The Best Social Media Tools

Are you looking for a list of the best social media tools? Of course, you are! This post will enlighten you on social media tools for social media management in general. It’s so hard to know where to start with all the social media platforms and apps out there. Of course, it depends on your business goals and what type of content your business is posting. 

1. BuzzSumo

Neil Patel, entrepreneur and influencer,

“With BuzzSumo you can see what is hot in your space on social media and what isn’t. From there you can craft ideas on the type of blog posts you should write to generate traffic and leads. The best part about BuzzSumo is it shows who has shared the content so you can reach out to those influencers and ask them to share your content as well.”

An image showing a screenshot of Most Shared blog posts via BuzzSumo.

2. Kicksta

Price: Starts at $49/month for individual creatives

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps you get more organic followers on your Instagram business account. Using your company account, the growth service “likes” around 30,000 photos a month on carefully-targeted accounts. Those users — real people, not spambots or fake accounts — will begin to follow your account, increasing your brand awareness.

Kicksta is a good fit for any industry and provides a friendly, responsive, and helpful customer success team. “Kicksta helps introduce new audiences to our brand while providing consistent organic Instagram growth,” says Ryan Beltran, CEO of watch company Original Grain. “It’s great for social proof too!”

top social media tools kicksta

3. Tailwind

Candice Galek, founder, Karma Honey Project 

Tailwind has been a lifesaver over the years, allowing my team to work more quickly and efficiently when posting to Pinterest. It’s a scheduling app on steroids, helping you to choose not only when to post for maximum engagement but also what might go viral thanks to its pixel-matching technology and image recognition capabilities. You can seamlessly measure pin virality and repost that content to continue to grow your following on the platform.

Don’t sleep on Pinterest. Their introverted user base is keen on consuming online content, and Tailwind helps you to get it in front of more potential customers faster.”

4. Canva

Price: Free, or starts at $9.95/month

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design website where you can create custom, on-brand graphics for your company’s social media accounts. The website has dozens of templates — everything from Facebook banners to Instagram stories to Twitter posts — so if starting from scratch to create social graphics seems intimidating, use a template instead.

One user said, “Canva has been a lifesaver to me and my business. No more hours sitting in front of the computer coming up with graphics for social media post[s] or Pinterest post[s].”

top social media tools canva

5. Sprout Social

Reilly Roberts, marketing manager, Common Thread Collective

“Every marketer has their approach and needs from a social media tool. Regardless of the tools’ unique features, the one need we all have in common is tracking the performance of the content we’re sharing. Not only does Sprout Social measure performance indicators like engagement and clicks, most importantly, but it also offers UTM tracking.

“The ease of Sprout’s UTM Tracker allows my social efforts to be aligned with efforts to optimize and drive traffic, as measured by Google Analytics.”

An image of Sprout Social's UTM Tracker.


Pam Moore, CEO, and founder, Marketing Nutz

“I love using If This Then That (IFTTT) to enable native posting of images on Twitter that are originally posted to Instagram. You can set specific criteria by using hashtags or set it to post to Twitter automatically by default. IFTTT also offers a nearly limitless supply of social and cross-platform ‘recipes.’”

7. Quuu

Price: Free, or starts at $19/month.

Quuu is a platform that helps its users execute visually stunning social media content. It automates the time-consuming process of properly creating professional, engaging multimedia assets for campaigns.

When using Quuu, you can choose from over 500 interest categories, like marketing or real estate, and receive content suggestions based on those choices. You’ll receive a certain amount of content suggestions per day per profile based on your settings, ensuring you’ll always have relevant posts for your audience.

top social media tools quuu


If you’re a HubSpot customer, you can integrate the two platforms. Quuu finds the best content for your social profiles, and HubSpot lets you control those suggestions. You can go to your draft folder via HubSpot and pick which content you want to upload if your Quuu account isn’t automated, which you can change.

Quuu looks for content so you don’t have to. The tool also integrates with Buffer, Hootsuite, and Socialbee.

8. Followerwonk

Michael Brenner, CEO, Marketing Insider Group

“Twitter remains my primary social media platform. But alone, Twitter’s unmanageable. That’s why I use Followerwonk to understand who my audience is when they are most likely to engage and to find followers who overlap with similar social profiles and influencers. Its analyze feature – which integrates with Buffer – tells you exactly when to post your most important updates for exposure.”

An image showing a screenshot showing the most active results for Michael Brenner's followers by Followerwonk.

9. CoSchedule

Andy Crestodina, co-founder and director, Orbit Media

“This one is going to drive more traffic in less time than all your other tools combined. It’s like Buffer, but it never runs dry. Posts scheduled in CoSchedule can stay in rotation. Once you’ve vetted your best stuff based on historical data, set up a CoSchedule to share on your network(s) of choice at least a few times per day. You just saved yourself six to eight hours per month at least.”

An image showing a screenshot of CoSchedule dashboard.

10. Later

Price: Free, or starts at $7.50/month

Social media marketing platform Later lets you plan and schedule your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest posts. The drag-and-drop calendar makes it easy for you to map out your upcoming posts and see at a glance how your feed will look.

You can also track your analytics, which will help you figure out the best time of day to post, and the best hashtags to use. Additionally, the Linkin. Bio feature for Instagram helps your posts become instantly shoppable.

“I love that you can either use it via the website or app on the go,” one user remarks. “It is one of those apps that I could not live without … Later is [a] super easy tool to set up.”

top social media tools later


There are numerous choices out there for high-quality social media tools. Ultimately, it’s your job to decide which tool is the best fit for your needs, your budget, your campaigns, and your marketing goals.

11. Oktopost

Murray Newlands, co-founder,

“Most B2B companies on social media are missing a huge opportunity. Staff, customers, and clients won’t post positive comments unless they love you. Beyond that, you have to get proactive and make sharing easy. Oktopost’s amplify and collaborate features are built to do exactly that: internally and externally. But love has to be the foundation.”

An image showing the social dashboard for Oktopost.

12. Unfold

Price: Free

Described as “a toolkit for storytellers”, Unfold is an iOS and Android app that helps you create beautiful templates for Instagram stories. Bringing your creative visions to life is the driving idea behind Unfold.

It’s an ideal app for lifestyle brands who want to create stylish collages to keep their social media accounts on-brand and receive the maximum amount of engagement from followers.

top social media tools unfold

13. AgoraPulse

Neal Schaffer, social media consultant

AgoraPulse is a comprehensive social media dashboard along the lines of a Hootsuite, but it offers some unique functionality. The feature that I most love is an auto post with queues. It’s a killer feature for companies who have lots of evergreen content and want to share it periodically across a wide variety of social networks. You can choose to post from your queue as often or as little as you’d like and stop sharing on a certain date, which is perfect if you are promoting an event.”

An image showing an AgoraPulse screenshot of auto post with queues feature.

14. Evernote

Gerry Moran, global head of social media, Cognizant

“The key to every successful social media strategy is content that tells a story. However, the story doesn’t always get crafted in one sitting. It evolves from a collection of photos, animated GIFs, infographics, a line from a song, a saying from my grandmother, everyday pain points, scribbled design thinking on a whiteboard, industry facts, etc. Evernote gives me a way to organize my storytelling, making my social media strategy more successful.”

An image showing a screenshot of the Evernote tool.


To sum things up, the social media tools listed above are ones that you should look into if you’re looking for ways to improve your social media marketing. Implementing social media management tools can help you save time, energy, and money in the long run, so if budget isn’t an issue for you at this time, I would highly recommend implementing these tools into your repertoire.

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