If you’re like most manufacturing companies, social media is a central part of your marketing strategy. Whether it’s sharing product ideas or celebrating milestones, social media can be a powerful tool for driving customer adoption and success. But how do you use social media to make sure that the products you produce are unique and engaging? And what happens when your social media strategies clash with the needs of your customers? This guide will help you figure out how to best use social media for your manufacturing businesses.

Social Media Post Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

Industrial manufacturers can effectively reach current and potential customers using social media marketing.

But creating content that performs well on social media is not always simple. This list of social media post ideas for manufacturers was developed for that reason.

B2B and industrial manufacturers can use these social media post concepts to advertise their goods and services on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Business, Instagram, and more.

Use these social media post concepts to inspire new posts or to improve existing ones to advertise your goods and services.

Post Images of Your Products.

Social media images of your products can help customers understand exactly what they’re purchasing.

Industrial businesses that sell sophisticated machinery can benefit from this strategy.

Share images of your machines in action in the field if your business sells heavy machinery.

Display your finished product if your business produces custom parts.

Other examples of how to use photos in social media posts are as follows:

  • Views of your product from various angles
  • Share pictures of a product’s components Pictures of the product being installed Pictures of the product being made
  • Photographs of the manufactured product on the conveyor belt
  • tables displaying product details
  • Tables listing the features and specifications of products
  • Table listing the features of the product
  • Images of your customers using the product in real life Tables displaying various product models and versions
  • Informational graphic outlining the operation or construction of the product
  • Images of your product’s versioning history
  • Data demonstrating the superiority of your product (heat test, operational durability, etc.) can persuade potential customers to buy your product.
  • Share a picture of your product being delivered.
  • an image of your factory
  • a picture of your creation
Social Media Post Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

Highlight Important Dates With Images

Use images to help your audience remember a significant event that occurred for your manufacturing business.

The benefit of using images is that you can draw attention to certain details without taking up too much room.

Images can be used to demonstrate the release date of a product, the end of a promotion, or the passage of a deadline.

Establish A Photo Gallery

Create a photo gallery of your company’s products using the numerous photos you have taken as a result of the first social media post idea listed above.

Even before they are created, your products can be photographed. You now have the chance to exhibit the design work of your factory in a gallery. (Hint: images can help with SEO.)

Add captions describing each image to your photo gallery after it has been created.

For instance, you might say, “Our team of engineers, including _, designed our new product.”

Alternately, Post Videos About Your Products Rather Than Images.

Videos are simple to create and share on social media thanks to the abundance of video tool apps available.

Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands or companies they support, according to Hubspot.

One of the top 3 content types produced by manufacturing companies is video.

Video is now used as a marketing tool by 86% of companies, up from 63% three years ago.

For manufacturing businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend on social media advertising, this is a great social media post idea.

Here are some instances of how to use video in social media posts for industrial manufacturing:

  • Observe the preceding examples. Just swap out “photos” for a video.
  • Mission of the company. To help viewers understand your company’s values and objectives, post a video about your mission statement. This clarifies to them why they ought to work for or patronize your company.
  • explication video Make a video that explains how your machine works.
  • Cinemagraph. Make a cinemagraph that illustrates how your product fits into the overall picture if your business produces custom parts for other manufacturers.
  • culture and history. Post a video describing the background and culture of your business.
  • factory visit. A factory tour video is a fantastic way to demonstrate your company’s capabilities to potential clients.

For product updates, use live streaming

The popularity of live streaming among consumers is rising. Compared to other video types, they watch it for longer.

Compared to on-demand content, consumers watch live video for 10–20 times longer.

If you want to connect with your audience, try live streaming. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, including by responding to inquiries, awarding prizes, and disseminating news of upcoming events.

This makes them feel more connected to your business and gives them the chance to discover new goods or services.

Your audience will come to trust you if you are consistent with your live stream.

Add Links To Necessary Pages

Include links to related pages in your social media posts as one of the best tactics you can use to boost the social signals for your company’s web pages.

When appropriate, add a pertinent link to your social media copy.

So that readers can easily find out more about your company.

Make sure all of your links point back to your website, but don’t be afraid to link to any other sites that are significant to you or other pages on your website.

Let’s take the example of you managing a heavy equipment manufacturer. Include a link to your page about hydraulic pumps if you write a blog post about the advantages of using them.

Remember to include a call-to-action (CTA) at the conclusion of each link. By doing this, you can be sure that visitors who click through from your post will know where to go.

Social Media Post Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

Include hashtags

When a hashtag is used, it is identified by the pound sign (#).

Your message has a better chance of being seen by the right audiences if you use hashtags in your social media posts.

Check out Instagram’s or Twitter’s hashtag search tools to find pertinent hashtags.

Let’s say, for illustration, that you produce heavy machinery. You can use the hashtags #heavyequipment, #manufacturing, #industrial, etc. to identify your posts.

ProTip: You might occasionally be producing for a very niche market. Still use the hashtag for your niche, but pair it with more general hashtags.

Your followers will be able to see all of your content about heavy machinery thanks to these tags.

Share the hashtags you’ve discovered on your social media profiles.

By doing this, you can guarantee that your brand is seen on all relevant platforms.

Engaging Social Media Captions to Write

I place a lot of importance on this one. Social media captions should serve as your headline to draw people to what you wanted to say, whether that is a simple social media post or to a web page. Photos naturally grab people’s attention.

So, be sure they catch people’s attention.

Try to keep the caption you write for a photo brief.

Reduce the number of words in the caption as much as you can because people skim longer captions.

employ Twitter polls

Twitter polls are a fantastic way to get customer feedback.

You can use a poll to ask people things like, “What features in an application would you least like to see?”

You can improve your product by using polls to learn what your users want.

After a specific event, such as the introduction of a new product, service, or webinar, you can even conduct a poll to determine the level of customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

Your customer service team has probably collected frequently asked questions from your customers.

Why not repurpose it as FAQ-style social media posts that link back to your FAQ page so that people can learn more?

Questions like “How much does it cost?” and “What is the refund policy?” are examples of these. and “Do you ship abroad?”

There are other queries, though, that you might not have considered. Inquiries like “Can I use this product for business purposes? “, “Is this product safe? “, “Does this product have a warranty? “, and “What is the return policy?” are among them.

Encourage your clients to submit their own inquiries
Along with responding to frequently asked questions, you could also solicit questions from your clients.

The best part is that you can choose the top queries and responses to use in subsequent posts.

Social Media Post Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

Display Your Team’s Successes

The lifeblood and soul of your business are the people on your team.

They should be commended!

Promote your team’s accomplishments on social media.

Publish a blog entry describing one of your team members’ most recent projects.

Alternatively, look for a coworker who recently won an honor or was promoted. Share this information with the team member who is holding the accomplishment on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Include the text “We couldn’t do it without our __” in the caption.

By featuring images of your staff, you can humanize your brand. Additionally, it demonstrates how much your business values and cares for its staff.

Share A Fact About Manufacturing

Sharing facts about your business or the sector with others through manufacturing trivia is entertaining.

Curious minds enjoy and find this kind of content to be very compelling.

People enjoy discovering new things.

They are curious about how something came to be. This is the reason why people enjoy reading historical fiction and watching documentaries.

You can use this chance to demonstrate the manufacturing process for your product.

Therefore, include this kind of post in your arsenal of social media marketing communication strategies to increase engagement and raise awareness.

Promote Your Product Line With Instagram Stories

In 2017, Instagram Stories was first made available. This function enables users to post images or videos they’ve taken with the app right inside the story.

Users have the option to embellish their stories with text, location tags, and even stickers.

Instagram Stories is the ideal platform for sharing brief videos of goods, occasions, or anything else that would benefit from being shared quickly and easily thanks to these features.

How Social Media Can Help Manufacturers Marketing Their Products.

Manufacturing companies can use social media to track their sales, communicate with customers, and find new customers. For example, a company may use social media to post a picture of the product they are selling, or post a video of the product being used. Additionally, manufacturers can use social media to share information about their products and services, and connect with fans.

Subsection 1.2 How Social Media Can Help Manufacturers Communication With Customers.

Manufacturing companies can use social media to communicate with their customers. For example, a company might post pictures of what their product looks like or post videos of customers using the product. Additionally, manufacturers can use social media to answer customer questions or give out free samples of their products.

How Social Media Can Help Manufacturers track production progress

Manufacturing companies can use social media to track production progress. For example, a company might create an online diary that shows how many products have been produced and how much money the company has saved since last year. Additionally, manufacturers can use social media to send updates about their production process and produce “proof”of-production videos that show how products are being made.

How Social Media Can Help Manufacturers find new customers

Manufacturing companies can use social media to find new customers. For example, a company might post information about their products on social media and target specific groups of customers such as women or young people. Additionally, manufacturers can use social media to send email newsletters and post job openings on social media.

How to Use Social Media for Manufacturing.

Social Media Post Ideas for Manufacturing Companies

When it comes to using social media for manufacturing, advertising is key. By using social media platforms to post new and exciting products, you can build brand awareness and promote your company to a wider audience. Additionally, use social media to connect with customers and learn more about their needs and wants.

In order to stay up-to-date on customer feedback and performance data, keep track of your company’s online presence through website or mobile apps. Additionally, use social media platforms to share interesting facts about your products and services, as well as photos or videos that can help illustrate your story.

Use Social Media to build relationships with customers

By building relationships with customers through social media, you can develop trust and visitation from potential buyers. Additionally, by responding quickly and positively to customer inquiries, you can create a positive relationship with potential customers who may have visited your website or interacted with your product in some way.

Use Social Media to create a digital presence for your company

Your online presence should be designed in order to provide a positive digital experience for potential customers visiting your website or interacting with the product you offer. For example, make sure all content is high-quality and easy to understand; include helpful information about your company’s history; take advantage of images and videos that are freely available on the web; etc.; so that visitors feel welcome and x-rated while browsing through your site (or even completing an online purchase).

As always, remember that good customer service is critical when dealing with social media users – respond quickly and politely when asked for help!

Tips for Using Social Media for Manufacturing.

To create a digital presence for your company on social media, start by creating a website and filling out the necessary fields. For example, you can name your company, provide a brief overview of your product or service, and include some images to help illustrate your points.

Use Social Media to track performance and learn from your past experiences

Once you’ve fielded questions from customers and employees, it’s time to start tracking performance data. You can use online tools like Google analytics or Apple’s App Store Stats to track how many people visit your website, what pages are visited most often, what search terms are used most often, and more. As you learn from your experiences and continue to improve your website, you can make changes that impact customer experience while also keeping tabs on industry trends.

Use Social Media to find new customers

In order for social media to be effective in marketing a manufacturing company, it’s important to identify potential new customers before reaching out. You can do this by asking friends or family members if they know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing products or services from you soon. Additionally, try using social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to post positive reviews of products or services that have caught their eye. By conducting these types of activities early on in the process, you may be able to attract attention from potential customers who would not have otherwise considered you based on your online presence alone.


Social Media can be a powerful marketing tool for manufacturers. By using social media to advertise and connect with customers, track production progress, and find new customers, you can boost sales and keep your business on the upswing. Keep in mind though that there are a few things you must take into account when using Social Media for manufacturing- make sure your company has a digital presence, track performance, and learn from past experiences so you can make the most of your social media efforts.

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