Searching for creative, simple October social media post ideas in 2022? In this post, I have dozens of them for you, including more than a Social Media Post Ideas for October. This article includes Social Media Post Ideas for October to get you started as well as Social Media Holidays for the entire month of October 2022.

National and international holidays for the entire month of October 2022 are listed in this blog post. In fact, this blog post contains different ideas, so you’ll never run out of inspiration – even with Canva templates.

Social Media Post Ideas for October

October national holidays

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, International Walk to School Month, and ADHD Awareness Month are all occurring this month.

1st – World Vegetarian Day

1st – International Coffee Day

2nd – Grandparents Day

2nd – London Marathon

3rd-7th – Back Care Awareness Week

3rd-9th – Dyslexia Awareness Week

4th – World Animal Day

5th – World Teachers Day

6th – National Badger Day

7th – World Smile Day

9th-15th – OCD Awareness Week

10th – World Mental Health Day

10th-14th – National Work Life Week

10th-16th – National Curry Week

13th – National No Bra Day

14th-19th – National Baking Week

14th-19th – Chocolate Week

15th-30th – Family Learning Festival

15th-19th November – Rugby League World Cup

16th – Restart a Heart Day

16th – World Food Day

21st – Apple Day

21st – Wear it Pink

25th – World Pasta Day

27th – National Mentoring Day

30th – Clocks go back

31st – Halloween

Social Media Post Ideas for October

October social media post concepts

Even though it seems like the kids have only just gotten used to going back to school and getting back into the swing of things at home, the half-term break is quickly approaching. Throughout the holidays, there are a ton of events happening, and there are, of course, many national days and events to participate in.

Take advantage of the changing landscape and the stunning autumnal colors by either using your own photos you took while exploring or ones you found in a library. When creatively used to promote your goods or services, seasonal imagery can really awaken the senses and elicit the right emotional response.

October content ideas for health and wellbeing

The entire month of October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ADHD Awareness Month, and Lupus Awareness Month. October is a popular month for health and wellness-related causes. Wear something pink, sign up to participate, and try to raise as much money as you can for the Breast Cancer Awareness Event Wear It Pink, which takes place on October 21. Don’t forget to participate in online marketing campaigns and hashtags. On National No Bra Day, you can participate in a different fundraiser for breast cancer research by spreading the word on social media about the value of breast cancer screening and how to spot the signs. It’s such a crucial issue.

It’s Back Care Awareness Week starting on March 3 and World Osteoporosis Day on March 20. If any of you work in the massage, physiotherapy, or related fields, would you mind sharing any advice on how to perform a massage at home or how to simply correct poor posture in an office chair?

The 10th is World Mental Health Day, making it a perfect opportunity to share a story or a quote that is relevant to those who may be experiencing mental health issues. The OCD action week starts on the ninth.

The long list of health and wellness-related events in October includes Dyslexia Awareness Week from October 3 through 9, National Adoption Week from October 14 through 19, National Braille Week from October 10 through 16, and World Polio Day on October 24. The dates of Restart a Heart Day, Bone and Joint Week, and Epilepsy Action National Tea and Cake Break are respectively on the 16th, the 18th, and the 16th.

When tying in with health events, your brand should feel natural because it should either be relevant to your audience or offering, or it should be something personal to you, like a charity you might be supporting.

October food and beverage content suggestions

On January 1, which is World Vegetarian Day, mention your favorite eateries or, if it feels right, share a recipe with your audience. On January 1, there is also an international coffee day. Do you prefer hot or iced coffee if that’s how you get out of bed? It’s simple to understand!

Can you honor the nation’s favorite dish or celebrate the Indian restaurant industry given that World Food Day is on the 16th and the popular National Curry Week in the Midlands starts on the 10th?

The week of the 14th is National Baking Week and Chocolate Week, regardless of whether you prefer fresh bread or a decadent chocolate treat.

Not to mention World Pasta Day on April 25, perhaps a chance to crack a joke… “Why wasn’t the ravioli invited to the cool pastas’ hangout? He was a little square, that’s why!

People love to talk about food, remember old chocolate bars, and celebrate their current favorite, so it should be easy to engage your audience during these food and drink events. A great way to engage people is to share your favorite recipes or restaurant recommendations, or to vote on whether a mild or extremely hot curry is preferred.

Social Media Post Ideas for October

Ideas for Sports Content in October

There are fewer sporting events in October, but the rescheduled Rugby League World Cup will start on October 15. The men’s and women’s finals are held at Old Trafford Manchester, while the first game is played at St. James Park in Newcastle. On April 2, the London Marathon will take place once more. Will you attend or run in it?

October social media post ideas that are fun

There will be something for everyone to relate to as Halloween has grown over the years to become a huge event. From advice on carving pumpkins to recipes for the leftover pumpkin seeds and other treats with a spooky theme. Ideas for games to play at parties and suggestions on how to make or purchase the best costumes. Your audience should be interested even just by running a poll on the most popular scary movie. Can you follow suit and provide a promotion or treat for your audience on October 31? That day will be filled with tricks and treats. What will you be wearing to the party? Do you have any ideas for homemade costumes that people could make?

The seventh is World Smile Day, a day to spread kindness and make people smile.

Family Learning Festival, a national event to recognize and encourage a love of learning in family life, runs from September 15 to September 30. Numerous organizations of all shapes and sizes, including libraries, museums, galleries, and schools, put on imaginative and brilliant events that highlight learning opportunities for families to pursue later.

October is International Walk to School Month, a chance to celebrate walking to school with thousands of kids around the world. Can you make walking to school fun for your kids, or can you park further away and walk the rest of the way?

Ideas for October’s Content

On the 30th, the clocks advance, giving us an extra hour in bed.

Tell the kids, please!

Working Families’ annual campaign, National Work Life Week, which begins on the 10th, aims to increase conversation about work-life balance and workplace health among both employers and employees. Employers can take advantage of this week to offer staff activities and promote their flexible working policies and practices. Use the hashtag #WorkLifeWeek to join the discussion.

With Grandparents Day on October 3 and World Teachers Day on October 5, this month offers a wonderful chance to recognize and thank those who support us in our family lives.

On March 27, which is National Mentoring Day, everyone is urged to dedicate an hour to mentoring someone. As a mentor, everyone can contribute their knowledge and experience. To change someone for the better, all it takes is one word, one hour, or one person. Can you contribute by offering your knowledge or mentioning someone who has aided you in your life or career?

Fun Friday Social Media Post Ideas

Social Media Post Ideas for October
  1. Emphasize well-liked blog posts

A blog post is a flexible form of content that you can use to share informative articles, worthwhile facts, case studies, and much more. Reshare a blog on social media if it has previously attracted a lot of attention.

By highlighting a business blog, you can entice readers to click a link and visit your blog. Additionally, they will land on your website, where they can browse your offerings. A blog post is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and reduce the gap between your audience and the sale.

  1. Share memes related to popular topics

Make use of social media to your advantage. You can participate in the news by sharing a humorous meme about something that goes viral online (like the Toronto Maple Leafs making the playoffs, Netflix’s well-known series Squid Game, or another topic).

You could post a meme on social media that reads, “How we are celebrating National Coffee Day at [your business]” or “How we drink coffee at [your business]” if it is National Coffee Day. It’ll be timely, humorous, and relatable. Thus, it will spark a discussion and promote likes, comments, and shares.

  1. Run A Contest

Everyone enjoys receiving free things! On Friday, hold a giveaway to mark the end of the workweek. You can award the winner with a single prize or several prizes. It is a fantastic way to pique the interest of your followers and raise interaction on your social media posts.

Remember to establish restrictions and rules when running contests. You should, for instance, specify how many entries are permitted, who is eligible, and how your followers can enter the content (i.e., age restrictions and where you are willing to ship the prize).

  1. Mention A Work-Related Event

Do you plan to host a professional gathering? Post a picture of it on your Facebook or Instagram page! You can show your audience how you and your team are having a good time by uploading videos and pictures from the occasion.

There will always be holiday parties, so turn them into holiday posts with this excellent holiday marketing strategy!

  1. Recognize brand-new team members

Social media profiles for businesses can frequently be very impersonal. Share pictures of your employees to demonstrate the people behind your business (with their consent, of course). Every Friday, you can acknowledge a team member and congratulate them on their victories from the prior week. It will not only help your audience see that you care about your team, but it will also help your employees feel appreciated.

  1. User-Generated Content is a Feature

Do you require fresh content ideas? Hopefully not after reading this blog. However, you can repost content from your followers if you want new content without having to actually create it. BAGGU is a prime illustration.

A well-known online retailer called BAGGU specializes in bags that are produced sustainably and ethically. Their clients frequently upload pictures of themselves carrying their bags while styling them or carrying groceries or other essentials. The BAGGU social media team frequently reposts some of the posts where their clients have been mentioned. With this tactic, they are able to showcase satisfied clients, product applications, and more. It is an excellent sales tactic, and seeing themselves in the videos always makes their fans happy.

  1. Provide Market News

Particular industries see a lot of activity. For instance, the fashion industry is constantly releasing new trends, fashion shows, and designs. Devoted followers will probably want to know what’s happening in the field, and your company can be their go-to resource for news.

We advise your business to start a weekly or monthly series where you discuss what’s going on in your sector. You can share the information using a variety of content types, such as your own podcast, Facebook Live videos, or standard images. Whatever the topic, make sure the content is engaging, motivating, and inspiring. When you publish it on Friday, the most popular day of the week, you can use the

  1. Share Original Thoughts

It’s not necessary for curated content to only consist of product details, success tales, or client testimonials. Create a tutorial or step-by-step guide in the form of YouTube videos, Instagram posts, or Facebook posts to inspire your audience to do something enjoyable and creative.

For instance, Aviation Gin frequently provides its audience with cocktail recipes. The content demonstrates to the audience all of the wonderful things their gin can be used for. In addition, everyone enjoys free content!

Depending on their respective industries, other brands can develop a craft, recipe, or outfit idea. You want it to be pertinent information that relates to what you are trying to sell.

  1. Organize a social media takeover.

Do celebrities or influencers adore your brand? If that’s the case, we suggest hiring them to take control of your social media accounts one Friday afternoon. To increase your brand’s visibility, they can post visual content, host live videos, and engage with our audience. It is a fun way to advertise and respond to inquiries about your goods and services.

How to Make the Most of Social Media.

Social Media Post Ideas for October

One of the great things about social media is that it can be used to grow your business. By using social media to connect with customers, build a following, and spread awareness about your business, you can increase your visibility and reach.

Additionally, by using social media to promote your business, you can generate more leads and sales. Use social media to get feedback from your customers, learn from their comments and experiences, and create content that will help you grow your business.

How to Use Social Media to Connect with Customers

One of the best ways for businesses to use social media is to connect with their customers. By tweeting articles about your company or events happening in town, writing blog posts about what you do (or how people can connect with you), or even holding customer meetups online or in-person, you can create a strong connection with potential customers.

How to Use Social Media to Build a following

Twitter is an amazing platform for building a following as it’s constantly updating with new information and trends regarding businesses and industry topics. You can also follow other businesses on Twitter by searching for them on the site or subscribing to their feeds so that you always have access to new information and updates about them. Addressing specific topics or interests within your industry can also lead to increased followership – for example if you focus on natural health products in addition to other topics).

How to Use Social Media to Spread awareness about your business

If there’s something that people care about and they don’t have enough information about it – like climate change – then using social media can be an incredibly powerful tool . . . You could post videos highlighting the issues around climate change or write blog posts warning people of upcoming dangers based off of data available from studies . . . It really depends on what type of message/information you want peopleTo hear from you!


Social media can be a great way to connect with customers, build a following, and increase engagement. However, it can also be used to generate leads and increase business visibility. By using social media to get more leads, generate more traffic to your website, and promote your products through social media, you will be able to reach a larger audience and boost sales.

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