You know you need to come up with original social media content ideas to engage your followers and draw in new ones. But producing top-notch content on numerous platforms while being creative every day can be incredibly draining.

So, we’re here to assist with Social Media Post Ideas for Today. You can keep your social media strategy current by using this cheatsheet of effective content ideas for each major social network. Never again will you be faced with a content calendar that is empty.

Social Media Post Ideas for Today

  1. Start a day-to-day, weekly-to-month, or monthly series

If you make a great idea into a recurring series, it can serve as a catalyst for even better content.

Weekly “Takeout Thursdays” in Vancouver magazine feature the food editor having a casual Instagram Live discussion with a local chef or food authority.

Instead of starting from scratch each week, it’s much simpler to think of a special guest or topic to insert into an established format. Additionally, your audience will benefit from a little consistency in their chaotic lives.

Two of our own social media experts break down their favorite social media content ideas from brands each week on Hootsuite’s Fridge-worthy: A Very Serious and Prestigious Social Media Awards Show.

  1. Hold an event or giveaway

People enjoy getting things for free.

A giveaway is a simple and effective way to quickly fill a gap in your content calendar.

Throw up a photo of the product and some details about how to enter, as Fig. does here, and presto, your Wednesday afternoon Instagram post is complete.

For more ideas on how to elevate your contest, browse this list of inventive social media giveaways.

Social Media Post Ideas for Today
  1. Organize an AMA

With a “ask me anything” live stream session, you can capitalize on your audience’s insatiable curiosity.

Pro tip: Try narrowing the focus of the AMA by inviting inquiries about your most recent collection or inquiries regarding entrepreneurship.

Some people enjoy doing a live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok and responding to comments as they come in. Others enjoy using the Question stickers to create a series of Instagram Stories, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did for her AMA on Covid vaccines.

  1. Conduct a takeover on social media

Whether you collaborate with a major influencer who has a sizable audience or a micro-influencer who has a loyal following (like Everlane did with a LA-based photographer), giving someone control of your social media account who has ardent followers can increase engagement, sales, and followers on your account. And it can save you from having to plan your content for a day or a week. Score!

  1. Distribute some pertinent content

In our comprehensive guide to content curation, we define curated content as “content that you choose to share on social media. This could be a worthwhile blog post from a business operating in your industry, knowledgeable counsel from an influential thought leader, or anything else you believe your audience will value and enjoy.

In other words, why not share a fantastic article, pin, Tweet, or YouTube video that already exists and that your audience would adore?

Your brand can appear to have its finger on the pulse and to be there to engage and foster community rather than just brag about itself by using curated content.

  1. Use your own content in new ways

Why not make some Instagram graphics with quotes from your fantastic blog post? Or create a video drawing inspiration from the material to post on Facebook?

You lose out on the chance to connect with audiences who are following you on other platforms when you only share on one.

This is not to say that it should just be a copy-paste or cross-post; rather, it is to say that new expressions of old ideas should be made. Similar to how Hootsuite quickly produced a TikTok video to summarize the results of a blog post about a social media experiment:

  1. Hold a competition.

You don’t have to go that far to participate in challenges that become popular online, which typically involve dancing or eating terrible things.

For instance, Ruggable challenged its users to merely “make a mess” and send the videos or photos. These were later put together into a video to showcase social proof of the product’s washability and to acknowledge fans.

  1. Produce a guide or tutorial

Create a tutorial or how-to video to impart your knowledge. This adds value to your audience and solidifies your position as a true authority in your field (or at least gives you cred as an entertainer).

The hypnotic cleaning guides from Go Clean Co. are an excellent illustration and an excellent sharing resource for the subsequent time a friend asks, “Wait, I’m supposed to clean my washing machine?!”

  1. Mark the occasion as “National Whatever Day”!

There are a ton of oddball holidays, so why not get some inspiration from them?

For instance, our social team at Hootsuite HQ put together a doggie sizzle reel in honor of “International Dog Day.”

  1. Create a meme

Participating in ridiculous trending meme formats allows you to showcase the sense of humor of your company or deliver your message in a lighthearted manner.

Wendy’s joined the trend when users started creating incredibly focused Spotify playlists that used song titles to tell a narrative. Yes, we would jam to this.

  1. Highlight your clients

With a regular customer spotlight feature, you can show what your supporters and clients are up to. It gives your fans a chance to feel proud or special while showcasing your product or service without coming across as overly promotional.

For instance, the Feathered Farmhouse decor store recently launched a “What’d Ya Do With It? Wednesdays!” collection.

Social Media Post Ideas for Today
  1. Conduct a “This or That” survey.

Why not capitalize on the growing polarization of our society and force your supporters to choose a side? like Dominos did with their article comparing bread bites to cheesy bread.

Perhaps you’ll start a lively (engagement-boosting!) discussion, or perhaps you’ll gain some insight into client preferences. Both ways: that’s a victory.

  1. Go behind the scenes

Your audience loves to learn what’s going on behind the scenes, whether it be in a live video or an edited one, so give it to them.

With a behind-the-scenes video of their photo shoot with K-pop stars BTS, Billboard accomplished exactly that.

But to make a splash with this kind of content, you don’t need to have pop idols on camera. Give a tour of your workspace or demonstrate how your store’s window display is put together: viewers value seeing the real-life process behind the polished final images that appear in the feed.

  1. Mention a victory

The 40th anniversary of the release of High ‘N’ Dry has Def Leppard pumped. And we’re confident that you too have a significant event to mark! When did you start your small business, exactly? 500 000th follower of yours? Locate a big, round number and give yourself a high five.

It’s a built-in justification for a throwback post or some sincere reflection on how far you’ve come, whether you have a special live stream scheduled or simply want to mark the occasion with an image or text post.

  1. Exchange a playlist or reading list

Your media collection conveys a lot about you, your brand, or both. Why not give your followers a small portion of that?

Giving your brand some pop culture cred with a list of must-read books for summer, a cozy Christmas playlist, or a list of TV shows your team can’t stop watching may even prompt discussion or other recommendations in the comments.

  1. Exchange a playlist or reading list

Your media collection conveys a lot about you, your brand, or both. Why not give your followers a small portion of that?

Giving your brand some pop culture cred with a list of must-read books for summer, a cozy Christmas playlist, or a list of TV shows your team can’t stop watching may even prompt discussion or other recommendations in the comments.

  1. Present your product in an unexpected scenario.

We can’t take our eyes off Vessi as it pours strange liquid on its shoes. However, you don’t have to take a chance on a disaster to surprise your audience.

Do a makeover on the subway or while placing an order at Subway if you are a cosmetics company. A surefire way to pique your audience’s interest is to present well-known products in unusual settings.

  1. Make a slow-motion video

It’s a cold, hard fact that slow-motion makes even the most uninteresting activities look cool. All you need to do is add some music.

Even if you’re a baker, accountant, or knitter, you can capture yourself in action with a slo-mo effect, add some beats, and create compelling content that is ready to share on TikTok or Reels. The creators of SpikeBall probably have hundreds of hours of sweet action shots just from the nature of their product.

  1. Share your knowledge

A great way to establish yourself as an authority and valuable resource is to create a stylish graphic with some brand-relevant advice. Everyone dislikes being constantly sold to, after all.

With these zen-like words, Recess, a CBD beverage company, nails it. However, no matter what sector you work in, we’re sure you have some pearls to share as well.

  1. Display user-generated content

On #tevatuesday, Teva features customers wearing their shoes.

Repurposing user content is a great way to fill your content calendar and recognize your community all at once, whether you design a specific hashtag campaign or simply use social listening to gather and repost user content.

CatchyProduct Launch Social Media Posts

Social Media Post Ideas for Today
  1. Know your audience.

You must have a proactive plan before you market your product. Spend some time researching and learning about your sector. Try to consider things from the perspective of the user, such as whether the information you read would actually affect your purchase choice.

To get a general idea, find out what strategies have been successful for others in your industry. Above all, understand who your target market is.

Here’s how Cadbury grew their fan base and created a popular video.

On their UK Facebook page, Cadbury wanted to thank their fans and celebrate reaching 1 million fans. So they made a huge chocolate thumbs-up that resembled Facebook’s “Like” button.

They gained 40,000 new followers in a short period of time and their audience quickly expanded after it went viral. Additionally, they made a video about its creation, which more than 250,000 fans all over the world watched.

Although their initial intention was simply to express gratitude to their current supporters, Cadbury gained even more admirers as a result of their commitment to the local area. Implement your plan, whatever it may be. You never know whether it might increase the exposure of your brand.

  1. Share teasers

The challenge that marketers face when spreading the word about a new product or business is great. Starting a teaser campaign is a good way to get users excited. It is a potent tool that aids in grabbing interest and creating a sense of anticipation. Find the platforms that would benefit your product and be active there for this to work.

Additionally, email marketing will enable you to share more information.

Simply put, Amazon is the best online store for purchasing gadgets. In order to generate interest in their newest device, “The Echo,” the ecommerce giant used the Super Bowl in 2016 and released three teaser commercials during the commercial breaks. The speaker is voice-activated and responds to the name “Alexa.”

In addition to helping you with other tasks like creating to-do lists and setting alarms, its device is capable of giving you any real-time information. Missy Elliott, Alec Baldwin, and former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino all appeared in the commercial as celebrities.

Since Super Bowl commercials are such eagerly awaited content, they released shorter teasers of the ad prior to the big game.

  1. Create a blog.

In addition to advertising your product on social media, generate interest by blogging about it. You can discuss the product’s creation process in detail and explain its advantages to potential customers.

Writing posts and responding to comments will greatly increase your audience’s perception of you as an authority.

Consider Starbucks, for instance. Their blog covers more than just coffee; it’s entertaining to read, educational, and regarded as one of the best business blogs. The blog allows readers to post suggestions for foods and beverages, which is a great way to interact with readers. The best part is that Starbucks blogs about your suggestions after you submit them and requests your opinion.

  1. Develop custom hashtags

Creating a memorable hashtag will work both online and offline. It will make your product stand out from the competition online and promote conversations about it. Additionally, users can access details about your product via the hashtag.

When you conduct launch-related events, it operates offline. Promoting a hashtag encourages participants to participate online, share their experiences, and expand the audience of your event.

Here is an illustration of a hashtag campaign for Halloween by Oreo on social media:

  1. Develop custom hashtags

Creating a memorable hashtag will work both online and offline. It will make your product stand out from the competition online and promote conversations about it. Additionally, users can access details about your product via the hashtag.

When you conduct launch-related events, it operates offline. Promoting a hashtag encourages participants to participate online, share their experiences, and expand the audience of your event.

Here is an illustration of a hashtag campaign for Halloween by Oreo on social media:

It created the fun hashtag #OreoHorrorStories for the Halloween season to boost user engagement and sales. The business had great success using Vine to link its cookies to well-known horror films.

  1. Pull a chord.

You must give your audience a motivation to interact with the content in order to create anticipation. Each tweet and Facebook post needs to be worthwhile in order to pique readers’ interest in the brand long enough for them to consider making a purchase.

The audience will be interested in learning more about the product once you succeed. People buy things because they have some kind of need. You must make it clear that your product satisfies their needs before they make a purchase.

You can offer time-limited discounts to entice them to spread the word about the suitability of your product:

Using this launch strategy, the e-commerce site Harry’s amassed about 100,000 subscribers before it had even begun to sell goods. Users who shared their website prior to the launch of social media were promised free products. Because they were able to increase traffic and pique users’ interest, it was a huge success.

Social Media Post Ideas for Today
  1. Make videos

Videos have a greater impact than written content due to the visuals that are present. It takes a lot of work to create something, but it will be worth it. Videos can be used as a mini-advertisement, behind-the-scenes look, stop-motion animation, or to create product explainer videos.

Even after the product is released, users will remain interested in these types of videos. Regardless of the type, you can engage your audience with a video.

Take the well-known Dollar Shave Club advertisement, which is among the best illustrations of advertisements that go viral. Just $4,500 was invested by the company to make it.

Within 48 hours of its release, they had nearly 12,000 orders. You get responses like this when you use videos. It is also an illustration of the statement that concept is more important than budget.

  1. Find influencers

Finding influencers in your audience’s niche, whether they follow digital marketing influencers or alternative health influencers, is the best strategy for influencer marketing.

Find users who are respected in your industry and establish connections with them. Their followers will enjoy the content they post because of how well-known they are. By association, when they recommend your product favorably, your reputation grows. Your efforts will be increased when you contact influencers.

Reebok India wanted to emphasize the message that “Fitness Is For Everyone” in its brand. Therefore, it collaborated with Chetan Bhagat, a well-known author in India, for its “Reboot 100” campaign. A trainer created the diet and exercise schedule for this 100-day body transformation program. Bhagat carried out this strategy while promoting the brand and updating his followers on his development.

  1. Don’t divulge excessive information

Occasionally, marketers go overboard and divulge too much information prior to the launch. What is the big reveal, though?

Build interest and suspense regarding the benefits of your product. Create buzz by dropping hints and teases, but make sure to save some exciting “reserved” details for the social media launch itself.

You can observe how movie trailers are made. Take the trailer for the most recent Conjuring 2 movie, for instance. It was incredibly intriguing and gave away the outcome of the film in just two minutes. However, not all of the major twists were revealed. Just enough was shown for people to become interested and go see the movie.

9. Hold contests

Every product’s primary goal is to generate buzz prior to launch. The best method is to hold competitions. Contests are generally entertaining, and participants are more likely to remember your company.

Create a contest that is related to your product as a result. For instance, the challenge could be “How many pushups can you do in a minute?” if your company sells fitness equipment. Participants would be eager fitness enthusiasts.

We are all aware of how well-known National Geographic is for its beautiful photographs. Every year, they hold competitions where participants can submit their own entries. A three-day trip to National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., as well as $10,000 and a spot in the annual National Geographic Photography Seminar were awarded to the contest winner of the 2016 National Geographic competition. Every year, photographers from all over the world enter this competition in hopes of winning.

  1. Make your point.

Users must find your marketing persuasive both before and after they make a purchase. Include words and phrases that are simple to read and memorable. Make sure your messaging is clear so that people understand the new product. Simple landing page links, succinct product summaries, and cordial reminders can all be used in your social media copy.

The well-known company Meow Mix sells both dry and wet cat food. The company gave its product a simple but memorable tagline: “Tastes So Good, Cats Ask For It By Name.” Therefore, you can understand what your cat is saying when it meows. This catchy tagline made the brand stand out from the competition.


Okay, so with these ideas, you should have plenty to work on for the next month’s worth of content creation, but if you need even more motivation, see our original suggestions for Instagram posts and Instagram Stories.

Use Hootsuite Planner to schedule all of your social media posts after you’ve planned your content, interact with your followers, and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Register right away for a free trial.

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