local businesses may suggest specific locations while other brands may suggest more general activities like ice skating

  1. Outfits!

Parties during the holidays are frequently costume parties, especially if there are pets or kids present. Give your audience some costume ideas, and include images to demonstrate some of your recommendations. Also solicit input from your audience.

  1. Holiday music playlist

Set the mood for the Christmas tree with your favorite playlist recommendations. To learn which songs your customers prefer listening to, you can also make some “would you rather” polls on Instagram Stories.

Social Media Post Ideas for December
  1. Check the vibe in your workplace.

Do you have a small tree in your office, or are your monitors covered in tinsel and fairy lights? Show your audience how you’re bringing holiday cheer to your workplace.

  1. Tips for taking a holiday break

It can be challenging for many people to unplug and take a break from their jobs. During this time, some workplaces completely close down for a week or more, but other places are less fortunate. Give your audience some advice on how to relax and take in the holiday season, whether they are at home or between breaks.

  1. Festive dress

People often disagree on what to wear on Christmas Day; some prefer glam, while others prefer cozy. Start a discussion with your audience right away to find out their preferences and get outfit ideas.

  1. Sweets and holiday fare

Christmas can be a fun time to try out some new baked goods or recipes. By compiling a list of fantastic holiday recipes—think gingerbread, mince pies, star-shaped cookies, etc.—you can encourage your audience to get inventive in the kitchen.

  1. Tell a joke.

Share your favorite holiday jokes on social media to turn those ho ho’s into ha ha’s. Inspire your audience to take similar action and re-post the outcomes as user-generated content.

  1. Describe your customs

Everybody who celebrates Christmas has beloved traditions (some more quirky than others). Inquire about the Christmas customs of your audience, then choose the most well-liked or unusual ones to share in your social media content.

  1. Made with love at home

It pays to recommend some DIY action to your audience if they are having trouble finding presents for their loved ones. Make a list of projects that your audience can attempt at home that range in difficulty; these are ideal for both novice crafters and seasoned seasonal pros.

Christmas Social Media Post Ideas for Business

Social Media Post Ideas for December
  1. Create an appealing social media profile

Customers are drawn in by the physical appeal of your product or website. You should also improve your social media profile to demonstrate the holiday spirit.

Update the text and images on your brand’s profile and cover photos with holiday-themed elements. Customers will pay attention to it, and you can use your cover photo to highlight exclusive Christmas deals.

For your brand, create a unique image because it will be more powerful than the typical ones. For instance, if you are a pastry chef, your cover page should feature specially made Christmas muffins and cakes. The holiday spirit will be highlighted on the cover page, drawing customers to your business.

You can also share articles because they embody the Christmas spirit and add attractive content to images of winter wonderlands in red and green.

  1. Establish a hashtag campaign and make use of content aggregators

Make a social media hashtag campaign for your company and spread the word about it across all social media channels. Share your brand’s hashtag with your customers to encourage them to do the same when they post anything about your company or its products, such as reviews or images of the items themselves.

Here, the task is not finished.

Find a good social media aggregator tool to gather and compile all of the user-generated content and posts on social media that incorporate hashtags. Show these feeds to your online visitors by aggregating and embedding them on your website. It will assist you in raising website user engagement.

A social wall can be installed for your shop over the holiday season. You can show all of your customer-generated social media live feeds, reviews, offers, discounts, and lucky draws on that social media wall. Try Taggbox to create a social wall. A social media aggregator tool called Taggbox gathers real-time social media feeds and displays them anywhere.

  1. Use Social Media to Share Interesting Stories

The best marketing tactic to get customers to notice your brand is to post stories on Facebook and Instagram. You can share behind-the-scenes content to interact with your audience online. Encourage your team to use your custom hashtag when posting on social media about Christmas preparations.

On social media platforms, try to post a variety of articles or stories to increase audience engagement and maintain their level of interest. Prior to the start of the holiday season, be sure your content is prepared.

By posing a range of queries to your followers and revealing the results of the poll in a different post, you can start running a poll on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  1. Create a Happy Holidays Offer

Festivals are a time when people are generally more inclined to make purchases. During the holiday season, people start saving money and getting in the giving mood. Use this momentum to create discounts and offers for your upcoming social media marketing campaign that could look something like this:

two for the price of one

uniform 25% on the entire website

25% off everything for Christmas

a temporary discount

25% off hotel reservations during the week of Christmas

Festive holiday discounts are great offers that encourage people to make more purchases. To communicate with your customers both online and offline, create graphics, GIFs, and other visual media that are visually appealing and creative. To evoke a festive feeling in the customer’s mind, pick a Christmas color scheme and match your font styling to it.

  1. Design Creative Articles & Blogs

If your brand enjoys a strong online following, this one is for you. There is no doubt that readers enjoy reading blogs about holiday inspiration, holiday décor, holiday shopping, Christmas gifts for friends and family, and other related topics. Regardless of how cliched these topics may be, there are always ardent readers for them as well as those who require professional assistance from successful brands with ideas and simple tricks during the holiday season. Right here, a brand must be helpful.

Design articles that describe Christmas home decor, gift-wrapping techniques, how to choose gifts for family members, and suggestions for Christmas cakes, among other topics. Create an infographic and a printable guide to help your posts stand out online and get more views.

Shared on social media channels where the brand is present and active, such educational posts are necessary.

  1. Act as Santa and grant a wish!

The secret Santa tradition is a big part of Christmas. Is it not? Make your customers’ wishes come true by choosing to play Santa Claus to them this year. The concept is straightforward: businesses should organize fun giveaways and contests for their clients in order to reward them with prizes.

Every person loves the thought of a giveaway and freebies from a brand. What could possibly be better for Christmas than a free prize? Freebie announcements increase brand user engagement, likes, and shares as well as the number of followers and customers a brand has on social media.

A brand can conduct the giveaway on Instagram as a social platform if it wants to specifically grow its Instagram follower base.

As part of a social media strategy, interesting posts that explain in-depth details about the competition/campaign and how to take part and enter can be shared. Design giveaways as part of your holiday sparkle and social media strategy.

  1. Targeting a Specific Area

The best and most distinctive social media marketing strategy focuses on localized offers. Within a certain geographic area, you can send a text message alert or special offers. But keep in mind: don’t locate your business in a large area. Since you’ll be focusing on location-based offers, make sure they’re up to date and avoid using them to promote upcoming events. For those who have their own apps, this is the best digital marketing advice.

How to be a Better social media advocate.

Social Media Post Ideas for December

One of the most important things you can do as a social media advocate is to target your audience. By understanding your target market, you can create content that resonates with them. For example, if you want to reach people who are interested in fashion, you might create posts about fashion trends and how to wear them correctly.

Use Social Media to Increase Sales

Using social media to increase sales is an essential part of any marketing strategy. By using social media to promote your product or service, you can increase sales by creating awareness and drawing in customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.

Use Social Media to build relationships with customers

Building relationships with customers is another key component of any successful social media campaign. When you have arelationship with your potential customers, it’s easier for them to trust and believe in your brand and products. You can use social media platforms to build these relationships by answering customer questions, providing valuable information, or even giving away freebies or discounts.

Use Social Media to Build an Empire

By using social media platforms to build an empire, you can grow your business rapidly and reach a large audience without breaking the bank. This involves creating multiple channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and leveraging the power of internet marketing tools like Google AdWords or Apple Mail so that your messages are delivered directly to as many people as possible.


It’s never too late to use social media to improve your business. Use the right tools and strategies to reach your target market, increase sales, build relationships with customers, and increase your bottom line. By using social media in a effective way, you can achieve great success.

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