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Top 5 Email Marketing Trends

Email marketing is here to stay as long as it keeps being effective and useful for marketers. Although we’re seeing the rise of social media and instant messaging, automation tools and a constant connectivity have huge upsides for the email marketing industry. It only makes sense that marketers are going to reap the benefits of all these advancements in the coming years, especially since consumers are more proactive now than ever before. According to Future of Email, 1 out of 2 marketers are currently dissatisfied with their email marketing efforts and this number is expected to increase by 2022. So the main challenge for email marketers will be engagement and increasing open rates, especially when using consumer emails. The main mistake for many of the big brands that we talked about in this article is that they are sending just another promotional email without a clear goal and without any thought-out storytelling approach. As I said before, there are three types of approaches you can use: A/B tests with various style of storytelling or content; nurture emails campaign development; emails reengagement through new content, offers and creative approaches to old boring mailing list. Now marketers can make a choice between hundreds of email marketing services. The majority of those are free and it’s very easy to create new email list for your business. The thing that can separate you from the pack is personalization. Some of best email service providers allow you to make custom templates, subject lines, autoresponders, and track sales from featured links. Make sure to check out the infographics below, where I touch on each trend and provide some context that you’ll find valuable. And feel free to unroll this information on your site by posting the embed code below! Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments, because we’re excited to hear what you think. We hope this will be a great way for our readers to become more familiar with trends in email marketing as we head into the future. The fact that engagement has increased is great news for both email marketers and their audience. Maximizing engagement can become even easier now, as mobile opens are rising considerably. Now when crafting emails, it’s crucial to consider which design best fits the device being used. It’s also significant that mCommerce continues to grow in popularity, as fifty percent of consumers interact with emails via a smartphone or tablet, according to Campaign Monitor. You can’t ignore these statistics; the future of email marketing is looking brighter than ever!

Marketers need to bring their A-game to the table because our inboxes are getting attacked on all fronts. The only way to win is through personalized, relevant experiences that engage customers on a deeper, emotional level. Promotions, ads, gimmicky offers, and deals have their place — but they should be an addition to a successful email marketing strategy, not the main course. Optimizing your campaign for mobile, personalization algorithms, and data management are crucial in 2018 and beyond if you want to stay relevant — which will mean playing smarter instead of harder. If you are the kind of marketer that likes to keep their ear to the ground and your finger on the pulse of new trends then you will do well to follow these top 5 email marketing trends for 2018. Get ahead of your competitors and start putting some of these ideas into action with an eye on adding 2018 new trends in your next email campaign marketing plan. To keep your email marketing profitable, you need to make sure that your email campaigns are definitely worth the investment. The competition is fierce in the email marketing space, which will only get tougher as time goes on. If you want to stay ahead of the others, look for new trends and study your competitors. Then take these lessons and run with them. Adapt or die—whatever you do, don’t stand still while important changes are going on just because they might be hard to implement or have a steep learning curve. That’s how you’ll find yourself knee-deep in a market ready to bring you down. When you’re creating a successful marketing campaign, the basics still apply: Creating an effective call-to-action, targeting the right audience, and clearly defining your goals. Execution is key here; if you don’t have relevant, interesting content, you’ll need to get it right with your landing page or ad.  

Building an email database is one of the first steps in building up your business. Email marketing can allow you to create a strong rapport with new customers and keep the old ones happy while providing them with value-added content. This can be done by sending entertaining or educational emails that are also relevant to what they are reading or watching at the time. Do not make your emails sound like sermons rather engage in a conversation with your readers through your emails. With the right sort of insights, you will be able to get the attention of your audience and start increasing sales as well. The three trends that stand out are Mobile Responsive Design, Segmented Campaigns and Personalized Email Campaigns. These three trends will only become more popular as time goes on. The key to using any trends effectively is to adapt them so they fit your campaigns, back-end tracking, goals and your customer’s needs. These email marketing trends will help you make sense of the ever-changing world of marketing. Which trends are worth following? Which are poised to fail? And which will fail to live up to their potential? The future of email marketing is being shaped right now, and this list can help you understand what’s in store. But only if you pay attention. The most important takeaways from this article are that the best way to ensure your success in email marketing is to stay well informed on what others are doing so you don’t do their mistakes and remain up to date with new possibilities offered by the latest advancements in technology. In other words, you won’t go wrong if you monitor what the industry has to say.

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already here. We’re excited to kick off the year by sharing our top email marketing trends for 2019. The list includes everything from mobile usage rising to AI becoming more commonplace in email marketing, as well as some other cool things that will be happening in the industry this year.

Trend 1: Email Marketing Will Still Reign Supreme.

While some marketers have been dabbling with other channels, email marketing will remain king.

Email is the most effective way to reach your audience as it is a low-cost, highly targeted marketing channel. Email also allows you to build relationships and build trust over time through smart engagement strategies that drive customer loyalty.

Trend 2: Mobile Usage Will Continue to Rise

Email is on the rise.

And not just in a “we’re getting more emails than ever before” kind of way. As of January, email is also on an upward trend when it comes to how people use it and how they feel about it.

  • Open rates have increased from 18% in 2017 to 22% in 2018, according to Litmus’ Email Trends Report for Q4 2018.
  • Click-through rates have risen from 11% to 12%.
  • Mobile opens are up by 2%, clicks by 3%, and engagement by 4%.

This means that:

People are opening more emails on mobile devices than ever before; they’re clicking through those opened emails faster than ever before; and, most importantly, they’re engaging with these messages more often than ever before (and thus making purchases or completing other actions).

Trend 3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Email Marketing Will Become Mainstream.

AI is the next big thing in email marketing. It’s used to personalize emails, target them and analyze their success rate. You can also use AI to automate your campaigns, optimize them based on data and even track the performance of individual emails within your campaign.

AI-powered automation helps you save time by automating repetitive tasks such as scheduling or resending messages on a schedule that you set. For example, if an email has been opened but not replied to after 10 days (or any other number of days), you could set up AI automation so that it automatically resends that same message after 14 days—or any other number of days—to remind people about what they missed out on the first time around!

Trend 4: Video in Email Will Grow.

Video in email is a great way to tell your story, engage customers and build trust. It’s no wonder that a whopping 60% of people who receive video in their inbox start watching it.

Video in email can be used for many things, such as:

  • Linking to a longer video on your website or YouTube channel (e.g., an explainer video)
  • Showing off an employee or customer testimonial
  • Giving tips on how to use your products/services and explain how they work

Trend 5: Personalization and Targeting Will Get Even Better.

Personalization and targeting will get even better.

With the help of AI, email marketers will be able to deliver content that’s more relevant to their customers’ needs. For example, if a customer goes to your website on a mobile device and starts typing in their zip code, you can use that information to send them a marketing message about your local store when they open up your email. Email marketing trends are changing every day so make sure you’re keeping up with these latest changes by subscribing for our newsletter!

email marketing trends

Email marketing will remain a key part of every business’ marketing strategy. It’s still the most successful marketing channel, with an average ROI of $38 for every dollar spent on email campaigns. This is because it’s the best way to reach your customers and build relationships with them, but also because it provides unparalleled visibility into customer behavior and preferences.

Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (or ever), so you should start using this powerful tool right now!


Email marketing is a powerful tool, and it will only get better. The key to success is keeping up with the trends and using technology to your advantage. The tools are out there—now you just have to put them together in a way that works for you.

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