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Team Task Management Software Open Source

Open source task management software or team task management software is available in many forms. It sometimes makes sense to have a single tool to deal with all your project management, time tracking, and personal tasks.

Project management software can make you more productive and make your business run smoother. If you’ve considered using project management software but don’t know which one is right for your team, here’s what you can expect from open source project management software and how to evaluate whether it’s the best choice for you.

Here is an inspiration for Every Team and Every Task Manager

The below-listed task management software solutions will help you tackle the 4-Quadrant of Task Management

Task Management

Getting everything done is about managing your tasks better. Organizing and prioritizing your tasks by understanding their urgency will help you to save a lot of time and be highly effective. The need of the hour is to learn to excel and lead in every task.

Every project is filled with several essential tasks. Efficient management of tasks can enable one to complete projects easily.  

Task Freak

Task Freak Task Management Software                                                                                    (Image Courtesy: Task Freak)

Created in 2005, Task Freak is a free and open-source task management software solution ideal for teams that require managing complex tasks.

Task Freak Task Management Software

Key Features:

  • Easy to Install
  • Fast and simple
  • Multi-user support
  • Available in 24 languages
  • PHP4 and PHP5 compatible
  • Users can easily order tasks by priority and deadline
  • Tasks can be organized by project and context
  • Total integration with WordPress – The software comes with a free plugin for the WordPress system, enabling simple ways for the WP users to create and assign tasks and even discuss and follow the progress right within the dashboard.
  • Allows both public and private tasks
  • The time tracking version will enable users to track time spent on each task
  • Mobile friendly


It is time to get rid of tedious manual entry. Airtable is an extremely flexible free and open-source Task Management Software that allows you to organize work the way you want. With Airtable software, you can manage your tasks anytime, anywhere with anyone. 

Airtable Task Management Software

                                                                             (Image Courtesy: Airtable)

Key Features:

  • Add, edit, and communicate in real-time
  • Can handle any unique field codes for your content
  • Protection from duplicate entry
  • Powerful visualization tool
  • Smart formatting facility
  • Facility to add attachments and even long text notes
  • Facility to add checkboxes
  • Users can even add links to records
  • Facility to add barcodes
  • Facility to capture and share insights
  • 3D model explorer
  • Plan and collaborate with your team members’ right within the dashboard
  • Video chat facility
  • Time tracker for every task
  • Easy 3rd party software integration
  • Different views include; Grid, calendar, form, kanban, and gallery
  • Available in all formats including; Web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps

With powerful filtering and sorting facility, the free task management software allows you to view the way you want the content to be displayed.

The software recently added a new feature that allows users to use a palette of app-like functionality where one can mix and match workflows and manage tasks efficiently within a team.

With essential features, the Open Source Task Management software is available for free with 2GB of attachment space per base.


Create and organize your tasks easily with TaskUnifier free and open source task management solution.

TaskUnifier Task Management Software

                                                                    (Image Source: TaskUnifier)

Key Features:

  • Easy to divide complex tasks into small tasks
  • Customized themes and appearance
  • Organize notes by folders
  • Facility of a Calendar view
  • Facility to customize date and time
  • Available in multiple languages
  • The software does not demand any admin rights
  • Create a task template easily
  • Facility to create recurring tasks
  • Sort and filter tasks easily

The Pro version of TaskUnifer Task Management solution allows you to sync your tasks with OrganiTask and Toodledo and also facilitates publishing your tasks to Google calendar and Google Tasks. Also, the version allows users to add custom task fields and even group their tasks.

The software works on any operating system that supports Java.

Manage your tasks and enhance your productivity with TaskUnifier.


Wekan is an open-source task management solution that integrates with the Kanban board application. Whether it is for your to-do lists or your office tasks, Wekan can be the right pick for you as it allows you to assign, schedule, and manage your tasks effortlessly.

Wekan Task Management Software

                                                                                               (Image Source: Wekan)

Key Features:

  • Facility to watch and track cards
  • Users will get notified by emails
  • Facility of keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports import of data from Trello
  • WIP indication
  • Facility to embed markdown within cards
  • Easy file attachment option
  • Comprehensive labeling
  • Powerful search functionality
  • Effective filtration facility

Wekan is ideal for those who are familiar with Kanban boards.

Wekan is a simple task management solution and a valuable tool that comes with a host of features. It is a huge board that lets you manage simple to complex tasks systematically. Users can view and align tasks that are in progress, to do and those that are done right on one screen.


Created by Foradian back in 2014, Fluxday is designed based on the concepts of Objectives and Key Results. Developed in Ruby on Rails, the software is an open-source task management solution and thus allows anyone to enhance Fluxday features quickly and easily.

Fluxday Task Management Software

                                                                          (Image Source: Fluxday)

Key Features:

  • View tasks and work logs for any specific day
  • Can choose between month and week views
  • Create and manage departments easily
  • Assign and manage objectives and key results for any team member
  • Assign a deadline for each task
  • Set priority to each task
  • Facility to add sub-task
  • Facility to generate visual and textual reports
  • Clear-cut view performance of users
  • Facility to choose between OKR, Work logs, Tasks, and Assignment to generate reports

This task management solution is an ideal fit for start-ups.

Fluxday is available as a free and open-source solution under Apache License 2.0 in Github.


OpenTasks is an Open Source Task Management application for Android users. It is free to download, and users with coding knowledge can modify, extend function, and scale it at no cost.  With OpenTasks you can manage your tasks and daily activities while maintaining the full privacy of your data. It can integrate with third-party apps with its open-source code. OpenTasks is built on the iCalendar VTODO task model.  

Opentasks task management software


Key Features:

  • Task Management
  • Dashboard for full-visibility of your tasks
  • Chart option
  • Create, add, modify the task and add priority levels along with due dates
  • Add the percentage of task completion
  • Search tasks
  • Add worldwide time-zones for tasks
  • Add privacy levels: public, private, confidential

With easy and intuitive features, OpenTasks is a reliable free and open source task management software for Android users. 


Pintask is fast, powerful, and easy-to-use free and open source task management software. Whether for personal use or your organization, Pintask can serve the core purpose.

Pintask Task Management Software

                                                                                               (Image Source: Pintask)

Key Features:

  • Hands-free time tracking
  • The free version comes with Kanban board
  • Facility to organize any number of fields within the dashboard
  • Import data easily
  • Make any checklists
  • Facility to get email reminders
  • Facility to install paid extensions
  • Facility to write your own extensions too
  • Time Saver
  • Secured

The essential features of Pintask are very similar to Trello or Asana. So, if you are familiar with Trello, using Pintask is very easy.

With this, we conclude the list of 7 promising free and open source task management software solutions.

Do It Tomorrow

If you need a simple online to-do list, then Do It Tomorrow is the free task management software for you. With just two panels, one for today and the other for tomorrow; it is the perfect tool to manage personal tasks and resolve daily checklists.

Do It Tomorrow Image


  • Intuitive interface

This best task management software has an easy-to-use interface to schedule tasks for today and tomorrow.

  • Checking off tasks

Using this online task manager, you can check off tasks one by one as you complete them and even delete tasks.

  • Easy sync with web version

You can keep a tab on your to-do list all the time by syncing it with the to-do list software’s web version.

  • Widget showing remaining tasks

This best free task management software has a dedicated widget listing tasks left for today.

  • Multi device access

This best task management software works equally well on Android and iOS devices.

Premium Features

Premium features of this app are available for iPad users, which include better sync compatibility.

Premium Pricing

The Premium version of this task management app incurs a one-time payment of ₹373.26.


  1. It is one of the most basic and easy to understand task managers.
  2. Do It Tomorrow can schedule your tasks daily.
  3. It is optimal for personal use and managing your own tasks.


Lack of proper customer support if the app encounters a bug.


Toodledo is one of the most popular online task management tools available in the market. With Toodledo, you will be able to manage your worklist, insert notes, monitor habits, and organize ideas with the help of lists.

Toodledo Image


  • Organise projects into folders

With this free task management software, you can organize your to-do list into folders. You have the option of hiding your folders from other team members.

  • Automatically repeat tasks

Using this open-source task management software, you can automatically repeat tasks on specific dates customized by you.

  • Notification and alerts

This task management system gives timely reminders about pending tasks in a day through SMS, emails, pop-ups, etc.

  • Setting up of goals

Using this task management tool, you can set short-term and long-term goals and monitor how your daily task list helps in the achievement of these goals.

  • Free time utilization

If you have some free time and don’t know what to do, log into Toodledo project tracking software and it will tell you the best ways to use your time.

Premium features

Premium version of Toodledo is available which offers multiple collaborators, the addition of unlimited items to list, and full access to past tasks.

Premium pricing: Toodledo task management software price starts from ₹223.91 per month.


  1. Toodledo provides an estimated execution time for each task.
  2. It allows you to create the checklist for your team in order of importance or priority.
  3. You can keep work-related tasks separate from personal items.


Some users might find the functionality of its mobile app limited compared to web app versions.


Podio, as a free task management software, has an intuitive and friendly interface that allows you to manage personal and professional tasks seamlessly. Podio helps managers track the progress of multiple projects under one platform.

Podio Image

Features of Podio

  • Visualization and customized reports

By using this task management system, you can design the workflow as per your business need and even obtain detailed reports to track progress.

  • Integration with third party apps

Podio online task manager offers seamless integration with apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, etc.

  • Enhanced support services

Podio to-do list software provides fast-paced and quality support service to all your grievances.

  • Mobile device compatibility

Podio is one of the best free task management software, which works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

  • Better task management

This best task management software converts complex workflows into easily manageable tasks.

Premium features

Podio offers a premium version of its free task management software, which includes features like automated workflows, an interactive dashboard,s and no cap on external users.

Premium Pricing

Podio premium version is priced at ₹539.17 per month.


  1. This task tracking software allows you to share files easily.
  2. It also lets you unify the contents and conversations of the members of your team.
  3. Podio has an app marketplace, where users can access user friendly modules.


Some users might run into difficulties while setting up the software.


OmniPlan is one of the most interactive task management tools with more than a hundred tools to assist teams and individuals. OmniPlan free task management software provides the option of keeping certain tasks private and accessible only to you. The best task management software is available for use in multiple languages.

OmniPlan Image


  • Tracking team members

Managers using OmniPlan free task management software can monitor the performance of various team members working on different projects

  • Gantt diagram

OmniPlan provides a Gantt diagram visualization feature that provides visual tools for the execution of different tasks in a project.

  • Easy delegation

Using OmniPlan to-do list software, managers can easily delegate tasks among team members

  • Enhanced functionalities

You can set time requirements such as due dates and milestones for each project.

  • Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation helps you set realistic deadlines for extensive projects.

Premium features

Premium features of OmniPlan include a dashboard with multi-project functionality, Omni automation, and better analysis and support.

Premium Pricing

The price of OmniPlan’s premium version starts from ₹1496.94 per month.


  1. It allows you to manage projects from the IOS environment and mobile devices.
  2. You can export documents, perform intelligent task scheduling, filtering according to priorities.
  3. It provides a number of tools which make the work of project members easier, such as Microsoft Project Support, Resource Load Sharing etc.


The use of this task management system is currently limited to Apple users.


Asana is one of the most popular projects management and team task management software. It is preferred by companies of different sizes, handling multiple projects at once. Asana’s free task management system has an inbox feature that automatically stores all the updates.

Asana Image


  • Boards

This sticky note like the feature of Asana helps you organize various tasks and track their progress at different stages

  • Task assignees

Through this task management tool, you can assign tasks or parts of it to someone, making for easy delegation.

  • Creation of custom fields

Asana project tracking software allows you to create custom fields for data privy to your workflow.

  • Work request forms

This best task management software lets you design formal forms for obtaining work requests.

  • Syncing of tasks

Repetitive tasks can be synced across projects to avoid recreation.

Premium Features

Asana’s premium version offers features such as an advanced search tool, setting milestones in projects, and data exportation.

Premium Pricing

The price of Asana’s premium version starts from ₹822.98 per user per month.


  1. It allows managers to communicate in real time with their team.
  2. It helps you search for your projects and set the estimated execution times.
  3. This online task management tool offers an intuitive interface.


Setup and getting used to the software might take time for some users.


Assembla is known to be one of the most secure project management software platforms. It is available for on-premise as well as cloud-based use. This task management platform offers services such as card walls and task boards for better handling of projects.

Assembla Image


  • Secure source code

This open-source task management software looks for key credentials and roots out vulnerable components of the source code.

  • Risk evaluation and mitigation

This task management system provides ways to evaluate risks and offers techniques to mitigate them.

  • Task management

Using this task management tool, you can add a detailed description to a project, assign it to a team member and add deadlines.

  • Change ticket views

You can choose to view tickets either in list form or card wall view and even filter them according to date of creation, status, etc.

  • Milestones

Set milestones for different stages of a project to better track its execution with this project tracking software.

Premium features

Premium features of this best task management software include unlimited storage, unlimited users, and the hosting of users on servers.

Premium pricing

The price of the Assembla premium version starts from ₹1098.56 per user per month.


  1. Assembla offers you the possibility of integrating your social network profiles.
  2. It helps you manage collaborative work among team members.
  3. It allows you to organize your agenda according to the urgency or complexity of the tasks.


Assembla mobile app is only available for iPhone users.

Microsoft To Do

Formally known as Wunderlist, the Microsoft To-Do task management tool helps plan your entire day and list important tasks to be done in a day. It supports team collaboration by enabling you to share project lists with other users.

Free task management software


  • Access to do list anywhere

Microsoft To-Do list software works well across devices and you can access your task list from anywhere.

  • Customizable themes

You can design different to-do lists using customizable themes provided by this best task management software.

  • Office 365 integration

Microsoft to-do list software integrates well with Office 365 suite, especially Outlook.

  • Regular reminders

With this task management tool, you can set reminders for one-time or recurring dates.

  • Easy sharing of lists

Microsoft To-Do list facilitates easy sharing of your to-do lists with family members, colleagues, friends, etc.

Premium features


Premium pricing

Microsoft To-Do can be downloaded for free.


  1. It provides the option of uploading files in task list
  2. Its interface is friendly and customizable
  3. It is the perfect tool for setting reminders for daily important tasks such as meetings.


Microsoft to do does not offer the option of task prioritization.


Hibox helps you and your team be attentive and focus on the small nuances of project management. With Hibox, one can assign tasks effortlessly, along with setting deadlines so that everyone is aware of what is to be done next.

Hibox Image


  • Secure company chat

Using this task management system, you can chat with your team members privately or publicly.

  • Group video chat

Managers using this task management tool can start group video chats with their team without needing any third-party app.

  • Personal AI assistant

Hibox offers a personal AI assistant that automates redundant processes for you, such as the creation and assigning of a new task.

  • Enhanced search option

With this project tracking software’s search option, you can look for files based on their status, creation date, priority, etc.

  • File sharing

This best task management software helps you to easily share, integrate and customize files as well as other documents such as photos.

Premium features

Hibox premium features include unlimited storage, third-party app integrations, and audit logs.

Premium pricing

The price of Hibox’s premium version is ₹299.54 per user per month.


  1. You can create virtual meetings using Hibox
  2. Calendar view feature keeps you updated about deadlines.
  3. This online task management tool also lets you verify progress in the execution of a campaign.


Hibox may not sync with third-party calendar apps such as Google Calendar.


Open source task management software helps you manage your project and team. Team members can work on projects at their own pace, and keep tasks organized through the use of open-source task management software. Task management. Free project management solution for small businesses and Agile development teams.

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