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Are you looking for a scheduling tool to schedule your Instagram posts? There are a lot of Instagram scheduling tools out there and a lot of them aren’t worth it. Instagram scheduling applications are, in general, fairly easy to use. However, if you need the best Instagram scheduler then there are a few things that you should be aware of; what you can do with each application, how much it costs, and if their profile needs profile verification. In this article, we will help you to understand what the best Instagram scheduling applications are and how they can help your campaigns reach new heights. Read on to learn more.

1. Tailwind

Best for Freelancers and Small to Large businesses.

TailWind Pricing: Tailwind provides a free trial for the product. For Instagram, Tailwind will cost you $9.99 per account per month.


With Tailwind, you will be able to plan your Instagram feed through a 9 grid preview. It will allow you to schedule the weeks of Instagram posts. It can be used on a desktop, mobile app, or tablet.

Tailwind provides actionable insights to learn faster, dive deeper, and monitor trends. It has a drag-and-drop smart calendar that can schedule Instagram posts, stories, and videos automatically. You can choose specific dates and times for posting.


  • Smart schedule that will pick the time when your audience is most engaged.
  • It has features for scheduling posts, analyzing trends, discovering content, monitoring comments, and tracking results.
  • It has a Hashtag Finder that will recommend you the hashtags to be used in your posts.
  • It will be easier to drop pre-saved lists of hashtags into posts.

Verdict: Tailwind is the all-in-one platform for smart and easy Instagram scheduling. It supports scheduling of photos as well as videos

2. Loomly

Loomly has a mission to make social media management a more structured and less complex feat for social media managers. It operates with five pricing tiers, ranging from $36 per month up to $299/month (with custom pricing for the top Enterprise tier). Even the Basic plan is useful for those with those operating ten or fewer social accounts.

You begin by setting up a calendar, including a time zone and industry. Loomly gives you the option of scheduling posts directly from the application or working with Buffer for scheduling purposes (although the latter suffers from some limitations).  You then attach your social accounts. Loomly does not yet allow native Instagram automated post publishing, so you must use a third-party app. Once Loomly has worked through access issues with Instagram’s API, they will be improving their Instagram offerings.

Loomly has a strong emphasis on workflows. If you have more than one team member, the typical workflow is:

  1. Draft
  2. Pending Approval
  3. Requires Edits
  4. Approved
  5. Scheduled
  6. Published

The standard practice for a new post (unless you set otherwise) is:

  1. Set Post Details
  2. Select Social Channels
  3. Define Generic Content
  4. Fine-Tune Each Channel

3. Iconosquare

The pioneer of Instagram analytics, Iconosquare offers an automatic scheduler with extra add-ons such as an integrated media library (to store your content), a social media calendar (to remind you of days like National Pizza Day), and the best time to post feature, which has yellow stars showing the most optimal time to post to get maximum engagement.

Iconosquare allows you to automate both single-image posts and videos.

Another great feature that Iconosquare offers is cropping. You can edit images (within the permissible aspect ratio) as you upload them into the scheduler, which can be a truly time-saving hack.

Pricing: Starting at $29/month

4. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a fully-featured social media management program with an extremely user-friendly interface. It has an easy set-up process, even for the potentially tricky Instagram.

The heart of AgoraPulse is its Inbox. It shows your comments, mentions, conversations, and reviews relating to each of your social accounts.

AgoraPulse provides a variety of ways to publish content. The Publishing tab takes you to a calendar, showing the current period with the social messages you have scheduled, queued, published, sent to approval, had assigned to you, or failed. You can schedule a post simply by clicking on the appropriate time slot.

The app includes a social listening function that works similarly to the Inbox. You see your backlog items in both your Inbox and Social Listening modules each time you open the software.

It has even more power when you use the bulk publish feature. This lets you import a series of posts from a CSV file, a website using RSS feeds, or as a group of pictures to transform into posts. You can then use these to create a queue.

You can upload images and make posts from these. This is particularly useful if you’re active on Instagram.

5. Onlypult

Best for small to large businesses & freelancers.

Onlypult PricingThere are four pricing plans available with Onlypult, Start ($10.50 per month), SMM ($17.50 per month), Agency ($34.30 per month), and Pro ($55.30 per month). All these prices are for the annual billing option. The monthly payment option is also available. It can be tried for free for 7 days.


Onlypult is a social media management tool that can be used to post to social media, blogs, and messengers. It will help you to upload images and videos. It has features to support teamwork. You will be able to manage multiple accounts from one window at the same time. You will not have to switch users.


  • Onlypult contains various features like calendar, Hashtags, Analytics, Image & Video Editor, Planner, etc.
  • It has features for scheduling posts and publishing them in real-time.
  • Delegation features will let you give your SMM manager access to publish without sharing a password.
  • It will help you to analyze the best time to publish, volume & growth of followers.
  • You can analyze the most popular hashtags.
  • It provides features to create multiple links and micro landing pages. This Builder will increase sales and manage your social media traffic.

Verdict: Onlypult is a platform that will let you work with various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. It provides various features and functionalities that will be more helpful to large teams like inviting colleagues to manage the account without granting access to the account.

6. Buffer

If you use the social network account manager Buffer and aren’t looking for an advanced Instagram scheduler, it doesn’t have any add-ons, but it’s easy to use.

Set up your Buffer account for direct scheduling on Instagram and queue your content as you always do for another social media account. Buffer publishes it at the indicated time without any reminders or notifications.

Pricing: Free to $399/mo

7. Later

Best for Individuals and Small to Large businesses.

Price: For Individuals, it is available for free forever. One other plan for individuals is Plus (Which starts from $9 per month). It offers three plans for businesses i.e. Premium (Starts from $19 per month), Starter (Starts from $29 per month), and Brand (Starts from $49 per month).


Later is an Instagram Scheduler and Social Media Platform. It provides the platform for Scheduling, Instagram analytics, User-generated content, and Instagram stories. Later will allow the scheduling of photos as well as videos.


  • Later provides functionalities for visual planning, scheduling, and analyzing posts for Instagram.
  • The tool will let you preview your feed before posting.
  • It can provide hashtag suggestions.
  • You will get a visual content calendar.

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Verdict: Later can be used for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. It will provide Instagram analytics and Instagram hashtag analytics that will help you to know more about engagement rates, best times to post, etc.

8. PromoRepublic

PromoRepublic’s point of difference is its strong design focus. You can design beautiful posts without leaving the app, with no need to open any separate graphics software. You can use it to schedule and share posts with all the major social networks, including Instagram.

You can set a posting schedule for different types of posts. You organize your posting schedules across a centralized calendar. 

Post ideas are at the heart of PromoRepublic.  It comes with 100,000 post ideas, and these cover a wide range of topics. Most of these post ideas come pre-designed, with eye-catching graphics that you can easily modify and customize their post ideas to suit your business.

The inbuilt graphics editor allows you to select the appropriate dimension for what you want to create with a single click, including the ideal size for Instagram posts and Instagram Stories. If you prefer, however, PromoRepublic offers a design service, where you can buy 20 custom templates for your business.

You can separate your content across different workspaces. You can also set up flows, making it easy to work with a team, incorporating any approvals where necessary.

9. Sprout Social

Directly publish images or videos on Instagram by using Sprout’s compose window, where you simply choose whether you want to publish your content now, queue it for later, schedule it manually, or save it as a draft:

Pricing: From $99/month to $249/month

10. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is aimed at a broad audience, with pricing options aimed at everything from small businesses to large enterprises. There are no feature restrictions—nearly anything you can do at the highest level can also be done at the lowest. You just do it on a smaller scale.

The management of accounts is done cleanly and efficiently, as you can organize each account into relevant groups, e.g., by channel or client).

Unfortunately, there’s no direct publishing of content with Instagram yet. But Social Pilot has announced that they are in the process of getting extended API access. Currently, Social Pilot uses push notifications in their mobile app to remind you when to make your Instagram posts.

Unfortunately, until Instagram gives API access, you can’t get analytics or even view post histories for Instagram posts. This is unlike Facebook, where Social Pilot lets you manage and respond to all your FB comments and messages, across all accounts and pages.


Every business has a unique way of doing things. Just think about the different ways that you have used to advertise your products or service. You just have to choose which one of these is compatible with yours. If you are confused, you can start it with this list. Once you have tested some of them, you will surely tell me which one is best for your business.

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