Market Research Software is the best resource for finding the value of software programs at store websites. With permission to scan barcodes, you can compare prices of other stores including, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and more. With this market research software you can:

Great market research software can be surprisingly difficult to find. You need something that’s easy to use, not just the computer savvy. Thankfully, there are programs available that will help you with everything from segmentation and positioning, to creating actionable business plans. These programs will save you hours of time on a daily basis, and allow you to make data driven decisions more easily each day!


SiteProfiler is the tool for anyone who wants to know about their competitors’ websites in one place. By just entering a URL and clicking on “Go,” SiteProfiler will show you all of your competitor’s website statistics, including traffic information, keyword analysis data, social media demographics, and popularity ranking.

Its Features:

  • Overview – shows all aggregated data about a certain domain from Domain AuthorityPage AuthorityCitation FlowTrust FlowAlexa Rank and more.
  • Backlinks – shows you all backlinks directed to a site with top referring domains and anchor texts.
  • Top Trending Content – shows you all of the top content the site have generated with a breakdown of where is their traffic coming from
  • Audience – this tool breaks down this website audience by age, gender, location, interests and more.
  • Competitors – shows you the competitive landscape of this website, with relevant keywords or subjects that might be competing with this website.
  • Data visualization: a lot of useful statistics and charts that are presented beautifully on the screen.
  • Get access to insights on any website or niche through a url or a keyword
  • SiteProfiler also has a Google Chrome extension. This extension allows you to find helpful information about any site while browsing.
  • The biggest drawback to the SiteProfiler is that you can’t export to Google Sheets directly
  • Almost none

Price: Free. Pro starts from $29.90/mo

 Google Keyword Tool


Software Programs For Market Research

Where eyes are the window to the soul, Google Keywords are the window to the web. Google’s keyword tool is very popular as it accesses the best data – Google’s.

To start you will need to create a free AdWords account to access all the results.

This Google tool shows you:

  • the volume of keyword searches
  • how competitive those keywords are
  • how keywords are related to each other

You’ll also be able to

  • limit your keyword searches to a language or geographical area
  • limit searches to only those on mobile devices
  • filter results by your chosen criteria

Tableau Public

Tableau Review
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Tableau provides you with the tools and data to make your business run more smoothly. With a collaborative environment in which people can explore their own discoveries, Tableau offers insightful analytics that are powerful enough for both individuals and big organizations alike.

It’s Features:

Connectivity: TDE, Access, Excel, Text File (you can not connect Tableau Public to any of the databases)

• Distribution: Cloud (you can not save Tableau Public workbooks locally)

• Account Space: Each account holder will be able to save up to 10 gigabytes (GB) of content to Tableau Public

  • Data visualization: lots of different options, including bar, scatter, pie, waterfall charts to explore relationships between variables, and to present findings/trends to different teams
  • Integrates readily with limited, though different data sources: TXT, CSV, TDE, Access
  • Exports reports for review of different dashboards: client-ready/team-ready, with a clean and tidy presentation in PDF format (or hardcopy)
  • The biggest drawback to the Public version of Tableau is that any data used in the program is ‘public’ and therefore not secure: workbooks are saved to the cloud, rather than locally
  • Tableau Public limits data ingestion to 10 million rows per source
  • Limited connections – can’t connect to SQL databases to ingest data (must be through CSV, Access, TDE, or text files)

Price: Free

Social Mention


Software Programs For Market Research

Would you like to know what everyone’s saying about your brand? Social Mention scours more than 100 social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, blogs, videos and images for mentions of your brand, competitors, or any keywords you wish to input. Then, it gives them to you in a single information feed.

You’ll get four key metrics:

  • Strength: How much your keywords crop up on social media.
  • Sentiment: Positive vs. negative mentions
  • Passion: How many people are repeatedly talking about your keywords.
  • Reach: Range of influence, i.e, how many individual users are mentioning your keywords.


Statista Review
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Statista is a site that provides accurate statistics on the state of various businesses and industries. With easy access to data from around the world, Statista is an invaluable resource for anyone looking into their options before making any decisions about where they want to go in life!

Statisticians have long been looked at as people with numbers running through their veins but thanks to online sites like Statista, there’s no need to look back anymore because you can stay connected all day every day if you wanted!

  • Has a large amount of charts and graphs in different markets and areas
  • Is considered a go-to software for general insights and statistics
  • You can use its search engine to find relative stats about your market
  • It’s premium service has tons of tools and services to allow you to do a proper market research
  • It’s a limited tool in its free version. For more features you’d have to have a premium account

Price: Free. Premium starts from $49/mo

Google Trends


Software Programs For Market Research

While Google Trends has some crossover with Social Mention, it has the added feature of factoring in data from the Google search engine in addition to social platforms.

Google Trends:

  • Shows how frequently your search term is entered into Google compared with the site’s total search volume over a specific period of time.
  • Provides keyword-related and geographic data about Google’s users.
  • Can be used for comparative keyword research and to uncover keyword spikes triggered by events.
  • Gives you a more comprehensive perspective on the news, opinions, posts and perceptions affecting your brand.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Review

Google Analytics is a free, easy to use tool that helps you analyze traffic on your website. This system generates in-depth statistics about activity and can help paint the full picture of who visits your site and what they want.

  • Excellent detail on who visitors to a web site are (broken down to web browser, and how long they are on the site).
  • Information on which pages within our client’s site are the most trafficked (including time spent on the page, and previous page).
  • A breakdown of where traffic is coming from (from which domain, and even which page within the domain).
  • The sheer amount of data can be daunting to beginners.
  • Organization of content could be made easier to handle.
  • The mobile experience is lacking.

Price: Free

 Facebook Audience Insights


Software Programs For Market Research

With around 2.45 billion monthly active users, marketers are missing a trick if they don’t track social media giant Facebook for marketing purposes. And Facebook Audience Insights will give you information about two groups:

  • People connected to your Facebook page
  • People on Facebook generally

These will help you create and target content, and find more people who match your target audience. You’ll also be able to extract:

  • Demographic information: age, gender, job titles education, relationship status
  • What people like: hobbies, interests, pastimes
  • Lifestyles: location and relationship status combine to identify the types of people interacting with your business.

Consumer Barometer

Consumer Barometer Review

Google has developed a tool to help businesses and marketers better understand their customers. The Consumer Barometer is based on data gathered from tens of thousands of adults in 45 countries who have used Google’s tools, such as YouTube or Gmail. This interactive website uses information about what people are viewing online to determine when they’re most likely shopping for items like jewelry or electronics.

Price: Free

 Stats iQ

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Software Programs For Market Research

Stats iQ may be the polar opposite to R Studio because you can do hardcore stats analysis without needing to be a hardcore stats wonk. It’s the world’s most powerful statistical analysis tool, that also happens to be the world’s easiest.

Stats iQ automatically:

  • finds relationships in your data
  • shows how strong those relationships are
  • runs the right statistical tests and visualizations
  • translates your results into simple language that anyone can put into action

Moody’s Analytics

Moody's Analytics Review

Moody’s Analytics provides a home for capital markets and risk management professionals to find tools that offer unique insight into the marketplace. With decades of experience in areas such as credit analysis, economic research, and financial risk management, this company is an invaluable resource for any individual looking to make sense of their market or position themselves correctly within it.

Moody’s Actuarial Services helps individuals with understanding risky investments by providing them with information on how they could invest better next time around. Their services include advice on managing debt obligations through detailed reports outlining trends in borrowing levels over periods like 5-years and 10 years respectively; insights into various economies via Forecasts from Moody’s Global Macroeconomic Service (GMS) which are available quarterly

Price: Free


Market research is used to collect information to evaluate potential products. It’s an important aspect of effective product development. A market research software program can be useful for gathering the right kind of data to develop the perfect product.

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