Do you want to get the best employees for your business? You need to use social media to do it! Social media can be a great way to connect with potential employees, get feedback, and find out what they’re interested in. The downside is that it can be hard to find the right people on social media. Luckily, there are some great ways to find the perfect employees on social media. Here are the Tools for Social Media Recruiting and social media recruitment.

Social Media Recruitment

Social recruiting is the process by which recruiters use social media platforms to find candidates. Other names for it include social hiring, social media hiring, and social recruitment.

Social media is widely used for employer branding in addition to recruitment. Employers can maximize their inbound recruitment efforts and spread the word about their employee value proposition using these channels.

Social media recruitment has been growing in popularity among talent acquisition professionals as social media usage has steadily increased. This is not shocking given that social media was used by almost 75 percent of workers between the ages of 18 and 34 to find their most recent position. Furthermore, almost 90% of recruiters claim to have hired someone they found on LinkedIn.

Social recruitment strategies that are well-organized increase an organization’s chances of reaching passive job seekers, better showcasing its corporate culture, saving money on job advertising, better focusing on candidate personas, and generating more referrals.

Why Social Media Should Be Used by Every Company for Recruitment

Utilizing social media for recruitment can help you find new employees and has many advantages. Social media platforms are the primary source of fresh job candidates and qualified job applicants for some employers. This is due to the fact that social media hiring enables recruiters and other talent acquisition specialists to more effectively target their audience.

  1. Speak to unemployed job seekers

People who are not actively looking for opportunities but would consider a better offer are passive job seekers. These people don’t search job boards or company career websites for available positions.

Employers must figure out ways to connect with both passive and active job seekers because the former are much more prevalent. The best way to do this is through social media! 80% of employers claim that social recruiting helps them find passive candidates, according to research.

Tools for Social Media Recruiting
  1. Select qualified candidates.

Social media is one of the best sources of the highest-quality job candidates because it can reach both passive and active job candidates. 59% of recruiters rated the candidates they found through social media as being of the “highest quality,” according to research.

Recruiters can target very specific audiences with paid social media job postings and find candidates who fit their company culture. The ability to target candidates with particular knowledge, skills, experiences, and seniority levels helps recruiters weed out unnecessary applications and obtain higher-quality candidates.

  1. Cut down on hiring time and expense

Compared to recruiters who focus on other channels, those who use social media for hiring typically spend less money on finding new hires and fill positions more quickly.

For instance, using social media for advertising may be much less expensive than using job boards. It brings in more qualified applicants, greatly speeding up the hiring process. Furthermore, in comparison to job boards, job ads, recruiting firms, and recruiting events, job seekers find social media and professional networks to be the most helpful resources for their job search.

  1. Promote the employer brand.

Research indicates that 75% of applicants look up a company’s reputation before applying for a position, and 62% of job seekers have reportedly used social media to assess a company’s employer brand.

This is why social media is useful for recruiting purposes as well. Additionally, it is the best channel for employer branding because it allows businesses to highlight their current staff, organizational culture, values, benefits, and anything else that potential applicants might be interested in learning about before deciding to apply.

Tools for Social Media Recruiting

Tools for Social Media Recruiting
  1. Facebook’s paid promotion

No matter how much effort you put into creating a Facebook page for your business, there’s no denying that the Facebook overlords have recently slowed down organic reach.

So, if you want to have an impact on Facebook and make it the effective recruiting tool it can be, you might need to spend a little money on paid advertising.

It’s worthwhile because you can choose a target audience based on their location, age, interests, and professional expertise.

Facebook ads can be used in a variety of ways to recruit. Here is where you can read more about them.

It’s crucial to monitor your metrics and regularly evaluate the success and cost-effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, just like with all other recruitment efforts.

  1. LinkedIn Recruiter

Although I personally don’t like LinkedIn Recruiter because I find it to be quite expensive and unfriendly to use, I am aware that many recruiters do, so it is still important to mention.

(I try to maintain as much objectivity as I can!)

For forward-thinking recruiters looking to create a talent pipeline that is impenetrable, LinkedIn is a fairly effective tool with more than 460 million users, the majority of whom have current job descriptions.

You can look for candidates with specialized skills, get in touch with them one-on-one or collectively, save your searches, and LinkedIn will alert you when new candidates match your criteria.

Instead of selecting the top applicant who responded to your advertisement, you can keep track of your leads and contact your top five candidates as openings arise thanks to its simple CRM back-end.

It definitely takes a proactive rather than a reactive approach to hiring.

  1. Advertising on Pinterest and Instagram

If you can create a compelling visual for the position, you might want to experiment with some different Instagram and/or Pinterest advertising strategies.

To assist you, think about trying some of the following:

  • IStock
  • Canva
  • Powtoon

Your engagement rates will soon start to rise.

  1. SnapChat

And of course, I had to mention the rapidly growing SnapChat.

This is the place to be if you need to target a younger audience (those between the ages of 16 and 25).

Using SnapChat, you can interact with candidates and potential candidates, introduce your team and the company on a daily basis (while keeping it lighthearted and enjoyable), and point them in the direction of your job openings.

Tools for Social Media Recruiting
  1. Online webinars

Among the top strategies for getting users to interact on social media?

Ask them to attend webinars.

It’s up to you whether you hold regular sessions and post the link on your company page or whether you approach individuals and extend private webinar invitations.

Even if they already have a job, people who take the time to learn about you might be interested in working for your company.

The most promising candidates can then be followed up with, given additional information as needed, and added to your pipeline.

In order to encourage people to apply, you can also sporadically post your open positions (both paid and unpaid).

In terms of content, you could host a fun or educational webinar or create a brief introduction to your business, the people who work there, and the types of things you do.

  1. Jobvite

In my experience, recommendations from current employees do tend to offer a better cultural fit.

And now that you’re using Jobvite, you can easily manage this process by asking all of your employees via internal emails and social media posts if they know anyone who would be a good fit for your role.

Naturally, your staff members can then distribute these among their network.

After receiving responses, Jobvite will assign each candidate a basic score before giving you the results.

Although it isn’t cheap—starting at about £450 ($500) per month—it is quicker than attempting to develop your own network on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You’ll have to look into all of the tool’s features for yourself, but it’s undoubtedly a fantastic way to speed up the hiring process.

  1. Feedly

At Coburg Banks, we use Feedly because it gives us access to the best online recruitment content. (Depends on your industry, they cover a wide range of topics.)

That not only allows us to stay current with recruitment news, but it also enables us to inform our followers of that news.

It is one of the most crucial and beneficial social media tools we use because it helps us strengthen our brand and employer brand.

Although scanning through all of the industry articles across numerous websites is time-consuming, content curation can be a powerful way to build a community.

Feedly takes care of it.

At its core, Feedly is an RSS reader that collects all of your favorite blogs, YouTube channels, and other content.

  1. Buffer/Hootsuite

Although it can be challenging to find the time, your social media accounts require constant care and attention.

You can help yourself by using scheduling programs like Buffer and Hootsuite in this situation.

They support effective response management and advance planning and scheduling of posts.

These tools will be extremely helpful to any business with a social media strategy.

Always be on message, interesting, and share news and feature stories relevant to your industry (those you find on Feedly).

Why social media is a great way to recruit employees.

Tools for Social Media Recruiting

Social media can be a great way to recruit employees. It allows companies to connect with potential employees through online platforms. With social media, companies can communicate with potential employees in a variety of ways, including through job postings, employee bios, and company websites.

How to Use Social Media to Recruit Employees

When using social media to recruit employees, it is important to make sure that the content is professional and relevant to the position being filled. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that the posts are updated regularly so that potential employees know about new opportunities and changes at the company.

How to Get the most out of Social Media

By using social media as a means of recruitment, businesses can tap into an often-vibrant and growing industry that offers many opportunities for growth and financial success. By utilizing social media as a tool for recruitment, businesses can build relationships with potential employees that will be valuable when they decide to come on board.

How to Use Social Media to Improve Employee Performance.

Social media can be a powerful tool for motivating employees and promoting employee development. To use social media to inspire employees, make sure to post inspiring content that is relevant to their work. For example, you could post photos of the employees working hard, or highlight stories about how the employees have helped improve the company’s operations.

How to Use Social Media to Coordinate Employee Activities

You can also use social media to coordinate employee activities. For example, you could post articles about how to improve employee productivity, or offer tips on how to promote employee development.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Employee Development

In order to promote employee development, make sure you use social media platforms to share information about upcoming events and training opportunities. You could also distribute job offers or other important information through social media. By taking these steps, you can help your employees reach their full potential and stay motivated throughout their careers!

How to Use Social Media to connect with Employees.

In order to connect with employees, you first need to have an online presence. This can be done through a company website or through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One way to create a social media presence for your business is by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking site that allows you to share job offers, learn about new businesses, and connect with other professionals. You can also use LinkedIn to build relationships with potential employees and find out more about their interests and needs.

Use Social Media to Build a Relationship with Employees

One way to make sure your social media posts are effective is by following up after each post. After you’ve posted something, try to give employees a chance to respond before making any further comments or decisions. Try not to reply just because you received an email notification; reply instead if you feel able and meaningful (e.g., responding quickly when someone responds during office hours). Additionally, be sure to engage in conversation on various social media platforms: on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This will help build trust and create better relationships between yourself and employees.


Social media is a great way to connect with employees and improve employee performance. By using social media to inspire employees, coordinate employee activities, promote employee development, and connect with employees, you can create a positive relationship with your workforce. Overall, social media is a great way to improve the quality of your workforce and grow your business.

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